The Moonlight Palace

Liz Rosenberg

The Moonlight Palace

The Moonlight Palace

  • Title: The Moonlight Palace
  • Author: Liz Rosenberg
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Agnes Hussein, descendant of the last sultan of Singapore and the last surviving member of her immediate family, has grown up among her eccentric relatives in the crumbling Kampong Glam palace, a once opulent relic given to her family in exchange for handing over Singapore to the British.Now Agnes is seventeen and her family has fallen into genteel poverty, surviving on heAgnes Hussein, descendant of the last sultan of Singapore and the last surviving member of her immediate family, has grown up among her eccentric relatives in the crumbling Kampong Glam palace, a once opulent relic given to her family in exchange for handing over Singapore to the British.Now Agnes is seventeen and her family has fallen into genteel poverty, surviving on her grandfather s pension and the meager income they receive from a varied cast of boarders As outside forces conspire to steal the palace out from under them, Agnes struggles to save her family and finds bravery, love, and loyalty in the most unexpected places The Moonlight Palace is a coming of age tale rich with historical detail and unforgettable characters set against the backdrop of dazzling 1920s Singapore.

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It wasn't bad. It was just totally unmemorable. The characters lacked depth and the narrative was not particularly compelling. I wonder if perhaps this book has been marketed incorrectly. It might work better as a YA novel than a straight up historical novel. There was a lot of potential, but the execution fell short. Part of the problem was in choosing to tell the story in the first person from the perspective of a naive 17 year old girl. More detailed stories of the grandparents and the great- [...]

This is a lovely novel. The voice of the narrator is not only strong but makes you feel compassionate from an early point in the book. Those qualities, mixed with the exotic setting and torrid family history (although somewhat imagined--see chapter two) made this a very interesting book. This was a story that I was sorry to see end. The main character is such fun and her observations about life and her family are often times hilarious. I felt like I was walking alongside a friend during this boo [...]

A lighthearted, short and easy novel. I found myself wishing that the characters would have been fleshed out a little more, as I was curious and eager to learn more about them. I know nothing of Singapore, but after reading this book honestly feel like I would like to visit, if only because it was presented as a very diverse country that is welcoming to foreigners and embraces different cultures. The fact that the narrator, Aggie was half Chinese, a quarter British, and a quarter Muslim was inte [...]

From the author of The Laws of Gravity, Home Repair, and other works of fiction non-fiction comes a historical coming-of-age novel set in Singapore during the 1920s. The Moonlight Palace by Liz Rosenberg is the story of Agnes Hussein, a seventeen-year-old, who lives with her grandfather’s youngest brother in a crumbling palace which stands as a symbol of their rich heritage. Uncle Chachi, as he is fondly called, is the last surviving male heir in the family. Her grandparents are deceased, and [...]

I'm glad I took a chance and read this.This is Aggie’s story: "Once upon a time, I lived in a palace like a poor princess in a fairy tale and thought I had everything I wanted or needed— the turrets and winding staircases, the gleaming marble floors, the wooden parquet and the gardens. I even believed I had found a prince to rescue me. Now it was all in pieces, like a nest that had been kicked to bits." Agnes Hussein, the last surviving member of the Singapore Royal family from her generatio [...]

Really, really lovely. Aggie, being raised by grandparents and a great uncle in a crumbling Singapore palace, is such a clear and sympathetic character, she made it easy to get sucked right into this brief novel. I felt so connected to Uncle Chachi, Nei-Nei Down, British Grandfather, Dawid and all the odd but loving inhabitants of the palace, the people who kept the orphaned Aggie's life together and for whom she had to quickly find maturity and strength over the course of this novel. I have nev [...]

The synopsis of this book really intrigued me; I read a fair amount of historical fiction but I don’t read a lot that takes place in this part of the world. Any time I find a book that intrigues me and it’s removed from my usual European milieu I jump all over it. Singapore was pretty much an unknown for me and I’d hoped to learn something while being entertained.Agnes Hussein is the last of the line from the final Sultan of Singapore. Due to an agreement with the British government the fa [...]

