Hidden Prey

John Sandford

Hidden Prey

Hidden Prey

  • Title: Hidden Prey
  • Author: John Sandford
  • ISBN: 9780425199602
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Hidden Prey Lucas Davenport, No 15

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As a top agent for Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Lucas Davenport has mastered the art of introducing himself to local law enforcement so that they won’t resent him as an outsider coming in to tell them how to do their job:The cop who’d followed Lucas in said, “Hey, when I’m talking to you…”Lucas pointed his finger at him and snarled, “Shut the fuck up. Who’s running this clown factory?”As a plain-clothes cop, Lucas is also well aware of the danger of running ac [...]

Having followed his long-time boss, Rose Marie Roux, out of Minneapolis and into the Minnesota State Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Lucas Davenport has become a roving troubleshooter who takes on difficult criminal cases statewide. Basically, he "fixes shit" for the governor and attempts to prevent high profile cases from having any adverse political fallout.When a Russian sailor is shot and killed on the shores of Lake Superior near Duluth, it initially appears to be a relatively insignifican [...]

Now having read 20 John Sandford books (all the Prey entries leading up to and including this one, the four Kidd books, and one out-of-order Virgil Flowers) I feel safe in stating that Sandford’s just not going to write a bad novel. As soon as I open the cover, it’s a 4-Star book. Without yet reading a word I know I’m going to get a compelling opening, an interesting villain, a setup intriguing enough to pull me into the story, a splattering of humor, the ability to make the banality of ro [...]

My first of John Sanford's "Prey" series. I have been seeing these books of Sanford with "prey" on the title and my friend told me to try one. I said, why not? I always love reading books with preys and predators in them.This is different from the many thriller series that I've read. Of course, there is the hero investigator, Lucas Davenport who should be in all the 22 (so far) books. This one is the 15th. My friend told me that this was her favorite, so I grabbed this and bought this to the cas [...]

Hidden Prey starts out with the murder of a Russian on the Duluth docks. Detective Lucas Davenport of the Minnesota BCA (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension) is assigned the case. The Russian government sends their own investigator, Nadya Kalin, to work alongside Davenport. The plot concerns a group of Communist spies now living in Minnesota, and from the beginning, Davenport is suspicious of Kalin. The reader knows upfront who killed the Russian. What we don't know is why? We find out as Davenport [...]

Not my favourite Sandford, but a cracking read all the same. I especially love the start of this with Weather crashing into the garage, all the various reactions to that from Lucas, Del and the crew. He writes characters so very well.Also great writing to make the character of Grandpa somehow sympathetic, even though he's done such terrible things. His love for his wife and care for her is such a redeeming quality.

2nd reading - A Russian on leave from a ship anchored in Minnesota is assassinated. Davenport is called in to look at the site, as the dead guy is related to a higher-up in Mother Russia.We uncover a decades old sleeper cell, the Russian mafia, and a recovering meth addict who was a witness at the killing.The KGB/NRV/police send an officer to the states to assist - or find facts our people uncover.As usual, the action pulls us along, with entertaining sidebars concerning romance with the Russian [...]

I wouldn't say Davenport would be my first choice in dealing with possible international intrigue due to his inability to play nice with others when it doesn't suit him, but he needs to work with a Russian police officer (at least that's what she claims) to solve a murder that has bigger ramifications than was originally thought. The crime was a nice change of pace for the books, and interesting to read.

This book is rather uninteresting. It took almost 300 pages to pick up and then the ending was very poor. A character that was introduced in the beginning and played a rather vital role in the beginning ended up being an unseen and unheard from entity. She should have been featured a little more prominently in the book. Why introduce her with so much background information and not use her more? The main characters had less background info than she did.

The Russians have landed! And are dropping like swatted fliesLucas Davenport doesn't care much about Communist politics, but he isn't too happy about the murdering of Russians on his patch. He's a happy man these days. Married to Weather, who is a highly respected surgeon, raising a new son, Sam, who has become the center of his life, and in having opened his brand new home to an orphaned young teen he rescued in the previous book, Letty, he has settled into the role of family man with surprisin [...]

Eh. Interesting but cold war'esque. Feels dated. Good new characters though, and still a page-turner.

If you love this series then this book might be ok, but I was not taken. It dragged.Maybe it was just a hard-to-work-with-plot and uninteresting characters. Everyone keeps secrets from Lucas - good guys and bad guys. Even Nadia his partner does not tell him things. It was a slow process of puzzle solving. The ending was lackluster. It was not wrapped up well, but I didn’t care much. I was glad it was over. Main plot:A group of Russian families has been in the U.S. for decades. They consider th [...]

All of the prey books are real page turners. This one brings in a communist spy ring that had been in place since WWII and when a prominent Russians son is killed, brings to Minnesota a woman Russian agent to be involved with the investigation. Fast read.

finished this one today. reminded of some of the stories told by a cop friend'we kept an eye on them'me kinda thing, commies in our midst. socialists if you prefer. anyway, good story. onward and upward.

I liked it very much. Sandford is a much better writter now than in beginning of his career. Looking forward to the next one.

This was a refreshing change from serial killers and criminal enterprise - a story of a Russian spy ring which has been embedded in Minnesota for 70 years.

