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  • Title: Vengeance
  • Author: Bec Botefuhr
  • ISBN: 9781481050418
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback

Jax has been gone only a mere few months after Jade s devastating betrayal, and Jade doesn t know how to cope She will do anything for her family She will do anything for her husband She will fix it Just when things are looking up, Ben returns with Vengeance He wants that treasure and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back Jax and Jade have to make a chJax has been gone only a mere few months after Jade s devastating betrayal, and Jade doesn t know how to cope She will do anything for her family She will do anything for her husband She will fix it Just when things are looking up, Ben returns with Vengeance He wants that treasure and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back Jax and Jade have to make a choice, do they fight or run Jax s instincts tell him to fight, he is a pirate, his family is in danger Jade s instincts tell her to run, she is afraid for her family, she wants to be freed of violence When tragedy strikes, Jax and Jade will have to make the ultimate decision, do they fight as pirates or do they turn their backs

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3 Solid Wacked-Out Stars “You know, you drive me fucking crazy. You make me happy, you make me mad, and you make me feel things I have never felt before. You make a man mental and yet, I can’t get enough of you.” So basically that quote pretty much summarizes the story. That and the GIF below:I am emotionally drained from this series from trying to keep up with everything. There is just so much DRAMA happening ALL THE TIME, mostly because of Jane. Honestly I just wanted to slap her during [...]

What did I just read?!?!?!?!? OMG, It was crazy. It was awesome. It made no sense.In the final conclusion of the Pirate series everything pretty much comes together. I wonder why this book was made into more of a short story style. EVERYTHING felt rushed. SO MUCH HAPPENS. SO MUCH DRAMA!!! Pregnancies, stabbings, immortals, Gods, Curses, Gun shot wounds, yelling, slapping, bar fights, multiple hospital visits, death, balls, memory loss, kinkiness, and a promise of starting over. All of this is ja [...]

Sniff. Sniff. I'm gonna crye series is over. How will I go on??Seriously, I LOVED this series. It was a wonderful/hot/adventurous journey though the life of (modern day) Pirates. The author really pulled off an exciting-angsty love storyI will never forget this series. I could only hope that she decides to write anothere I could never get enough of Jax (or Jack, PJ, and Jade).WOW, I just don't know what to do nowI'm actually sad that it's over. Jax was it for me, my muse, my obsession, my guilty [...]

Ahhh, I've finally reached the end. I honestly feel I've been trapped in an emotional prison and have been trying to claw my way out since starting this series.Of course the drama was jacked up once again. GEESH. I should have known. Jaxx and Jade have resolved their differences yet once again. But as before, their bliss doesn't stay blissful for long.Faced with an ongoing threat from another pirate who just doesn't know when to quit, everything is on the line.The annoying part was Jades and Jax [...]

Oh God where to start. These books bring out so much emotion. I have criedand laughed ohhed and ahhhed. It's totally intense. I really sad this series is over. The characters go through so much it's nuts. At times I was like " you got to be fuckin kiddin me!!". Jax is by far the sexiest bad boy ever. You want to smack him then jump on top of him all in the same breath. Jade is also a really strong character also. Though sometimes I did want to strangle her. What a story. Give these books a shsot [...]

Wow! This is definitely one of my favourite series I have ever read!So much heart ache and anguish my chest hurt throughout this series.Both Jade and Jax are so stubborn. They had to go through so much shit, I couldn't believe a story could put them in so many shitty situations.- To find out that he never cheated on her was an amazing feeling.- For James to finally hurt her and for her memory to be gone I couldn't believe it. I'm so glad PJ gave her back her memories.- I could not believe Ben ki [...]

Ok, I have read quite a few of Bec Botefuhr's books and they are all WAY out there. Seriously. But that is what makes them an escapist book. Don't read them for deep emotional read. Read them for fun! I mean, in what other book can you have a Russian princess, drug dealers, a God, immortality, curses, and Pirates???? All in modern times???This last book had a couple of WTF moments for me, but I really liked the modern day pirate idea. I had ignored this series until someone loaned me the first o [...]

Okay I know I haven't reviewed the first two books yet, but I will. Needless to say I loved book one and two. They had me on the edge of my chair the whole book. This book however did not. I had to put in down for a day and come back to it. It was just sooo redundant. And when Jade lost her memory?? CA'MON!! I was so past over her drama. It had me annoyed and over it. But I powered though it because I hate not finishing book. I am glad I did, it was the perfect ending. Jax was great, he always h [...]

I read all three books on this series in two daysd a night. Just couldn't put them down. Jax and Jade are probably the most dysfunctional couple ever. But I loved them! I cried, laughed,cried some more and kept reading. If you like adventure, angst, and pure unadulterated sex this series has it all! Jax has to be one of the sexiest heroes around but he is not always a hero. He's a pirate. He kills people and he robs people and he can be cruel. But Jade loves him and that made the whole series wo [...]

