The Shy Bride

Lucy Monroe

The Shy Bride

The Shy Bride

  • Title: The Shy Bride
  • Author: Lucy Monroe
  • ISBN: 9780373129294
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Untouched and bought for 100,000 Thrust into the limelight, child star Cassandra timidly enchanted audiences night after night But when her parents died Cass retreated into her own world too shy to leave her home Once a year she shares her musical passion by offering lessons in a charity auction This year money talks The winning bid 100,000 Enter Neo Stamos, arroUntouched and bought for 100,000 Thrust into the limelight, child star Cassandra timidly enchanted audiences night after night But when her parents died Cass retreated into her own world too shy to leave her home Once a year she shares her musical passion by offering lessons in a charity auction This year money talks The winning bid 100,000 Enter Neo Stamos, arrogant Greek tycoon He wants Cass with a burning desire, though he knows that, shy and sweet, she will need a gentle awakening But Neo s the master of seduction Traditional Greek HusbandsNotorious Greek tycoons seek brides

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I've never read LM before but since I am a big Presents reader and this is brand spanking new, I thought this would be a good one to start with as any.First of all, the title. I should be happy about a normal title instead of a tabloid-like one with possessives but the title still sucks. The heroine isnt a bride. Only on the second to last page is there a marriage proposal. It should have been called "The Greek Tycoon's Agoraphobic Friend with Benefits."Both the H/H were interesting to me. The h [...]

Cassandra is a world class pianist that suffers from agoraphobia.Neo is a Greek Tycoon who has just been given a years worth of piano lessons from Cassandra won by his partner that were won in an auction.Having not experienced mild/moderate agoraphobia, I have no idea how unusual it might be for someone suffering from this to actually be able to auction themselves off like that. Her anxiety levels were to up and down to be believable.The book read fast, but when I made it half-way through I wond [...]

I read this book in 2013. I don't remember too much details, but I don't remember anything that bothered me about the story. I need to reread or skim the book. I only remember the hero wasn't a jerk, he was more like a betta hero (^_^)

2.5 StarsMeh.

"The Shy Bride" is the story of Cassandra and Neo, and a wonderful read.Unlike it name of the book, the story is actually about two unlikely people falling in love. Cassandra is a famous but recluse pianist who suffers from agoraphobia. When Billionaire Neo purchases her lessons for an year, both are entranced by each other.You have a shy heroine, a caring alpha hero, sweet love scenes and no angst. I really liked the way the H dealt with the heroine's anxiety, and did not push or persuade her a [...]

No longer free.Untouched - and bought for $100,000!Thrust into the limelight, child star Cassandra timidly enchanted audiences night after night… But when her parents died Cass retreated into her own world - too shy to leave her home. Once a year she shares her musical passion by offering lessons in a charity auction… This year money talks… The winning bid $100,000!Enter Neo Stamos, arrogant Greek tycoon. He wants Cass with a burning desire, though he knows that, shy and sweet, she will ne [...]

A great read.Cassie may be shy but she also sweet and no doormat. She has no problem telling arrogant Neo where to go. But she is also attracted to the sexy man. They banter back and forth making for an interesting readd the sexual tension is hot! Neo turns out to one caring man undernearth that handsome exterior. He sets out to free Cassie from her fears with his loveWhat a man!Well written and one of the author's best books.

"Why yes my cripplingly anxious and traumatized new age pianist, I can cure all your problems because I am so fabulously good looking and rich." "And you, poor fabulously wealthy man who I will now call "tycoon" a dozen times even though no one uses that word, I can see past your gym-toned exterior to the unloved little orphan boy who secretly yearns for the home life he never had and will teach you to listen to the music of your heart while I give you piano lessons."

I have to say that I found this extremely boring, which shocks me because LM is one of my all time HP authors. It just felt like the chemistry was lacking and many scenes felt so forced.

J'ai perdu 3h de ma vie

As a agoraphobic myself, I can say that this was a fairly accurate portrayal of the complications. The premise was awesome, and I would heartily recommend it based on the glimpse into the life of an agoraphobic soul. On the other hand--and I can't believe this is my complaint--there were too many details. The sexual tension couldn't compete with the anatomy lesson at times. And there were play-by-play accounts of actions when it wasn't necessary. Then, the author would skip across moments that m [...]

I loved everything about this except for the ending. It was just too quick and perfect. ***Details***Everything impressed me about THE SHY BRIDE except for the ending. Pianist Cassandra Baker stays always from the limelight due to her agoraphobic fears after years of being forced to perform. When Greek tycoon Neo Stamos is given piano lessons for a year from her, her secluded life is turned upside down. Concerned for Neo’s health, best friend and business partner, Zephyr Nikos buys him the les [...]

This is a simply wonderful character driven romance. The heroine suffers from agroaphobia caused by being forced to perform as a small child despite her shyness. Our hero is a self made man who is a workaholic. His best friend buys him piano lessons. The hero and heroine meet and a relationship blooms. Each character grows. Niether lead is a cartoon--they are layered and reasonable and charming. The ending needed to be a bit more but overall I loved this. I especially loved the handling of her d [...]

