Angel 6.0: Salvage

Travis Luedke

Angel 6.0: Salvage

Angel 6.0: Salvage

  • Title: Angel 6.0: Salvage
  • Author: Travis Luedke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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The product of illegal genome experiments to perfect the human race, my name is Angel, and I live with a slave collar, a tracking system I can t escape Torn from my lover s arms and shipped across the galaxy, I am enslaved to the Gran, a fierce alien Catlike race of warriors I serve as Captain Cronin s concubine, and pray Cesar, my pirate lover, finds a way to beg, stealThe product of illegal genome experiments to perfect the human race, my name is Angel, and I live with a slave collar, a tracking system I can t escape Torn from my lover s arms and shipped across the galaxy, I am enslaved to the Gran, a fierce alien Catlike race of warriors I serve as Captain Cronin s concubine, and pray Cesar, my pirate lover, finds a way to beg, steal or barter my freedom.Trying to salvage an existence among the Royal Family of the Gran, I find friendship and new allies in my bid for freedom As translator, I have a chance to broker trade between Cesar and the Gran Success might free me of the slave collar wrapped around my neck.If not, I will surely go mad kneeling before the Captain, serving him in ways I dare not admit to Cesar I pray my pirate lover never learns the truth of the wicked things I do to please Captain Cronin.Angel 6.0 The Series Born of illegal experimentation on the human genome, I ve been taken for a ride across the galaxy, enslaved to the warlike race of Cats called the Gran They think I m some kind of upgrade, a new slave stock to be bred.Though many would resent me for the decisions I have made, they never experienced my struggle to find love and meaning in a world where I do not belong.A freak of nature, the humans don t want me.Far valuable than they know, the Cats don t appreciate me.Trapped in the conflict between two galactic empires, the pirates can t save me.Thrust into the center of an interstellar war, the Earth Defense Council never saw me coming.I am Angel 6.0 and this is the dark, wicked, violent tale of my life.

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Angel gets a crash course in Gran cultureAnd winds up with a thorough appreciation of her position as slaveIt didn't matter if he wanted to hurt me, He'd already destroyed me when he took me from Cesar. Physical pain was nothing more than pleasure to my twisted nervous system. Ripped from her happy little reprieve with Cesar, Angel finds herself returned to her position as concubine to Captain Cronin, the ruthless pheromone addicted captain of The Gran.All she has to do is survive for ninety day [...]

I received a free advance reading copy for my honest review.This was a great adventure with a girl that I am coming to like more and more. I had thought of Angel as childlike, which she was when this started, but she is maturing the more she is exposed to the world outside of Nugene. I like that the characters are becoming more clearly drawn as things go forward from book to book. The world they inhabit is more complex than you would at first think, but as you jet across the galaxy you see that [...]

*I received this ARC from the author in exchange for my honest review.*I've really enjoyed this Space Opera series from Mr. Luedke. I think what I enjoy most is how he teases the reader into thinking everything will be ok when it's totally not. I'm like, 'Yea this is good.' To 'Oh no this sucks.' But it's so good that I keep reading. So I guess I do it to myself. Still, you're messing with my emotions!! Not really. He does satisfy with an awesome story, hot as fuck sex scenes, & very colorfu [...]

I received an ARC from the author for an honest review.The third episode in the fascinating story of Angel of Nugene is here. Picking up from where Escape leaves off, Angel now negotiates between Captain Cronin and her lover Cesar, for trade between the Gran and humans. Taken away again , Angel finds herself again pleasuring the captain until they are back in his home planet, where she is presented at Court and catches the eye of the Gran’s Emperor young Son Rollick.This episode is much slower [...]

'Angel 6.0: Salvage' starts just after 'Angel 6.0: Escape' finished, I do suggest you read this series in order, starting with 'Concubine'. You wont be dissapointed!This book was a little slower than the previous 2, I think Travis was giving us a breather in the form of Angel learning more of the intricut lives of The Gran. Although it was slower in action & sex I found myself still gripped by the book & craving more once I hit the last word. How does Travis do this?? Keep us in suspense [...]

Oh my, poor Angel can never catch a breakghI cringed, cried and (occasionally) smiled my way through this book.The tone was somewhat lighter than the previous two stories and there was less violence and fewer sex scenes.What we did have was more insight into the world of the Gran and into Angel herself. Despite being what we would call an Android she is all too human, with our emotions,failings and fears. She is also seeking what we all seek, to be loved for what she is.Despite the lighter tone [...]

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty PLEASURE!Enter one badass GML (genetically modified lady), hatched in a lab, with the secret hopes that she would become the next step in the human evolutionary ladder, and humanity's answer to combating the race of technologically and physically superior humanoid cats - the Gran - who are plaguing our existence.All Angel really wants to do is dance around space in zero gravity and find a man who can fill the hole up, in her lonely, solitary heart, with love - well and may [...]

