Paxton's Promise

L.P. Dover

Paxton's Promise

Paxton's Promise

  • Title: Paxton's Promise
  • Author: L.P. Dover
  • ISBN: 9780990396482
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback

She hates him, yet she can t get him out of her mind Female Bantamweight fighter, Gabriella Reynolds, has a bad habit of falling for forbidden fighters Enter Paxton Emerson He s tall, tattooed, and the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Everyone wants a piece of him, and he only has eyes for her Through no choice of her own, she s fallen in his debt and he s now dShe hates him, yet she can t get him out of her mind Female Bantamweight fighter, Gabriella Reynolds, has a bad habit of falling for forbidden fighters Enter Paxton Emerson He s tall, tattooed, and the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Everyone wants a piece of him, and he only has eyes for her Through no choice of her own, she s fallen in his debt and he s now demanding payment Too bad it doesn t involve currency Gabby s decision to fulfill her promise to him ultimately brings out her true feelings, but also spurs the unwanted attention of another Rage s fixation on his newest obsession reaches dangerous levels Unfortunately, Paxton Emerson has become a roadblock to his end goal and needs to be removed from the equation by any means necessary Gabby will do anything to save Pax, but what happens when she s the one who needs saving

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Received an ARC for an honest review One of the best MMA series to date!From Tyler to Ryley and now to Paxton, the intensity keeps my heart pounding. The romance is very passionate and I could feel every hot scene between Paxton and Gabby. From the moment Gabby was introduced in the series, I really wanted to get her stories asap and the wait is surely worth it. Like 5 stars worth it. She is strong and as kick ass as the Gloves Off men. I just adore her. Also, Paxton makes me confused with my ul [...]

3.5 starsreally don't know what to say about this onee same stuff as I said about the previous book Tyler's undoinge heroine Gabriella that I thought would be in that book was actually with the fighter Paxton (who sure makes a lot of promises in his story - Paxton's Promise hahah)in this book and the heroine Kacey that was in Tyler's undoing has had a past relationship with Paxtonhell, i'm sure they could all sit down together and compare notesenough said!what a mess!I'm totally lost as I write [...]

Brilliant action packed read,loved it.This series just gets better, I loved hot Alpha male Pax didnt think any of the fighters could top Ryley but he did and Gabby she can kick ass just the heroin you want to see.Theres so much packed into this its hot,filled with drama,action, suspense, lust,love,revenge, danger, a page turner so evidently brilliantly written.The next book is a must for me and anticipate its release im sure Camerons story will be just as thrilling as Paxtons.

I loved reading Paxton's Promise! It was a fast, easy read full of passion, steaminess, and danger. The deeper you go into the story, the more it sucks you in, and you don't want to stop reading until you finish. It is an awesome book and I just loved it!Paxton is one hot alpha male! He's so strong, determined, and possessive. He knows that he wants Gabby and he's not going to stop until she's his. Pax is very protective, sweet, and romantic, but he's still a growler. I love that and him! Paxton [...]

Loving this series This series just gets better and better. I could not wait to read Paxton's story and I wasn't disappointed. The sexual tension between Gabby and Paxton was hot. You knew that she wanted to give in but was afraid she would hurt her brother. Their story was unbelievable and you could feel every emotion when you were reading. I just couldn't put this book down, once I started reading I couldn't stop. I can't wait to read Camden's story next

More reviews at losttobooks I think I'm running out of words to describe how much I love this author's work. I seem to just be repeating myself now, but that doesn't make it any less true. L.P. Dover has created a great cast of characters in this series and I adore them all--Paxton was no exception.This book has everything I love about this author: romance, suspense, tension, and of course hot MMA fighters. I really struggle to put down a Gloves Off book and despite telling myself I'm going to d [...]

I received a copy to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here it is. This one picks up from Ryley's Revenge with Gabby having to pay up to Paxton for his helping Ryley and Ashleigh. She is not wanting to spend any time with him. She knows he wants her and her body wants him but her mind is fighting it. Some how Paxton lets her get away with the time they spend together be two weeks instead of four. Is that a good thing? She will not give in to him, he will have to make the first move. But Paxto [...]

