Cold Mountain: CIA Assassin

Bernard Lee DeLeo

Cold Mountain: CIA Assassin

Cold Mountain: CIA Assassin

  • Title: Cold Mountain: CIA Assassin
  • Author: Bernard Lee DeLeo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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They needed a monster to get a little girl back They imprisoned him for the way he did it Now they need the monster again to do what he does best FBI Special Agent Diane Reskova waited with her team for a tracker to arrive on site in the Caribou Wilderness of California A psychopath pursued unsuccessfully for two years by Reskova s team had kidnapped California SenatorThey needed a monster to get a little girl back They imprisoned him for the way he did it Now they need the monster again to do what he does best FBI Special Agent Diane Reskova waited with her team for a tracker to arrive on site in the Caribou Wilderness of California A psychopath pursued unsuccessfully for two years by Reskova s team had kidnapped California Senator Fred Hokanson s niece, dragging her into the surrounding mountains Hokanson recruits Jeremiah McDaniels unbeknownst to Reskova as the tracker McDaniels, a Delta Force Colonel with CIA background, leads the FBI agents after Hughes Ditching Reskova and her team, McDaniels saves Hokanson s niece and beheads her kidnapper, Stanton Hughes After an off hand remark McDaniels makes concerning a movie while accepting blame for the Hughes fiasco, the press label him Cold Mountain Taken into custody on Reskova s orders, McDaniels avoids prison by public outcry and Senator Hokanson s intervention With Hokanson s shadowy sponsorship, McDaniels becomes the enforcement arm of Reskova s team With Kumar Rasheed, an Iraqi whose family McDaniels had saved during the second Iraq war, McDaniels supplies Reskova with a weapon she has neither asked for nor condones Funneled between America and Iraq, McDaniels stays one step ahead of American bureaucrats interested in appearances than the safety of the country Reskova, at first repulsed by McDaniels methods, soon embraces both the enigmatic McDaniels and his tactics Reskova threads McDaniels and his Iraqi comrade Kumar Rasheed into her anti terrorism unit with murderous result McDaniels background and deadly skills become a point of fascination for the bewildered Reskova as her attraction to McDaniels quickly rivals her dedication to the FBI Previously titled Monster

Recent Comments "Cold Mountain: CIA Assassin"

I really did not like this book. It was billed as an action thriller, but it was more of a romance story.We never get to actually "see" Cold do anything. We only get to read about after it happens. He walks into a house full of bad guys, then next thing you know he has killed several of them and saved the day. Yet we as readers never get to see him do anything.I also got tired of everybody loving Cold. He could do NO wrong.All in all, a poor excuse for an action thriller, but a good romance nove [...]

This novel started off with tons of suspense and action and just didn't stop.From the very beginning I was able to connect with the main characters and the connection only grew stronger the further I got into the story line. Jeremiah McDaniels is a true force to be reckoned with and so is his leading lady. Diane Roskova.The friends and colleagues become one heck of a family unit that not only lays down some of the funniest humor I've read but each and everyone of them would die for the other.The [...]

Great reading!I'm not one of these people that write what sounds like professional reviews but I know what I like. The book was non-stop action. I sometimes felt like I was waiting for a slow part to take a break. I enjoyed the characters and how their back stories developed throughout the book. I think most writers would of probably made this one book into a series of books. I'm glad Mr DeLeo didn't but do hope he writes more with these characters.

Great bookI liked this book a lot. The banter back and forth between the characters is first rate as I love sarcasm. It is a big part of my vocabulary. I hope there are more books with these individuals in the future.

Seral killers,terrist,romance, excitment and a big guy called "cold" ! Sure wouldn't want to meet him in a dark ally when he's having a bad day! Well worth the read! Enjoyed emencely Thanks!

Absolutely fantastic read!!!!!!!!!This was the most pleasant read of the year. Very well written and an absolute feast to read . Love the main caracter, Cold, and all he does to keep his people safe. Just wish he was real.Keep writing we'll keep on reading, for sure!!!!👌👌

ColdI didn't want this to end! I loved Cold and the whole crew. Just when I started laughing, it ended. I'm going to reread this one! This was truly enjoyable. As fictitious as it is, some things were rather true to life. It had action, humor, and some romance. It was just an around good book.

Great and Exciting!!!Love this author. His John Harding and Nick McCarty books are awe inspiring. Main character here is in that same league. Great Story, great characters and lots of action.

Ah!A very good book. Rasheed is a finely crafted character and almost more interesting than cold mountain. A great read.

A very entertaining book. This author has written several very book in several series. Recommend your consideration of any.

Exciting, hard to put down!! Highly recommend!I chose 5 stars, because it had everything that held my attention! My normal genre has always been True Crime, but Author Bernard Lee DeLeo has somehow got me to venture into newer areas! I loved the characters in this book! Cold is definitely someone I would want in my corner! The storyline kept me interested from the beginning when he went in the mountains to search for a kidnapper and the little girl her had taken looking for terrorist and trying [...]

Well, I have found another Author that I Love!! I Loved the characters, and could barely put it down Kay kept me smiling! He is so funny! Mr.Mountain is so cool, and I am glad he is on my side!!It had everything it was serious at times, funny, had romance, and it made me feel it all!! :) Finished it at 2am this morning!!I LOVED IT And didn't want it to end!!I will definitely recommend it to others I thought to myself as I read the last page Ok, when is the 2nd book coming out!!I am ready!! A gir [...]

I am mostly a non-fiction reader but I decided to give this book a try and am I ever glad I did. I was hooked within the first couple of pages and the action never stopped. The main characters were all so likeable but each one so individual. I love Mr DeLeo's style of writing and look forward to reading more of his books. If you like a book with lots of action with humor and romance, I highly recommend this book.

New hero in town, Jeremiah "Cold Mountain" McDanielsThis book is two to three times as long as an average book. And I enjoyed every single page. Great plot, great characters, great writing.It's like boarding a fast-moving express train and all you can do is watch the action from the window. With Mr. DeLeo's books there are no boggy parts you have to skim through.I envision future Cold Mountain books. I hope I'm right.

another right wing thriller vigilante story. but a good one. great characters if somewhat unrealistic plot. Re-read in Nov, 2017. Hate the politics, love the action. Vigilante justice for powerless and voiceless victims.

This is an absolutely fantastic book (I read it as "Cold Mountain"). If you want my advice, load up on books by Bernard DeLeo and read them all. There's not a bad one in the lot.

Too much banteringgood fun story but a little over the top with the long lustful looks and much too much trash talk.

Good readI really liked this book, great story line and peeps. Would be great to have a series based on this book.

Good bookI really enjoyed reading this book. I liked the humorous banter that went on between the people. They seemed to have fun between killings.

New series? I hope!I really enjoy all the books he has written and hope this story line continues, like the hard case and other ones have! Thank you for all the enjoyable reading.

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