Shadow Fires

Catherine Spangler

Shadow Fires

Shadow Fires

  • Title: Shadow Fires
  • Author: Catherine Spangler
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  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition

RWA RITA Nominated Science Fiction Romance Jenna dan Aron, a Shielder, lives a solitary existence, shunned by her people because she has visions and can see the future She s even foreseen her own destiny to be a human offering, a mate for a savage Leor warlord When two Shielder colonies need to be rescued, the Leors who are their only hope demand a bride for their leadRWA RITA Nominated Science Fiction Romance Jenna dan Aron, a Shielder, lives a solitary existence, shunned by her people because she has visions and can see the future She s even foreseen her own destiny to be a human offering, a mate for a savage Leor warlord When two Shielder colonies need to be rescued, the Leors who are their only hope demand a bride for their leader in return Knowing she can t deny fate, Jenna steps forward The Leors are a hybrid race and only part human Arion of Saura finds mating outside his race abhorrent, but he has no choice, as his kind faces extinction His life is ruled by hard logic and physical prowess, with no room for softness or emotion Bound to him, Jenna faces a life of barbarism with a mate who seems beast than man In the relentless heat of the wild Sauran desert, Jenna and Arion wage a battle of wills, until they discover that the heart is mightier than any weapon and that love can forge shadow and fire together.

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++SPOILERS++1 star "I did not like it"When one finds themself hoping the H & h die, it clearly shows how poorly executed the story was.The writing itself, technically was good. I'll give credit where credit is due. The world building was decent and the character development was good as well (too bad there was not ONE likable character in the entire story). I will also admit, the book started out pretty good, unfortunately it went downhill more and more as I progressed. The only thing that ke [...]


3.5 stars

Constant catastrophe is not an effective plot device. If the heroine wasn't having That's So Raven-esque visions every five seconds or running off into the wilderness to get damaged, dehydrated and bruised, this story would have been about absolutely nothing. The hints about who dunnit were so broad I wanted to hit Jenna over the head with a blunt object.Jenna? Jenna was Captain Oblivious. TO EVERYTHING. Romance between Jenna and Arion? Non-existent. But remember! Sex conquers all.My foot didn't [...]

One of my fave scifi romances. I lovethat she uses someone very alien as the hero and how the heroine teaches him that his society doesn't have to be as rigid and as barbaric, as change will be good for his species' survival. Most of all, how she goes from a wimpy female to someone worthy of his love.

In the end, I had to give this book a middle-of-the-road rating. High marks for creativity related to the Leor society and how they fit into the Shielder universe, but low marks for the insipid Jenna. "Spirit, what could she do? One thing was certain: lying here in the sand, giving in to tears and hopelessness would not help Arion." This quote, which occurs 83% of the way into the book, pretty much sums up my constant impressions of main character Jenna as feeble and not especially clever. Notic [...]

While technically this is book #5 in a series, it does just fine as a stand-alone. It's also the first novel I've seen where the "alien" has characteristics of a reptilian race! Points for originality there, for sure!

THE BEST CULTURAL IMMERSION BOOK I'VE EVER READ.Imagine, being a virgin bride, taken to an alien planet, where the gravity and atmosphere, are overwhelming, and pretty much everyone there sees you as an inferior outsider. The man you’re supposed to marry in a few days, doesn’t want to touch you, refuses to answer any questions, and you are terrorized by his general demeanor and physical prowess.This is a book about being completely immersed in an alien culture. The heroine is literally throw [...]

I really wanted to like this book, as it had both futuristic romance and a marriage of convenience. However, this book seemed to ignore the basic rule of futuristic romance with an alien hero - that the alien hero should be in some way compelling. The alien culture here was deeply unappealing, both physically and mentally/emotionally/socially, but I also really wanted to throttle the heroine. In the end, I simply could not be bothered to finish it,

I love Catherine Spangler's Shielder Series, but I am only doing a review for this, the last in the series. I adore this book and have read it over and over. Arion is the absolute classic alpha male, a warrior Leor. The Leors are a humanoid reptilian race from Saura, a planet so harsh that outsiders must coat their skin to protect it from the heat and sun. Jenna, an outcast on her home planet of Shamara because of her unusual seer abilities, agrees to marry Arion in order to help repopulate the [...]

Shadow Fires features Shielder Jenna dan Aron, who gives up the life she knows in order to help her own people. Four seasons ago, Jenna’s vision foretold Arion’s visit and the price he would ask for his services. A mate. Jenna agrees to become the mate of Comdar Arion of the Leors in order to help her fellow Shielders.Jenna is different. Her abilities have set her apart from her people. The people of the Shielder community are afraid of her visions. The avoid her. They shun her. This has mad [...]