Okay, WOW. I can't believe Angel just keeps getting better and better. Angel again has lost her love to a violent death, but by a miracle has found him again. Sort of. She has been rescued by men associated with her dead lover, Jason. But she had to fight with everything she had in her to escape The Gran. She now finds herself with space pirates who, now that the person they came to rescue is dead, just want to go home. One hitch, they don't know how to get there. Angel tells them how they can d [...]

Angel's story continues in the most intense fashion. Captain Cronin is adamant in taking his property with him, but not without first securing a possible deal that could be quite lucrative. His addiction to Angel and his use of her increases, as her translations prove to be what’s needed to close the gap in communications between the mighty Gran and the Humans. Knowing she will never be free of the Captain, Angel finds ways to hold out hope that one day there may be a way. And meeting Gran roy [...]

What's a girl to do?The Captain has tracked her and wants her back, she is HIS! Angel has no choice, but to submit in order to keep the human's on the ship alive. A meeting between the two captains results in traveling to me the Gran Emperor and Empress. She is revered as a 'pet' to their children. But once that wears off, she must return to the Captain. While she was with the Emperor's children, she learned about their culture and the high hand a concubine has. The Captain brings a new female o [...]

Angel 6.0 Enslaved by Travis Luedke In episode III Enslaved Angel is back in the clutches of Captain Cronin. Through her and Cesar’s fast thinking they convince Cronin trade might be possible with Angel as a translator and negotiator. Cronin insists Angel needs to be with him to learn more of the language and customs of his people. Torn from her lover Cesar’s side Angel fears the worst. Once back on the Cat’s home world she falls into the hands of the Emperor and her adventure there shows [...]

I was given a copy by the author for an honest review. I had not read the previous 2 so I quickly bought and read them. Each episode is a nice little course and I can see full satisfaction when it is all done. Angel 6.0 Enslaved, covers genres of many of the books I read, and Travis Luedke is dong a fabulous job of telling a good sci fi story while mixing in great kinky erotic writing. I actually care about the story line and the characters, they are getting more developed as the story goes on. [...]

I Received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Angel is a genetically engineered human female with abilities beyond the normal female human. She strives to just belong and to obtain her freedom. In Enslaved, we get a more in depth look at the Gran, alien Catlike species. They are not as dark and twisted as a race as the Captain's activities would have us believe. Will Angel be able to pull off the trading agreements she has promised on both sides? Will the Emperor of Gran find a way to fr [...]

I was gifted this book by the author for an honest review. I have to say that Travis has done a wonderful job with writing this space opera romance each book keeps you reading until the end. Travis Luedke is dong a fabulous job of telling a good scifi story while mixing in great kinky erotic writing. Angel being a genetically engineered human female with abilities beyond the normal female human. She strives to just belong and to obtain her freedom. In Enslaved, we get a more in depth look at the [...]

I received an ARC for an honest review.This series just keeps getting better and better. I am not writing a synopsis of the book just read the blurb.I just knew things were getting better for Angel and then boom Travis throws a curve in the story. The storyline and character development is so amazing. There are twists and turns I never saw and was completely enthralled reading this book. I cannot wait till the next book.Travis Luedke has become one of my favorite authors. He never disappoints me [...]

I received this in exchange for an honest review.Angel finds out that there really is love and caring in life. She arrives at a Gran station were the Emperor and family live.After saving the Prince's life she is taken into their family where she is not viewed as a concubine/slave.However after a month or so Angel finds herself on board the Captain's ship once again.However this time there is a concubine established on board. Where does she go from here? I can't wait.

I received an ARC for an honest review.The repetition at the beginning, while understood, is a bit of a turn off for me. It's just something that bugs me personally. That said, once I got past all that it lived up to my expectations! It's exciting to see what these characters can and are willing to endure to gain what they want. By then ending I was wishing there were more, even though I know there will be more to come. Can't wait to see what happens in the next one.

Every piece of Angel's story just makes me want more!! I was not sure when I started reading these but now I'm so glad I did!! These are amazing!! From seeing inside the Gran culture, meeting new charters, and just the fleshing out this world. As always it's fast-paced and full of action! I was on pins to know what Angel was going to get into, now I wait on pins for more!!! I cannot wait!!

Another fabulous book from the great Travis Luedke. If you haven't read a book by Travis read this series. It is out of this world good.

I received Angel 6.0 Escape free for an honest review. To give a truly honest review I also purchased one and three of this series. Spoiler alert!Upside~ Sci-Fi at it's finest/darkest! The story starts out great Angel being ripped from her home and everyone she knows and loves gone. Captured by some nine foot cat aliens and drug around the Galaxy. Meets Jason for five seconds and she's in "love". Then in the second part of the series she's still flying around the galaxy's. Still in love. Still g [...]

This time around Angel finds herself in the company of the Royal Family of Gran. While she finds new allies and even friends, she still ends up at the hands of her captor. Having to balance and translate for two sides is difficult and Angel is still trying to find someone to love her for herself.Heading off to read the next one.

I lied. I wasn't done at all! but homework happened! Same problems as previous books, but steadily losing tolerance for them. Kind of still want to know what happens?

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