Farthest North

Fridtjof Nansen Roland Huntford

Farthest North

Farthest North

  • Title: Farthest North
  • Author: Fridtjof Nansen Roland Huntford
  • ISBN: 9780375754722
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback

In 1893 Nansen set sail in the Fram, a ship specially designed and built to be frozen into the polar ice cap, withstand its crushing pressures, and travel with the sea s drift closer to the North Pole than anyone had ever gone before Experts said such a ship couldn t be built and that the voyage was tantamount to suicide This brilliant first person account, originally puIn 1893 Nansen set sail in the Fram, a ship specially designed and built to be frozen into the polar ice cap, withstand its crushing pressures, and travel with the sea s drift closer to the North Pole than anyone had ever gone before Experts said such a ship couldn t be built and that the voyage was tantamount to suicide This brilliant first person account, originally published in 1897, marks the beginning of the modern age of exploration Nansen vividly describes the dangerous voyage and his 15 month long dash to the North Pole by sledge An unforgettable tale and a must read for any armchair explorer.

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I just finished reading Farthest North: The Epic Adventure of a Visionary Explorer, by Fridtjof Nansen. The book chronicles the 1893-1896 polar expedition of Nansen and his crew aboard the schooner Fram.I continue to be fascinated by the exploits of men like Nansen and his crew. In pursuit of knowledge, they subjected themselves to the relentless elements of the Arctic. With a crew of only 12, they took turns at the roles of sailor, scientist, cook, mechanic – or whatever the situation demande [...]

Kun koko maailma oli viime vuosisadan vaihteessa jo koluttu, niin eurooppalaisten katseet siirtyivät Pohjoisnavalle. Yksi sinne pyrkineistä retkikunnista oli Fridtjof Nansen miehistöineen. Hänellä oli teoria, että jos ajaisi laivan ahtojäiden keskelle Siperian pohjoispuolelle, niin se ajelehtisi Pohjoisnavan poikki parissa vuodessa ja tulisi pois Grönlannin ja Huippuvuorten välistä. Matkaan ryhdyttiin, ja kun kävi ilmi ettei laiva ajelehtisikaan navan poikki, otti Nansen ohjat omiin k [...]

im dead

I recently saw an exhibition about Fridtjof Nansen and ”Fram” and though that with a little luck someone wrote a novel about it. There was definitely a lot of good material. Bad-ass 18-centrury scientist-. need I say more? I turned out that Nansen himself wrote the book!This book is a hidden pearl. So strange it is not more known. The very fine ratings (presently 4.07) are fully deserved. Fridtjof Nansen does a great job conveying his thoughts, both scientific reasoning and more poetics view [...]

"Sono qui seduto da solo nella mia cuccetta e i pensieri scivolano indietro ai due anni trascorsi. Qual è il demone che tesse i fili delle nostre esistenze e che fa ingannare noi stessi, quello che ci spinge sempre avanti su sentieri che non abbiamo tracciato noi - sentieri sui quali non abbiamo desiderio di incamminarci? È stato il puro senso del dovere a spingermi? No di certo! lo ero semplicemente un bimbo che anelava la grande avventura nell'ignoto, così a lungo sognata che alla fine ho c [...]

Fridtjof Nansen takes you there. 1893. The Polar Sea. The arctic ice was just a blank on the map, and where others have failed, Nansen will push on.This is a first-person account, based on handwritten journals, day in, day out. Nansen must turn a deaf ear to those critical colleagues who say it can't be done. He sees what others have done wrong, and learns from it. He figures out a key to the arctic puzzle: the ice is not a fixed, frozen waste one can simply walk across. The ice that covers the [...]

This book is a gem. It provides a good level of detail for Nansen's expedition to get as close to the North Pole as possible in the late 19th century. The adventurers of the era were of a different class than what we would expect today. The plan was a bit ludicrous at the time, building a ship to intentionally get stuck in the ice and slowly over the course of a few years drift, stuck in the ice. Nansen does a great job conveying his thoughts. They range from his meticulous planning, to concerns [...]

