Everyday Food: Great Food Fast

Martha Stewart

Everyday Food: Great Food Fast

Everyday Food: Great Food Fast

  • Title: Everyday Food: Great Food Fast
  • Author: Martha Stewart
  • ISBN: 9780307354167
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback

No matter how busy you are, at the end of the day you want fresh, avorful meals that are easy to prepare And you want lots of choices and variations recipes that call for your favorite foods and take advantage of excellent and readily available ingredients In the rst book from the award winning magazine Everyday Food, you ll nd all of that 250 simple recipes for deNo matter how busy you are, at the end of the day you want fresh, avorful meals that are easy to prepare And you want lots of choices and variations recipes that call for your favorite foods and take advantage of excellent and readily available ingredients In the rst book from the award winning magazine Everyday Food, you ll nd all of that 250 simple recipes for delicious meals that are quick enough to make any day of the week Because a change in weather affects how we cook as much as what we cook, the recipes in Everyday Food are arranged by season For spring, you ll nd speedy preparations for main course salads, chicken, and poached salmon that minimize time spent at the stove summer features quick techniques for grilling the very best burgers and kabobs as well as no cook pasta sauces for fall, there are braised meats and hearty main course soups and winter provides new takes on rich one dish meals, roasts and stews, and hearty baked pastas Finally, a chapter on basics explains how to make year round staples such as foolproof roast chicken, risotto, couscous, and chocolate sauce.Designed in a contemporary and easy to read format, Everyday Food boasts lush, full color photography and plenty of suggestions for substitutions and variations With Everyday Food, even the busiest on the go cook can look forward to meals that bring freshness, nutrition, and a range of avors to dinner all week long.

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To my great chagrin, this book has turned out some simple and very helpful recipesd yet I still despise Martha Stewart.

When I want to make something really good without spending all evening in the kitchen, this is pretty good. They're all relatively simple recipes. Big color photos on every page, which is a must for me.So far I've liked the Curried Carrot Soup and loved the Orecchiette with Sausage and Roasted Peppers. I did NOT like the Hot and Sour Soup. Yech.

I am always "currently reading" this. I haven't made a dish I didn't like from here and there is always something that I want to try. Good for weeknight dinners and it is organized by what is in season. Plus, tons of pictures and just a beautiful book in general.

I know most women will think, do I really need another cookbook? Well, with this charming edition I would have to say that it's really a pleasure and a worthy investment.I subscripted to the little fabulous food magazine "Everyday Food" so I felt that I knew most of the recipes, but I was pleasantly surprised with a wonderful melange of useful new dishes I haven't seen before but which were still pretty simple. The real beauty of this book is the easy font, nice photos of each dish - makes picki [...]

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The summer after my sophomore year in college I got shingles, which is a disease that usually only old people get. Shingles is a recurrence of the chicken pox virus (so anyone who got it as a kid can get it) and happens to you when you are stressed out and your immune system is compromised. I firmly believe that I got shingles from sleeping for several months on a bare mattress and eating only Cheerios and Pepperoni Hot Pockets.Now you can understand w [...]

4 stars- Ms. Jenn

obviously i haven't cooked everything in here. the theme is "great food fast" and yeah, for the most part the recipes had flavor and were fairly quick to whip up. so in that regard, i guess the cookbook delivers. this is me nit-picking, because i realize i can use these recipes as a jumping off point and replace ingredients i'm not so keen on, but fennel pops up in a lot of recipes. i'm not a fan of fennel. and further to this point, it also seemed like there were too many redundancies. almond-a [...]

Okay, I'm not usually a fan of Martha's recipes because they tend to be very unneccesarily labor-intensive (e.g. for chocolate chip cookies: "make your own vanilla extract by boiling madagascar vanilla beans" - I'm paraphrasing, but not kidding. That recipe actually was in her regular magazine). However, this Everyday Food cookbook has a lot of recipes I intend to use repeatedly. They seem reasonable in preparation and I LOVE that it is organized by the season so you can flip to (for example) su [...]

