Taking the Reins

Katrina Abbott

Taking the Reins

Taking the Reins

  • Title: Taking the Reins
  • Author: Katrina Abbott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook

Brooklyn Prescott if that s even her real name is the new girl at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, now that she s moved back to the States after two years living in London Rosewood, a boarding school for children of the rich and famous and known for its celebutantes, is missing just one element important to any junior s education boys But luckily for BrooBrooklyn Prescott if that s even her real name is the new girl at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, now that she s moved back to the States after two years living in London Rosewood, a boarding school for children of the rich and famous and known for its celebutantes, is missing just one element important to any junior s education boys But luckily for Brooklyn, and the rest of the Rosewood girls, there s a boys boarding school, The Westwood Academy, just a few miles away On her very first day, Brooklyn meets Will, a gorgeous and flirty boy on campus to help with move in But is he who she thinks he is And what about Brady, the cute stable boy Or Jared, the former child actor with his grown up good looks who can always make her laugh As Brooklyn settles in at Rosewood, she s faced with new friends, new challenges and new opportunities to make herself into the girl she always wanted to be Whoever that might be.Taking The Reins is the first installment of The Rosewoods, an exciting new Young Adult series for readers who love fun, flirty love stories.

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The author of this book sent me a free copy and assured me that I would hate it. Well, goddamnit, I didn't. I expected to hate it, not because the author told me that I would, but because I'm not a fan of romance novels at all. In fact, I avoid them like the plague. I can't fucking stand romance novels.I hate them because, for the most part, they're just cardboard characters doing stupid things for love. Well, this book doesn't have any cardboard characters. The characters are real, full of life [...]

I received this ebook copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewWhen the author of this book approach me she described this book as being cutesy fun romance. At the time I was really into my romance and contemporary reads. Took me a while to pick this up and get into this book properly. This book is defiantly cutesy and fun to read. However this book started off so clinche and slow. Also came across quite young about halfway through I really started enjoying this. By the end I actuall [...]

First and foremost, big up to Netgalley and Patchwork Press - Cooperative for providing me with an advanced copy of this book. In summary, the book is about Brooklyn Prescott who joins Rosewood Academy (an all girls school) and how she manages to fit in with the change in environment and new people in her life. Brooklyn wasn't really very out there or a social person, prior to going to Rosewood. But she quickly finds herself fitting in quickly with her school mates. The only problem is that the [...]

I got this book for an honest review. I started this book one morning with the intention of reading a bit then doing some work for one of my many assignments due in- that did not work out well. Mainly because this book was such an easy read and I found myself reading chapter after chapter and then it was finished- I wish it had been longer.The first few chapters are based heavily on character description mainly the main character and narrator of the story, Brooklyn- a new student arriving at a b [...]

So I got this book for an honest review. First off, I am totally team Brady right now. Anyways Taking the Reins was a good book. I give it like 4.2 stars, made me laugh out loud. I couldnt even read it downstairs with everyone, I looked like a retard laughing at my book. Brooklyn seems like a sweet but has a shy person. She gets nervous at times which i was getting nervous with her. I was totally mad when she found out who Emmelines boyfriend was. But the author did a good job writing this st [...]

A pretty cute start to a series. I accidentally read this out of order, so I already know some things that will happen later on in the series which is my own fault for making it predictable for myself. But the characters were definitely likable and make the story fun to read. I would consider reading more in this series.

I enjoyed this boarding school story, the characters were well and the plot was entertaining. there were some sweet moments, and some funny ones as well. It didn't keep me on the edge of my seat, but it was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

*I was provided this book as an ARC*Quote I liked:"'Come on you two,' Evan protested, picking up his end of the trunk. 'You can flirt on the way.'" Synopsis: Brooklyn Prescott (if that’s even her real name) is the new girl at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, now that she’s moved back to the States after two years living in London. Rosewood, a boarding school for children of the rich and famous and known for its celebutantes, is missing just one element important to any junior [...]

