Juliet's Moon

Ann Rinaldi

Juliet's Moon

Juliet's Moon

  • Title: Juliet's Moon
  • Author: Ann Rinaldi
  • ISBN: 9780152061708
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover

War is turning Juliet Bradshaw s world upside down Her brother, Seth, rides with William Quantrill s renegade Confederate army, but he s helpless when the Yankees arrest Juliet along with the wives and sisters of Quantrill s soldiers as spies Imprisoned in a dilapidated old house in Kansas City, Juliet is one of a handful of survivors after the building collapses, killinWar is turning Juliet Bradshaw s world upside down Her brother, Seth, rides with William Quantrill s renegade Confederate army, but he s helpless when the Yankees arrest Juliet along with the wives and sisters of Quantrill s soldiers as spies Imprisoned in a dilapidated old house in Kansas City, Juliet is one of a handful of survivors after the building collapses, killing most of the young girls inside When she s reunited with her brother, Juliet finds the life she had previously known is gone Surrounded by secrets, lies, murder, and chaos, she must determine just how far she will go to protect the people and things she holds dear.

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Now, I know what I'm about to say is a little irrevelent, but I gotta say the cover isn't that great. It could be forgivable if it was published many years ago, but it was published in 2008. By that time they have exponentially vamped up cover art. Well, that all aside I picked this up because I hadn't read historical fiction in a while, and I've always been a Rinaldi fan.I love American Civil War stories, but in this one we see it through the eyes of a thirteen-year-old girl named Juliet Bradsh [...]

Not nearly as well crafted and developed as her earlier books and yet another take on the Civil War from a young southern girl's point of view. The author recently has been crafting her story around girls that are too young (10-12) to really serve as useful and interesting protagonist. Still, the book is worth the read and does give some background into the Bushwackers during the Civil War. However, for a better take, rent the movie, "Ride with the Devil".

I love Ann Rinaldi, but I was not thrilled with this book. The plot was underdeveloped in comparison to her other books. The characters were not as dynamic as ones she has developed before, either. I was very interested in the topict in the Civil War in Kansas and Missouri, it was supposed to give insight into the Bushwackers. I don't know if the research just wasn't there for this topic, but there was just not enough substance for me.

This is as good a young adult historical fiction novel as there is. Rinaldi has developed rich characters that allows the reader an immediate connection. The choice of topic, a little known incident during the time of the Civil War. It is a clever, enjoyable read. The main character is plucky enough to convert female readers solely interested in romance stories. Well done!

I think that this was one of the strongest girls in any of Rinaldi's books. Juliet is only twelve but goes through so much in her life. The book was short but jam packed with action and difficult situations. I would definitely recommend this to any historical fiction fan.

An interesting look at some of the events during the latter part of the Civil War from a younger southern girl's perspective. It's hard to believe some of these events actually happened!

I understand that this was a young adult novel, but I have read so many beautifully crafted YA novels, that in truth, this one left me feeling as if it lacked. Exactly what it lacked, I' can't quite put my finger on it. I came across this book purely by accident. As I was waiting in line for my children to meet Clifford the Big Red Dog, we snaked through the book shelves and my eye caught the book jacket. Was I really seeing an image of Anastasia Romanov, daughter to the last Tsar of Russia on a [...]

Another awesome story of the Civil War. This one is about the female family of the men in Quantrill's Raids. The main character is Juliet Bradshaw the little sister of William Clarke Quantrill's captain Seth Bradshaw. Juliet and many of the female relations of the Raiders were kidnapped and taken to Kansas City, Kansas and imprisoned. The Union Army hoped that by doing this they could find out where Quantrill's men were. Unfortunately, the building they were being kept in collapsed and most of t [...]

Even though this particular Ann Rinaldi book only earned 3 stars, I still liked it. Compared to her other books, it was not my favorite for several reasons: Juliet is a pretty spoiled girl, and even though she does usually act for selfless means, I had a hard time completely connecting to her, and part of what makes Rinaldi's heroines so good is the ease in which the Reader can connect to them. Juliet also was not a real figure in history, and I always tend to like Rinaldi's fictional characters [...]

During the Civil War, Juliet Bradshaw's older brother Seth rides with Quantrill's Raiders in Missouri. This was a group infamous for its revenge tactics -- when the Yankees would burn farms and shoot Confederates, the Raiders would find Yankees for similar treatment. Riding with Quantrill is Sue Mundy, who was the most famous double agent of her time. Juliet doesn't like Sue, as she sees her as a rival for Seth's affections for his sweetheart Martha, but Sue comes to the rescue for Juliet more t [...]

This is another of Ann Rinaldi's excellent series of historical novels. This one takes place post-Gettysburg but before the end of the Civil War. Juliet is 12 and the sister of Seth, who is one of the members of Quantrill's Raiders.The Union forces in the areas have been burning farms, and it's only a matter of time before they arrest Juliet and the others at her home for being relatives of men in the Raiders. They lock her and a number of girls and women up in a jail, but there's a terrible acc [...]

The premise of this book was really interesting to me. I had heard of the Quantrill Raiders and knew that Jesse James began his criminal career in that arena. I had not heard about the wives and sisters of the Quantrill Raiders being taken prisoner and most dying in the collapse of the prison they were in. I was intrigued but unfortunately the book did not live up. I believe the author was trying to stay historically correct and based her character interactions on journals from the time period. [...]