**I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**I couldn't wait to get my hands on Paxton's book. We've seen glimpses of him throughout the series, him being part of Kyle's crew, him taunting Gabby, but never what was his true self. Paxton has a past, a past that involves the Dark Side. He's done things he's not proud of but he did them with good intentions. He was never the guy everyone thought he was. He knows what he wants and he will do whatever he needs to to get [...]

Wow, this might have been my most favorite of the whole A Gloves off series. I have been waiting for Gabby’s story and I am so glad that it did not disappoint. Paxton was super sexy and sweet. Gabby was her usual spunky trouble making self and I just loved their chemistry. She gets into big trouble this time and it is up to Paxton to save her.“Because I’m here, and as long as you’re with me, you’ll never be alone. I promise.”I really did love Pax. He might be most favorite of this se [...]

mama like!I have not read any of the previous books in this series and admittedly I feel confused and in the dark about some gongs on with the characters, main & secondary. That issue aside I still enjoyed this book very much. I liked the MCs a lot. I like that Pax (at least from this book I'm unsure of the other books) is not a man-whore! I've grown so tired of man-whores sudden,y reforming for their girl. Gabby is great too. I like that she's no shrinking violet and she herself is a MMA fi [...]

"I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."This is part of a series of MMA stories, which all interlink, so although it is an excellent story in its own right, I would recommend that you read the series in order. In the last book we discovered more about Paxton, but definitely not enough. His interest in Gaby was as disturbing as it was exciting. Now pretty much everything is laid bare - the bad, the good and the utterly delicious. The plot is clever, and the twist [...]

It was freakin fantastic! I enjoyed read this one so much. I love how both fighters found love with the danger that was put in their way. Loved seeing Pax's love for Gabby. I also liked that Gabby never backs down on a fight. If you love reading about mma fighters, then I suggest you read the series.

wow! so much suspense, drama, love, friendship, and heartache. I absolutely loved this series and can't wait for the next 2 books to be released.

~Synopsis to come~

Gabby had every reason to hate Paxton, or at least she thought she did. It didn't stop her from falling for him. Even though she tried to hide her feelings. Paxton has wanted Gabby for as long as he has known her. He will do what he has to, to make her fall for him. This book is full of drama, danger, secrecy, and lots of sizzling romance. Gabby gets in a situation that has you rushing to the next page to see what is going to happen next. They get help from an unlikely source that gets them out [...]

As cliche as it sounds, this series keeps getting better and better. But in my opinion, each book jumps leaps and bounds above their series predecessor. As the stories build and intertwine, the series is more exciting, making this story the best so far! Paxton's Promise is exactly what fans of Paxton and Gabriella need and want. It intertwines two strong characters from the series into a perfect cohesive unit that will remind you why LP Dover is a genius and this series is fantastic.Paxton's Pro [...]

This is the 3rd book in the Gloves Off Series and I recommend reading the books in order as the series is connectedGabriella (Gabby) Reynolds has a habit of wanting men she can’t have and even though she won’t admit to it she is attracted UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Paxton Emerson. One promise made by Gabby for her best friend Ashleigh has Gabby right in Paxton’s path leaving her no choice but to deal with her feelings. When a threat to Paxton comes, Gabby will do anything to save him [...]

I'm always excited to read a new book from this author, but I was particularly excited about this book because of who the main characters were! Their story kind of started to develop in the last book which they were secondary characters in, so I couldn't wait to read their story! I then signed up for the Blog Tour, so I received an ARC to read! I freaking loved this book! It had suspense in it, action, and plenty of romance! I was completely enthralled by the first page and I had a hard time put [...]

Promises of Sweet and SuspensePaxton's Promise is the 3rd full novel to L.P. Dover's Glove Off series. I do suggest for you to read the first two books in this series, especially Ryley's Revenge. While it can be as a stand a lone (with no cliffhangers), the story does have to do with situations that happened in Tyler's Undoing, but more in Ryley's Revenge.Because of who Gabriella Reynolds' brother is and her loyalty to him, she tries to stay away from MMA fighters, even though she's a fighter he [...]

Received in exchange for an honest review; full review with extras at blog:mnonmklreviews/20 I liked it better than RYLEY'S REVENGE. Don't get me wrong -- I loved Ryley and Ashleigh, and loved seeing them again in this book, but there's just something about Gabby and Paxton that just got to me. I knew right away in RR that I was going to love watching Gabby and Paxton give in to one another, and I was right. Now, rewind just a tad. When I reviewed RR, I didn't find it 100% necessary to have read [...]

