Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

Sarah-Kate Lynch

Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

  • Title: Blessed Are the Cheesemakers
  • Author: Sarah-Kate Lynch
  • ISBN: 9780446693011
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback

Set on a small Irish dairy farm, this tender and funny debut novel follows two lost souls as they try to carve out new lives amid a colorful cast of characters reminiscent of those in the hit film Waking Ned Divine Abby has been estranged from the family farm since her rebellious mother ran off with her when she was a small child Kit is a burned out New York stockbrokerSet on a small Irish dairy farm, this tender and funny debut novel follows two lost souls as they try to carve out new lives amid a colorful cast of characters reminiscent of those in the hit film Waking Ned Divine Abby has been estranged from the family farm since her rebellious mother ran off with her when she was a small child Kit is a burned out New York stockbroker who s down on his luck But that s all about to change, now that he and Abby have converged on the farm just in time to help Corrie and Fee, two old cheesemakers in a time of need Full of delightful and quirky characters from dairy cows who only give their best product to pregnant, vegetarian teens to an odd collection of whiskey soaked men and broken hearted women who find refuge under Corrie and Fee s roof BLESSED ARE THE CHEESEMAKERS is an irresistible tale about taking life s spilled milk and turning it into the best cheese in the world.

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What a charming, sweet book! Abbey’s and Kit’s stories are woven through this story of cheese making and life in a world easy to recognize. Sweet story.

To give full context, I'm in the middle of a move, tied up with family concerns, and otherwise surviving the end of a particularly nasty winter. I kept this book out of the packed file because I planned to read it and leave it behind. Within the first few pages, I realized that there was no way I could do that. I have to keep this sweet, loveable book nearby. The magical cheese farm of the Josephs Corrigan and Feehan, with its gaggle of singing pregnant milkmaids and cows that milk best to the S [...]

Cheese lovers, unite! I eat cheese everyday, so the title drew me in. One thing I found charming was how, in the beginning, the cheese was personified as an angry female who was offended at being left in the fridge to rot. This is just one of the odd/fun ways of writing in Lynch's novel. Another neat thing were the "quotes" on the art of cheesemaking. For example, I never thought about how good cheese needs to come from good grass(the cow's food) and even the rain, sun, and time effect the chee [...]

This book reminded me of a Maeve Binchy novel. It is a tender tale of redemption and second chances. Deep in County Cork, Joseph Corrigan (Corry) and Joseph Feehan (Fee) make small batches of world famous cheese. Their two families have worked together for many generations, one family providing the milk and the other, the cheese making genius. When we first meet the old boys, they are interviewing for a new dairymaid. Her qualifications must be that she can carry a tune, has short fingernails, a [...]

So worth reading, I can't tell you !Every now and then I think to myself 'I wish I were a cheesemaker' Quirky tale of the love inherent in making good cheese and the redemption and reclamation of young women gone 'awry'.Perhaps it doesn't deserve a 5 star, but I give it that because of the delightful old men that put their love and patience and energy into ripening their cheeseLaugh out loud funny. Sweet and memorable, the taste lingers in my memory still.

If I could give it 2 and 1/2 stars, I would. Not particularly well-written or all that funny. It was cute. By no means was it a deep and thoughtful romance. It was on the level with Danielle Steele novels (both in story content and complexity of read) versus Anita Shreve. I give it 3 stars because it's fun, quick and perfect for the summer. Those of you who have read my reviews know that I am totally into mindless "chick-lit" right now and this was perfect for me with one personal exception whic [...]

When I started this book, I thought it was a cute, easy summer read. At about page 230 it got really weird, and although I wanted to find out how it ended, I really didn't like it. This reminded me of a bad "Lifetime made for TV movie."

I loved this book! It was so much fun! It is indeed a love story, similar to Chocolat, but the real love story isnt between the two you would suspect. Pick this book up when you want something light and fun and you need a good chuckle.

(3.5 stars) Three stories come together in an Irish dairy farm. Corrie and Fee are the elderly cheesemakers, who are desperate to find the next generation before it is too late. Their operation is a labor of love, with many quirks, including pregnant, vegetarian milkmaids who milk to the Sound of Music. Abbey is the granddaughter who was taken away from the farm by her mother, and after marrying at a young age, she lives on a Pacific Island with her husband who is obsessed with irrigation. When [...]

This was an extremely amusing audiobook. I loved the narrator, Heather O'Neill, she had so many different voices and accents that were at times funny and at times serious. I don't know if they were necessarily authentic but I really enjoyed listening.The book started out in three different locations Ireland, New York City, and the Pacific Island Ate'ate, but converges on the Coolarney cheese factory in Ireland. This is not a story for those who are offended by language, fecking (Irish pronunciat [...]