I subscribe to the magazine, and mainly checked this out from the library because when I gave my issues away I forgot to copy down some of the recipes. I've made a lot of these recipes, about 90% of them have been really excellent -- and also easy, quick, and reasonably low in fat if you avoid the cheese-based dishes. The authors have a mysterious attachment to fresh mint, which I find a bizarre addition to most foods, but other than that, I usually applaud their choices. Another nice touch: ins [...]

Another great cookbook from Martha. We don’t use this one as much these days for entrees, just because most of the entrees are meat heavy, but the side dishes are top notch and veggie friendly. The title would indicate that these are super quick recipes, which actually isn’t the case. It’s a bit of a misnomer. Some only take 10 minutes or so, while others are upward of 2 hours. That said - they’re all super tasty (at least the ones I’ve tried). I also love that there’s a section devo [...]

This is another of my favorite cookbooks. There is a picture of every single recipe, which I love! Also, it's arranged by season, so you can plan for what's fresh and cheap. Favorites include Cashew Chicken, Carrot Cupcakes, Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan, Lemon-Garlic Lamb Kebabs (I use chicken), Fish Tacos, Baked Ravioli, and Foolproof Hard-Cooked Eggs. It's got a great section of basics in the back (sauces, rubs, dressings, rice, and pasta). Some of the recipes are a little odd, but most are [...]

I have been cooking a lot more lately and have come to trust this cookbook as my standby for quick and tasty meals. The recipes are broken down by season, which makes it easy to find something to make with the ingredients I have on hand. They are usually simple to make (under and hour), but very flavorful. Lately I've made chicken enchiladas with pumpkin sauce - a great recipe to use up leftover chicken, and easy spaghetti carbonara. I've never had to spend too much money to make a meal from thi [...]

Alright, Martha. I followed your recipe for chicken tortilla soup, and it came out way watery. Like pieces of chicken in hot water with some cilantro and avo on top. Gross. My better half, who would say tortilla soup is his #1 favorite dish barely ate his bowl. We threw the leftovers away. (EDIT PS, hate her or love her, we made chicken tortilla soup from the Pioneer Woman website and it was glorious. Like, eating-it-and-never-wanting-the-bowl-to-end glorious. Yum! And unlike this cookbook, it w [...]

I love this cookbook! It really deserves 5 stars just for the grilled chocolate sandwiches on page 255, which are so completely divine that my mouth is watering now at the very thought of them. I'm giving the book a rating of 4 stars here only because the prep times listed for each recipe haven't matched up with my experience--the pumpkin enchiladas, for example, took me a good hour longer than I'd expected (granted, I lost the can opener and had two kids to tend to during the process). Overall, [...]

This book has exactly what you'd expect: One page recipes that are (most, about 90%) accompanied by a colour picture, information about how long to make the recipe, using ingredients that are easy to find in your local supermarket.I liked how the book was split up by season, an emphasis on chicken and fish dishes, and that there is an offering of salads, soups & side dishes per season. Bonuses in the back include picture guides on how to cook rice, risotto, etc. Also includes nutritional inf [...]

I don't usually list informational nonfiction on , but last night's Rum-Glazed Mango Shrimp finally induced me to mention this one:) This is my favorite cookbook, in fact, right after my trusty, beloved Betty Crocker with the red-and-white gingham cover that my mom gave me after I graduted college. The book is divided by season, each containing recipes with a seasonal feel and ingredients, with a color photo of every dish--and it's all delicious, impressive but totally do-able, and simple but cr [...]

I love watching this show every week on KBYU/KUED. However, this first cookbook did not match the style of the show at all - in fact, it had Martha Stewart written all over it. I do like Martha, but she has taken a seemingly quiet role as the shows Executive Producer, which made the book a surprise. The new season did just start (it's third), and she is taking a more prominent role by narrating and adding short video clips of herself. You can visit the website to download recipes, but it has als [...]

This is one of my ALL time favorite cookbooks. I started using it after my daughter was born --we needed quick, easy and healthy meals. We've loved everything out of this book and have probably cooked 80% of the items in the 9 months since my daughter's birth! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Every recipe has a picture which is my driving force behind making a home cooked meal. We cook 6-7 nights at a week at home and rarely have the same meal twice. I should also mention that I rarely follow a recipe to the [...]