Juliet is a forthright, somewhat headstrong daughter of the South.And a sister to Seth Bradshaw, who happens to ride with Quantrill’s Raiders.When Pa dies at the point of a Yankee bullet, Seth becomes Juliet’s only family. And she becomes embroiled, not only with the fate of the Raiders, but with those who wish to destroy them, the horrors of the Grand Avenue Prison, and the escapades of Sue Mundy.Who might—or might not—be the only woman to ride and shoot alongside Quantrill’s band.Wha [...]

Juliet's Moon by Ann RinaldiIf you like the Civil War and learning more facts about the history of this period, then this book is for you! Juliet's brother, Seth, is a member of the Quantrill Raidersa little-known group of guerilla soldiers who were sympathetic to the Confederate cause. When Juliet is captured by Yankees and accused of treason because her brother is a member, she endures numerous hardships while she awaits her rescue or the payment of her ransom. Famous members of the Quantrill [...]

Juliet's Moon by Ann Rinaldi takes place throughout the Civil War where Juliet Bradshaw's family are strong southern plantation owners of the Cottonocracy. This book has a strong historical content with an intense dialog. The setting and plot seem realistic as do the characters and their personalities. Being set in the south the language is also authentic but can be crude in some ways. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good read because it's a really fun book! As the main character an [...]

This is a fascinating perspective of the Civil War seen through the eyes of a young girl, Juliet Bradshaw, who was part of the group of girls that was captured by the Yankees and held captive in a jail in Kansas City. Her brother was part of the Quantrill Raiders, a group of Confederates who raided and looted the Yankees in retribution for their losses. Juliet discovers that we all have our own dark side of the moon, and she must decide how far she is willing to go in her quest to return to the [...]

I used to love Ann Rinaldi's novels but her last few have been short and depressing. This one is no exception. It is about the women related to Quantrill's (Rebel) Raiders during the Civil War. It's bloody, violent and sad. Juliet was too young and innocent to be an appealing heroine. She very passively allows things to happen to her and doesn't take much control over her own life as the war gets longer and bloodier.

Juliet's Moon is a fictional account of the Civil War as told by a Confederate young girl, Juliet Bradshaw. This young person's novel tells the story of the murder of Juliet's father by Union soldiers, the burning of her home, her imprisonment in a Union prison, her eventual freedom and life on her brother's small plantation in Missouri before the end of the war. This book also tells the story of Quantrill's Raiders and "female" Confederate soldier Sue Mundy, aka, Marcellus Jerome Clark.

I'm not sure where Ann Rinaldi is heading in her writing career, but I hope she isn't losing her historical touch. This is the first "historical" book I've read by her that hasn't REALLY given a bit of history on a platter. She focused more on her made up characters, which is fine; just not like her. Though definitely darker than her usual style, I thought it was a very thought provoking book, and I truly enjoyed it.

Juliet is a young girls whose life is torn apart by the war, often during the book it feels like Juliet is both extremely unlucky ( being taken prisoner by the Union troops) and very lucky ( being one of the few girls who manages to sat alive in the building collapse). I am always intrigued by the unique bits of history, the unknown stories that Ann Rinaldi uses in her books. Her research is excellent and I am always confident that any events in her books are historically accurate.

OH. MY. GOSH. I just finished this book, and it was utterly unbelievable. Ann Rinaldi is a genius. In school right now we are studying the Civil War, so this fit in nicely. At some parts, I just wanted to start crying, but the characters are some of my favorites of all time! I want to marry Seth Bradshaw. :-) Anyway, I highly recommend this book!

My favorite of Rinaldi's is The Last Silk Dress. I read that over and over again as a teen and when I saw this I thought I would love it too. It was a good story but it could have been better so I have to say it didn't pull its weight like I was hoping. A longer plot with more character development would be needed.

This was a quick read and fun for the whole family. We have been into reading historial fiction as a family and it's a fun way to bring up historical topics. This book draws you into the lives of the main characters and you want to find out what happens. Another thing I really liked is that at the end of the book it tells you what happened to all the "real" characters in the book.

This was an interesting account of the Grand Avenue building collapse where several women and girls related to Quantrill's Raiders were being kept and events after the building collapse. Books like this help readers appreciate that the Civil War was fought on so many different fronts with some groups acting independently.

I thought the book was very well written. I did like how Juliet is always wanting her brother it shows how family is really important,and how we should love on another. I didn't like how they made Sue Mundy a man and girl at the same time. I didn't like how Seth proposed to Martha when she was in the hospital.

I love Rinaldi and was looking forward to a great historical fiction. I was disappointed. This one did not draw me in. the main character Juliet was a shallow character who I did not have much empathy for.

My friend wanted me to read this book and I am so glad I did because it was amazing there was romance and sadness and love and adventure all rapped in one which is amazing it is so good I recommend to read it but there is a lot of swear word and other words so it's for older people.

Buzzwords: Civil war, disguised gender, girls in danger, madness, prison, loveInteresting historical background of which I had never heard - I wish we had gotten to know the characters better though.

At the time I read it I remember thinking that this was an interesting book, but now (less than a year later) I can't even remember what it was about. That either a sign that my mommy brain has gotten more sieve-like or that this really wasn't that great a book.

Rinaldi is one of my favorite historical fiction writers, but her later works aren't as strong as her earlier books.

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