Bloody Shadows

Bernard Lee DeLeo

Bloody Shadows

Bloody Shadows

  • Title: Bloody Shadows
  • Author: Bernard Lee DeLeo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Writer Assassin Nick McCarty faces off with traitorous blackmailers, terrorist sympathizers, the Seattle Ripper , and powerful entities hell bent on either recruiting the most cold blooded killer in the land, or killing him and his family They find out in terrifying terms when you go after the Terminator, you had better get him with the first strike Because after you miWriter Assassin Nick McCarty faces off with traitorous blackmailers, terrorist sympathizers, the Seattle Ripper , and powerful entities hell bent on either recruiting the most cold blooded killer in the land, or killing him and his family They find out in terrifying terms when you go after the Terminator, you had better get him with the first strike Because after you miss, he plays hard ball without mercy, and without hesitation Taking quirky to the extreme, Nick cuts off his trouble free vacation time in favor of a rapid fire series of spider webbed events He leads what CIA Director Paul Gilbrech thinks of as Nick s team of cartoons, The Unholy Trio, into one deadly action after another From a criminal consultation with the local police becoming a mugger gang execution to a simple recon of a suspected Isis training center turning into a war zone, Nick repairs problems with deadly proficiency Bonus Story Also another free Nick and Jean future bonus story with romance, violence, political intrigue, and of course much humor.

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Love this book 4I like the action and dialogue with all the characters I really love how the Unholy Trio take on fanatics, terrorists, rapists and serial killers too bad our Government is too politically correct to actually enforce our laws and back our law enforcement. I'm not a violent person but I sure do love to see the bad guy get his just rewards here on earth When is #5 going to be out?

Two in a row--a record (for reviews, that is)As noted above, this is the second review in this series. The books are very good and enjoyable. Which is why I am reading. The books are entertaining and build upon each other but are complete in themselves. Thanks for writing them and making them available thru Kindle Unlimited.

ShadowsIt was good. I have to admit that at first I didn't care much for the added chapters but I've changed my mind. Now I do like them. They were good. Let's face it: I think we should have read these books first. We didn't so we'll just keep reading. They are good and worth reading!

A family that plays together stays togetherI read several books a week and this series is the only one so far that can make me laugh and cry and plot. If there ever was a must read this is it.

I didn't like this as much as the last one. Still good but felt a little bit repetitive at times. Especially with the police officer Neil Dickerson - I couldn't be bothered searching it out but I'm sure at one point he knows that Nick is an assassin and then later is surprised. That or I have major deja vu. I like El Muerto, El Kabong and Payaso very much but would much prefer to see more of Jean and maybe less of Rachel. I didn't like Rachel as much in this one. (view spoiler)[ And seriously? F [...]

Cold blooded assassinNick or Diego or el. Muerto, whoever needs to help get the problem resolved. Transitions are fast and easy to resolve whether by logical calculations or seat of the pants. Consistent characters and the occasional die off makes sense.

Good readingStories have good plot lines and move well.At times though I found parts to be "preachy".Looking forward to more.

Each book in the series is better than the lastNot good with reviews so I'll just say keep up the good work. It was very sad to see Dan die.

Great adventuresFast paced and very eventful. This series is profound in it's makeup. I love the characters and the dynamic relationships. Can't stop reading.

Great job thanksI really like reading the Hardcase,McCarty and Cantelli series. Please keep up the great writing adventures. Tim Retired Senior Chief USN

SHADOWSI read books very fast. I read this slowly because the dialogue was so funny I actually was laughing out loud my wife was telling me to hush. These books are great!😇

Another good read in the series. I like the short story at the end with kids grown. Strongly recommend your consideration. Thanks to author.

Great Book!Another fast paced action packed thriller. Can't wait to be reading the next book in the series. Always ready for more action.


Here's another excellent offering in Bernard Lee DeLeo's Cold Blooded series. Nick and his crew take on many new adventures in this volume, including a gang of vicious muggers, a Ripper-style serial killer, and an ISIS "training camp."In addition, Nick must deal with unruly (and deadly) flag protesters with bombs, hit men on his doorstep, pimps with murder on their minds, and an FBI agent bent on revenge.The book has many, many errors, mostly punctuation but with a few gems such as "did an admir [...]

books like these are guilty pleasures. they are irreverent, action packed and filled with truly off center and slightly off kilter characters. I especially liked the bonus story where the kids are adults and part of the action. hope to see more stories with grown up Jean, Sonny, and Quinn. Re-read in July, 2017. Re-read again in january, 2018. Still good especially the after story about a grown up Jean.

I enjoyed the story.I enjoy Mr. DeLeo's stories so much I am working on my second read of the series. If you enjoy pulp fiction I highly recommend not only this book but the entire series. His writing is entertaining and has something for everyone, violence, hate, friendship, love, compassion, politics and much more. I could do a synopsis of the story, but and some many other people do it would be a waste of time to just be one more of the same.

This is the fourth book in the series and, in my opinion, it is just as good and we'll written as the first. When one reads this series, you have to remember that it is fiction, specifically pulp fiction. The action is a little over the top, but that's what I read for. To get lost in the story for a little bit. The story was just as exciting and entertaining as the other three. There also was an into ducting of new characters with another twist at the end. Good Reading.

Wish we had real people like the fictional onesBetween Nick and Hard Case the world or the U.S. would be a safer place to live from the idiots letting ISIS fundamentals inside the boarders.

Love, love, love these books!! Can't wait for the next one to come out!!

Another very good novel by this author. I enjoyed reading this book and recommend this book to everyone.

Great readDoes the author do signings. This group rocks books need to be sent all bad Muslims everywhere. This speaks things we think but don't say .

Bloody ShadowsGreat continuation to this series. Tons of action loads of laughs and plenty of emotions mixed in to keep you on the roller coaster that is Nick McCarthy and family.

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