Early One Morning

Virginia Baily

Early One Morning

Early One Morning

  • Title: Early One Morning
  • Author: Virginia Baily
  • ISBN: 9780316300391
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover

Two women s decision to save a child during WWII will have powerful reverberations over the years.Chiara Ravello is about to flee occupied Rome when she locks eyes with a woman being herded on to a truck with her family.Claiming the woman s son, Daniele, as her own nephew, Chiara demands his return only as the trucks depart does she realize what she has done She is twentTwo women s decision to save a child during WWII will have powerful reverberations over the years.Chiara Ravello is about to flee occupied Rome when she locks eyes with a woman being herded on to a truck with her family.Claiming the woman s son, Daniele, as her own nephew, Chiara demands his return only as the trucks depart does she realize what she has done She is twenty seven, with a sister who needs her constant care, a hazardous journey ahead, and now a child in her charge.Several decades later, Chiara lives alone in Rome, a self contained woman working as a translator Always in the background is the shadow of Daniele, whose absence and the havoc he wrought on Chiara s world haunt her Then she receives a phone call from a teenager claiming to be his daughter, and Chiara knows it is time to face up to the past.

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In the beginning I was heartbroken and uplifted in the same moment by the depth of the bravery of two women who know each other only by a stare and and an understanding and then a silent agreement - one of the women would give her 7 year old son to the other . It's 1943 and the Nazi's are rounding up the Jews in Italy and Daniele Levi's mother chooses to save her son aided by Chiara Ravello , a young woman , of the resistance movement. I was taken in from the beginning by the writing and then by [...]

Disappointing. This struck me as hovering uncertainly between a literary novel and a commercial page turner. Ultimately it didn’t work for me as either. The premise promises much – Chiara Ravello rescues a young Jewish boy who is about to be carted off by the Nazis in the Rome ghetto. But the structure, alternating between past and present, quickly removes all tension from the WW2 section. We know the young Jewish boy will survive the war by page thirty or so. As a result the entire WW2 part [...]

B.R.A.CE 2018 8/37 ένα βιβλίο από τις εκδόσεις Ίκαρος3,5 αστεράκιαείχε αρκετά σημεία που μακρηγορούσε αλλά στο σύνολο μου άρεσε

We first meet Chiara Ravello in Rome, during 1943. Her mother was killed in the Allied bombings, her fiancé taken away because of anti-fascist activities and she lives with her sister, Cecilia in a small apartment. Cecilia suffers from fits and Chiara feels responsible for her, but a decision taken one day in October that year will change her life forever. The ghetto is being cleared and Chiara watches as families are put onto trucks to be taken away, as her fiancé Carlo was. As Chiara stands, [...]

Like the Roberto Benigni film Life Is Beautiful, Virginia Baily’s second novel* shows how the Holocaust affected Italy’s Jews. It’s not a Holocaust novel, though; it’s a before-and-after story that’s more about adoption, coming of age when you don’t know who you are, and adapting to motherhood. It’s about choices, inevitabilities, regrets and a love that endures.October 1943: Chiara Ravello is walking near Rome’s Jewish ghetto when she spots a large group of people being herded i [...]

bbc/programmes/b06gw3jzDescription: Italy 1943. Chiara flees Rome for the countryside with her sister, Cecilia and Daniele, the small Jewish boy she has saved from the Nazis' clearance of the Rome ghetto.Thirty years later, in 1973, Chiara has lost touch with her troubled, junkie adoptive son, but she must now decide how to deal with the young Welsh teenager who keep phoning her and who claims to be Daniele's daughter.Greta Scacchi, Juliet Aubrey and Sophie Melville star in a dramatization of Vi [...]

Published: 23/07/2015Author: Virginia BailyThis book is first set 1943 in Rome where the main characters meet for the very first time. One of the characters Chiara is just about to flee the city of Rome when she see's a women, her husband and their young children being loaded onto a truck at gunpoint. Chiara makes a rather rash desicion (which she will late on have to live the consequences of) and says that the young boy is her nephew which releases the boy from the truck and into the possession [...]

This is a disappointing novel although the ingredients are good. If you like a story where the middle part is missing, you may feel differently, but the first chapters led me to believe that an interesting if difficult relationship would follow. There is a 30-year-old woman who has just taken charge of a stranger's child who is rebellious, keen to run away. Isn't that a promise of an interesting relationship to follow? However, it never materialised. The subsequent events are instead told by a p [...]

