The Carrot


The Carrot

The Carrot

  • Title: The Carrot
  • Author: VirginiaGray
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback

This is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN10 0990523624 ISBN13 9780990523628.Sometimes, what a person wants is not exactly what they need Susan s life is perfect Perfect image, perfect city, perfect boyfriend But when her boss dangles the perfect promotion in front of her, she leaps for it and lands in the worst place she can imagine Home Taking her frustrations oThis is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN10 0990523624 ISBN13 9780990523628.Sometimes, what a person wants is not exactly what they need Susan s life is perfect Perfect image, perfect city, perfect boyfriend But when her boss dangles the perfect promotion in front of her, she leaps for it and lands in the worst place she can imagine Home Taking her frustrations out on everyone in her path, she locks horns with Pete Walsh, an arrogant local businessman Through explosive and hilarious clashes, Pete challenges her values, blind ambition, skewed conception of love, and ultimately her ignorance that in the frenzy to achieve her professional goals, she s lost sight of what s really important in life.

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Once in a great while a book comes along that stays in your mind long after the last page. Virginia Gray’s The Carrot is one of those books, and let me tell you why.First, the narrative voice is crisp and fresh. Susan Wade, the twenty-nine year old protagonist and narrator is not just your average power-hungry career woman, hell-bent on climbing to the top of the ladder in her cutthroat computer company. She is someone who is incredibly funny, snarky, and flawed. For despite the wall that she [...]

The Carrot is a chick lit book with a lot of heart, a lot of ups and downs, and a ton of laughs. I found myself highlighting lines on my Kindle that I found just out-right funny or that were beautifully written--much more so than you'd expect to find in a run-of-the-mill chick lit book. (I hope chick lit is not a derogatory term in any way. I say it with appreciation.) I savored the deeply flawed, yet lovable characters; the down-home setting; and pure emotion that gripped me. I even loved the s [...]

Boom! What a great book! It started off a little slow, but I absolutely LOVED the story line! The hilarious banter between characters had me rolling! While I could have used a little less fluff in some places and a little more in others, I can honestly say that I enjoyed this book tremendously. It's a great read, and I would definitely recommend it!

The Carrot. This book was interesting to say the least. It told the story of the life of Susan Wade. Her ups and downs as she is thrown into a job she loves but in the wrong state. She is transferred back into her southern roots a place she said she never wanted to come back to. Adjusting to southern living and small town people isn't what she thought she needed in her life. This book goes on and on about simple things. It also goes into a lot of details about everything. It describes way too mu [...]

"I swear -- just for a split second -- I loved him; there in that green flash""Is this one gonna count?"Edit:I had it at four stars for the longest time. However, as the days go on and sometimes watching the television or reading another book this book stays with me. And, I can't help but feel a book that does that, one I really enjoyed without a doubt deserves a five star rating as it stays with me even when the last page has been flipped. Beautifully written. As much as Pete may have frustrate [...]

Sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine or sweet tea and get ready to be enthralled by one woman's journey in discovering what really matters in this life. Once in a while a book comes along and leaves an indelible mark on your heart and soul and this is one of them. It is a story you want to read slowly, devouring every word, getting to know each character as though they are long lost friends and falling in love with the South. I had a difficult time not rushing through this, I wanted to take m [...]

I read this book while I was on holiday, but it is so much more than a holiday read. The story is very much a tale of our time - Having learnt early in life that the world can be a heartless place, Susan Wade has retreated behind a protective shell and moved North to Philadelphia, there to pursue a career in a cut-throat corporation. Cynical and ambitious, Susan is obliged to return to her roots to resolve problems in the North Carolina office. But what about those North Carolina boys; the ones [...]

Well, not bad! I found this book through special deals for Kindle. I paid a whopping .99 cents. This is a long (477 pages) novel about a young woman about to turn 30 who is planning her rise in Corporate America via a computer company. She is originally from N.C. but fled the state after a painful childhood and adolescence. Thinking she was being promoted, she finds herself leaving Philadelphia, the company headquarters to spend 6 months getting the Eastern N.C. area back on track in sales and [...]

A fresh voice with lots of attitude makes this a very enjoyable read. The author knows her way around North Carolina and I felt like I was right there along with her. Even though she came off like a snob in the beginning, I could identify with Susan and the way that we try to convince ourselves that we know what's best for us (when it isn't) and where we think we belong (when we don't). Trying to convince herself that she truly belonged north of the Mason-Dixon line with a career-obsessed and un [...]

I typically prefer paranormal and horror stories so it was with reluctance that I picked up, The Carrot. I stepped out of my preferred genre and into this delightful story with engaging characters and a whole lot of wit. Susan escaped the South and never looked back until she had to return, a career saving move that she hated from the word, Go. As a Southern woman, I laughed at the familiar settings and loved the endearing folks. This is a delightful find. Although it was over 400 pages, I found [...]

The Carrot is not my typical read, but I enjoyed it immensely! The author is wonderfully descriptive. Her word choice and imagery had me laughing out loud more times than I can count. Susan Wade was such a fun character. I had a blast reading her and riding the ups and downs of her homecoming. The story had heart and kept me coming back. So well done. Will definitely read more from this author.