I have read a lot of romance books, and this is by far one of the best books! I will be adding it to my favorite list. I love the friendship, playfulness, passion, and romance between Neo, and Cass. Their light hearted banter back and forth was a joy to read. Cass may be a very shy person, but she had no problem putting neo in his place. He was a bossy man, and she told him so. She also did not let him steamroll over her. Neo had experience with women, but he had never experienced the kind of pa [...]

Beautiful simple love story about a lonely sexy tycoon and a shy agoraphobic pianist. Neither of them has much experience with love so they start a friends with benefits thing, are in denial about their feelings but realize they can't live without each other. Loved how Neo treats Cass like a princess. He is a gentle, sweet hero. I loved how he helped her overcome her fears and how she made him see he is worthy of love. They were truly soulmates!

This was okay. There was almost no conflict. He was a nice guy and treated her fine but he told himself to the very end that they were just friends. Not a lot going on in the book. Her agoraphobia was an interesting twist.

This is a wonderfully written story that captures you from the first page and makes you want to keep reading. If I didn’t need sleep I probably would have read this in one sitting ;). The Shy Bride is a contemporary romance that introduces the reader to two Greek billionaires, Neo Stamos and Zephyr (Zee) Nikos. These two gorgeous Greek men came from humble beginnings with a desire to better themselves and their circumstances. “Brothers of the heart” they set out together to find the opport [...]

First of all - there's no bride in this book the title makes no sense. Could have been called, "The Shy Pianist." So, Cassandra is a world renowned pianist with agoraphobia - although not really so muche has sociophobia for sure though. Neo's friend bought him a year's worth of piano lessons with Cassandra to give him something else to do besides work. The two become intrigued with one another, they become friends and it eventually develops into more. The characters were pretty great. Cassandra [...]

This was a very cute story. Our heroine was still a virgin at 29, but with good reason and she was virginal but not innocent in the ways of the world. A child piano prodigy, she was forced to perform world-wide while her mother slowly died. As a result, she shuns strangers and never performs in public. But she composes, she records and she gives piano lessons, particularly to a charitable cause. This year those lessons brought $100K. The recipient was a reluctant Greek tycoon who had built his l [...]

I completely enjoyed this book. After a few meh books, it was refreshing to sit down with a book that I couldn’t put down because I was enjoying it so much. My only complaint, and it isn’t really a complaint was that Cass and Neo actually got together…or maybe I should say how quickly they got together. (view spoiler)[They didn’t actually get together early in the book, but I enjoyed the friendship they had so much that I wished it was a longer book so that they had a slower road to thei [...]

TBR Challenge 2012: Personal Challenge. Added to wish list Aug 9, 2010.Grade B-/C+The Shy Bride is an unexpectedly sweet, non-angsty romance. The Greek billionaire tycoon turns out to be arrogant and somewhat controlling, but never mean or dismissive. The author write him with just enough vulnerability to make him sympathetic and likeable. The agoraphobia story line was interesting, as well. The writing is serviceable with no major eye-rolling moments. After all, these books aren't suppose to b [...]

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book! The story progressed in a very believable fashion---something that you rarely see in series romance. The chemistry and banter between the characters was great and the secondary characters were written well also. Overall a really good light readDE NOTE: My first book by this author, so I was looking forward to reading the second book in the series. I have to say it was NOTHING like this one at all. Very disappointing.

This was a really good read, I really enjoyed it. I liked both H/H . The heroine has agoraphobia and she is shy .I really love the way their relationship was dealt with. The hero was so nice and understanding and not a jerk at all!

I am fan of lucy's work so maybe I am a bit bias because I loved this book alot it was lovely read, and I liked the fact that they didn't immediately jumped into bed and really build their relationship

I adored this book! The ending was too abrupt, but the sentiment was sweet and lovely. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Interesting agoraphobic new age pianist heroine, but a cookie cutter Greek billionaire hero. A write 'by the numbers' Harlequin romance.

Really? How tedious!This book snailed like molasses and the Hs were downright boring. This is part 2 of "The Greeks Pregnant Lover", which was just as excruciating. Avoid this one.

Fun and enjoyable readThis is a fun read. Both characters discover things about themselves they didn't realize was always there. The interaction between the characters was great and there was plenty of chemistry.

A sweet (but spicy) story. Neo has been given piano lessons by his friend, but his teacher turns out to be his favorite world-class pianist and composer. Cass suffers from agoraphobia and cannot face the public as she was forced to since she was very young. Her new pupil is very sexy and awakens feelings she didn't know existed for her.I loved how Neo was very gentle with Cass, trying to help her overcome her terrors- until she wanted more from the relationship than he did.

I'm not usually a Harlequin Presents fan, but this one was free and it involved a pianist so I had to get it. Pianist novels are often on my auto-buy just because some people are able to draw the music and the emotions that go into it so well. This book didn't end up with too much musicality, but it was a nice book.Cassandra is a pianist who refuses to perform because of all her social anxiety issues. She's real and hurting, but doesn't actually want to be someone different – she just wants to [...]

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