Blessed Are the Cheesemakers is a fun, cozy read. It’s very easy to get into, and has many likeable characters. Set primarily in Ireland, the story has elements of magical realism, such as an old cheesemaker with the ability to see into the future, and cheeses with magical attributes. I really enjoyed the narrator’s voice. You can almost hear a warm smile in her words as she unfolds the story. Although this book addresses some heavy issues (such as alcoholism, adultery and even death), there [...]

Really good fast read. Not a deep thinking book, but a really sweet and surprisingly funny romance, but not just a romance and not a sickingly sweet romance. I laughed out loud a few times. Fee was my favorite character. I want to try some good cheese now. My tastes are really low. Cache Valley cheese is my premier.Abby has been estranged from the family farm since her rebellious mother ran off with her when she was a small child. Kit is a burned out New York stockbroker who's down on his luck. [...]

This was fun. I think if I were British - or Irish - or Australian - or something - I would have given it another star. The colloquialisms kind of threw me for a loop -trying to figure out how we might say the same thing here in America. The idea - a dairy farm in Ireland that crafts sublime cheese made using milk gathered by pregnant vegetarian young women from cows all named Maria, and the characters including a psychic old man and a farm full of quirky characters- calls Alice Hoffman to mind [...]

This book was, at the risk of sounding cliche, magical. I would have read it just for the way the dialogue is written in a blatant Irish accent. The relationship between the two cheesemakers and their little "family" is so tender. The ending actually produced blurry vision; I was surprised to find myself crying. And the ill will they harbor for their pasteurizer, Old Fart Arse, made me chuckle a few times. If you're sensitive to graphic sexual references, though, I'd skip this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved the Irish dialect and the great local characters. I loved the idead of such a place and such people. I have been reading too many 'deep' books lately and this one was refreshing and just plain fun.I also loved the cheese making. I think it would be a blast to learn how to make cheese.

This was a really enjoyable book. I found myself literally laughing out loud at parts. I listened to the audiobook (unabridged, of course) and thought the narrator was really great - definitely added to the character of the book.

Fun read! Loved the wacky characters. Loved the British humor. Loved the cheese chronicles at the beginning of each chapter. The story works don't take anything too seriously. Lots of surprises. Now this is a summer read!

En trevlig och underfundig historia. En feelgood historia. Kanske också en bok om att höra till, höra ihop med något eller någon och det kanske inte var som du trodde det skulle vara från början. Man får ändra sig. Jag kommer att minnas den här boken länge hoppas och tror jag.

Another pseudomym of Sophie's? What is her real name, I wonder.This book is zany but fun to read: most events are improbable but add to the plot, just as the events in her Shopaholic do.Good for some great laughs mixed with sorrow and revenge.The charactes make the story.

My favorite book this year because I laughed out loud, I cried, and I want to go live with the characters. A very fun, quick read. Thanks for recommending it Karen!

Cute, quirky characters. Didn't love it as much as "The Wedding Bees" but I enjoy her ability to infuse magical bits into the story-line (much like my favorite author, Sarah Addison Allen.)

Loved this story of imperfect people and divine timing. Enjoyed learning about cheese-making lore. Liked all of the characters, especially Fee. Going directly to another book by the same author.

I'm sure none of my friends could ever have guessed that a quirky magical-realist fluffy-with-dark-edges cheesemaking romance would be right up my alley. None at all.

Blend a peaceful countryside, understanding people, problems and a little mystery and you have a great book to curl up with and want to finish in one sitting.

This was a lovely escape read that make me laugh and cry!!I think it would be a fabulous movie reminiscent of Waking Ned Devine.

Excellent! There are truly good people in the world!!!

I would give this book 2.5 stars if that were possible. By the end of the third chapter you can already figure out where the plot is going and how it will end, and I almost gave up on it then because it felt like a Hallmark special romance. But I found the characters just quirky enough to keep reading. There were plots elements that were different enough -- the baby issue on the Pacific islands, the dead wife in NYC, the Pregasurus -- but from the start, the story just felt silly. Sort of pointl [...]

I loved the way each chapter started out with an excerpt from the Cheesemakers Diary. The information on how to make cheese was very interesting albeit at time a little drawn out. As far as the actual story I really didn't enjoy that. A little too much 'far out there' story lines for me and way too many graphic scenes and language. I 'skimmed' the book and couldn't say that I would read this author again although a few of her other books come highly recommended!

This is one of the best books I have ever read! She also wrote Heavenly Hirani and the School of Laughing Yoga that I loved just as much. I think I'm hooked on this author! Her dialogue is fresh and real; her characters are a little odd, but wholly believable; and her settings become an integral part of her books. I've come away from both of the books I've read of hers (so far!) feeling good, satisfied, peaceful, and happy. Can hardly wait to read more!

This whimsical romance kept me smiling and, boy, did I learn a lot about cheesemaking. The characters are sweet but not saccharin. Fee and Corrie, who are at the center of this cheesemaking empire, are lovable and quirky protectors of people and secrets. With a wink, a knowing nod, and a bit of Irish intuition, their endless patience produces fine results. This is a light read that warms your insides.

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