The Duet

R.S. Grey

The Duet

The Duet

  • Title: The Duet
  • Author: R.S. Grey
  • ISBN: 9780990490425
  • Page: 323
  • Format: ebook

When 27 year old pop sensation Brooklyn Heart steps in front of a microphone, her love songs enchant audiences worldwide But when it comes to her own love life, the only spell she s under is a dry one So when her label slots her for a Grammy performance with the sexy and soulful Jason Monroe, she can t help but entertain certain fantasies those in which her G string gWhen 27 year old pop sensation Brooklyn Heart steps in front of a microphone, her love songs enchant audiences worldwide But when it comes to her own love life, the only spell she s under is a dry one So when her label slots her for a Grammy performance with the sexy and soulful Jason Monroe, she can t help but entertain certain fantasies those in which her G string gets play than her guitars.Only one problem Jason is a lyrical lone wolf that isn t happy about sharing the stage nor his ranch with the sassy singer But while it may seem like a song entitled Jason Monroe Is an Arrogant Ho basically writes itself, their label and their millions of fans are expecting recording goldThey re expecting The Duet.

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4 Stars!“n’t you see, you’ve brought me to my knees"The Duet is book one in R.S. Grey’s new series entitled Heart. This romantic comedy has a sassy pop singer pairing with a broody lone wolf solo artist to compose and write a duet for a Grammy performance. Two very different personalities and musical styles that will leave you wondering if it really is a good idea to pair polar opposites.“Brooklyn Heart, you are one sexy motherfucker!”Brooklyn Heart is a twenty-seven year old pop sin [...]

Now live on !4 stars!Though I don’t read many of them, sometimes it’s great to unwind with a lighthearted, humorous read and when I picked up The Duet it hit the nail on the head with light and funny. Though the premise isn’t anything I haven’t read before, the witty banter, nearly drama-free plot, the close camaraderie between the two Heart sisters and the two very charming main characters totally won me over and I had a blast reading this book. Pop singer Brooklyn Heart is a hoot. She [...]

4 Stars!RS Grey and Iwe just get along! I've read and enjoyed all of her books and The Duet was no exception.I love that all of her books are completely different from each other. I love that not every book turns in to a multi book series. They don't have cliffhanger endings. They aren't filled with juvenile drama and annoying MCs. And best of all, they make me laugh.Brooklyn was a great heroineybe a little in her head too much. Despite being a pop star she was down to earth and fun! Jason is he [...]

4.5 "Sing to me" starsAfter reading The Duet,I was led to a huge,life-changing revelation.One that was formed in the back of my mind since V is for Virgin,one that started putting down roots after Like Gravity,and now will be my downfall:I want to marry a singer.A cocky,sexy as hell singer who writes songs about me because is there anything hotter than this?Thank you R.S. Grey for narrowing down my chances of finding a real life book boyfriend from zero to Alaska temperatures.Loving you would be [...]

5 AMAZING STARS <3 <3 OMG I can't even express how much I love Rachel's writing!!! She knows how to write funny,sweet,romantic and sexy stories!!! So far I thought "With This Heart" was my favorite book but this book has something that stole my heart!! *sigh* Everytime I read a new story from Rachel I'm excited because each book has something to give me! I'm a huge fan of her and I’m always so excited when I read a book of hers! I really loved this book from the first page!! It captivate [...]

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4 Stars.Brooklyn and Jason are both very famous a successful country singers, both nominated to the Emmy’s. But as they attracted different groups of fans, their agents have a brilliant idea: bring them together to perform a duet during the Emmy’s that join their public.Jason immediately rejects that idea and is pretty vocal about it and Brooklyn doesn’t understand why she attracts such a cold front from him. Since they have no other choice, are stuck together in a Montana ranch and that [...]

3 stars! Review at Of Pens and Pages.Brooklyn Heart and Jason Monroe are the two biggest talents in their music label; while Brooklyn conquered the pop charts with her love songs, Jason won his legions of fans with his soulful music and sexy-mysterious aura. They’ve never worked together and never really thought it would ever happen until the higher ups thought it was a perfect idea. Now they’ll have to write a song together and perform it at the Grammy’s. No big deal.Except it is. How can [...]

3.5 StarsThis story is light and fun. Brooklyn and Cami are hilarious but the love story between Brooklyn and Jason was just okay for me.

4 duet stars!I was a little hesitant to read this book since I wasn't that impressed with my first RS Grey book. But after seeing some of my trusted friends' positive reviews -- friends that don't usually care for this type of stories -- I knew I just have to read this. And I loved it!Sure it wasn't super deep or super emotional but it was super fun and the characters were endearing and relatable despite the fact the MCs are both celebrities. They are my least favorite MCs to read about but Broo [...]

Title:The DuetSeries:Untitled #1Author:R.S. GreyRelease date: November 10, 2014Rating:3 starsCliffhanger:No HEA:(view spoiler)[Yes(hide spoiler)]I was so excited to check out this latest from R.S. Grey. Everything I've read from her has been 4-5 stars in the past. Going in, I think I had anticipated a more serious tone based on my past reads. However, Scoring Wilder did have more humor than the previous books. This one right here I would definitely classify as romantic comedy-minus the romance f [...]

I'm reading the books in this series backwards. I read The Design last month and loved it. After seeing Brooklyn Heart in Cammie's book, I knew I wanted to read her story too.Brooklyn Hart and Jason Monroe are both successful and popular singers. They are both beautiful professionals, but they sing different genres. To bridge the gap, their record company came up with the idea that instead of performing two independent songs at the music awards they should write and sing a duet together. Jason i [...]

