Secret Baby: Billionaire Stepbrother

Candy Dance

Secret Baby: Billionaire Stepbrother

Secret Baby: Billionaire Stepbrother

  • Title: Secret Baby: Billionaire Stepbrother
  • Author: Candy Dance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Is she hiding her baby from him Beck doesn t know one night of passion with his stepsister produced a son, but he comes back home after selling his company for a cool billion, and he finds Millie visiting with a baby that she says is hers and some other man s His first thought is rage that another man has touched her He wasn t the one that ran away from their taboo reIs she hiding her baby from him Beck doesn t know one night of passion with his stepsister produced a son, but he comes back home after selling his company for a cool billion, and he finds Millie visiting with a baby that she says is hers and some other man s His first thought is rage that another man has touched her He wasn t the one that ran away from their taboo relationship after one hot night she was But now when he looks at her baby boy, something doesn t feel right Millie thought she d never come back home, and she was alright with that if it meant protecting her son But she heard her mom and stepdad broke up, and she started thinking it might be safe to return She wouldn t have come home, if she d known her stepbrother was there But then she was caught, and she was horrible at pretending Until she fell into back into bed with her stepbrother again unprotected New Cover

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Poor use of the English language. So many awkward sentence structures and misuse of which and who and that etc.Story line had potential but was awkwardly developed and rushed. I should know better than to take chances on these kinds of self pubbed stories. YMMV

This is one of the few stepbrother stories where the H and h don't hate each other. In fact the H is very possessive and obsessive of the h, which I love. The sex was so HOT!! The H likes to do different positions until he is done. I wish there were more sex scenes.

A cute and emotional short story that's all about taboo love and its consequences.I'm fond of stepbrothers stories so I was curious about reading about one that dealt with the even more taboo element of the aftermath of such a relationship. A baby.Millie is withholding a secret from her stepbrother. She's been living isolated and lonely because she's protecting her son and her impossible lover. I liked the ploy that brings her home thinking she could have a respite from a harsh life, but comes f [...]

A Review of Secret Baby: Billionaire Stepbrother by Candy DanceCan two people overcome being raised in the same house? 4+ starsThis was my first book by Ms. Dance and I found it to be very interesting. When we first meet Millie, she is feeding her six month old baby and we find out the father doesn't know about him. She is feeling lonely and wants to visit her mother, to let her know she has a grandchild. When she originally found out she was pregnant, she left home and never went back and never [...]

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.This is the first book that I have read of Candy Dance's and I am sure it won't be the last.This story is about a young woman, Millie, who moved away from her mother, stepfather and stepbrother, Beck. What they didn't know was that when she left home, she was carrying a little secret.Over a year goes by and she decides it may be safe to visit her newly single mother and let her in on the secret. The only problem is that when she turns up, [...]

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.This book has the taboo theme, but with a twist. It revolves around the hidden love between Millie and Beck, and their struggles in a small town because of their relationship and the hurt and pain they have endured because of small minds of those around them. I won't go any further with the story as I don't want to spoil it for you, but you have to read it. The author has done a wonderful job of this. The plot is solid, as are the c [...]

Sometimes others opinions mean nothingWe get so caught up on caring what others think it prevents us from enjoying things. Thankfully fate stuck it's stubborn head in and made sure that opinions didn't keep this family apart too long.

the plot is so simple that it leaves most of the details out of the story. Like you never know how all these people are sometimes you would think that they just left high school other times you would think that they're in their late twenties. I also found it difficult to imagine the whole plot sense the writer does not explain anything about how their relationship happy again for instance you would think that the only got together as a one night stand but then she says that they've been hooking [...]

This was a good quick read.Millie and her stepbrother Beck spend one night of passion together and Millie gets pregnant. To hide her pregnancy Millie moves away and looses contact with her family for a while. Now you know something is going to happen for Beck to find out that she had his baby and didn't tell him, and oh boy when that happens stand back!I like the chemistry between Millie and Beck but I didn't not like either of their parents especially Millie's mother.

A sexy, emotional read. Beck and Millie can’t fight the passion between them even though they are step-brother and sister. Millie runs after learning she is pregnant but now that her mom and step-father have separated she should be able to visit. Beck made is fortune and now he wants the woman he loves, when Millie arrives home everyone has a surprise or two up their sleeve. Sweet, sexy and kept me hooked throughout.

I received a free ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is a story of forbidden love and what happens when you jump to conclusions and listen to rumors. There is family drama, greed and unexpected understanding. This was a good story but a bit slow at times. We also have a bit of blackmail and some interesting coupling. As you can see in this story you have a bit of everything.

I recived this story in trade for an honest review. Talk about emotional, this story will keep you glued to each of the pages. I wont share anything of this story cuz one small piece could spoil it but I will share this Millie was a scared wreck in the beginning but as the story progresses she starts to grow a back bone where her ex-step-brother & their parents are concerned and will deal with the problems as they start to pop up.

Secret baby Billionaire stepbrotherMillie had a baby but no one know who the father is but her. She comes home just for a visit. And everything seems to go wrong. Beck her stepbrother thinks she's forgotten him and moved on. Which is far from the truth. Will Millie come clean to Beck. And will she till him the biggest secret she has kept from everyone.

Loved this book This is an amazing short story that will have you screaming and hoping and waiting everything to happen right away.This author did an amazing job in keeping me at the edge of my seat and screaming at one time or another lolHappy Readinf

Heartwarming taleThis is an enjoyable short read that deals with some complex developments in an entertaining manner. Beck and Millie have had to fight through some emotionally charged situations in order to be together, but luckily for them love has a way of triumphing.

This was a quick read with an adorable storyline. The characters are interesting and have great chemistry. There are surprises and anger, fear, hurt and love as secrets come to light. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from this author.Received copy for review.

Really cuteThis was a good story. Not hot, but good. It makes the story good when is not all sex, but I like sex parts too.

This was a short book but with a decent story and characters which I very much enjoyed.

compelling. quick read. novella.

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