A Memória da Água

Karen White Isabel Andrade

A Memória da Água

A Memória da Água

  • Title: A Memória da Água
  • Author: Karen White Isabel Andrade
  • ISBN: 9789720045096
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback

Na noite em que a m e desaparece numa tempestade no mar, as irm s Diana e Marnie Maitland descobrem que pode haver mais do que um tipo de morte As duas passar o a guardar os seus pr prios segredos sobre o que realmente aconteceu segredos que as perseguir o at idade adulta.Ap s dez anos de sil ncio entre as duas irm s, Marnie Maitland regressa Carolina do Sul a pediNa noite em que a m e desaparece numa tempestade no mar, as irm s Diana e Marnie Maitland descobrem que pode haver mais do que um tipo de morte As duas passar o a guardar os seus pr prios segredos sobre o que realmente aconteceu segredos que as perseguir o at idade adulta.Ap s dez anos de sil ncio entre as duas irm s, Marnie Maitland regressa Carolina do Sul a pedido de Quinn, o seu ex cunhado O pequeno Gil voltou de um passeio de barco com a m e profundamente perturbado e recusa se a falar Para ajudar o sobrinho, Marnie ser obrigada a reabrir velhas feridas e trazer superf cie mem rias inquietantes e h muito enterradas E ter de confrontar Diana Mas ser o elas capazes de exorcizar os fantasmas que as atormentam Ser o capazes de lidar com as suas pr prias fraquezas Intenso e comovente, A MEM RIA DA GUA explora os la os que unem duas irm s e a coragem para enfrentar os obst culos mais dif ceis e as mem rias mais dolorosas.

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SPOILERS AHEADWhat's up with the protagonist getting together with her sister's ex husband. Am I supposed to respect her? I do not. How could you do that? Especially when your sister is unstable, to say the least.What's up with this family and their boating issues? Seriously, DO NOT go on a boat with any of them. It will NOT end well. The other reason that this ending is a conflict for me is because White kills off a character and it seemed like she just wanted to get her out of the way. Actuall [...]

This book was just not for me, but I will give the author one more try only because I have another of her books on my physical shelf. It was extremely repetitive and agonizingly slow. Yes, the pace picked up at the end, but by then I already knew exactly what was going to happen to every single character and no longer cared. The writing left a lot to be desired. The editing should have caught those repetitions and the most irksome sentence of all, that when Gil figured out there was no Santa, hi [...]

I was oddly.disappointed with this one. I had expected to love it. But I think enjoying the audio version instead of a physical/ebook was a huge factor. The voices/View Points were hard to tell apart in the audio book and I kept having to start sections over because I wouldn't catch when it switched from Diana to Marnie and then Quinn and Gil. Add in Grandpa and it was just way too many POV to juggle with an audio bookI also found it slow moving and the twists and turns not very surprising.

What happens when you discover the ones you love best are intent on hurting you? And what if, they are your family? This book focuses on secrets, mental illness and childhood wounds. Exquisitely written, the book reveals a family and a community still reeling from a past tragic event that threatens to be repeated today.Marnie and Diana are sisters, born into a dysfunctional family and they spend much of their early years clinging to each other for safety. The father has left for greener pastures [...]

Although this book had a slow start (which I'm finding to be the case with each Karen White book I've read thus far), I loved how it brought all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Two sisters, through a series of events relating to a family curse with bipolar disorder, come to face the reality of what happened sixteen years earlier when their mother drowned in a boating accident. I really ached for the chasm that had developed between the sisters as they each held secret their perception of t [...]

This book tells of two sisters, one of whom has psychological problems that are similar to their mother's.This is described as the family "curse." The sisters have different memories of a boating accident when their mother is killed and they are saved. As the cursed sister tries to ensure that her son not live as cursed as she is, her sister works to free that son from a hysterical silence caused by a boating accident quite similar to his mother's.The story is told through the voices of 5 of the [...]

As is often the case, the cover drew me to The Memory of Water by Karen White—there was just something about the steely blue-green that guided my hand to pick this book up from the New in Fiction tableinstead, perhaps, the book next to it.Once settled into the multiple narrators’ voices (the sisters—Marnie and Diana; the ex-husband, Quinn; and the young son, Gil), I found this story of a family looking to heal and be whole again verycaptivating. Somewhat bothersome was the constant reminde [...]

This story really touched on the popular saying "There is two sides to every story" and how that can divide families. In addition it showed the effects that mental illness can have, the tragedies that came come out of that but most importantly to me was the hope of redemption and forgiveness sprinkled throughout the story that kept me hooked. Although it started slow for me it was well written and I would certainly recommend to others to read.

An interesting book about the impact that mental illness, lies, and secrets have on families. I enjoyed the multiple character perspectives given in the different chapters. Took me a little bit to get into this one 4 stars

I really enjoy Karen White stories. This was the exception for me. I liked it but did not enjoy it. It was dark and dealt with mental illness. It was disturbing.

Slow starting.but pretty good finish!!!

