Labeled Love

Danielle Rocco

Labeled Love

Labeled Love

  • Title: Labeled Love
  • Author: Danielle Rocco
  • ISBN: 9780996585019
  • Page: 447
  • Format: ebook

I was twelve years old when I met him I guess you could say opposites attract We didn t know it then Or maybe we did, but we didn t care It s not easy growing up in Los Angeles Well, for me it was But, not for him.I m a Hollywood girl born and raised in the business.I have everything I ve ever needed and only wanted him.Is it possible to find your forever love when yI was twelve years old when I met him I guess you could say opposites attract We didn t know it then Or maybe we did, but we didn t care It s not easy growing up in Los Angeles Well, for me it was But, not for him.I m a Hollywood girl born and raised in the business.I have everything I ve ever needed and only wanted him.Is it possible to find your forever love when you re thirteen Maybe not for most, but I did.I m just a boy raised in the pits of Los Angeles.I have nothingand only ever wanted her.Worlds apartMiles awayIt would only be herIt would only be himLabels never defined usBut will they tear us apart Language, Sexual Content, Mature Coming of Age

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5 PB&J stars!Labeled Love is Danielle Rocco’s debut novel, but you’d never know it by reading this story. The writing style is fantastic and the words are beautiful. This is one of those books that I devoured and one that kept a permanent smile on my face. It’s one of the sweetest books ever. This couple has so much love and devotion for one another, you will easily fall in love with Jace, Shay and their story. It’s a book that needs to be read! Jace is a boy who lives on the wrong s [...]

Quick review:Cover: Pretty Rating:R Thumbs Up:5Overall: AWESOMECharacters: Well Done Plot: A coming of age page turnerPage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: JACESUMMARY (50 words or less)One of my FAVORITE reads of the year and I don’t say that lightly. I love how this story begins at the "beginning" and we follow it all the way through in realistic and thought provoking way. The characters are easy to fall in love it. And yeah…For a full review and yummy pic, see my [...]

4.5 stars!!! Wow this was an amazing love story between the two MCs.They meet when they're kids, hero was 13 and heroine 12 from the moment he met her he fell in love with her. The only complaint that I have is that the heroine should have put this asshole Cole in his place. His love for her was amazing.It kinda reminds me when I met my hubby when I was 17, 21 years later we're still going strong!!

How perfect is this guy and his devotion to her! This is turning out to be such a beautiful series with so much love between the couple.

ARC provided by author.First I just have to applaud Danielle Rocco on her debut novel. I know Danielle personally and I am proud of her for working so hard on this story! To be Danielle's first book, I think Labeled Love is good; it's an extremely sweet YA read. It follows Shay and Jace from tweens when they first meet until they become young adults figuring out their future together. Jace James is from the wrong side of the tracks who hasn't had an easy life. All he has is his mother and that's [...]

Ahh what a very lovely story about the truest of love. The kind of love where all that matters is you being with your love.The story is told from the POV of Jace and Shay, and is set in Los Angeles.Jace is from the ”wrong” side of the track, and is struggling every day with a alcoholic mom, poverty, and a neighborhood that would make anybody scared to walk through. But despite Jace´s environment he is determined not be like his mom, and find a way away from all of it. How though is somethin [...]

Pure Sweetness 4.5****Jace and Shay meet when he is 13 and she is 12. These two kids lead totally different lives.Shay has amazing parents, great siblings, and they are very well off. Jace is from the other side of the tracks. He lives with his alcoholic, drug using mother. His upbringing is the saddest thing ever until he meets Shay at a community center. He went there because he hated going home and they had free snacks. Shay went there with her mother who volunteered at the community center. [...]

I was given a copy for an honest review!I am honestly having a hard time thinking of how to put all of my thoughts and feelings into words. I was without a doubt blown away by Danielle!! I really had no expectations when I started reading, the blurb caught my attention and I decided to dive in! WOW I was immediately sucked in from the beginning of the book to the last page. I can not even think of one negative thing to say. The writing was captivting and held my attention the entire time. The ch [...]

