Grimble & Grimble at Christmas

Clement Freud Quentin Blake

Grimble & Grimble at Christmas

Grimble & Grimble at Christmas

  • Title: Grimble & Grimble at Christmas
  • Author: Clement Freud Quentin Blake
  • ISBN: 9780140306736
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback

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Ten year old Grimble has some unusual adventures trying to cope with his vague and forgetful parents.

Recent Comments "Grimble & Grimble at Christmas"

3.5 stars.An old childhood favourite I have recently revisited. A satisfying and funny read to pass down through generations if you have children!

This is such a delightfully quirky little book. It was a childhood favourite; I loved the strange humour and rather envied Grimble's solitary adventures. I revisit it every few years and each time I see a different side to it. The humour still appeals to me, but now I see a sort of sadness in it. I feel sorry for little Grimble, having to fend for himself while his parents disappear off to Peru. I relate to this peculiar character so much which is probably why it has stayed with me throughout my [...]

This is simultaneously the funniest and saddest book. If you like Clement Freud, you will love it. Quentin Blake's distinctive illustrations add to the charm. If you don't like Clement Freud, I feel sad for you.

This is a very funny book and not as famous as it deserves to be. I only heard of it because JK Rowling said it was one of her favorites. It made me laugh out loud in many places.

Wonderful book for children.

Really enjoyed it. Clement Freud is rather playful, and I think some of the fun would go over the younger reader's head. But some kids would get it. Reminds me of Philip Ardagh, but it's less surreal and wacky. Subtler, but with the same kind of offbeat humour. It's also gentler. Nothing gruesome in here. (Unless you take the idea of a ten year old child being left alone at home for a week seriously. You're not meant to.)

We found the first chapter of Grimble in a book called Funny Stories that the boys grandma had sent them for Christmas. That book is filled with really wonderful English stories - so smart and so very funny all of them. We were so enamored of Grimble that we went on a hunt for the whole book. It is out of print, but Nana found it used and sent it to the boys. It was laugh out loud funny and very smart. I hope that it is back in print someday.

This is a fabulous, witty, quirky book with two stories.In 'Grimble at Christmas', Grimble fears that his rather bohemian parents have forgotten Christmas and so it is down to him to organise everything. This involves lots of preparations, like his home toast delivery service and the making of onion fudge. Wonderfully written and charming, 'Grimble' is an absolute must! Think Roald Dahl, but without the dark bits.

This book is by the grandson of Sigmund Freud. After I read it I decide I would name my first son Grimble. Then I discover that a "Grindle" is another word for a taint. I will not not be naming my son Grimble.

Hilarious, quirky, Python-esque, Brit humor at it's best. A lucky 2nd hand shop find.

loved it when I was youngn't know if it'd still be in fashion!

One of my favourite books of all time I've re-read it so many times , it's so funny! Whenever anyone says actually I think of grimble, you'd know what I'm talking about if you'd read it - classic!

One of my first independent purchases as a young child - I loved it then and I love it now. I reread it a few times a year!

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    261 Clement Freud Quentin Blake
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