How the mighty fall


How the mighty fall

How the mighty fall

  • Title: How the mighty fall
  • Author: ToyBoxOfSuz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 459
  • Format: ebook

Steter FanficA B O universe Stiles and Scott are in college, renting a house with Derek and one fateful day Stiles meets Derek s uncle Peter, who is a professional Alpha and seemingly has an eye for him And things develop.Words 62333 complete

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If you like your Steter with a little plot and a lot of sex, specifically A/B/O heat sex, then you'll like this fic.Peter is a Professional Alpha, meaning he gets paid to help Omegas through their heat. There's no amoral or manipulative spin on him. He's just really good at his job, and he's concerned about Stiles being a stubborn idiot.Stiles is a Beta whose Omega genes get activated when he meets Peter for the first time. He has no clue how to deal except to pretend he's still a Beta. Peter en [...]

Steter A/B/OThere's a lot of mid-sentence tense changes that makes me think English isn't the writers first language. Also quite a few 'the boy' 'the alpha' 'the omega' which is a personal peeve.If A/B/O verse is your kink then great you'll enjoy it, it's a very long PWP.It didn't work for me, I prefer when the porn isn't dictated so strongly by heat.Peter smirks, Stiles mewls (and is either drunk, crying or horny - sometimes all three), and Scott yells or whines.

3.5 stars. Stiles is a beta in his freshman year at college living with alphas Derek and Scott. Then Peter makes an appearance and suddenly Stiles is exhibiting the symptoms of an omega's first heat. The Hungarian author has problems with tense although this does improve as the fic goes on.“You’re mine.” Peter whispered with such passion it made Stiles knees go weak as he leaned over to press his lips against Stiles’. It felt like drinking after days of traveling in the desert without a [...]

Steter.I'm seriously digging this ship at the moment. Honestly, Peter is so HOT! And we all know how much I love Stiles. This was a pretty sweet story all things considered and I enjoyed it. :)

3.5 Stars

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