Suppongo che la signora Baily fosse un tantino distratta a scuola e avesse faccende più importanti di cui occuparsi. Il che andrebbe benissimo, per carità, contenta lei, contenti tutti. Tuttavia, la cosa diventa un po’ problematica nel momento in cui, “da grande”, la signora in questione decide di voler fare la scrittrice. Orbene, “fare la scrittrice” significa che si deve scrivere. E se si deve scrivere, bisogna che lo si sappia fare. Invece, ahimè, non pare proprio che le cose sti [...]

About 40% through and still waiting to hear the story of DanieleFinished. Boring. No substance. There are pages of descriptions of scenery and the locations of Rome. There are ample descriptions of outfits and one of Maria's attributes are her "large, milky breasts" (this was not from a romantic scene; just a general description of a 16-year old girl going through a turmoil). Ugh!Daniele's story is hidden in tiny, unemotional snippets throughout. Convenient situations arise to deal with people n [...]

“A grey dawn in 1943: on a street in Rome, two young women, complete strangers to each other, lock eyes for a single moment.”I was gripped immediately by this wonderful narrative. Baily’s writing is evocative particularly in the later sections when we see Rome in 1973 from Maria’s point of view.To start with though there is Rome occupied by the Nazis:“When she turns into Via del Portico d’Ottavia, she falters. A column of grey-clad soldiers are lined up along the pavement, the office [...]

The opening chapter of Early One Morning takes place on a Rome street in October 1943. It is a haunting and poignant chapter that sets the pace for a story that spans decades and considers the consequences of a spur of the moment action.Chiara is grieving for her parents and her fiance, all victims of the war raging in Europe. Chiara is now responsible for her sister Cecilia who is unwell and suffers from fits. They plan to leave the city and live in their grandparent's house, away from the figh [...]

Don't be fooled by the hype!Don't be lured into believing that when the boy is rescued from the lorry taking the Jews to the death camps, that you will get exciting dodging and ducking from the Nazis.It's all a big red herring.And of course I got caught too.What you do get is that exciting early chapter when Chiara takes the boy from the lorry as if he's her own, in order to save him from his parents' fate, and then the rest of the book is one big mini soap opera of Chiara and pals debating not [...]

From BBC Radio 4 - 15 Minute Drama:Rome 1943. A split-second decision is about to change Chiara's life forever.Cardiff 1973. Welsh teenager Maria learns some shocking news about her past.Episode 1 of 2: Rome 1943. A split-second decision is about to change Chiara's life forever.Episode 2 of 2: Chiara is hiding Daniele, a young Jewish boy, in a remote farmhouse. Greta Scacchi, Juliet Aubrey and Sophie Melville star in Miranda Emmerson's dramatization of Virginia Baily's powerful new novel of love [...]

dreamersandco/2016/07/ena-Πόλεμος, το ζήτημα δεν είναι μόνο πώς θα βγεις νικητής από αυτόν, αλλά και πώς θα καταφέρεις να τον νικάς στην καθημερινότητά σου, στην ησυχία σου. Το μυθιστόρημα της Virginia Baily Ένα πρωί, νωρίς (εκδόσεις Ίκαρος, 2016), είναι βαθιά συγκινητικό, μας υπενθυμίζει τον τρόμ [...]

I think I am in a minority here, but I just couldn't get into this book. I was expecting to be completely wowed but unfortunately that didn't happen. I have to say I believe this was my mind set at the time of reading and if I'd read this at a different time I probably would have loved it! I don't like writing negative reviews and I do have positives! The descriptions of Italy and Rome are wonderful and you get a real sense of the country, both during World War Two and the 1970's. Chiara is a gr [...]

Hugely disappointing and thoroughly unsatisfying. Unless I'm ready science fiction or fantasy, I need a book to be realistic. What mother would allow a cantankerous 16yr old to travel to Italy to stay with an unknown woman? How can a young woman who's listened to a few Italian CDs appear to be following conversations a few weeks later? How can someone be translating Keats one moment and struggling for words the next? How can we believe that an elderly woman with a stick is walking gingerly one m [...]

"Early One Morning" by Virginia Baily is set during WWII and present day Rome. I wish I could say that I loved this book, but it just didn't captivate me as others of this genre have done. It took quite a while to get into the narrative due to the structure, long descriptive passages, and internal random thought musings by the main character, Chiara. I'm disappointed because the bones of a great story were there, but to me it just fell shortwith a hurried up ending. I do see from other reviews t [...]