Not one of my favorites, but I still enjoyed it, mainly because I like the main characters so much. One of the strengths of this series is seeing how Lucas Davenport's mind works, how through leaps of intuition, intelligence and good police work, he is able to solve mysteries that stump others. I also like his sense of humor and his views on what's right and what's wrong, what matters and what can be let go. That said, I had a hard time following the story in this book. I wasn't quite sure why t [...]

Delightful! A book set in my corner of the world! Not that the Twin Cities isn't my corner of the world, but Duluth and Virginia are a little bit closer to home, shall we say. To all indications, Sandford seems to have done his research; while names of exact places may have been altered, but everything of significance is located as described. Roads, terminals, airports, mines, etc all right where they belonged.As much as I was pleased with the location a of the book, I found the plot a bit on th [...]

Hidden Prey is another edition in John Sandford's Lucas Davenport "Prey" series. I love Sandford's characterization of Davenport, once a homicide detective for the Minneapolis PD and now a special agent for the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). Davenport's personality and identity continue to grow and develop with each additional episode in the saga under the creative watchful eye of Sandford. This book was quite enjoyable--I liked the premise of a Soviet resistance group working outs [...]

This is something like the 15th in John Sanford's Prey series, and by now, most of what needs to be said about the nuts and bolts of his writing (by me, at least) already has been said. So far, I've yet to be disappointed along my quest to read them all, although I will say that for the first handful of chapters of this one, I wasn't sure it would have quite the appeal for me that the previous books have had.Looking back, I guess that's because it deals with Russian spy "stuff," and in the begin [...]

This is the 15th book in the Lucas Davenport seriesI really have trouble giving any John Sandford book a 3 rating. When I compare the ones I do give 3s to with books by other authors I give 3s to there really isn't a good comparison. It was a entertaining read and had a few twists but it really wasn't as good as many others that I have read in the series. Maybe it was the whole Russian spy angle that is set out in the story. Lucas is assigned to investigate the murder of a Russian from a ship do [...]

(Prey book nr. 15) - It amazes me that John Sandford can keep the readers captivated while there isn’t that great a plot to a story. It's all in the writing and the great dialogues. Here, as Lucas Davenport is investigating the murder of a Russian named Rodion Oleshev, found shot, execution style on the shore of Lake Superior, and who, it turns out, had very high government connections. Lucas is joined by a female Russian cop flown in from Moscow to help with the investigation. As their inquir [...]

I've said before that I don't like to leave negative reviews. And I know that bestselling authors have feelings just like the rest of us. But somehow, I think John can take it. I am making my way through John Sandford's Lucas Davenport series. I've enjoyed itup until this book. The writing was great, as always, but I really am unhappy with the way Sandford made Lucas (pardon the pun) clueless in this book. Lucas Davenport is a seasoned detective. He's supposed to be smart. He's just short of a b [...]

In Hidden Prey, teenager Carl Walther murders a Russian, who winds up at a dock in Duluth, Minnesota. Detective Lucas Davenport is given the task of escorting Nadya Kalin, an investigator sent from the Russian government to work on the case. The investigation leads to Carl’s elderly grandfather, who is a former KGB operative. There isn’t a big mystery as to who the killer is, since it is revealed pretty early. The novel follows both Carl and the investigation of the crime until they come to [...]

Lucas Davenport is busy fixing things around the state for the governor. Married to Weather, son Sam, and ward Letty (who is away for the book), plus housekeeper Ellen. This time Lucas is called in because a Russian national is killed near a wharf. Seems to be a professional hit, but authorities aren't sure whether it's drugs or mafia. Then they find out that the man is the son of a very important Russian. Russians send their people, and Lucas must be the go between. Lucas is still his usual sel [...]

This is my first Sandford novel.I normally don't like repeat characters/series as I feel that it shows a lack of creativity, etc. However he was rec'd to me so I decided to give it a try.I liked the manner in which this book was written -- short scenes, quick, funny dialogue. But the story itself was typical. I say typical b/c it's what you expect from a novel with recycled characters: references to other books/stories, an open ending to allow for future sales, etc.If you want a quick, fun read: [...]

This is a really different Prey book. It starts slowly and is missing many of regular cast of characters.It looks into what happened to the communist agents in the US when communism went away. How modern Russian capitalists are faced with a small group of true believers. Through most of the book Davenport and his colleagues are a day late and a dollar short because they aren't dealing with run of the mill criminals but trained operatives hidden in plain sight.Once you get up to speed this is a h [...]

This was my least favorite of the Prey series. I just could not connect with the story at all. As soon as it ventured into the Russian mafia phase my brain checked out and it took me forever to finish reading it. I think there was a nice setup for Trey to show up again, but other than that I wasn't feeling much in this book. Started Broken Prey in hopes that it will get me interested in Lucas Davenport again.

Well.I can just say it's okay. A little bit of supsense therein. I really don't like stories that detailed information about a killer is already known. I like stories where the killer information is unknown, no name, no family except informations about how he plots kill again and an unusual name given to him. Here, we got to know about him already, so being caught wasn't a shock to us. It is a story about Revenge.

Lucas finds himself up along the shores of Lake Superior investigating a dead Russian. Very enjoyable like all the books in this series. Listened to the audio version read by the stellar Richard Ferrone.

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