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  • Title: Abducted
  • Author: Cassandra Logan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Abducted definition of abducted by Medical dictionary abducted Distally angulated said of an extremity away from the midline of the body in a transverse plane and away from a sagittal plane, passing through the proximal aspect of the foot or part, or away from some other specified reference point. Boyfriend reports woman abducted from gas station on hours agoCleveland police Christine McKeever, , was reported abducted early Sunday from a gas station on the city s West Side, Cleveland police said. Things That Didn t Make It Into Abducted In Plain Sight In January, Netflix released the Abducted In Plain Sight, a documentary so jaw dropping it s hard to do justice with a few sentences of description The film tells the story of Jan Broberg, who What Netflix s Abducted in Plain Sight Leaves Out The The new Netflix documentary Abducted in Plain Sight is a bewildering account of one girl s kidnapping by a family friend. Abduct Define Abduct at Dictionary Abduct definition, to carry off or lead away a person illegally and in secret or by force, especially to kidnap See . Abducted Idioms by The Free Dictionary to take away or kidnap a person from someone or from a particular place, usually in secret The thugs abducted the child from her mother. Abducted in Plain Sight Abducted in Plain Sight, also known as Forever B, is a true crime documentary produced by Top Knot Films and later released by Netflix in The documentary covers the kidnappings of Jan Broberg Felt, an Idaho teenager who was abducted by her neighbor in the s.Notably, Felt herself appeared in the documentary, a fact that received coverage in news media. Abducted in Plain Sight Netflix In this true crime documentary, a family falls prey to the manipulative charms of a neighbor, who abducts their adolescent daughter Twice Watch trailers learn . The Abducted Ray, Benner, Francis Movies TV Valora was just your average, all American girl looking for love in an online world Then she met Ridley He was strong, good looking, and best of all, he listened.

Anika s life has finally fallen into place She has a career she loves, an apartment that, while small, meets her needs, and a best friend that is helping her find someone to spend the rest of her life with, or at the very least someone to have a good time with Zeke is only on Earth long enough to make repairs to some salvaged equipment and relax with the local natives JAnika s life has finally fallen into place She has a career she loves, an apartment that, while small, meets her needs, and a best friend that is helping her find someone to spend the rest of her life with, or at the very least someone to have a good time with Zeke is only on Earth long enough to make repairs to some salvaged equipment and relax with the local natives Just a few, short weeks and then he, and his shipmates are on their way back to their home world Then he catches Anika s scent and his wolf is gone Unable, and unwilling, to fight the instant attraction Zeke soon finds himself head over heels, but will the secret he s keeping cause him to lose his mate Meanwhile, Anika has a secret of her own that could end up having a huge impact on the couple s future Disclaimer This story has several graphic sex scenes and some mild language.

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So sweetFour very deserved stars. Zeke, an alien who is also a wolf shifter comes to earth to do repairs. Across the hall from him lives a woman he has to have. That woman turns out to be his mate and just happens to not be human but comes from the same planet! The discovery that she was kidnapped by the man that raised her prompts her to seek revenge. A lot happens. A bit of action and the set up for two more books/stories in the series. I enjoyed that the books will be a standalone but with a [...]

There is a lot of telling in this story. Instead of dialogue, what was talked about is neatly summarized more than once. How aroused the characters are in this story is the focus even though it is supposed to be a fated mate story and the heroine is a virgin. The feverish groping was okay.A few proofreading issues but the reader can figure out what was meant(chose for choose, kidnaped for kidnapped, etc). The run on sentences made the story harder to read. The comment made about everyone in Amer [...]

I have no idea what is was thinking when I read Abducted the first time, because the note that I wrote at the end makes no sense to me because when I went back to skim the book, to refresh my memory, I found myself reading it completely again. My note simply said there were no edits jumping out to ruin the story and that nothing in the story really stood out as interesting. I can honestly say the first part is spot on, I found no edits which makes me happier than anything, however, there were a [...]

I originally found this book through a mailing list I belong to. I received an email that said this book was available for free, so I decided to check it out. I've had it on my Kindle app for quite a while, but decided to give it a read tonight. I'm glad I did.I have to say, I'm not normally one for sci-fi/romance combos. For some reason I'm just not into that type of thing. I'm also not normally one for what amounts to erotica, which this book certainly has its share of. However, the story line [...]

This was a freebie I picked up yesterday. It's a short 2 hr ish read. It was ok.There wasn't really enough in the story to fully develop the characters. It was a good start but just needed more depth. At times it was a bit hokey with the 'other plant-alien' thing. Can't say to much without spoilers but there is a development towards the end of the story that gave me one of those *seriously?? eye roll* moments. This is one of the books that if you take a second to think about it-it could have bee [...]

Better than I thought it would be. This was better then I thought it would be. The plot is different from other Sci Fi romances and it keep me interested to no end. Zeke is hot and smart. Anika is sweet and shy. But when these two meet every thing changes for them. It was good!

Enjoyed the book and would read more from this author- though I probably wouldn't read a story about Sasha. She was way too stubborn, hot headed, and infuriating. Being a strong female doesn't mean you have to be an unreasonable jerk. If I wouldn't want to talk to a character in real life, then there is no way I'd spend my time reading about them.Other than the way overbearing friend, it was a good read.

Abducted!WOW! This is the start of such a great series. Zeke and Anika are quite the couple. This novel has an interesting and complex plot. The plot is slowly being revealed along with character development. So much is going and the characters and plot are gradually being connected. Good Job, Cassandra Logan!

Too unbelievableA whole planet of aliens who have a human form but can turn into different animals? Throw in two best friends who think they are human but aren't and only find out after having sex and you get an outlandish storyline with shallow characters. Pass on the second book.

AbductedWow that was so good. I just love the plot and the way the guys started interacting with what they thought were human girls, instead they turned out to be from their own planet.

I couldn't hold my attention. Thought it was a dark read, but half way I hadn't seen any of that.

dropped 15% of the way in, couldn't hold my interest.

Got this as a freebie download and I enjoyed this story. I liked the characters and the author pulled me right into the book. I want to read more of her work now.

Excellent readI was caught up in the 1st chapter. This book is full of action and discovery. I couldn't put it down.

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