”It’s just…have you ever had sex with a Brazilian underwear model and thought, ‘Seriously, I thought this would be better’?”“Can’t say that I have.”I laughed at her dry retort. “Okay, well, it was terrible. No tingles, no fireworks, and definitely no happy ending.”“Are you serious?”“Dead serious.” I shrugged. “I’m over it. From now on, I’m just going to think of other things to do with my vagina.”“Yeah, you could probably store receipts in there,”Let me [...]

Loving you would be easy as taking a breath.A pretty enemies to friends with benefits to lovers romance. I enjoyed the whole musicians having to work together plot. It was interesting, and it’s always fun to see emotions coming out through music.Brooklyn was a fun character. I liked that she wasn’t over the top with her personality, she just was her fun, confident yet unsure self. I liked her relationship with her sister Cammie as well. Jason was broody and a bit of a jerk at first, but of c [...]

“He must be a kicker when he slept…or maybe he slept spread eagle. In the nude. With whipped cream.”There is nothing quite like a book that makes you smile so many times your jaw literally starts hurting! I went into this story somewhat blindly, drawn to the ‘opposites attracting’ type of scenario, but I never expected to become so easily captivated by the characters, or that the mere thought of them even a week after finishing this book would still be putting a smile on my face. An up [...]

4.25 Light, Fun, and Sexy Stars!This is Pop Princess, Brooklyn Heartand this is brooding male recording star Jason MonroeTwo genres of music. Two completely different lifestyles. Two talented musicians. One of the most unlikely pairings! When the record label puts them together in hopes for Grammy magic, it is gonna be along haul to make the perfect duet! wellNOT SO FAST!Jason is one stone cold dude. He is sex on a stick but he is also " probably the assholiest person I’ve ever met.” Yep. So [...]

3.5 Funny Stars!I had totally forgotten that I had to review this for the release blitz so when reminded I quickly jumped in and hoped this would be good and not a slow read because that would have killed me at this point.I started this and could not stop after reading about Brooklyn Heart and Jason Monroe's awkward first encounter.Simply put its about two different singers who have but put together by their label to write a song for their duet.This is one of those books that caused me to have a [...]

A hilariously clever heroine with a good dose of brooding male sexiness made this book a wonderful delight. It’s funny, witty, hot and endearing.When pop phenom Brooklyn Heart is programmed to write and perform a duet with soulful singer Jason Monroe, it’s more probable that they’ll end up writing an “I hate your attitude, let’s never see each other again” song, than the collaboration ballad their label is hoping to get. But between her lively personality, his dark one and their mutu [...]

Advance Readers Copy(ARC) provided for my blog for an honest review by the lovely author R.S. GreyTitle: The DuetAuthor: R.S. GreySeries: (Heart, #1)Genre: New AdultRelease Date: November 10th, 2014Source: eARCRating: 3 StarsCliffhanger: NoHEA: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Character Casting:Brooklyn Heart -Jason Monroe -Review:Let me say I felt so excited when I received an ARC of The Duet because I loved With This Heart and Scoring Wilder is in my top ten favorite books of this year. But a [...]

I Loved this! Super cute and sexy and refreshing! A pop princess and a brooding sexy solo artist it was so funny at times and the sexual tension was boiling. I loved Brooklyn she was so hilarious and confident. No serious emotional baggage weighing her down her and her sister did lose both parents several years earlier but it only made Brooklyn stronger. I do wish we would have got Jason's POV but besides that this was a page turner for me and I couldn't wait to see what would happen next for th [...]

Awww, that ending was cute

Full come to soon x

Now we're talking. You have no idea people how much I itch for this kind of read for a while now well, like a hormonal prego craving for chocolate ice cream with sprinkles on top that is. Light, funny and not overtly heavy with the drama. I lurve Jason. But Brooklyn is the icing on the cake, she is really hilarious but feisty. I love her. I am really a happy reader right now. Squeeee!

Cute story :)

Okay, so this is one of those lazy days when I'm just going to lay my thoughts out here without any introduction about the characters or the story. Everything seems to be fine - I was happy about the way the story's progressing, and the male lead (Jason) made me swoon even if he was one hell of a complex case, brooding, and alternating between hot and cold. But then his "secret" came out (don't worry, as it's going to be fine in the end, though it just led to a major misunderstanding which I gue [...]

I'm so disappointed that I didn't love this! I tried, I really did but I just couldn't! I liked it, yes, I did but I hate to say that I didn't love it! I made this weird connection between Brooklyn Heart and Keatyn Douglas (from Stalk Me). I really did not enjoy the Keatyn Chronicles - so Brooklyn was kind of set up for a loss. As I got more into the book, I disliked her less, but still didn't feel a great connection with her. Argh! I really didn't like Jason! He was such an asshole to Brooklyn [...]

Definitely liked, but didn't love this one. I feel like I never really got to know Jason. He maybe had a total of a page worth of dialogue. Since character connection is such a big factor for me, I'm a little disappointed in this story. I wanted more from Jason but never really got it. Also, the humor is so forced when it comes to Grey's books, which is kind of annoying. Overall, I loved the idea of the book, but the delivery fell short. But it was still a sweet, light read with manageable drama [...]

'What if the lights cut out? What if my microphone breaks? What if I forget my lyrics during the song? What if a bear gets set loose inside the Staples Center?'A hilarious fun quick read, a light love story. Loved the epilogues, laughed a lot. This is my first book of this author, and could become my to-go-writer when I need something light & LOL.

4 starsMore later. It was good, just didnt love Brooklyn that much.

A light-hearted contemporary romance that was quick and fun-to-read. If you love music, you’ll find this one particularly appeasing. There’s a little twist in the last third of the book that comes as a surprise – but fits in well with the storyline and kept things interesting. Lots of witty banter infiltrates this sexy romp between two lovable characters that will leave most romance readers satisfied and looking forward to the next book. This was the perfect fix for my need for something l [...]

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