Battle Vixens Volume 2: v. 2

Yuji Shiozaki

Battle Vixens Volume 2: v. 2

Battle Vixens Volume 2: v. 2

  • Title: Battle Vixens Volume 2: v. 2
  • Author: Yuji Shiozaki
  • ISBN: 9781591827443
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback

As a Toushi the Japanese owners of jewels that contain the spirits of ancient heroes Hakufu was born with an insatiable appetite for battle, which goes unfulfilled until her mother sends her to Tokyo to start her Toushi training and realize her destiny.

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ikki tosen the manga. i think i already mentioned i'm going to hell.

I'm not sure when this book was originally published vs. Tenjo Tenge, but the more I read, the more this came across as a poor man's version of the latter: same concept, similar characters and designs (EDIT: a fan actually listed comparisons side by side of the two mangas, showing scenes and poses that seem to very closely resemble those of TT, if not outright plagiarize them) with none of the charm, the interesting backstory or characters: the main protagonist wins fights always in the same way [...]

Battle Vixens is good at what it does, just isn't really my thing. In this one Hakufu faces off against Ryomo and some other more powerful Toushi. The fights are repetitive - Hakufu seems to get beaten, loses her shirt, gives us tones of panty shots before mysteriously being able to power up and win. The one nice thing about this one are the character bios which break up each chapter. Not much else I can say really it is what it is - an excuse to show as much T&A and violence as possible wit [...]

In the afterword to volume 1, Yuji Shiozaki claimed he would make the story easier to follow. This is a promise that he didn't fully keep. Well, it is easier to follow due to familiarity with the characters, but there are still areas where I found it very hard to follow the story, and had to check to see if I had somehow skipped a page. A nice addition was character bios for some of the main characters. The artwork maintained the same quality from the first volume.

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