Stripped Bear

Kate Baxter

Stripped Bear

Stripped Bear

  • Title: Stripped Bear
  • Author: Kate Baxter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Get lost in the powerful, sexy novella by Kate Baxter where one alpha shifter will do whatever it takes to claim the woman he can bearly resistCaden Mitchell is the ultimate alpha Known to most as a smoldering hot billionaire, his secret weapon the ability to shapeshift into a strong and deadly bear allows him to be the most ruthless enforcer of the Sotari, a paranGet lost in the powerful, sexy novella by Kate Baxter where one alpha shifter will do whatever it takes to claim the woman he can bearly resistCaden Mitchell is the ultimate alpha Known to most as a smoldering hot billionaire, his secret weapon the ability to shapeshift into a strong and deadly bear allows him to be the most ruthless enforcer of the Sotari, a paranormal organization tasked with keeping the course of Fate on the right track But when the ailing health of his grandmother leads him back home, the luscious curves of his childhood nemesis will be too much to resistLeah Ridgeway never expected Caden to give her the time of day With his abs cut from stone and powerful, strong arms, she knows there s no chance he s interested in her handful of curves But Caden is tormented by thoughts of her beautiful body And when evil threatens Leah s very life, Caden will stop at nothing to keep her safed claim her as his mate

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4 - "I should be calling the cops right now, not spreading my legs for you." Stars!Kate Baxter is an author new to me, and Stripped Bear left me with a smile on my face at the end of its reading. I have found a new author, who’s writing style ticks all of my boxes. Funny, engaging, likeable and sexy characters, a storyline that was easy to get immersed in and the beginning of a new series set in the PNR realm.”It doesn’t matter who you belonged to before tonight. You’re mine now.”Leah [...]

It's been sixteen years since Caden last saw Leah and he broke her heart then by walking away from her after she told him she loved him. To be fair she was only 14 at the time and since he was 21 there's no doubt he made the correct decision but he could have been a bit nicer in the way he handled things. The two are thrown back together now because Caden's grandmother has decided to do a little meddling, she's always known the two would make a perfect couple and since Leah is now engaged to som [...]

Caden left town so many years ago and comes back because he thinks his grandma’s ill. But it’s really to get him to touch his destined mate, Leah. She confessed her feelings for Caden all those years ago and he completely shut her down. She’s moved on and is getting married in a week. Does that matter? Of course not, since romance happens.The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between-Novella length: it’s only 94 pages, so it was a super quick read.-Insta-love, shifter style: One touch and [...]

I have been waiting on pins and needles for the release of Kate Baxter's novel, The Last True Vampire, for months now so when I saw that she was releasing a novella set in the True Vampire world I may have squealed just a tiny bit. Truth? It was probably more than a tiny bit, but that can be our little secret.Stripped Bear is about a bear shifter named Cade who goes home after way too long away under the pretenses that his grandmother is ill. Imagine his surprise when Leah, the reason he fled ho [...]

At fourteen, Leah Ridgeway's heart was shattered when Caden Mitchell rejected her and walked away. Over a decade later, and with a little manipulation from his grandmother, Caden is back and has the nerve to say Leah now belongs to him. As if she would let him back into her life, especially a week before her wedding. Yet her body begins to betray her with each touch and seductive promise from Caden. Leah can feel a connection growing between them but doesn't know if it's worth risking her heart [...]

**3 1/2 stars**I enjoyed this introduction to the Last True Vampire series, liked the fact that the two main characters had a history, having grown up together made the romance a little bit more believable especially when this was novella length and it's typically hard to feel a true connection with a couple when the story is so short. My only gripe would be that it ended rather abruptly. I thought at first that my kindle had skipped so i kept going back to the page i'd read lastbut nopeat was t [...]

BASICSLove triangle? (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Cheating? (view spoiler)[ Not between H/h. The h has a fiancé. (hide spoiler)]HEA? (view spoiler)[ YES. (hide spoiler)]Any Descriptive Sex w/OW/OM/Ex? (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author/or in this series? Maybe, but not for now. Rating: -3 starsReviewA good story for a quick read. :)

Kate Baxter is a new to me author and she really pulled me into the world she has created with paranormal beings entwined within the modern world.Here we get a taster where bear shifter Caden finds his mate via a scheming grandmother and his mates human father.The lust and chemistry leaps of the pages in flames and is scorching hot and the author is not a shrinking violet at the emotions or the description either, but it is tastefully done.Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

This is an okay romance story that could have worked just as well without the shifter/paranormal element. Leah has been in love with Caden all her life, but when she declared her undying devotion to him as a fourteen-year-old, he broke her heart and ran away. Then again, he was twenty-one at the time, so at least he didn’t court a prison sentence instead.And that is pretty much the plot. He ran away when they were younger, now his grandmother has interfered to bring them back together again. H [...]

I confess I was rather confused about why a bear shifter story would be the prequel to the start of a series about vampires but as I was reading it, I saw it set up the world where the last true vampire existed and he's mentioned in passing as a part of the story.This is a sizzling hot story right from the get go. It's also about fated mates and I do adore a good fated mate story.Cade and Leah have a history together. In fact, Leah when she was very young proclaimed her love for Cade and because [...]

Stripped Bear by Kate Baxter is a funny, fast, and sexy novella that really had me interested from start to finish. Caden Mitchell returns home after being gone a long time to see his grandmother who is ill. To his surprise, he sees the woman who proclaimed her love for him at the tender age of fourteen, Leah Ridgeway as well. The moment they touch, Cade is a goner as Leah claims him and his werebear as their mate. For Leah, she is completely in the dark about his shifter ways and is even engage [...]

