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  • Title: Jocelyn
  • Author: Philip AllenGreen
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  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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All bleeding stops All patients go All stories end.When I first began my career as an emergency medicine physician, I found these truths to be irrefutable and self evident Like a newly severed spinal cord or the permanent brain injury of the drowned No amount of my sweat, rage, or medicine could change them They just were.And then I met Jocelyn.

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3.5 stars. I've been experiencing the very much feared reading slump, which seems to hit me during the same time each year for reasons unknown, and it has led me to overuse my Netflix and Viaplay for some brain imaginary, something that is never as flourishing than words on the pages of a good novel or well researched nonfiction triumph. During this short period of time I have sinned by watching movies done out of books I haven't had the chance to actually read yet, and it definitely is all kind [...]

If You Read & Enjoyed Dr. Green's "Trauma Room Two", Be Aware That This Is Nothing Like ItHaving immensely enjoyed Dr. Green's "Trauma Room Two", a memoir, supposedly based on his experiences as an ER physician, I really looked forward to reading this short story, which I mistakenly assumed would be another-reality based account of his ER experiences. ( long sentence, sorry) Instead, what I encountered was a totally unreal portrayal of a doctor-patient relationship spanning 91 years. More di [...]

Powerful story of a lifeI've spent a lazy May afternoon with Phillip Allen Green's stories and I am moved by his views of life through the eyes of an ER doctor. This short novella touched me deeply. Reading the brief, yet poignant encounters between physician and patient gave me insight into the doctor's side of the experience. Highly recommend!

A Life Succinctly CapturedTouching, insightful and beautifully written. Hopefully Dr. Green has many other tales to tell. I highly recommend this short story.

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