The River Girl's Song

Angela C. Castillo

The River Girl's Song

The River Girl's Song

  • Title: The River Girl's Song
  • Author: Angela C. Castillo
  • ISBN: 9781511705318
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback

At sixteen, Zillia Bright s life has been filled with turmoil.A move from Virginia high society to a farm in Texas.Papa passing away and Mama marrying a no good varmint of a man.Now Zillia must care for her baby brother with only determination and the help of her best friends, Soonie and Wylder Can Zillia hold on to the legacy Papa left behind Will God answerher prayers,At sixteen, Zillia Bright s life has been filled with turmoil.A move from Virginia high society to a farm in Texas.Papa passing away and Mama marrying a no good varmint of a man.Now Zillia must care for her baby brother with only determination and the help of her best friends, Soonie and Wylder Can Zillia hold on to the legacy Papa left behind Will God answerher prayers, or has He abandoned her like everyone else

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This novella reminds me of the prairie/pioneer/old fashioned romances I read and loved as a teen, though the writing style is much more modern. I love that it's not just a romance; the heroine is strong and brave without always needing a man to rescue her, and her little brother is as much of a character as the love interest. A party scene and a pretty dress balance out the goat milking and 100-year-old shotgun, and there is many a wonderful simile. Like these:Darkness had settled over the farm [...]

A heart-warming and original story about a sister, forced to be mother. I enjoyed getting to see Zillia mature out of necessity and learn her limits. I thought all the relationships, positive and negative, within this story were original and realistic. The storyline fit the era very well, which the author had clearly researched and presented smoothly. The elements of faith and religion woven into it were subtle and not preachy, which I appreciate. Overall, an interesting, easy read about a stron [...]

This isn't my usual genre (I like dragons) but I found this book to be well written with likable characters and a well paced plot. It's a good luck at the struggles of a determined young woman and a glimpse into another time and (for me) place. The story has a hint of romance but is focused more on the choices and sacrifices Zillia has to make in order to keep her home and farm. A good read for adults or young teens who might be ready for something a step up in complications from Laura Ingalls.

I was given a copy of this book for an honest reviewZillia is a young girl that has lost her papa and now lives withheld mom and stepfather. Her mother is a sweet , kind and gentle soul who is about to give birth. Jeb, the stepfather is a mean, uncaring, selfish man who drinks more than he should. He treats his wife with little respect and at times hits her with no remorse . Zillia finds herself alone the day her mother goes into labor. She tries the best she can to help her mother and tells her [...]

This is a novella that reads like a full length novel. The story is complete and with enough details to leave no questions or gaps for the reader. This is the first of a new series by this author, Texas Women of Spirit Series.Zillia has become self appointed guardian of her half brother Orion, Orrie for short, upon the death of her dear mother, in child birth. Her stepfather is a vile, drunken man, with a penchant for physical abuse. He has no concern for Orrie or the fact his wife is dead. He t [...]

I finished this book in one night. I was supposed to be working on something else, but err, got distracted and kept reading.River Girl's Song is sad, moving, and powerful. 16 year old Zillia suffers so much loss, and yet tackles the challenge of raising her baby brother on her own while running a farm. Having kids of my own, I know how hard it is to take care of a newborn, and then a baby, and a toddler, etc. I can't imagine doing it on my own, at that time, at that age. Zillia was definitely in [...]

I just finished reading this and I have to say that I read it in a day. I had to know what was going to happen next with Zillia and her little brother Orrie. I saw where the writer had spent some time researching this time period and I believe the writer did very well. It was a fascinating story of a young woman who gets stuck with the task of caring for her baby brother right after his birth and taking care of a farm. Her father died some time ago and her mother died in childbirth. Her stepfath [...]

I was impressed with how well developed the characters were for such a short read. Angela did a great job of painting the picture of Zillia's life and struggles. I was hooked from the first page to the last, I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I love a strong female lead, especially where historical romance is concerned, Zillia is certainly one.There's an underlying emphasis on faith without it being pushy or preachy and it's an all around well-written and well-developed story. [...]

