The Watcher

Melinda Metz

The Watcher

The Watcher

  • Title: The Watcher
  • Author: Melinda Metz
  • ISBN: 9780671774639
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback

Life will never be the same Max is dying No one wants to believe it, but he knows it s true And as the end grows closer, he can only think of one thing Who will protect Liz if he s not here Liz can t stand watching Max suffer She s determined to find some way any way to save him But the only way to help Max is to risk her own life Is she willing to die forLife will never be the same Max is dying No one wants to believe it, but he knows it s true And as the end grows closer, he can only think of one thing Who will protect Liz if he s not here Liz can t stand watching Max suffer She s determined to find some way any way to save him But the only way to help Max is to risk her own life Is she willing to die for the one she loves

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The Watcher (Roswell High, #4): ¡4 estrellas!Ellos acaban de escapar de una experiencia que pudo ser mortal para más de uno. Entre todos, lograron sortear los obstáculos y salir de allí ilesos, juntos y más fuertes que antes. Porque ahora son un verdadero grupo y ya no podrán separarse. Pero algo no está bien, algo le pasa a Max. Cada día está más cansado, demacrado y débil, y aunque él trate de negarlo, la situación es muy evidente, en especial para los ojos de Liz: Max se está mu [...]

((Tiny spoilers, but nothing tooo dramatic or affecting!! - so this will be a really short review, or I'll give away too much)) In The Seeker we are left with Max collapsing and Liz begging for him to stay alive (swoon). The Roswell crew learns that Max is going through his species' version of maturity: connecting to the consciousness, "ankino". If Max is not able to connect he will die, and it will only be a matter of time before Michael and Izzy face the same fate. The mission is to find the s [...]

Empecé a leer esta serie el año pasado, pero la detuve, porque no me gustó tanto el tercer libro. Sin embargo, me dio la curiosidad de leer este, por lo que terminé de retomar la lectura y para mi sorpresa, me lo terminé de leer rápido. No tiene nada que ver con la serie de TV, ya que nada de lo que leí, lo vi en la serie. Pero de igual manera la trama es buena. Le di un 4/5.

In the past, when Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Alex faced a conflict together, it was external. First, it was Liz getting shot and Valenti's investigation into possible aliens in Roswell. Then, Nikolas came to town, bringing with him his own danger and yet another threat from the Sheriff. Third came Maria's psychic abilities and the alien bounty hunters who were drawn to her because of her use of the powerful, alien ring. But in The Watcher Metz has the six friends confront an internal [...]

Okay so that ending was just mean! And I'm out right now and don't have the next one sitting here beside me to grab up and devour! (in case you missed it this is a very, very sad thing!) Alright so now that I've got that out onto the real review. I flat out love these books! They're so compelling and addictive. I really don't see how you could NOT like them. A lot of people seem to dislike the insta-love thing. Personally I do. Mostly because I like the deeper relationship to start rolling and n [...]

Preliminary thoughts *SPOILERS*:The Watcher is Max.We find out why Max fainted at the end of The Seeker: due to the Akino, a process that a young alien, once reaching maturity, has to go through to connect to the collective consciousness of his people and home planet. The Akino has progressively made Max weaker and he could die if he doesn't connect to the collective consciousness. This becomes a motivation for the whole group to find their parents' ship, since the crystals that could heal Max f [...]

Fourth book in and the descriptions are still driving me bonkers. I loved the show, and know the characters as such. Max is not blond!In this installment, Max is apparently suffering from an illness called akino. On his planet he would connect to some collective consciousness and everything would be perfectly fine. He’s apparently too far away to do that and so he needs some communication crystals to make the connection. Where are the crystals? On their ship. Where is their ship? At the compou [...]

This is the end of the line for me. Do you know what this book is?The series so far is ridiculous. I was blinded at the beginning. I could see the similarities with the television show and wrongly assumed the series would develop into something spectacular. Can you blame me? The television show was based on these books. One of the rare instances where I will tell people to drop the book and pick up the remote instead. I just can't see any potential in the series. The characters are annoying (16/ [...]

Book 7:I loved this book.Because of course I love Roswell.Anyway, there was SOOO much dramzz in this one, Maria finally told Micheal she loved him, and he's like uhhh ummEven though he was lusting after her in the beginningABEL is with Alex now, and she's all OH MICHEAL I KINDA LIKE YOUUUU.DUM DUM DUM DUUUUUUM!MAX AND LIZ ARE TOGETHER!Well, not really.Max is dying of adolescent alien space cancer and Liz was like,'ftw max we should spend all the time we have left together'Sooo, she lays in bed w [...]

Now, see, I'm such a sucker for anything Liz/Max in any platform, so. I enjoyed this book because it had its major focus on Max and Liz. The fact that he's dying, not so good. But their moments are always just so sweet and honest and innocent and I want it to be that way all of the time. Alas, I'm rereading this series, so I know how it ends. I, of course, cannot stand Isabel's character because she is the very definition of shallow and "Mean Girl", but I ignore her often enough that she becomes [...]

Synopsis:Life will never be the sameMax is dying. No one wants to believe it, but he knows it's true. And as the end grows closer, he can only think of one thing: Who will protect Liz if he's not here?Liz can't stand watching Max suffer. She's determined to find some way -- any way -- to save him. But the only way to help Max is to risk her own life. Is she willing to die for the one she loves?

These books are rated more for teens, and I read the Roswell series when I was about 15 but I still really love reading them now. They're written in an easily worded way so that if you want something quick and easy to read, they're perfect I love the whole series :)

I hate the way Isabel thinks and acts most of the times. Seriously, now that she's finally with Alex she starts to feel something about Michael? Poor Alex. I hope Michael doesn't reciprocate, because I really want him with Maria.

An interesting plot that was never aired on the show. I suppose in a way they fit it into the show, but it wasn't exactly like the book. For fans of the Michael/Maria relationship, this book will irritate the shit out of you.

I really liked Rae, she's really pretty too. I wish there was more books in the series because I didn't like the ending, their mission needs to carry on longer. And everybody has to love Steven.


Love the book!

I vividly remember not being able to put this book down when I read it in the 7th grade and could probably still describe large chunks of its plot if askedd that was more than 10 years ago.

Too short. Too basic. It was alright, but I didn't like the ending. Too many cliff-hangers mashed together.

Still thinking that I don't really like it, but it's okay

517th - 2011Endingnya menggantung, trus nggak ada lanjutannya :(Eh ada ibuknya ding, tapi teteup weh

More drama than the previous ones, which is good!

love this series

OMG, what a rush!

started watching the tv series then found out about the book and i absolutely loved it

good plot

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