The CarrotAlmost didn't read because of main characters singular dislike of the South. Glad I went back. Loved all these folks, they are just like all my southern friends and relatives. Hard to relate to someone who didn't want to comeback ever. OMG the hero really is the hero and the perfect guy. Really loved this bookInH

Great storyI really enjoyed this book. The author is very descriptive, which took some getting used to in the beginning. Some scenes were graphic, so not appropriate for all audiences. I will definitely try this author again.

Great Read!If you enjoy love stories, this is the book for you. Gotta pay close attention to her characters. Sometimes a bit confusing, but you learn who's important fairly quickly!Keep 'em coming, Ms. Gray!Must read if you're from the South!!!

Loved this book. Virginia Gray really struck a chord with her protagonist who has fought for years against her "Southernness". Her characters are strong and lots of fun to be involved with. The Carrot is a fun read. I'm looking forward to more from this talented author.

Susan Wade's Journey of Self discovery continues. She went to Northwestern to recover from her Southern roots. Now she faces the challenge of meeting and embracing them head on. How she survived "up there" is as much a mystery to her fellow Carolinians, as why she would want to go. Will Susan find herself asking the same questions? Especially when she re- discovers friendship and romance Southern style, and faces some Northern betrayals. I was pleased to read an advance copy of this book. As a f [...]

There are no words to describe how I feel about this book. Well, no - that's not quite true. Superlative, stupendous, sensational.I have read thousands of novels in my life thus far. As a rough estimate, probably well over 3000. Despite enjoying many of those books immensely, I remember few authors' names and even fewer book titles: there are perhaps just over a dozen authors who have made an impact on me across their body of work, and the same number of individual books that have stayed with me [...]

You can’t help but fall in love with Susan Wade. She is an independent, strong, stubborn girl from the South, born and raised in North Carolina, but acting like a Yankee. When she is transferred to Havelock in order to have a promotion if she increase the numbers of the region, she is forced to face all the demons from her past. Will she get the chance to be happy while coming back to the South and all the things she hates about it? A very funny story about love, friendship and second chances [...]

Quite frankly, I never dreamed that I would eventually give this book a five-star rating. I started reading it almost two years ago, 21 months, to be exact. It took me that long for a couple reasons, mainly because at first I couldn't stand the protagonist, Susan Wade, whom I found horrifically irritating. I thought she was a dysfunctional, self-centered, obsessive, hot mess. Her warped views of the world made me want to slap her upside the head. She hated her roots, the small town where she'd g [...]

This is a book I really enjoyed reading. At first I wasn't sure I was going to like the main character/ She seemed to be a snob full of attitude. As I read I found engaging characters that were likable. I enjoyed the snarky banter, humor, emotional ups and downs and the wonderful story line. It's a book I can honestly recommend.

I have not read the first book of Susan Wade's Sagabut I am going to now. The way this book is written is better than watching a movie or tv show!The characters really come to life and you feel their emotions both bad and good. I really enjoyed this story very much! I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

Virginia Gray delivers again with another awesome installment into the chaotic but charming southern life. As Susie and Pete's relationship evolves, the carrot dangling before Susie threatens to change the dynamic forever. Will Susie stop being stubborn and let love in? Also, what about her future with the company? Definitely another roller coaster ride of reading.

The Carrot is the second book in the Susan Wade Saga series written by author Virginia Gray.

I really enjoyed this book. It is well written, smooth flowing and easy to read. The author did a good job portraying the characters, their emotions and the experiences they went through.By the end of the book I liked Susan. Thoughout the book there are moments when I liked her and others when I wanted to strangle her. Although she is from North Carolina and raised in a Southern atmosphere, when she left for college, she felt like she had to go North and put everything southern about her in a li [...]

This book was well written with believable characters. Unfortunately, I didn't really like the main character, Susan. She was rude, immature and self-centered. It is hard to enjoy a romance with a character you don't care for. I also prefer to get right to the action of the story. There were pages upon pages of description of what Susan saw while driving. If 2/3 of the descriptive passages were cut from the book, I would have enjoyed it more. Other reviewers seemed to enjoy the descriptive turns [...]

Susan Wade’s journey into adulthood and the corporate world continues in "The Carrot." And oh, did I enjoy the ride. Virginia Gray has done a stupendous job at grabbing a woman’s heart and soul in every situation Susan is placed in…the worry, the fear of failure, is it true-love or not, and workplace rivalries that rival North and South Korean…oy. Not only is Gray adept in the out and out, but she is keenly adept at the subtle. Her descriptions and emotions often do not need clarificatio [...]

I'm not sure how to rate this book. I'm probably more a 3.5 as it was well written, but it was very LONG. There was a fair amount of useless parts that added nothing to the over all storyline. At the very beginning I almost stopped due to Susan being such a stuck up bitch. There was a very clear northern/ southern split that really didn't put anyone in a good light. I kept going, but I kept looking at the percent finished thinking I had to be further along. It was fun reading about some familiar [...]

I put the book down shortly after starting. The foul language turned me off. Then I re-examined the reviews on and am glad I put it down, having seen that this contains explicit sex. I missed that when looking through the reviews before I purchased the book.

A book that will stay with me forever. A wonderful, funny, descriptive love story. A must read

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