I have read, several times, the original edition of this story (translated from Swedish, I believe) and published in two volumes. My favorite part is the early section of the book, which describes the massive preparation for this voyage before they even left the port. The planning is fascinating. Nasen was an amazing strategist and leader, but he also understood the human experience. He made sure there was a huge library aboard the Fram and that there were plenty of other outletsfor the men to e [...]

This book had potential but really dragged at multiple points. I guess there isn't too much to variance in your daily life to write about when you're frozen in an ice floe for a year at a time. If you're interested in the subject, I'd say skim around until you find some interesting parts, which there are many. I was also disappointed in the fact that this was the illustrated version and there were maybe 1-2 drawings and 0 photographs, which they always mentioned that they were taking during thei [...]

Hard to believe that a book devoted to this much time spent in essentially one spot in the polar ice cap can move along as well as it did. Interesting in the context of the science of the time, and typical 19th-century rah-rah trivialization of the EXTREME risks these guys took in the name of adventure. Inspirational from a standpoint of innovation and self-reliance in a land with limited resources. Very good.

Well, this took a while! This is not only a very detailed journal recording almost each and every day of this journey (which makes you really appreciate how long it was), it’s also a scientific log book of latitudes, temperatures and dinner compositions! Not to mention endless bear, seal and walrus hunts. It’s sad about the dogs they had to kill though, especially when you know they actually cared about them.

My hometown was freezing so what better than to read a voyage through the frozen North? Couln't figure out why I wasn't getting into it until someone looked at a pic of 'the girlfriend.'I've gotten used to books where women take an active role, not staying home to be 'the girlfriend.'Oh. So that's what lack of representation looks like.

A breathtaking story of courage. The planning was impeccable. Nansen and a shipmate go it further north to the 86 degree N latitude before turning around. On their trip south by ski and kayak they went with their 13 dogs. What an adventure. This story of polar travel turns out without a lose of life. A rare tale

Long but GoodA wonderful adventure with a lot of detail. A very good telling of exactly what it feels like to be a Polar explorer in the 19th century.

Good thing we treat animals a little better than then. Fantastic account of Nansen' s polar exploration.


Humanity is destined to explore the unknown across fleeting moments. An amazing account of survival in the pursuit of an idea, all to be first and to push further the boundaries of humanity. Not always the most dignified encounters with other creatures, particularly dogs and bears - yet in each violent act there is an awareness of our own cruelty. A vivid account of survival and determination with a great level of introspection. Astounding that one can isolate themselves for three years to valid [...]

The book is poorly written and poorly edited, which means that it's such a great story that even those problems can't keep it from being a page turner. This story makes many exploration stories look like jaunts to the mall in comparison as Nansen decides that being stuck in the ice for 2 years isn't enough for him and pushes himself farther north. It's an amazing story and one that shows the true determination, personal strength and mental toughness of the turn-of-the-century explorers. Nansen's [...]

Fridjtof Nansen is one of the great legends of arctic exploration. This book recounts his amazing expedition launched in 1894. Other expeditions in the past had tried to reach the North Pole by sailing large cumbersome ships through the narrow and ice-filled straits north of Canada. Hundreds of menlo perished and dozens of ships were crushed and lost in the icy water. Nansen was one of those geniuses whose innovations changed the way things were done. He realized that there were powerful current [...]

I read this somewhere on the American west coast in 1999. The impact of the book has stayed with me ever since. Say what you want about the prose (it was written in 1897) or the sensibilities of the time (the killing of the dogs may disturb some), the story itself is epic. To go with Nansen on this incredible journey via these pages is a trip I would recommend everyone takes. The rewards are plenty, especially in the chapter 'The Journey Southward' when he reunites with friends who may have long [...]

I thought this was a very cool story. The first half of the book was great!! Nansen had a plan that worked pretty much exactly as he anticipated. And his writing of the expedition on the Fram was candid and a fun read. Once he left the ship to attempt to reach the North Pole, the story felt a little repetitive. But was still interesting. The trek across the ice flows, though not a super riveting read(to me) was still an amazing feat. And to have himself and the ship arrive back in Norway almost [...]