What a waste of time. So unbelievable and pathetic!I can not believe I fell for the back of the book description at the store without looking at reviews first!The whole back of book description happens in the first chapter! All goes downhill from there.So disappointing!

Οκτώβριος του 1943 στη Ρώμη, ξημερώματα. Η Κιάρα Ροβέλο κατευθύνεται βιαστικά προς το γκέτο ειδοποιημένη από τον Τζενάρο, σύντροφό της σε μια οργάνωση αντίστασης. Γίνεται έτσι μάρτυρας του εκτοπισμού των τελευταίων Εβραίων της πόλης από τους Ναζί. Μια καλοντυμένη γυναίκα κα [...]

4.5 stars.Early One Morning - a momentary and quick decision by a mother and Chiara changes the lives of a number of people. I have just finished reading a book set in war torn Germany during the second world war. Now Virginia Baily takes the reader into Italy - another country undergoing the ravages of war and being invaded.Chiara has lost her her fiance to anti-fascist activities and now she struggles to care for Cecilia her sister who has been damaged by a number of fits that have injured her [...]

This novel explores how a split-second decision can impact the rest of your life. It’s set in Italy during World War II. The year is 1943 and the main character, Chiara, decides to flee Rome for safer territory. On the morning that she plans to leave, she’s passing through the Jewish ghetto and sees some people being rounded up. She makes eye contact with one of the women in line, who has a young son. In an instant, the woman pushes her son towards Chiara and Chiara pretends that the boy is [...]

Rom 1943. Als die Italienerin Chiara Ravello eines Morgens miterleben muss, wie zahlreiche jüdische Familien von deutschen Soldaten in ein Arbeitslager abtransportiert werden, gelingt es der jungen Frau in letzter Minute den kleinen Jungen Daniele Levi vom LKW zu ziehen. Sie nimmt das jüdische Kind mit zu sich nach Hause und kümmert sich um Daniele wie um einen eigenen Sohn. Nach wenigen Tagen beschließt Chiara mit dem Jungen und ihrer jüngeren Schwester Cecilia, die sie ebenfalls liebevoll [...]

This is a story about the love of a mother for her son. It’s not an ordinary bond though; in Rome, Italy in 1943, Chiara Ravello, 27 and single, impulsively rescues a little Jewish boy named Daniele Levi whose family is being taken away by the Nazis. She immediately comes to love this profoundly sad and traumatized boy, who will not even speak for the first few months after Chiara takes him. The story of what happened in 1943 alternates with a story that takes place in 1973, in Cardiff, Wales, [...]

Baily takes what could be just another 'saved Jewish child in World War II' formula and creates a very well written well paced novel. Chiara is a young woman in 1943 Rome when she rescues young Daniele from a truck heading for a concentration camp. She raises the boy as her own - and he is not an easy character to love - which makes for a good story.Thirty years pass and a call from a young girl claiming to be Daniele's daughter triggers the second half of this novel. The lives of these three ar [...]

Early One Morning truly was, from start to finish, a delight to read. The story follows the lives of Chiara and Daniele, a woman and boy thrown together by chance during a time of great uncertainty. Set in 1943, the narrative unfolds under the cloud of Nazi occupation, as Chiara and Daniele must navigate the changing face of their native Rome and try to carve out a new identity for themselves amid the rubble of war. The most enchanting element of this novel was perhaps the unflinchingly honest a [...]

Vivid historical fictionA gut reaction saves the life of a young Jewish boy as Chiara Ravello claims young Daniele Levi as her nephew, to save him from being rounded up by the Nazis and taken to a labour camp with the rest of his family. This is a powerful story of secrets and missed opportunities with a dual time frame that is delivered as a personal drama set against Rome in World War 2 and the 1970s. Virginia Baily has created a rich set of characters that you see warts and all combined with [...]

Book received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.A WWII story set in Italy where a young woman forms a silent pact with a Jewish mother to save her young son as they are taken away by the Nazis. It follows her struggle to raise him despite the troubled adult her grows up to be. Told in split narrative between the 40s and the 70s when the boy's teen daughter from Wales comes in search of the father she never knew. I really enjoyed this story, despite often feeling it was a little dis [...]

Loved this beautiful, harrowing and heartwarming book.

Review originally published here: girlwithherheadinabook/2Having placed this book prominently in my Christmas list to no avail, it was with delight that I received a review copy from Netgalley. Early One Morning is a painful and often unhappy little story, concerned more with feelings than events. The description gave me the impression that this was a World War II story but in truth it is far more complex than that. This was a painful little book focussing on the moments in life that we cannot t [...]

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