The Chosen

Edward Lee

The Chosen

The Chosen

  • Title: The Chosen
  • Author: Edward Lee
  • ISBN: 9780786014309
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback

Strange footsteps, faceless figures, and erotic dreams lead restaurant manager Vera Abbot to believe that the inn where she is vacationing is a breeding ground for unspeakable atrocities Original.

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This is a very classic 90's Lee. Later in his career he went on to more plot driven stories and classic horror pastiches, but in the 90s and 2000s it was mostly hicks (or what is the politically correct term hereral IQ and otherwise challenged individuals) and demons and rape and all sorts of gratuitous sex and perversity. This book is more demons than hicks and a five star exclusive resort with all sorts of interesting things on the menu. Very quick totally mindless reasonably entertaining dist [...]

The story got good near the end, but mostly just plodded along. This was a slow read, for me.

First published back in November of 1993, US horror author Edward Lee’s erotic horror novel 'The Chosen' was the fifth novel for the author to see publication. More recently the book has been re-released by MHB Press in September of 2010 in three different limited edition hardback formats: Collector's Edition (300 signed and numbered copies) - The book is bound in Colorado Book Cloth with a sewn book block, head/tail bands and a bound-in ribbon book mark. The pages themselves are 90 gsm matt c [...]

Excellentgreat read, couldn't put it down. reads like a sexy porno about the devil and his deciplesso gormet cannablism served.

It was enjoyable. It made me wonder how the main villain connected with Edward Lee's version of hell and I would have appreciated if there was more about that in there. But it was a very enjoyable novel nevertheless.

WARNING: Don't read if ur a prude and complain about aphrodisiac rape dreamsI think you should walk awayBut I won't give any details about the book but to say if you ever read edward lee you would understand y gave the warningBut I love reading edward lee's stories because he is a very good story tellerI've read 5 of his book and got say he writes very wella he has some mistakes but what author doesn't.I'm not the illiterate police because I just think it's wrong for people to pick on thatey mis [...]

This was pretty much what I have come to expect from Edward Lee. Sex, violence and demons.The story presented a lot of great ideas. But, I felt a little disappointed with the happy ending that Lee chose. There were too many other ways that this could have gone that would have been more fun.In Lee novels, I more often find myself rooting for the bad guys than for the heroes of the story. Maybe that's because the bad guys provide the kicks that draw me to Lee novels in the first place.3 STARS

After she finds her boyfriend cheating on her, a restaurant manager decides she needs a change of locale so she accepts a lucrative job offer, but finds there are some unexpected problems at the hotel that houses her new restaurant. Horror abounds in this gory tale. Mr. Lee continues to draw upon Hell as a source of evil in his tales. The characters, the writing, and story were good, although there were weaknesses. The ending was only fair. Overall, I enjoyed it.

Well, it is trademark Ed Lee. Written early in his career, but very much like his recent books. Lots of over the top sex, a demonic slant, and a great B-movie feel. It was cheesy in parts, but in a good way, and I really enjoyed it.

An excellent piece of Demon related horror fiction with enough gore, sex, gore, sex to keep the reader highly entertained. Won't win any awards for originality but while it lasts it ticks all the right boxes.

Eh. up on this one. I can't keep up with all the characters

On a scale of terrible to brilliant this book was just over the middle point. Nothing bad but nothing special either. Typical Edward Lee fare that was entertaining.

I think this is the first Edward Lee book I ever came across and I've been a big fan of his since. If you like Laymon or Ketchum and haven't found Lee yet you are missing a wild ride.

A solid effort.

This book had me hooked after a few chapters for sheer creepiness alone. Not a book for kids. Trust me. I'd recommend to anyone looking for a good and creepy/disturbing at times read.

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