Dancing Days

Clare London

Dancing Days

Dancing Days

  • Title: Dancing Days
  • Author: Clare London
  • ISBN: 9781634764247
  • Page: 379
  • Format: ebook

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The day Glen Carson loses his wallet is the day that changes his life The wallet is returned by Aston Walsh, a man he hasn t seen for twenty years He and Aston had a passionate and intense romance when they were in their late twenties, and Glen thought their love would last forever But his dreams were horribly shattered by a shocking confession from Aston, and they partThe day Glen Carson loses his wallet is the day that changes his life The wallet is returned by Aston Walsh, a man he hasn t seen for twenty years He and Aston had a passionate and intense romance when they were in their late twenties, and Glen thought their love would last forever But his dreams were horribly shattered by a shocking confession from Aston, and they parted for good or so Glen assumed Now, two decades later, they ve lived many years apart, created new histories, and built successful lives Yet the spark between them is still there Aston wants a second chance with Glen, but Glen is cautious this time around He has to decide if Aston s regret is genuine, and if surrendering his heart to Aston again is worth the risk.A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Daily Dose package Never Too Late.

Recent Comments "Dancing Days"

*3.5 stars*A really nice, British humor story about a couple of middle aged men getting their second chance at love. At first, I was feeling a little "meh" about this one, but then the feels started rolling in. I have a soft spot for second chance stories, especially if one of the guys was closeted for some time. There is always a high level of tension and emotion there, and I sort of just tap into that. For a novella, this one packs an emotional punch, but at the same time it is a light, low dr [...]

Agradable sorpresa, cortísimo pero consigue contar una buena historia de segundas oportunidades, me encanta que sean británicos, no sé porqué lo encuentro muy refrescante entre tanta novela de US. Dulce y entretenido. El título es un misterio pero por lo demás muy recomendable.

Glen and Aston was such a perfection reunion story, and you all know how much I love Clare's writing. I've not really read a book where the two main characters met up again after such a long time had passed. At first, finding out they weren't in that first flush of love in their twenties was disquieting. I normally gravitate to stories of young strapping men and first love, and this was different and completely charming. There was a bittersweet sadness to hear what drove them apart the first tim [...]

*sigh* Looks like I'm the only one having problems with this and that although I totally love this author's writing - mostly her books are 5* for me. This time the writing still was very good, sadly I couldn't feel the love between both MCs.Perhaps more like 2.5 stars

This is a very touching reunion story (and I love those!) about two men who haven't seen each other for twenty years. They had a passionate love affair back then, but Aston wasn't ready to come out. Glen got fed up with being the "dirty little secret" on the side, but he is still bitter when Aston suddenly reappears. The emotional journey both men face are not easy, and I was glued to the pages to find out if they'd be able to overcome their differences.The problem Aston faces is that, even thou [...]

While it's a nice second-chance romance, featuring mature characters (one is in their early forties, the other is fifty year old) but I couldn't help not completely liking the fact that the 'background' of their love stories two decades ago started with Aston cheating on his wife (repeatedly) to be with Glen. Not exactly my favorite kind of romance *shrugs*.

A quite lovely story of bitter recriminations, time lost, reconnection, and renewed love. Great to see a mature couple making a go of things.Charming.

“Dancing Days” was a story right after my heart. I liked almost everything about it: The light and yet never trivial tone of the writing, the hint of sheer “British-ness” in the narrative, the sprinkles of dry humor, the gentle pace so fitting for the course of events.Even though it’s told solely from Glen’s third person POV, I found both Aston and Glen well-drawn. They were mature men, both shaped by their respective life experiences, both somewhat set in their ways and yet young en [...]

This was one of those books that nearly made me throw my Kindle at the wall! The level of assholery on Aston's part was way beyond what I am usually prepared to accept.He is a complete bastard to just about everyone for years;(view spoiler)["Deb [the wife he had 'forgotten' to mention to Glen back then] nearly caught me. We'd only justed, when she came home early from her charity evening.""You were in the house?""Don't look so appalled, Glen, I have more respect than that. But we were in my car. [...]

2,5 starsMy problem with this book is that the MCs seemed 10 or 15 years older to me than the supposed ages. I was stuck in that feel so I didn't can enjoyed thoroughly the story.

Glen Carson, the master of DIY and fix it shop manager lives a rather quiet life now in his forties. Once upon a time though there had been great passion in Glen’s life that ended badly when he discovered his lover was telling less than the truth about himself and his commitments. Despite the fact that Glen had since moved on and had long term relationships beyond that first love, there was still certain wariness about him when it came to emotionally investing in another person.Imagine his sho [...]