There’s a lot of romance in these pages: certainly romance and love and affection for the eccentric extended family who inhabit the eponymous palace, but also romance and love and affection for Singapore itself – even if it’s a version of Singapore that has long gone.It would be hard to read this tale of a once grand family in a once grand house struggling with good humour against the changing world and not by affected by its charm, to not get pleasure from it. This is a book which goes ou [...]

17-year old Aggie lives with her aging relatives and a series of boarders in a crumbling palace during 1920's Singapore. They family's claim to the castle is tenuous, and they struggle to maintain their very modest standard of living with a small pension and money from Aggie's job.This book was utterly forgettable. The characters lack depth (I found myself going back and forwards in the book trying to remember who was who because many characters weren't distinctive). Aside from stating that the [...]

I adored this book. Singapore in the 1920's. A palace and family that has fallen into ruin and a daughter trying to keep them both from crumbling. The exotic setting had just the right amount of detail to carry me away. And the multi-cultural, multi-generational household was a tiny stage on which to explore the tensions of a changing country. If you love young female characters who refuse to accept societal strictures when there are much bigger problems do deal with, then you'll probably enjoy [...]

This is a small book, but by no means slight. It's exotic, moving and a bit suspenseful. "The Moonlight Palace" is a coming-of-age story set in 1920s Singapore. Liz Rosenberg's heroine, Agnes, is a descendant of the last sultan of Singapore and one of the few remaining protectors of a once-glamorous palace. Agnes, age 17, is curious, stubborn, daring and naive. She's also entirely likable. You'll enjoy finding out what happens as she flirts with suitors, looks for a job and faces the possibility [...]

Lovely and simpleThe story has a simple flow that keeps you interested but not anxious for the story to end. I felt like a voyeur in the lives of these beautiful characters.

I really liked this book, set in Singapore, because it has great characters and a great setting. The plot is somewhat nostalgic, yet has a smart and strong heroine who doesn't let herself be duped when she finds out the truth about a man she thought of as a possible love interest. The strength of family also comes through in this story.

The Moonlight Palace, by Liz Rosenberg"Let's agree right here at the outset that memory is made up of one part perception, one part intuition, and one part true invention." So begins Agnes Hussein, the unreliable narrator of The Moonlight Palace. The last descendant of the last sultan of Singapore, she is a curious teenage girl in early 20th century Singapore. Her family, once rich and important, still lives in the palace that once ruled Singapore but is now a crumbling ruin. Getting by on rent [...]

The Moonlight Palace is narrated by a teenager by the name of Agnes "Aggie" Hussein. Aggie lives in Singapore in the 1920's in a dilapidated palace called the Kampong Glam. The Hussein family was once a kind of royalty and the palace was once an opulent relic handed to her family in exchange for the family handing Singapore over to the British. Now the family lives in poverty, the palace is in ruins, and Aggie is facing the very real possibility that she may lose her family home; a home that is [...]

The Moonlight Palace (click book or see below for description)By Liz RosenbergReleases 10/1/14Downloaded free through Kindle First Program – September 2014Rating:4 bonesFinish Time: 5-6 nights. I was excited to see a historical fiction read on the Kindle Firstlist for September and this month has (you still have time to get one Prime members!) some pretty good selections compared to some past ones. Upon my highly technical Google search, I learned that this was actually a true historical ficti [...]

"The Moonlight Palace" is a historical fiction and coming-of-age story that surrounds Agnes, a seventeen year old girl who is coping with her family's slide into a lower status. Her family used to rule Singapore but that is no longer the case. It's the 1920s, when everything was changing all over the world very rapidly. Singapore was also changing quite rapidly. The story focuses on Agnes' family and I really enjoyed the quirky characters and the rich setting.The setting of this book was great. [...]

When I first learned to read, really read, what I loved was being transported to a place I had never been and would otherwise have never experienced. This happens when the writer takes the time to weave in the same small details we pay attention to when we are somewhere we have not been before. Some refer to this as stopping to smell the roses.Liz Rosenberg presents us with gardens, and with dusty old broken places where the cracks are as well known to those who live there as the lines in the fa [...]

Thank you Liz Rosenberg for taking me on a magical journey back in time to 1920 Singapore. With exquisite details and rich history, Moonlight Palace, is a delightful tale of a time and place that readers will enjoy.Agnes Hussen, lives with her grandparents,great uncle,an eclectic group of borders and an old dedicated servant in the crumbling majestic Kampong Glam Palace, their ancestral home. Agnes loves the palace as it is her connection to her past and parents. When an unforeseen event occurs [...]