I received this book for free from the author for an honest reviewBrooklyn, an American girl that just came back from London and attend to all-girls boarding school, Rosewoods.Rosewoods is not an ordinary boarding school because it's a school for rich and famous people.When the first time she arrived in that school, a hot boy named Will helped her to move in to school's dorm. Apparently Will is a student of all-boys boarding school, Westwoods. Just like Rosewoods, Westwoods is also 'extra ordina [...]

I was lucky to receive a kindle copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Brooklyn Prescott is a very fortunate girl. Having just returned to the US from a stint in London, her wealthy parents place her in the prestigious Rosewood Academy for (other wealthy) girls, just 5 miles up the road from Westwood Academy for (very handsome) boys. As the new girl, Brooklyn is the talk of both the schools, and in an elite world which she has never really felt comfortable in, she must [...]

A brilliant and fabulously fun new series for teens! Even though the cover caught my eye instantly this story isn’t just about horse riding, as it is more like chick-lit for the animated adolescent seeking out an entertaining read. Katrina Abbott encapsulates with nostalgic realism those turbulent years between childhood and adulthood, within the warm and friendly writing style. From the stress of examinations and schoolwork study to shopping with friends and seeking out boys are just some of [...]

Taking The Reins tells the story of a recently-moved Brooklyn Prescott to an all-girls school. I actually really like the light-hearted way the story was told. Nothing too provocative or complex, just a really good, world-building, introductory book that would serve really well as a springboard for more complex issues. The story itself has some really good points but at times I felt it lacked some depth, but it really just fitted well with the simplistic feel of the story. Brooklyn's journey int [...]

Brooklyn Prescott is the new girl at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, On her very first day, Brooklyn meets Will, a gorgeous and flirty boy on campus to help with move in. But is he who she thinks he is? And what about Brady, the cute stable boy? Or Jared, the former child actor with his grown-up good looks who can always make her laugh? As Brooklyn settles in at Rosewood, she's faced with new friends, new challenges and new opportunities to make herself into the girl she always wan [...]

**I received a free copy of the book**I can say I honestly love this book. It's hilarious, has a good plot & characters, and has a really good plot. First off, I'm still nawt over the panties situation (lol). Brooklyn is a character I found myself relating to because of her struggle to be a new & improved Brooklyn. My complaint with her is that she thought EVERY BOY IN THE BOOK WAS JUST UTTERLY GORGEOUS. Like please take me to your world where everyone is hot. I also really loved Emmie. [...]

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.Alright, I'm going to say right off the bat that I started out not liking this book. I wouldn't say "at all" but I only liked a few parts (reminder: this was in the beginning). It seemed really cheesy and clicheed, and I'd describe the writing style as immature. It just seemed that it wasn't a very experienced writer who wrote this. Actually, it reminded me of some stories I've read on Wattpad that I could only get a [...]

I got this book in exchange for an honest reviewOkay, so I wrote this review some time ago, but somehow I deleted by accident Here I go again:I really loved this book, it is cute, funny and so easy to read! The characters are all very interesting with a part of their past or personality to discover throughout the book. Even the main character is kind of mysterious haha I am currently dreaaaaaming of attending a school like this. The storyline is so so well thought of. There is not too much drama [...]

I received a copy of this book from the author (Ms. Katrina)in exchange for an honest review. I have to admit, before reading the book, I didn't know much about the story or what to expect. I believe it was going to be a cute, clean love story. In fact, the author called it a "fun, flirty love story". I did find it fun. The author did a good job of setting up 3 different "love triangles" which will make it fun for the readers to determine who she will end up with. There were a few things that I [...]

Brooklyn wasn’t the fun girl or the popular girl. She was the plain girl. The girl no one noticed. However now was the best time for 17 year old Brooklyn to change her image. She was not only starting a new school she was also moving countries. The shy awkward Brooklyn was gone. Now she was flirty, fun Brook.This is a lovely fun teen romance suitable for young teens. I loved that the girls were all nice to each other and immediately accepted Brooklyn into their circle. Even in a girls boarding [...]

