Napier's Bones

Robert Spiller

Napier's Bones

Napier's Bones

  • Title: Napier's Bones
  • Author: Robert Spiller
  • ISBN: 9781511454964
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback

Napier s bones Napier s bones is a manually operated calculating device created by John Napier of Merchiston, Scotland for calculation of products and quotients of numbers The method was based on Arab mathematics and the lattice multiplication used by Matrakci Nasuh in the Umdet ul Hisab and Fibonacci s work in his Liber Abaci.The technique was also called Rabdology Napier published his version in Napier s Bones from Wolfram MathWorld Napier s Bones Napier s bones, also called Napier s rods, are numbered rods which can be used to perform multiplication of any number by a number By placing bones corresponding to the multiplier on the left side and the bones corresponding to the digits of the multiplicand next to it to the right, and product can be read off simply by adding pairs of numbers with appropriate carries DIRECTIONS Cut along vertical lines to make strips for Napier s Bones DIRECTIONS Use Napier s Bones to find the answers to the follow ing problems x x x x . Napier s Bones Napier s Rods History of Computers Napier s Bones Napier s Rods Seeing there is nothing that is so troublesome to mathematical practice than the multiplications, divisions, square and cubical extractions of great numbers, which besides the tedious expense of time are subject to many slippery errors, I began therefore to consider how I might remove those hindrances. NAPIER S BONES discography and reviews Napier s Bones biography NAPIER S BONES are a UK band that take the Classic Prog Rock sound as a foundation and build upon it to create their ownchallenging and Lattice Chinese Napier s Bones Multiplication by Dec , This PP starts by talking about Napier s Bones, and how you can use them and links this to the Lattice or Chinese method for multiplication The worksheet is adapted from a collection I found on TES, unfortunately I wasn t organised enough to save the Napier s Bones A Fun And Easy Way For Students To Napier s bones is a method that makes multiplying large numbers easy This multiplication method was used for than years until the invention of mechanical calculators The reason they were called Napier s Bone s, was because they were made out of bones. Blank Napier s Bones Lattice Multiplication Full Page by Apr , Light grey lines for students to ink in so they can develop their Napier Lattice multiplication skills without the constraints of preset templates. Focus On Early Calculating and Computing Machines From the Abacus to Babbage The Abacus There is a long history detailing the invention of computing and calculating machines. Good Bones on HGTV countryliving Mar , Unlike many of their house flipping counterparts, Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk, the stars of HGTV s Good Bones, are refreshingly candid about the costs, unglamorous tasks, and hard work required to renovate homes.

When a skeleton is unearthed in a field next to East Plains High School, math teacher Bonnie Pinkwater is thrust into a three decade old murder What she uncovers are Satanists, ruthless mercenaries, murderous homecoming queens, a crazed mother, a fateful blizzard, and the death of someone near and dear to her As her once considerable gifts of memory and deduction are eroWhen a skeleton is unearthed in a field next to East Plains High School, math teacher Bonnie Pinkwater is thrust into a three decade old murder What she uncovers are Satanists, ruthless mercenaries, murderous homecoming queens, a crazed mother, a fateful blizzard, and the death of someone near and dear to her As her once considerable gifts of memory and deduction are eroded by the trauma of loss, Bonnie must solve a thirty year old cold case before the killer decides the best way to remain free is to add one female mathematician to his list of victims.

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I purchased this book at Bob's book launch. I have known Bob for years and have read all his books. Napier's Bones is a nostalgic re-visit to Bonnie Pinkwater's East Plains, with familiar character archetypes blended with twisty, suspenseful mystery. Of the five books, this one is the edgiest, with Bonnie taking risks in ways she didn't in the previous novels. A triumph, Mr. Spiller!

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.I did not like the PDF copy, so I checked it out on , and was able to read for free with my wonderful Kindle Unlimited.The book started out a little slow, but quickly captured my interest. This is the first Bonnie Pinkwater mystery I have read. Bonnie is a mathematics teacher. So, even against the orders of her superintendent, she gets involved in mysteries, by using her math logic to solve them. The mysteries are entertaining, the ar [...]

Robert Spiller did good. Bonnie Pinkwater might even say that this book is well within "the same solar system as Did Good." Spiller's storytelling style is accessible to all readers wanting to be entertained with each turn of the page. His knowledge of math, art, and history is evident and intriguing. This fast-paced mystery is full of complex, believable characters who keep the action moving through witty conversations. Bonnie Pinkwater is one tenacious teacher whose love of logic gets her into [...]

I found Napier’s Bones the best book in the series so far. That might be because of the new characters introduced for this book, characters who are unusual and very interesting. They make the story edge into thriller status and a teensy bit away from cozy mystery. As for math teacher Bonnie Pinkwater, she’s a little spiritual, a little cynical, a little sarcastic, a little sad (and for good reason), but a lot clever and logical and a lot loyal to her dear friends, many of them former student [...]

A great fair-play puzzle, as always from Spiller. Yet again, I did not correctly guess the villain. Spiller's writing is erudite, but not at all pretentious. It includes mathematics from DaVinci to Donald Duck, social commentary from Oscar Wilde, and even little Latin. I suspect a hint of Melville, too. Dorothy L. Sayers would approve.Bonnie Pinkwater, the math teacher you wish you'd had, is smart and modern with plenty of moxie. The well drawn setting and supporting characters are true to the e [...]

This fast moving plot offers surprise after surprise. I could never guess what would happen next. If you like mathematical puzzles, this book contains a great one. Spiller is very intelligent and that is revealed by the number of subjects he covers in the book. You'll learn a lot and be entertained at the same time. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

This novel has an interesting story line and an unusual main character. The protagonist is a middle-aged school teacher who sleuths during her down time. I enjoyed the story but there are a few places where it seems to drag a little. Overall a good cozy!Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

This story started a bit slowly and initially I hoped for greater , earlier character development, but as the story continued I found the development I was searching for. I enjoyed this book and recommend it for a fun and entertaining light read. I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

A delightful murder mystery in the Bonnie Pinkwater Mystery Series. I was privileged to be asked to do a review for Napier's Bones by author Robert Spiller. A clever and calculated plot that keeps readers guessing until the last page is turned. To see my full review:examiner/review/napier

I've thoroughly enjoyed all of previous four Bonnie Pinkwater math teacher mysteries, and in this, the fifth installment, Robert Spiller does not disappoint. In fact, I think this is the best one yet.

Gets me excited about Math!I confess to being one of the girls heavily influenced by 1950's stereo typing and just assumed science and math were the domain of men. I missed out on quite a bit. Along comes Missus Pinkwater and BAM, I realize math is entertaining. The discipline of thought practiced in math has multiple applications, like solving murders. Even if you don't love math you will love Robert Spillar's mysteries. They are well written and you will learn something new.

"Napier's Bones" was an excellent read. I was impressed with Mr. Spiller's writing when I read "The Witch of Agnesi" and I am still impressed. The characters are very well-written, and I really want to know Bonnie Pinkwater. East Plains is a real enough place to me that I can picture it, and (for the most part) the crimes are very believable. This fifth book in the series does touch on the unbelievable insofar as two of the characters are concerned, but not so much as to take me out of the story [...]

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