I normally do not like YA books. This book is one that makes me think that I should give the genre a chance. I literally found myself just smiling through so much of this book. It is pretty rare for me to feel like that through a book. Jace and Shay are amazing characters. You would think that you would hate Shay. She comes from money, has a huge house, has never worried about anything in her life but she is really down to earth. She is smart and caring. I really liked her. Jace is the boy from [...]

I was given an ARC of this for an honest review. This story made for a great debut novel. From the beginning, I was rooting for Shay and Jace. Although YA is not my favorite genre nor one that I have read much, this book really kept my attention. I wanted to know what happened with these characters that I had been introduced to when they were only tweens. This is a poor boy/rich girl story that really tugs at your heart strings. I was angry at Jace a few times in the book because of the extremes [...]

I received an ARC for an honest review.Did you ever develop a crush on a young boy while in your tweens and wonder where life would take you if that friendship continued over the years? Well, here's a story about two tweens who meet by chance and as they grow, a relationship grows along with them. Meet Jase and Shay, two kids from different worlds who won't allow anything around them tear them apart. Love really does conquer all.**WARNING** Jase James will steal your heart.


Swoon I fell for Jace right from the beginning, the connection these two share is crazy electric. It feels like if you were near them you would get that tingly feeling that radiates off of them. Shay and Jace are such a unique couple. You cannot help but root for them to make it. I absolutely loved this story and can't wait to read there second book!

Love transcends everything 4.5 stars*An ARC copy kindly provided for honest review*Wow. What a sweet, make your heart feel light kind of love story! But the ending killed me.Jace is a good kid, but life hasn’t dealt him kindly. From a very young age, he’s had to struggle. Be it food or clothes on his back, Jace didn’t have it easy. But he wasn’t bitter about having less. He still had a beautiful heart. He was still a hero. You’ll know why when you read the first chapter. He was my hero [...]

Part of me feels a little bad rating this so low because it was so cute. It's like a little puppy. Like you want to scold it when it's a little brat, but then you look at it with those big puppy dog eyes and it's so hard! I think the biggest problem was that it was just too much. Everything. Too much cuteness. Too much cheese. Over the top, repetitive, nonstop. I wanted to make it stop so bad. And then there was the story itself. I will say that one thing I appreciated was that there weren't the [...]

09/15/2015 -- It just couldn't keep my interest. In other words, it bored me.

3,5 stars the first 95% but 5 stars the last 5 % CAN DANIELLE ROCCO DO IT!!!!!! She can’t do this and leave us like that! I thought I would have an easy and standalone love story…OK, rewind.Until 95% in the book, I had my review all planned and it was like: “If you want really sweet, no angst but a little bumps in the road love story with HEA, this is your book”.Now, it sounds more like: “if you want sweet, young love, no angst at all and “they lived happy forever after” with no cl [...]

3.5 starsI love reading YA for many reasons. It cleanses my palette after reading so much Adult or NA. When I first came across this author on FB I was intrigued, then I saw her cover and I knew I had to read this book.Shay and Jace fall for one another at a very young age. In this book I got to see their relationship blossom from their teens into adulthood. The way Jace protects and adores her is phenomenal. I love the fact that this kid is from the wrong side of the tracks, his mother is a jun [...]

I was given an ARC for an honest review!!!This is the story of Jace and Shay; two teens from totally different backgrounds brought together through a chance encounter. I'm completely in AWE over the raw emotions these characters bring out in me. I'm not one to read YA Romances very often, but boy what I've been missing in a truly mesmerizing fairytale of love Finding my soulmate at 15 I thought I'd found my Prince Charming, but boy was I wrong, lol because Jace is the boy, all boys should mold t [...]