I wish it hadn't been so short! I wish there had been more and I can't wait utnil the second book!! I loved it and I liked how she has plenty of guys to pick from *wink wink* Brooklyn was also very relatable to me, in the way that she tries to become a better her in a place where no one knows you. I mean come on, don't we all wish we could just start over in a new place sometimes?(view spoiler)[ I kind of did see it coming, her crushing on her roommate's boyfriend, but it still doesn't matter be [...]

*I received a free ePub copy in exchange for an honest review*Overall, I rather enjoyed this story. But it felt somewhat lacking to me. But it was good I will give props to the author for that. But I believe the concept could be executed a little better. Nevertheless, I greatly enjoyed this story. Maybe my reason for not liking it as much as I would have is because I finished the second book of Stephanie Perkins' Anna and The French Kiss trilogy around the time I started this book. And I greatly [...]

(Source: I received a digital copy of this book as a gift. Thanks to author Katrina Abbott.)This was an okay story, but it took me a while to get into it.Brooklyn was an okay character, and I did feel quite sorry for her with the things that happened to her at the school. Her initial roommate wasn't very nice to her, and the headmistress was so weird.The storyline in this was okay, although I was surprised at how many boys there were around considering that it was an all-girls school. There were [...]

I enjoyed this book for the most part. I know some people complained that not much happened. To me that's okay. You don't always need drama and non sense going on. I liked most of the characters which was nice. The only thing was that Brooklyn kept meeting guys that she found cute and comes to find out that they were unavailable. Normally that wouldn't bother me. However, why would the guys flirt with her knowing they were off limits? I did like how at the end of the book the girls got even with [...]

*I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review*This book sounded very interesting,and I was very into it in the beginning. The private school setting was quite refreshing from what I normally read. The characters were okay. I did not get attached to them. I think the character development was so-so.Will and Brooklyn's relationship was sweet, which I liked.It was a bit too cliche for me, but never the less I rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

*this was given to me to review* I really liked this story. I like the private school setting and I really liked the characters. I'm excited to continue reading the series. Downside, I think it was way too short. I feel like what we got was an excerpt of a longer story. I think there should have been more to the first installment and that it should have ended at a different part in the story. That being said, I really really liked it.

"An Advanced Review Copy Provided by the Publisher Through NetGalley in Exchange for an Honest Review." Almost a fun and interesting reading! Easy to read It able to relax my mind and filled my heart with full of joy Lots of things in this story made me laugh a lot. That's why I really like to this story.

*This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*I found the plot really slow moving, the book was too short with no real conclusions and the ending was choppy and abrupt. I also hated the MC and found a lot of the characters annoying.

Oh My Days! I loved this! I want to be a school girl again just to go to Rosewoods Academy. But not only would that mean time travel. It would also probably mean robbery. In order for to pay the fee’s to get into the illustrious school, but I would do all that just to get my hands on Brady!I am so Team Brady, is that saying too 2008? I don’t care I want me some Brady – If I could miraculously age him or de-age me, but everything is possible in the world of books right? Anyway onto the revi [...]

With a name like Brooklyn Prescott, you'd expect the new student at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence to be selfish, spoiled, and pretentious. Luckily for us, she's just the opposite, she's warm, down to earth, and eager to be accepted. Brooklyn is used to being the new girl at school as her family moves often for her father's job, but she's never been able to make close friends. When she arrives at her new all-girl academy, she vows to try to be more outgoing and fun. She gets the ch [...]

This is kind of just a meh feel good book. It's quick easy read. You have a love square, forbidden connections, boarding school with no adult supervision but also somehow strict. There's no bad guy. This is a multi book series, so maybe the bad guy appear later, but there isn't anything the characters are working to over come. There isn't a mean girl or asshole guy making Brooklyn's life at her new school hell, the dean isn't out to get her for some nefarious reason, or any reason at all, there [...]

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