LP's Gloves Off Series just keeps getting better and better. All the books in the series are stand alones but they do follow a timeline. Which basically means they go in chronological order time wise. You meet up with characters from the previous books and it allows you to know more about them. I do highly recommend reading Ryley's Revenge before reading this book because some of the events that happened in that book result in some of the events that unfold in this story.Paxton Emerson intrigued [...]

Paxton's Promise was flat out fan-freaking-tastic!!!! LP doesn't know how to disappoint. This has to be one of my all time favorite series. Each book, I get to see characters in LP's previous books from this series that. I love being able to see characters again that I loved. Got some Mason time in this one!!! Here I go gushing!!!! Can't help it when I love a book!!! Anyway, Paxton's Promise was another knockout by the wonderful L.P. Dover. The way she weaves a story together and sets up each de [...]

Spoiler if you haven’t read the entire Gloves off Series:I have been hooked on anything of L.P. Dover since the Second Chances series came out. I absolutely loved those books and didn’t see how it could get any better. That is until I read the gloves off series. What is better than sexy, hot alpha males who are MMA fighters, fighting for and protecting the women that they love? Not much in my book.I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Paxton’s Promise and I was chomping at the bit to rea [...]

My Golden Reads Review of Paxton's PromiseI received an ARC for My Golden Reads to read for an honest review.Although you don’t have to read the previous stories in this series to know what is going on it will definitely help with the development of the characters and references. Paxton’s Promise starts out with Gabriella going to stay with Paxton for one month because of his help with Ryley and Ashleigh in Ryley's Revenge. Almost immediately, they make a bet with Gabby winning cutting short [...]

I have read the whole Gloves Off Series and they just keep getting better and better! Ryley was my favorite from the very start but now that has changed. Sorry Ryley, it was a good fight but in the end Paxton was the victor. Gabriella and Paxton made a deal in Ryley's Revenge and now it was time for Gabby to pay up. Paxton has been trying hard to get Gabby to believe that he is not the man she thinks he is and this is the perfect opportunity. He has one month to get her to see who he really is. [...]

Review by Heather I have been intrigued by Gabby Reynolds since we first met her in LP Dover’s second chance series. As the little sister of an MMA fighter, Gabby has been around all of the guys and has a presence in the Gloves Off series (a spin-off of second chance). When we get glimpses of Gabby in A fighter’s Desire I knew she was a strong and fiercely loyal character but I did not realize how much so until I read Paxton’s Promise. The last book (Ryley’s Revenge) leaves Gabby in debt [...]

Check out more of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuchforittomenormPaxton’s Promise is book #3 in the Gloves Off Series. Here are links to reviews for the rest of the series.A Fighters Desire part 1&2, Tyler’s Undoing and Ryley's Revenge.I have been lucky enough to have been gifted copies of all of the books in this series so far.I feel quite at home with these characters now, Gabriella has been in every book so far and I have been not so patiently waiting for Paxton’s book to be re [...]

arc provided in exchange for an honest review Good. Lord. I love this book. It wasn't a surprise though, the last book I read by LP Dover was a give star read as well.  There's something to be said about an author who can create such a unique story and make it work. And that's exactly what LP Dover does. Every single time. Paxton's Promise starts off where Ryley's Revenge left them, which completely excited me because I was waiting to find out the story behind Gabby and Paxton. The two of the [...]

Gabriella Reynolds is a sexy little minx of a bantamweight fighter who has a Love/Hate feelings for a tall, tattooed, and the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Paxton Emerson. Paxton is another hot, sexy fighter who every girl wants a piece of him, and he only has eyes for Gabby. They make a bet which she loses and now she is indebted to him and he wants payment and it isn't money he is after. Gabby makes good on her promise to Paxton. Rage’s has a fixation on Gabby and it reaches dangero [...]

Paxton’s Promise is the next book in the Gloves Off series, by L. P. Dover. This time we get to learn about Paxton and Gabriella. Now, I have always loved Ryley. He was my favorite book boyfriend, but no longer. I am completely in love with Paxton. I want him next to me. That man is so hot AND sweet. He is romantic, caring, loving and protective to those he chooses to love. Gabriella is one lucky woman!!! We know that Gabriella is also a MMA fighter and her brother Matt is her trainer, well no [...]

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