I might have to break down and actually buy this one; I keep borrowing it from the library and renewing it until they make me take it back. I'm having great success with the recipes, almost all of them fitting into actual weeknight plans, and the book itself is clean and well laid-out. I go back and forth about dividing the recipes by seasons: sometimes it's a nice organizational structure, but other times it feels like nothing more than a cheap marketing gimmick. (oy, when did I turn into a cra [...]

Great easy recipes for me ( intermediate cook) who sees more than 5 steps and gets put off by recipes (at least during the work week) I like how the book is divided into seasons - some experts say you should with the seasons for better health and the environment Has ingredients that are easily found or sometimes have on hand The only weird thing is the book has some pics of food however no recipe to go with it - still trying to figure out that one I got it from the library but might purchase to [...]

This is another great cookbook. The recipes are really fast and easy, and all of them are composed with regular grocery store ingredients. For everything I've tried, the timing is correct as are the serving sizes. This works well when meal planning! All in all, a solid cookbook.Also, it's arranged by season. So it's easy to turn to Winter and find lots of warm, comforting food or to Summer for crisp, light flavors. Most of the recipes are made with the corresponding seasonal ingredients too, whi [...]

Beautiful photos, appetizing recipes, thoughtfully organized by season and then by course I really, really like this cookbook! And it has a little bit of everything! I liked that it included the anticipated prep and total cooking time with each recipe. I also like that there are a couple of pages of side dishes - within each seasonal section - that can be served in any combination with almost any of the main dishes. There isn't a plain recipe in there, but the recipes are easy with simple, most [...]

I know I know. I hate Martha Stewart, but seriously these are great recipes that really onl take the amount of time listed, even if you don't kno what you're doing and they taste so good. I couldn't help myself. Great pictures and great instructions and great food. Besides you're really supporting all the poor people who work for her and not her so that should help you feel a little better about buying it.

I checked this out from the library, but now it's on my Christmas wish list. So many fresh, simple recipes. The book is broken down into seasons - spring, summer, winter, fall dishes. I love how there's a gorgeous photo accompanying each recipe. In the back it lists basics for things like whipped cream, roast chicken, hard-boiled eggs, plus nutritional information. I never write reviews, so the fact that I did for this cookbook means it's a keeper!

The book is laid out by season, highlighting the vegetables that would be freshest. It also contains a "Basics" section which sets out recipes for vinaigrette, herb sauces, a chunky tomato sauce and instructions on boiling the perfect egg, making perfect risotto, white rice, and polenta. Another nice aspect is the nutritional information for each recipe that is included in the back of the book. One bit of advice, as with any recipe, make sure to read these all the way through before starting.

This cookbook has become one of my go-to sources for recipes for day to day meals, along with the magazine by the same name. I like that it uses normal kitchen ingredients, and every recipe I've tried has been tasty. The time assignments are reliable. It usually takes me about 20% longer to make everything, but I'm pretty slow with prep work, so I just expect a 25 min recipe to take 30 min, and I'm good to go.

If this were a veggies only book it would have been a five star! It has lots of great photos, prep time and total time to finish are included and it is organized seasonally to make produce shopping easier. Not sure whether to try the Broccoli, Chickpea, and Tomato Salad or the Pasta, Potatoes, and Green Beans first

One of my all time favorite recipe book because they are easy, delicious dishes. I know that may sound odd when talking about Martha Stewarteasy, and simple, but they are fresh recipes with minimal ingredients that are certainly more apt to encourage any cook to skip the box and go for something fresh.

I got this book soon after it came out. I was so excited to try one of the recipes, I bought the ingredients and was ready to cook. Then morning sickness took over and the recipe suddenly sounded awful. Well, the babe is 8 months old now, I think I should revisit the book again. :) This is one of my favorite magazines too.

My mother gave this to me for Christmas last year and my husband and I have been eating from it ever since. The recipies are fast, delicious and have ingredients you would normally stock in your kitchen. They allow you to add new flavors to your routine menu. Highly recommend as a corallary cookbook.

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