The lovely cover made me want to read this book, as well as the fact that it is set in Texas in the 19th century, a favorite historical time and place for me. The author's research made the story ring true, and this reader sympathized with the main character, Zillia, from the opening scene. Her journey from a well-loved daughter through grief, determination, and growing faith in God is poignant and compelling. Although it works well as a novella, in several scene breaks I kept wishing the author [...]

An interesting book with a good plot that was a little immature for my taste. I felt that it was sometimes too fast-paced, sometimes too slow. I felt like the plot and characters weren't very well-developed.On the flipside The formatting was lovely! I especially liked the heading fonts. From what I could see, it was historically accurate, and clean. The Christian content was great though I don't know how I feel about dancing for God. I'm not likely to dance anywhere. ;)

A wonderful historical novella that will inspire many young women. A message of perseverance, faith, loyalty, and love. This story contains many life lessons that are lacking in today's day and age. The characters were endearing and the settings rich. I felt like I knew these people and could go down the road aways and run into them at the general store.I recommend this clean read for the girls on the verge of womanhood in your life.

I was asked to give an honest review of this amazing book, I was not able to put the book down, I had to read it to the end. What an amazing story of a girl surviving on her own with a responsibility of raising her half brother when her mother died after the birth. I felt like I was in the character feeling her pain of struggles and frustrations. I think this book is highly recommended! The author is amazing in keeping my interest in the book, job well done!

A touching, romantic story. I loved the main character and felt her pain and courage as she struggled through the things that happened. An engaging, easy read. I liked that I could read it all in one afternoon.

It was okay, it was easy to follow and it passed a few days. Its not exactly my kind off story but its okay.I was fortunate enough to win a free copy from in exchange for my honest review

An amazing inspirational, Christian, light romance story set in the 1800's in the beautiful country of Bastrop, Texas on a farm purchased by Mr and Ms Bright when their daughter, Zillia was a small child. After Mr. Bright passed away, Ms Bright remarried to an abusive husband. She passed away giving birth to her second child. Now Zillia is sixteen years old raising a new born baby when her step father leaves home. Her neighbours were willing to help her with the baby and the farm.Zillia is a str [...]

So much history and wonderful read.So enjoyed this book and the others I have read by this writer. The characters are wonderful and you feel that you know them and feel as they do in the story. Love the way history is explained and how you really get a feel for the way they truly lived. Will read all of her books, they are amazing.

Exciting While reading this story I told my grandmother about it. She felt it was intriguing enough to be a movie. There are multiple portions I wanted to squeeze my eyes and hope the scene would quickly pass. Mrs Castillo did a wonderful job of drawing you in and making you feel the story.

Kept me reading to see how she conquered each challenge. God provided as He often does,in unexpected ways for them.Kept me reading to see how she met the challenges she faced. God provided,as He often does, in ways she couldn't have expected.

This was a wonderful story!I enjoyed everything about this storyI would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a wonderful story. It was a hard life for Zillia but she persevered.

It was a beautiful story of the hardships of a young girl who had to grow up at a young age and care for others. The struggles were heartbreaking and keeps you glued. The end of the story was left untied but I guess that’s why it’s a series.

Excitement, family,historyThe best of all stories with a little history to make it real. Characters that make real families and have true personalities each of their own. Enough excitement to keep the pages turning to see how things turn out

Was very good . I recommend others read it.

The romance element is very light, mostly it's just dealing with Zilla's struggles.

Sweet story . . .

2.5 stars but giving 3. A bit weak and I am sure that the author got the years wrong for the age of the child. At one point he was said to be 3 but it had only been 2 years.

The River Girl's SongReally good book with strong characters and a good story line. The book is a reminder of people's struggles throughout history.

Enjoyable reading!I definitely recommend this book. I look forward to reading more by this author. It was great to see a story take place around Bastrop, Texas.

Good readGood clean romance. Heroine faces hardship, keeps her faith with the help of friends and ends up with her best friend. Jeanne

Enjoyable read.Enjoyed this story immensely. A gentle read showing how time and patience helps overcome obstacles. Looking forward to Soonies story.

Nice storyReally nice story, likeable characters, well written. What a lot this poor girl has to deal with! Nice that she gets a happy ending.

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