Bearing a solid 4 stars for Kate Baxter's Stripped Bear. Having read The Last True Vampire by her I already knew she wrote to my taste. This story held elements of The Last Vampire's world and I loved it. Baxter weaves a different path in her paranormal world with Caden as he is a bear shifter. Caden has been away from Leah for 16 long years. He's been part of a society his grandmother is less than pleased with but returns home at her call. As it turns, she's a scheming woman and also has Leah c [...]

This novella is well written in a personal style that makes you feel as if you’re at home with the characters. I enjoyed Baxter’s different take on mating. The choosing and what comes after was refreshing. Fate gives you a choice, to a certain extent. Not to mention the fact that this was all wrapped up in a steamy package that will leave you drooling.Baxter populates this story with well-developed characters that you feel as if you really know by the end. I appreciate how Baxter lets us get [...]

As a fan of paranormal romance, specifically shapeshifters, I always love finding new-to-me authors in the genre. I was excited to read this upcoming release by Kate Baxter because I enjoy stories about bear shifters. They are among my favorites of the shifter lot. Although I enjoyed "Stripped Bear" overall, I just felt that it was missing that special something that would have allowed me to love it. I suppose it is because of the brevity of the story and not being able to "know" about the chara [...]

Whenever I see a new book and a new novella from the same author, I assume a connection. This one, the connection is hard to find at first, and I almost think that these are going to be two series going hand in hand!Caden Mitchell is a bear shifter and a millionaire who is an enforcer with the Sortiari. If you have read The Last True Vampire, you are probably thinking um the bad guys? Yup. Caden works for the guys who think to control Fate by eliminating the vampires. But Caden is not happy with [...]

Fun, super hot and sexy! Gave me a Beauty and the Beast for adults feel. Caden handled Leah just right and I loved how their little loose ends got tied up. I look forward to checking out the next book, The Last True Vampire!

It could have been better than the standard shifter sex schtuff. I wanted to know more about Cade. *sighs*

Too much sex, not enough story. :(

If I'd of read this one first I probably wouldn't have continued with the series. Its a short that's long on sex, which if there is enough plot to back it up is fine, but there isn't.

Great and fast read. Now onto the next one!

I ave not read Kate Baxter before & this is a great 👍 intro to her series 'Last True Vampire'! I wasn't sure what shifters had to do with it, but that mystery has been solved & I'm off to book 1; 'The Last True Vampire' ! I foresee many happy reading hours!!!

Sexy start to the series. Moving on to the next book!

Well written short story but just about finding each other.

STRIPPED BEAR: A BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Romanceby Kate Baxter May 19, 2015St. Martin's Paperbacksapprox 94 pages#Romance: #Paranormal > #shifters, #novella, #Contemporary ** Provided by Netgalley in Exchange for an HONEST Review **-- MY THOUGHTS --Judging a Book by it's Cover: Trouble with a capital T look at the smirk on that man's face. I know, it's one of the last things you noticed as he's stripping with a big ol' bear behind him, right? *wink* - Nice colors, eye catching. The synops [...]

Awesome short-novel, just the kind of story that I love when it comes to shapeshifters and mating-bond.Caden and Leah are an amazing and very hot couple. He's a bear shapeshifter and Leah is a normal girl. Their attraction, the dominant character of him and his ways a bit caveman style, who doesn't want to allow anything and nothing to get between him and his mate and the stubbornness of her, with her sharp tongue, are the strength of this story.Leah is human but subconsciously, since she was on [...]

Actually 3.75 stars Alpha bear shifter Cade Mitchell checks off plenty of marks on the desirable mate list. He's sexy, handsome, smart, strong, dangerous and powerful agent for an elite shadowy agency and not to mention obscenely rich. Leah Ridgeway has definitely passed the gangly awkward preteen stage. The promise of a gorgeous, shapely, smart and exciting woman has been fulfilled. It doesn't help that when Leah looks at Cade she can't stop her inner drool. Cade's grandmother, his only living [...]

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review**Cade pulled into Mitchell Estates. He was a bear shifter, one of the last of his line. His grandmother is on her deathbed and lived in his childhood home. Cade had taken a job with Sortiari. Cade had a brutal strength and ruthlessness that most cowered to. He only answered to the director of Sortiari. His assignments from the director were as secretive as the organization, but paid well. Cade's grandmother was the only family he [...]

A nice little novella, though it had quite a lot of love scenes. Since the characters had a previous history, though, I didn't mind that as much as I normally would've. I liked the heroine Leah, who was stubborn, strong, and protective of those she loved. She refused to let the hero, Cade, boss her around. I liked Cade too, but he didn't really stand out among all the other alpha shifter heroes to me. The plot was all about Cade and Reah's reunion after Cade's grandmother set them up. Cade had l [...]

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.If this prequel is any indication of how the series will go - sign me up! This book was filled with sexy alpha male sizzle and managed to jam a lot of story into a quick read. I would like more of this world now, please.Caden rushed home to visit his grandmother when he heard she was very ill. His work might have devoured his life, but he still made time for the only family he had left. Of course, his grandmother knew this, and orch [...]

4.5 Stars Stripped BearI enjoyed reading Stripped Bear. The story is well written and I loved the dynamics and the strength of the characters. I will be definitely recommending this book!Leah Ridgeway has grown up knowing that one day Cade Mitchell would be hers. But when she told him how she felt he turned his back and walked away. It has taken her years but Leah has finally put Cade behind her and is ready to start a new life. Or has she??Cade Mitchell left the safety and security of his famil [...]

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