Submission Guidelines

T. Neilson

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

  • Title: Submission Guidelines
  • Author: T. Neilson
  • ISBN: 9781634760256
  • Page: 195
  • Format: ebook

Cole Doren is starting over He s moved, started working as a food writer again, and is crushing hard on his new neighbor, Daniel Mazurek, who is a genuinely nice guy and as hot as a supernova.Too bad for Cole, Daniel s not what he seems.And too bad for Daniel, the cute boy next door s DNA says he s one of America s most wanted, and it s Daniel s job to confirm that and brCole Doren is starting over He s moved, started working as a food writer again, and is crushing hard on his new neighbor, Daniel Mazurek, who is a genuinely nice guy and as hot as a supernova.Too bad for Cole, Daniel s not what he seems.And too bad for Daniel, the cute boy next door s DNA says he s one of America s most wanted, and it s Daniel s job to confirm that and bring him down Digging through Cole s past, Daniel finds out about Cole s BDSM videos and while it should set off warning bells, it only leaves Daniel damn hot for Cole Getting closer to his subject is easy, but starting a relationship built on trust is a lot harder when everything Daniel s ever told Cole has been a lie.

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OK, so I really liked this! It was fun and sexy and there was just enough suspense to keep you guessing until the end. I believe the blurb is purposely vague to leave some surprises scattered throughout, so sit back and enjoy this little nugget of fun! Recommended!And I'm not going to put this book on the correct shelves until more people have had a chance to read it. Really don't want you to have spoilers. It's way more fun that way. It definitely was for me!

An enemies to lovers theme--sort of. Cole is adorable and slightly uncoordinated and really reminded me of a puppy. Full of cuteness and looking to be loved. Daniel's the BAMF bounty hunter chasing down his prey. Except his prey wanders straight to him, and that's when he begins to doubt that his intel is good or is his target that good?So the mystery of Cole has got Daniel questioning what's going on, and his attraction to his target is clouding his judgment. Fun, lighthearted and flirty romanc [...]

3.5 stars(view spoiler)[What I disliked :- I feel like there's not much chemistry between the characters. But still, they're cute and sweet. When it comes to military men, I expect them to be combustible. Maybe it's just me.- The BDSM scene is bit boring. It's just me. Most of the time I found them boring. Not always though. (hide spoiler)]This book was written in Dual POV, fast paced and ended in HEA.

This is a book that can't quite decide what genre it wants to be. I often enjoy books that combine several genres and this one is good but the connections between categories is not quite there.We start off with comedy, some of the funniest exchanges I've ever read. Cole moves into a new townhouse, celebrates with his friends a lot too much, comes home drunk, and enters the wrong townhouse, which belongs to Daniel. The dialog is sparkling and spot on.Then we find out Daniel is some kind of spy or [...]

3.5 starsThis was a book that couldn't decide what it wanted to be when it was grown up, em finished. It started out with undercover surveillance, some peculiar agency/company, a slightly in-ept MC, only to then move into some killer on the loose, thrown in some BDSM - I'm already breathless just writing this sentence!Nevertheless it was a fun read and I would have given the fifth star, if this had been focussed on just a few topics. I think, the easiest part I could have done without was the BD [...]

Damn, this was lovely! Super fun and engaging from the get go. Loved the guys! Just. Loveable and actually funny without being obnoxious. Purrfect. Oh gods, Cole! Squeezable guy! <3

Daniel is a bounty hunter trying to capture somebody named Ro. He thinks he’s found his guy in Cole. But when Cole shows up, drunk, clumsy, and cute – he has to re-think his data.Cole reviews food for a living. But he also has a past that gives him some interesting hobbies.The first part of the story is figuring out if Cole is guilty; the second is the couple finding their feet in a relationship; the third is them solving the mystery of “Ro”.I loved the interactions between Cole and Dani [...]

2.5 rounded up. The main thing this book has going for it is a solid opening and the fact it’s cute. The worst thing is there is a lot happening for such a short book. I liked the whole mistaken identity thing. I found the whole bounty hunter thing not believable, like WTF is your budget? I couldn’t figure out was this a private organization, I thought so, and how much would the bounty really be? I could have done without the BDSM angle, didn’t seem to fit or be necessary, was barely explo [...]

This had a great opening and the premise had real potential but it all goes horribly wrong in the last quarter of the book. I hate when jobs aren't portrayed with authenticity. People who ought to know better doing really stupid things just blows me right out of the story.This is my second book by this author and there's definitely something about the writing that I like, but it hasn't all come together just right yet.

Funny read. Short

Cute and fun. I liked the connection between the characters and their banter/flirtation. The suspense result was a little OTT but it was a fun little story.Thx to Sirius for the lovely gift!

I received one copy of this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review. Review first appeared on Nautical Star Books Submission Guidelines by T. Neilson starts out sweet and funny and ends up being fast paced and steamy. Cole’s first meeting with his new neighbor is anything but smooth. His slightly drunken afternoon embarrasses him beyond belief but he can’t quite get Daniel out of his mind. Daniel, on the other hand, is not really who he says he is. Sent to discover Cole’s true i [...]

Reviewed for The Novel Approach.New twists on the BDSM genre is hard to find. Too often the stories involve Doms or subs going to a club to find someone to play with and meeting their perfect partner. Not so with this book. Daniel is a bounty hunter looking to bring down a dangerous criminal, and he thinks he’s found in Cole. Meanwhile, Cole has moved into a new place and meets his hot neighbor when he drunkenly breaks into his house, thinking it’s his own. Cole is adorable, dorky, and a bit [...]

A Joyfully Jay review. 3.5 starsI took some time to formulate my review for this short novel, Submission Guidelines by T. Neilson, as I found many pieces of it very entertaining and the characters extremely likeable. However, there were some decided holes in the overall plot and some big assumptions being made about the BDSM scenes that were included in the text. Overall it seemed as though the story wanted to be part mystery, part romantic comedy, and part BDSM themed. I believe this is what le [...]

When I started this book I wasn’t sure what I was getting by the title. Daniel moves in next door to case a subject for his job. Everything points to Cole being his subject, but Daniel has this gut feeling they are wrong. Daniel isn’t the only one with secrets, but the one he finds out about Cole makes him want him want to prove his isn’t his mark.I loved how the story was a mystery suspense but filled with innuendo that made it so cute. I adored Cole and loved how he seemed to grow throug [...]

A little bit of romance and a little bit of mystery / suspense combined to make this a better than expected read for me. I loved the fact that Daniel believed in his gut instinct when it came to Cole’s innocence all along – the gut is rarely wrong. I also loved the dynamic between these guys as well as the bits of humor. All in, I very much enjoyed this little treat!

3.5* I went in with high expectations due to a great review by someone whose taste usually aligns with mine but I found it to be good but not great and wound up setting it aside for awhile. It was good just not what I expected based on the review I read.

2.5 stars. Bdsm lite. Despite the cliched and predictable plot, it's written pretty well.

Fun & funny, light BDSM. Very enjoyable read


3.5/5 Cute shorty story with a touch of bdsm and some nice suspense. However, maybe it's just me, but the actual mystery felt a little bit unresolved.

Shallow, silly, inconsistent. Completely forgettable. A waste of my time and money. My bad.

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