This is an excellent debut by Danielle Rocco. A young adult read about love. Young love that starts pure for Jace and Shay as children and follows them through the years. As the reader, you see them grow. These two do not believe in labels. It doesn't matter that she is from a family of fame and fortune. Nor does it matter that he is lonely boy trudging through poverty. They simply see each other. They know how they feel. The only label they know is love. The true feelings for one and other. As [...]

MehHere's the thing. I liked it, but didn't love it. But here's the other thing, I feel like I WILL love book #2. And here's the reason why:This story was SLOW for me. It starts when the characters meet in childhood and continue through high school. That's a long time, right?! But nothing happens! I feel like the author was trying very hard to be anti angst (which I respect the hell out of) but it made the story dull. It was a lot of sappy "I love you, baby" and "give me your lips, baby" and con [...]

5 Beautiful Stars!This book is just so darn good! It's almost fairy tale like, a sweet true love, love story. I was intrigued by the blurb, and I was totally drawn into the story right away, and found myself needing to keep turning pages. I don't think I've smiled so much during a read in quite awhile. Jace and Shay wormed their way into my heart and found their own little cozy spot for two there. There story is just so beautiful and could make even the most jaded individual believe. The author [...]

I can't say enough about this book. I was so overwhelmed with emotion throughout the whole story of Jace and Shay. Danielle really makes you feel what the characters are going through. This story proves that true love can conquer anything if you believe. You either love or hate the characters which makes you really feel like you are part of the story. After reading this book you will remember Jace and Shay for along time if not forever. Danielle has proved you can do anything if you put your min [...]

I received an ARC of this book and cannot believe what was delivered. What a great debut!I am so excited I got to visit Jace and Shay's world. It was written in such a way, I felt like I was Jace's neighbor and a member of Shay's circle of friends and at times I felt like I was intruding on their bubble of love. It also didn't hurt, that I felt like I was an honorary Cali girl too.It was refreshing to read a love story where two characters meet and fall in love so young and while you think that [...]

Love only knows your heart, not your fucking addressThis is a story about true love that looks beyond where you come from. It's about two kids that meet at the ages of twelve and thirteen and fight to be a part of each others lives. This is about all those first that give you butterflies and it's about heartfelt emotions that will pull at your heartstrings It's not how you start 's how you finish [image error]"And, I'm thinking this is going to finish with an EPIC EPILOGUE

Re-read 30/5/16This is a beautiful book of the perfect teen love story between a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Jace and Shay, the girl born into privilege. As they grow over the years it takes us from meeting to first kiss and through to graduating from high school and planning their future together. It is a gorgeous story of soulmates meeting at ages 12 and 13 and their magical love. It is a lovely easy read with syrupy sweet dialogue as they move towards a HEA then you realise it is a [...]

My very first story I've written and I'm just so blissfully happy as I read through every page over and over again. I wanted to create my own sweet first love perfection, and Jace & Shay are just that to me. My own PERFECTLY PERFECT young love story that I think we all want when we are young finding that first one, that perfect one, that only one that makes your heart beat fast and gives you every single one of those "CALENDAR WORTHY MOMENTS" I hope you will love Jace & Shay as I do. Hap [...]

This was a really lovely coming of age story about falling in love. The two main characters are Shay and Jace. They are from completely different backgrounds. Their story is beautiful and heartfelt. I thought the author did a great job of portraying the characters as real and I loved the storyline.If your looking for a young adult story or just fancy a lovely love story then I recommend this book. Well done to the author on her debut novel. After that ending I'm looking forward to book two.

Where do I start ? When I started this book I was hooked by the 3rd page , the author pulls on every emotion one has , I laughed I cryed I fell in love I even got mad . Jace and Shay make you remember there is honest love still to be had. I can't wait for part two , if we are all lucky enough we will get to see labeled love come alive in the movies . #teamjace

5 "Heart Shaped PB&J" Stars“You want me reckless, baby? Or you just want me to let go and be young?”Get ready for innocent touches, first kisses, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, a girl who has everything, tons of SWOONING & lots of tears! FULL REVIEW TO COME!!

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