Short, readable novel that presents a coming of age story for the narrator and primary character, Agnes Hussein. Agnes is the descendant of a royal family in Singapore, living in a dilapidated palace that has seen much better days. The brevity of the novel makes some of the less primary characters, all Agnes's family, not as fully developed that one may like (particularly because they are all fascinating), but Agnes makes a good character to follow - as a reader you root for her, and feel her pa [...]

This is a sweet story about Agnes (Aggie), a 17-year-old girl (and one of the last descendents of the last Sultan) living in a crumbling old palace in Singapore in the 20s. Her parents & brother died so she lives with her Uncle Chachi, Nei Nei Down, and British Grandfather along with her created family of the devoted Dawid, an orphan street-girl, an aged housekeeper, and a couple of boarders. The members of the household and the colorful characters at her jobs are fantastic. This story is ab [...]

The Moonlight Palace by Liz Rosenberg Really enjoyed this book, it was about nothing and everything! It's like a painting, either you get or you don't. Anyone who has every loved their home, even the holes in the roof and the worn out carpet, you realise it's more then a house, it's part of who you are. I could actually imagine the smells of Singapore, the incense, spicy noodle soup, the different people of that amazing city! Found myself highlighting several passages from this book, the cranky [...]

I liked the novel. When I first began to read, the protagonist's age made me wonder if I'd accidentally picked up a YA novel (nothing against 'em, but I was looking for a little higher-quality prose in general). Rosenberg does a fine job presenting a story of a family struggling to change with the times as the narrator learns to grow into the responsibilities of young adulthood in her world. There's no overuse of the words "protect" or "trust" like in many current, pop novels. Even the love inte [...]

I love this book. I don't usually give 5 stars, and I know this book is not the most deep and meaningful work of literature, but I just love it as a matter of personal taste. Sometimes I like it when the style of writing isn't strongly styled, dramatic, poetic, or unique. It is a more subtle writer's skill, I think, but incredibly powerful when plain, simple words fade from your consciousness, leaving you with the story itself, which comes alive with visual imagery of people and places and event [...]

I won this book in a contest at .anks.I loved "The Moonlight Palace" because it was a tender and sweet story. The story revolves around 17 year old Agnes, her wonderful family, and the crumbling Kampong Glam Palace in the 1920's Singapore. It is another page turning novel filled with ups and downs and familial love and loyalty. It is beautifully written by Liz Rosenberg and I will be reading more of her novels If you want to read a novel that you will get lost in then this terrific book is for y [...]

I loved this book. I was given it, free, from Reads this month and am happy to have had the opportunity to read it. It takes place in a run-down palace in 1920's Singapore and follows the lives of a young woman, who is orphaned, that is being raised by her grandparents and eccentric great uncle in this crumbling palace.The young lady, Aggie, must do what she can to save the palace and keep it in the family. The story is a quick and beautifully descriptive read.

A very entertaining story which takes place in Singapore in the 1920's. It is told by the main character - a 17 year old girl "coming of age". Life has thrown some difficult situations at her and her tale relays the responses she has to the ever changing facts of her life.A charming and delightful book which was very colorfully described with great attention to minute details so the word pictures imagined needed little to no enhancing.

Historical period fiction 1920 SingaporeReads like a journal in a first person narrative of a young lady in early 1900's in Singapore. Aggie is mixed race heritage, living in the decaying family palace with a wide generation of relations and boarders, going to high school, working, and generally trying to survive. Well done peak into this era with great characterization and story line. Recommend to readers 12 and older.

Wonderful readThis is a wonderful story of a young girl coming of age during a difficult time in Singapore for her family. Along the way she discovers a great deal about her family's history and also finds herself. She makes many mistakes and suffers many headaches, but in the end finds her happy ending while also managing to save her family's deteriorating palace.

I visited SingaporeThis book transported me to a time and place in such a way that I felt I had been there. The characters are richly developed, and you grow to love their endearing quirkiness. My passport is stamped and I am looking forward to another journey with this author leading the way with her beautifully written story.

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