Our Very Own Dog: Taking Care of Your First Pet

Amanda McCardie Salvatore Rubbino

Our Very Own Dog: Taking Care of Your First Pet

Our Very Own Dog: Taking Care of Your First Pet

  • Title: Our Very Own Dog: Taking Care of Your First Pet
  • Author: Amanda McCardie Salvatore Rubbino
  • ISBN: 9780763689483
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover

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If you have a new dog companion or want to adopt one here s a story full of facts that tells you everything you need to know.There s nothing exciting than getting a dog Join Sophie s new human family as they prepare their home for her and introduce her to life as a beloved pet Follow along as they learn about bedding and bowls, treats and training, walks and washiIf you have a new dog companion or want to adopt one here s a story full of facts that tells you everything you need to know.There s nothing exciting than getting a dog Join Sophie s new human family as they prepare their home for her and introduce her to life as a beloved pet Follow along as they learn about bedding and bowls, treats and training, walks and washing and even an unexpected dog show Factual notes run alongside the simple story, offering tips that will help turn tentative dog adopters into doting experts.

Recent Comments "Our Very Own Dog: Taking Care of Your First Pet"

A great story about adopting a dog from a shelter. This tells how the dog adjusts to the family and its routines. This reminds me of all the dogs we have gotten from shelters or rescued off the street. It has nice notes about training and dog behavior.

This is a cute book with lively illustrations that convey the joy and excitement that comes from bringing a dog into the home and life of a child. When the little girl is four, her family brings a dog into the home. The fictional story is actually a "this is what you do" type of story where the young girl and her family go through important things to know and do in regard to having a dog in your home.Along with the actual story (centered on the pages) there are tidbits of factual instruction in [...]

Love that the dog they get in this book is a rescue.Great mix of fiction and facts.

A colorful primer on how to take care of your first dog

Very sweet book with good tidbits about dogs.

Have you ever wanted a dog? Are you thinking about adding a dog to your family? Then Our Very Own Dog is the perfect picture book with which to start your search. After reading the story, check out the end pages which have many of the dog breeds beautifully illustrated. Our Very Own Dog tells the story of Sophie, a rescue dog who finally finds a furr-ever home of her own. By reading her story, you can get a solid idea what it takes to care for your very own dog.The mixed media illustrations are [...]

I absolutely loved this book!! It very much reminded me of my own Jack Russell terrier mix. The whole adoption process and what follows after is seen through the eyes of a child. I appreciated the insight into dog behavior, training, and more giving the first time dog owners some helpful advice.

I thought the factual information on each page competed with rather than complemented the story.

Too much information on each page with narrative vs. factual.

The perfect book for any young child who is just getting his or her first dog. Cute and also full of good information.

A great book with factual information padded into a cute story. Perfect for any child getting their first dog as a pet.

Perfect book for introducing a new pup to the family!

This was a good guide for beginning readers looking forward to their very first dog. The narrative format with both a story and helpful tips especially would lend itself to a parent/child read-along. The messages about transitioning into the new home, care and keeping, and dog behavior were all great. A couple topics were missing that I think small children should learn about when becoming pet owners: choosing a pet at the shelter (also the important message of adopting not shopping!) and humane [...]

A little girl tells the story of how Sophie the dog came to live with her and her family, and how they prepare for her arrival. Little notes that explain to you why you and dogs do this and that as well as charming illustrations that show little girl taking care of dog help young readers to understand the responsibility in taking care of a dog. All in all, this is a story of how a dog and family adjust to each other. This is a really sweet story and an excellent book to give a young child who is [...]

I loved the the layout and the art, fresh color palette on mostly white backgrounds, messy imperfect illustrations. I did not like when the "notes" repeated what was in the text on the page. They were unecessary and in fact interrupted and visually distracted from the pleasure of reading the story. The "notes" were okay if they said something that was not in the dialogue. It was not a well constructed story. Unfortunately what begins as a cute story about a family's experience of adopting a shel [...]

A young girl relates the care, feeding, and training of her adopted dog from the animal shelter. Lovely mixed media illustrations along with simple easy to read text make this a good choice for the elementary library. The young girl describes how the family came about to possess an animal shelter dog. She explains how they play, feed, groom and exercise the dog. Small print explanations add to the text as it explains the reason behind each act. A short bibliography and index are included in the [...]

The sub-title was not part of the cover or interior title page. If it had been I may have realized this was less of a story and more an informational text. I did not like all the side bars-it really interrupted any flow that the story may have had--they could have been left to the end.

Great message or book to read before you get a pet.

Excellent for children wanting or getting a dog. The story is interwoven with facts and advice about caring for your new best friend.

I like the helpful tips about dog ownership.

Great combination of fiction and non-fiction.

weeps I want a puppy

A how to care for your dog book disguised as a picture book. In the book Sophie the dog comes to live with a new family who goes step by step over how to care for her. One on one or preschool.

In this cute story about a family and their beloved dog you get a sense of what it’s like to have a dog and the kinds of responsibilities a dog owner must take to care for their dog. It’s told in the perspective of a young girl who loves her dog tremendously. Every page is narrated by the little girl and just about every page has a little fact about what you just read. I find this a very interesting book for young children because it teaches them, again, what it’s like to have a dog for a [...]

I was sent this hardback book by the publisher Walker Books for free for a review.One day a dog called Sophie was adopted by a family, changing their lives foreverThis is a hardback book with lovely thick, glossy colourful pages inside. There is a story about the dog called Sophie that joins a family when a girl is four years old. We never know the name of the young girl and the book is told from her point of view. As we learn about what it was like when Sophie was first adopted and learned to s [...]

This medium sized hardback book provides the perfect mix of fun story (with a loveable dog) and simple instructions for children who want to know how to look after their first dog properly.First of all, I absolutely love that this story tells the tale of a rescue dog! Such a good message to send to children. The story is told mostly through the eyes of a little girl as her family adopts Sophie, a rescue dog, and how they get on living together for the first time. It tackles issue like correct id [...]

Fantastic narrative non-fiction about getting a family dog! Readers will get lots of tips on how to take care of their dog, and how to figure out which kind of dog to get, by reading the story of our unnamed narrator, her family, and their new dog, Sophie.

Our Very Own Dog, is the perfect book for children who are asking for a pet dog, or families with children who are thinking about buying a dog, to read together.We meet Sophie the dog, who until recently was living at a dogs home. She moves in with her new owners and over time learns to trust them. The book tells you all the wonderful things that dogs get up to, and need, in a fun and engaging manner. There are also useful tips and factual information on each page for children to learn about car [...]

This book had a cute simply story line about taking care of a new pet along with real world practical tips.

A fun introduction in picture book format that shows kids what it means to have and take care of a dog.

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