Clare London is one of my favourite authors, this books is short but it has a lot of feelings inside, the protagonists are very well developed and the story is easy to understand. Glen is very likeable it is a shame I can't say the same about Aston. He is selfish, a coward and with no backbone. But somehow, he comes out very pitiful at the end, I think Glen is selling himself short but like in real life, the heart does not listen to logic and we end up loving people that maybe does not deserve u [...]

“The older you get, the more you realize that it isn't about the material things, or pride or ego. It's about our hearts and who they beat for.” ~ R.A.The last person Glen, of 'Dancing Days' by Clare London, expects to be knocking on his door is Ashton, his ex-lover from twenty years ago. At first all the anger and pain he felt when they broke up comes rushing back and he doesn't even want to talk to Ashton. Glen is perturbed at himself for noticing attractive things about him and begins to [...]

4 Heart Review by TidalGlen and Aston were lovers over 20 years ago. The break up hurt but Glen discovered the secrets were more than he could live with. Time moved on and so did both men. Both men found lovers and solace along the way but Glen never forgot Aston. He even recognizes him immediately 20 years later when he sees him from behind. However, Aston is the last person he wants to see, so he walks away.Glen has a great hairdresser and, after getting caught up in conversation, he leaves hi [...]

A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsClocking in at a mere sixty pages, Clare London gives us more emotional bang for our buck in this short story than most full-length novels are able to do. Aston was the epitome of a broken man, one whose life choices had reaped some benefits for sure, but they had also come at a great price—hiding who he was and losing the one man whom he loved more than anything else. Glen was lonely and fearing that he was past the age when any one would be willing to take a cha [...]

This wonderful feel-good novella shows it’s never too late for a second chance at love. It made a refreshing change to read a story with characters of an older age (40/50), albeit still attractive men. I liked that their bodies showed the ravages of time and age, including in the bedroom, plus their hobbies and interests have also moved on and matured.My heart went out to Glen as his past feelings were dredged up again after a gap of twenty years in this powerful tale of love and trust. His he [...]

I received my copy from the author and rated it 4.5 stars.This was a wonderful short read; a feel-good story with just the right amount of angst. It is wonderful to read about characters who are not in the first flush of youth. Glen is in his forties and Aston is fifty, both men have histories – both with each other and separately – and they are still attracted to each other when they meet again twenty years after Glen ended the affair they had at the time. This is a short read but it’s a [...]

Okay, so I both loved and hated this story. It was well written with Glen dealing with a past lover popping into his life out of nowhere. Unfortunately, this past lover broke his heart twenty years ago in the most heart-rending way, through lies and duplicity and then even worse, dragged their love affair out for a year longer. Maybe if we had had both POVs, I might not feel antagonistic toward Aston, but quite honestly, I didn’t like him. I adored Glen, but wanted to punch Aston in the groin. [...]

This is a wonderful story about long ago lovers who meet again twenty years after the end of their relationship. Unfortunately, Glen's heart was broken by Aston, and he is very reluctant to trust Aston a second time. The attraction is still there, and Aston knows they can rekindle the relationship they lost, if he can only convince Glen to trust him again. I really enjoy that these are two middle-aged men who've been given a second chance at true and lasting love. The ending made me smile and si [...]

A very short 60 page read which seemed so full of things happening. There's just this writing style British authors have of subtly showing you things instead of telling you that make the stories flow so well. I love the little details, it makes the characters seem more alive than just words on a page. This is my first exposure to Clare London and I am honestly very impressed, although I have to say, I didn't care much for Aston. But maybe that's because the story was narrated in Glen's POV, even [...]

One day Ashton turns up to glen door step returning his wallet. This brings up so much memory and 20 years has past. They were together for more then a year but it was with based on lies on Ashton part. Glen fall in love with him but that ended their love affair. now they have so much to catch up on and Ashton wants another chance. Will glen give him another chance and will things be differnet then before.

I'm conflicted about this one, the writing is great, but, it has my all time hate theme, cheating, while it is flasbacks only, I still hate it, so 5 stars for beautiful writing minus two for the cheating.I was lucky and won this book over at stumblingoverchaos

Glen and Aston - Many years have gone by since they missed their chance. And now they have a chance again but almost miss out a second time on love. Sometimes it isn't an intentional thing but more a matter of following old patterns that need to be changed.

3.5 stars

3.5 stars

I love a good second chance romance and this one didn't disappoint. Nice little short and sweet gem of a story.

Does Clare London always, portrays a charming and so perfect ambience, although a bit sad?. But the reality is so, is it?

3.4 stars.

Really adorable.

3.5 stars. Full review can be found at The Novel Approach

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