Review also found at kristineandterri/2As a fan of Karen White's work, I thought I would pick out a title of hers as my next audio book.  With a limited selection, I settled on this one.As you can see by the publication date, this is not one of her recent works, nor had I ever heard of it before.  That being said, since she has not let me down thus far, I decided to see what this story had to offer me.I am going to declare right off of the bat that this has been my least favorite of her storie [...]

When a book takes you 6 months to read with many other ones started and finished in-between, than you know it's a dud. Why I finally finished it, I can only credit it to my respect for the author. I have enjoyed MANY of Karen White's other books but this one was nauseating. It was depressing, far fetched and tedious. One reviewer commented how she "loved reading the sections through Gil's eyes because he is SO mature." Gil is 9. No nine year old says things like, "Mama told me once that he's on [...]

Marnie returns to her childhood home to help her nephew, who is refusing to speak, since suffering a trauma on a boat with his mother. This re-opens old wounds between herself and her sister as they also were on the boat that ended in their mother's death many years ago. Many secrets have been buried and start to emerge.The four viewpoint naratives here did seem too many. Could probably have done without Quinn's, never really liked his character, his expectation that his son's aunt should just d [...]

this is a book about two sisters whose lives fall apart after their mother drowns. Since her death, the once close sisters have grown apart and the reason for this is explored in the story. After years of living in Arizona, sister Marnie comes back to the south carolina town that she grew up in and to the place where her mother died. She returns after being asked by her brother-in-law to come help with her young nephew, who has stopped speaking, after being in a boating accident with his mother. [...]

This book is definitely one of the more serious Karen White books I've read lately. It has her usual style of mystery with a touch of romance, but also touches on more serious issues - like bipolar disorder and how it can affect everyone around the person suffering - and it also shows the chapters from a different perspective in real time, which is something different.The part that I found most intriguing was how she wrote Gil, one of the character's nine-year old son, who is suffering trauma an [...]

So I picked this book up after not being able to finish it. It started out kind of slow and at times I was confused if we were going backwards in the story or forwards. I did like everyone's different point of view. At times the discriptions were a bit long winded and I skimmed some parts. (view spoiler)[ I am not sure why Diana was always visiting her mother in the nursing home. Why visit someone who tried to kill you? Nor do I understand how just knowing that she thought she should kill her ow [...]

This book had the unfortunate "luck" of being read after many really amazing books (like The Invisible Bridge). So many I am judging it a bit harshly. Perhaps normally I'd give it 3 stars, saying "I liked it." But right now, I'm just going to say "it was okay." Because I liked it okay, but the book didn't stand out from any other basic novel I have read. Decent characters, decent story. The one good aspect of the story is that is gives you a bit of insight into manic depression (especially what [...]

I felt that this book was difficult to get into, especially since I had not read anything by Karen White before. Once you get past the first half of the book, it gets to the point where you can't put it down. It was not my favorite novel I have ever read, but I enjoyed it because it was a compelling novel about sisters, and since I have a sister I understood a few of the things that Marnie and Diana Maitland went through. It has also taught me a little something about flawed relationships, wheth [...]

3 1/2 Stars. Lyrical writing but a bit too predictable which made her main character seem dim witted. I wanted to tell the one main character, Marnie to open her mouth and ask more questions and to use her brain. She would have figured out the answers she was looking for.

Not as good as some of her others but good. On the night their mother drowns, sisters Marnie and Diana Maitland discover there is more than one kind of death. There is the death of innocence, of love, and of hope. Each sister harbors a secret about that night-secrets that will erode their lives as they grow into adulthood.After ten years of silence between the sisters, Marnie is called back to the South Carolina Lowcountry by Diana's ex-husband, Quinn. His young son has returned from a sailing t [...]

I have read other books by Karen White and I'd have to say that this book was my least favorite.I liked the setting of the story, but the number of similes and metaphors was annoying along with the incredible predictability.I had the twist figured out early on. Didn't care for the four viewpoint narratives. I often got the two sisters confused.Gil sounded way too mature for his age. The story just seemed too forced.I appreciate the author taking a stab at bi-polar disorder. It is a terrible illn [...]

This book was so. freaking. slow. After the first 70 pages, it's all filler until the last 10 pages. Ugh, I was so bored reading this book. It was frustrating especially since it's pretty obvious what the main conflict is over, so you figure out the big mystery about 200 pages before the main characters do and you sit there for the rest of the time going "YOU ARE SO DUMB." None of the characters sound any different from each other, despite one of them being a 9 year old boy. Really, the story ha [...]

This is a wonderful book, full of family secrets and strong well defined characters. It's such a beautifully written book, I was drawn into the story and I felt as if the characters were very real to me. Karen White has a lovely way of describing life in the lowlands that made me want to go and visit and walk along the beaches.

I liked this book because it was a fast read (Seattle visit/airplane book) and because it was about a topic I don't usually read about, mental illness. It was a good story (except for the part when mothers try to kill there children so they won't grow up to have mental illnesses) with a fairly happy ending.

I gave up. I had just finished reading a Karen White book about sisters and family secrets and what is this book about? Sisters and family secrets. I was not interested at all so it's in the gave up pile.

There is no reason to read this book.

Started it but hated the writing so I moved on!

I enjoy this book, but it is definitely not a favorite of mine.


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