Great read on the first great Polar explorer, Fridtjof Nansen, and the first Fram expedition in an attempt to reach the North Pole.Nansen was methodical and his plans were brilliantly thought out. He could and did learn from others' experiences in the Arctic, unlike Robert Scott, and to a lesser degree, Earnest Shackleton. The one error he seems to have made was using western clothes instead of the clothing of the Eskimos. an error repeated by Shackleton but completely avoided by Amundsen.Once N [...]

It's easy to imagine yourself a crewmember aboard the Fram: Dr. Nansen's writing is so vivid and detailed! It is mostly journal entries woven together with recollection, and from the cozy ship's saloon, to the the mysterious aurora borealis, to the anxiety over being crushed in the ice, to protecting the sledge dogs against polar bears, and to the disgust and sadness of eventually having to feed the dogs to each other to survive, the reader is transported. Dr. Nansen mixes introspection with a d [...]

These Norweigians organized a scientific, well-planned and executed trip north toward the north pole. They endured relatively luxurious conditions on their well equiped ship, The Fram, which was designed to withstand pressure from the sea ice and did so for two winters.Dr. Hansen and a companion suffered hardships after they left the ship to press onward toward the pole accompanied by their dogs.Sorry, but my personal enjoyment of the saga was tempered by the brutality toward animals. Whether th [...]

Very interesting read about Nansen's 5 year drift across the Arctic ice on the Fram and then leaving the vessel to dog sled north as far as possible before returning to landally vividly depicts what life must have been like on the vessel under such harsh conditions. The writing (or translating) perhaps was clear and effectiveThe only complaint was that the book was written as almost a day by day depiction of 5 years stuck in the ice, and one can only read so many pages about events that happened [...]

It's not that Nansen is a spectacular writer, but this book is engaging. What's probably most amazing about it is that most of the story is about people -- well, sitting there, getting moved by ice. The author writes vividly of the experiences of his crew as they attempt to reach the North Pole by intentionally trapping their boat in sea ice and waiting for the current to carry them across. Written by the expedition's scientifically-driven leader, "Farthest North" is occasionally plodding, but t [...]

Norwegian Dr. Nansen’s North Pole Expedition and his ingenious plan of building a boat that was captured by the ice purposefully and floats in the currents toward the North PoleWhile the actual deeds are incredible, the writing by Dr. Nansen is a bit dry and is somewhat too detailed, as this book seems more written for his contemporary explorers rather than the layman such as me.An interesting tale and different from the usual tales of deprivation in that Nansen’s crew endured relative luxur [...]

The Fram was a spaceship of its time, able to safely transport and shelter the crew in the Arctic environment. Its design, and Nansen's incorporation of native techniques to live and travel in the Arctic, showed his clear-minded ability to see beyond white chauvinism about Arctic exploration techniques. And of course his understanding of polar currents was a brilliant deduction. I loved how well they lived on the boat, always celebrating the smallest victory with a feast. The trip across the ice [...]

I'm a nut for books on arctic and antarctic exploration. This is one of the most memorable of these books I've read. I still think about this at least once a week, especially when I'm shivering in sixty-degree weather and have to think to myself: How in the world did these guys trek around the arctic on foot with no sleeping bags and no tent?! This is the journal of the captain who was a remarkable man and a poet. This is a long read that can sometimes seem dry and technical but believe me it's [...]

If you can get beyond the serial dog abuse, Farthest North is a hugely interesting and very readable book. Nansen describes his 1893 quest for the north pole employing direct quotes from his expedition diary and post-voyage commentary. He comes across as a nineteenth century renaissance man: explorer, ship designer, carpenter, navigator, naturalist, Norwegian national hero, leader of men and master of daring-do. Beyond the quest itself, I loved his descriptions of a part of the world few people [...]

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