The moment that I read the book description I knew that I would really love reading Shadow Fires. It starts with Jenna dan Aron has always been able to have visions of the future. For this precious gift, she has been shunned by her people, even the Shielders. She has a vision four years previous that she is to become a mate of a powerful Leor Warlord. She knows that it is her destiny. Arion of Saura knows he must find a mate, a human one so that his people can prosper. Since their numbers are be [...]

This is the first of this author's books I have tried. I did enjoy it.I thought at first I was not going to like the hero, Arion. He seemed very dominating and misogynistic. Something I can't stand in real life and not so much in fiction. He soon began to change though and became a very nice man as he tried to be a good husband. The heroine, Jenna, was a little wimpy but had an interior type of courage and did her best to stand up to him within the limits of her personality. She wasn't strident [...]

Doubtful look…On the one hand, it sure was nice to have a heroine that didn't make me want to kneecap her and break all her fingers so she could never steal another ship (or at least move fast enough to exercise her right to bad judgement while endangering others). On the other hand…Pacing was an issue. You get the whole "donate a female to be mate" thing in the first chapter or two - which she expected, being a seer and all. Then she's being put in stasis, waking up, getting married and… [...]

I always did go for that Yul Brynner look. Maybe that is what attracted me to Catherine Spangler's Shadow Fires. In addition to the uber alpha male (almost too alpha at times) it included a self sacrificing heroine who wondered what she had gotten herself into even as she wormed her way into his heart. That the Leor warlord required his bride to be a virgin was no surprise. Those I-am-the-male-listen-to-me-woman types are often like that. But, that the big, strong, extremely male Leors were them [...]

The fifth book in the Shielder series, this is the FIRST book I read in this series and the one that got me to read the rest. This is the most alien book in the whole series as it focuses on the Leor male protagonist -- a reptilian-like race -- and a female Shielder as romantic central figures. The whole story takes place in the Leor planet. The romance itself is well developed as it takes the pair a while to bond, but when they do it's well done. Spangler also shows creativity when creating thi [...]

In order to save her people, Jenna dan Aron volunteers to marry Arion of Saura, the leader of the Leor people (a reptilian-like race). Unfortunately, Arion was an arrogant prick (a cruel brute, way more than just alpha). And the whole alien culture was oppressive and unappealing with slavery, unwarranted brutality and a severely hot climate. Jenna definitely got the worse part of this bargain. Luckily for her, Arion's personality started to change and he became a man worthy of a princess. I almo [...]

Story had a good premise. What I liked:-Aliens actually had alien features-story moved at a good pace-the growth of the H from domineering to slightly less domineering and more understanding What I disliked:-Author kept feeding me information. If an author has described a feeling, please give the reader credit that he/she will understand what that information meant, you do not have to tell us what it meant right after describing it. It's an insult as a reader.-too much repetition. The author kep [...]

This was almmmooosttt a 5 star read for. I couldn't put it down and I love the world building. This is the first book I've read of this series, but I'll definitely be picking up some of the earlier ones and reading more from this author.The only reason why it wasn't a home run was because I felt Arion's character changed a lot when he was mated. He goes from cold and unyielding to affectionate and soft and I wish that there was a transition period between the two to make their romance seem a lit [...]

Very strange novel with a clairvoyant princess who willingly leaves her home planet to marry a lizard man for political truce. The lizard man's home planet is unbearably hot, humans are kept as slaves and have their vocal chords cut so they won't revolt, and society is strictly regimented in a caste system. Essentially very little about this story is romantic, but it is a very interesting tale, pretty much a classic science fiction type of story with a heavy splash of emotional inner life.

3.5 starsI didn't like the hero initially, he came across as a bit of a bully. I guess that made his character development more obvious, because by the end he was very sweet. I had conflicting feelings about the heroine. The main disappointment was plot was kinda obvious and the bad guy didn't get punished. Overall an ok read.

Now this book right here us the reason why I picked this series. Now I was gonna do right by the series and read them accordingly in their order but after reading the Shielder, I just couldn't wait! And so here i am :DAbsolutely loved it! Brilliant. It was like a shorter version of one of my favorite novels, Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley. so amazing. 3.75 stars

Wasn't sure about butActually enjoyed this story. Haven't read any previous stories by this author so I wasn't sure if I would like it or not. Very intense this heroine took a beating but kept her word through stubbornness. While our alpha learned to bend just enough.

A futuristic with an old-fashioned feel. Super-hyper-alpha male—who’s not even quite the same species—and heroine who has visions of the future and never fit in anywhere. Hero was a bit too arrogant, but it was a good fun read.

Found today. On the shelf to read. Spent the day yesterday reading and got this one finished. This is a good book. Love the Leors.


Best one of the series! Loved the new characters and the romance was lovely. Only wished it was longer once the romance started to blossom, but can't fault a book for making me want more of it.

So it's a romance novel where the alien hero is sort of actually an alien (some sort of human/reptilian crossbreed). Otherwise fairly straight forward.

enjoyed it but not as much as the first three shadower books.

Loved it!

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