I really love the whole series. Who would have thunk it, iPhone carrying pirates. There were a ton of HOT moments. I hate the cliffhanger part, but being that it is a series, I expected it. Jax & Jade were both strong but weak, stupid but thoughtful.I never thought I would say there was too much that went on in a story but in the pirates, there was. However, it was all told clearly if that makes sense.

sad to see this end, but you did a great job!!! after ever thing they the up and down's death, love, family in the end there is only each other love' looking to reading other books to come.

I am sad to see this series end. It was PHENOMONAL! It literally took me through every emotion known to mankind. I've never been into pirate books and was actually hesistant to read it because of that, boy am I glad I cast that thought aside. Jade and Jax are one hell of a dynamite couple. Explosive, stubborn, hot, crazy, kinky, borderline obsessive. This was literally like a soap opera with all of the constant drama. It had it's supernatural elements to itincesses, healers, pirates. It transpor [...]

Ok I was really intrigued and interested in finding out what happened to everyone but this just drew me up short. The violence just turned me off. I wanted more of the story and it just seemed to me that the violence consumed the story. I am all for violence in fiction especially with pirates but when the heroine gets punched and slapped in the face by numerous of the male characters in the book enough is enough. I was sad in a few places because of the loss that Jade had endured through this la [...]

I hated Jade, the books wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for her, although the main story wasn't so good to begin with.I read the 3 books, hoping o find some good, redeeming quality about Jade, but the only good one she had (the healing gift), she trhew it away because she wasn't the center of attention when she took the pain from others. Which is a perfect example of who she is: a spoiled, self-absorbed, brat that threw tantrums every chance she got when she wasn't the centre of attention [...]

I loved it. I hated the part Bella came out of the damn blues and had his child Aiden, I mean wow ! If my husband did that to melet's just say he won't be getting any lovin for at least a year haha. I don't think Jax was punished enough by Jade. And really why did baby Rj have to die? That really sucks ass big time. I enjoyed reading these three books but there were some parts I did not like, like how Jade got jealous and over did her jealousy I mean come on you got your pirate, but did you thin [...]

Okay, well that's done. It's a HEA but there is so much shit that goes on in this book I can't even begin to start. I was happy that something didn't happen that they thought did. Then I was pissed because he kept something from Jade, his wife, that was HUGE! I mean I would be just absolutely confused, frustrated, pissed, hurt, feel betrayed. I mean, it's not something that will ever go away. Her mom, omg, Mack too. My heart just hurt for everyone. Jax got better the 2nd half of the book. I was [...]

I liked this book and am only sorry I read it before reading the other books first! Once I started it I had to see where it lead to but definitely missed out on character development and the basis of the story. I was able to pick it up as I read but I definitely would recommend that this be a book read from the beginning of the series so that you truly understand what is going on and how the characters interact with one another. That being said, the story is action packed, filled with pirate rom [...]

Well just finished the series and loved everyone of them. I've never read a series about pirates before and for anyone else who's never done it I highly recommend it. I found Bec Botefuhr thru Witness Proctection (which i also highly recommend) as a free read (before the re-written addition, but of course I just had to have the re-written verison) once I was done with that I wanted more books by this author. I cant wait to see what else she comes out with :)

Bec I truely loved this series, why were they so short, i could of read much more from jade & Jax and their extended family.There was passion,adventure,suspense, frustration, tenderness and there was true love and lust what ore could a girl look for in a book.Definately reccomend this series from Bec as another great series, 5 stars from me for all 3

I did not want this to endl the lust and angst and drama. Jax & Jade were meant for each other. This last book had more action and less of the sexual drama than the first two. Great round about ending. I couldn't take more of Jax's "whoring", thanks for making him a one woman man. This trilogy was a great must read!!

Now if these 3 books arent the most rollercoaster of a ride of emotions I dont know what is!!Jax & Jade are seriously f*cked up! There is no other word for it - their relationship is seriously built on f*cked upke hell if it doesnt make for an awesome story along the way!!Great choice of characters and modern day pirates - awesome reads!!

I'm sad for this series to end. It was a damn fine ride to be along with Jade and Jax. After reading all 3 books in 2 days.ah I pretty much devoured these books.I would recommend these books to everyone. The sex is hot. The story is constantly moving without any lulls in the book. It kept me on the edge of my seat with each turn of the page.

Ok I wanted to slap these two in the face. OMG they are both annoying. Wah wash you hurt my feelingsnning now. And can Jade be anymore immature? Does she really need everyone giving her 100% attention all the time. Jeez. I loved it though. It ended beautifullyhe finally grew up also and decided it was going to be about his family and not a life of freedom out on the seas.

Never was there to fucked up people to belong to each other. I say that in a good way. The entire series was def an emotional roller coaster. I also felt I looked between the lines of the book. Our lives are what me make of it, our decisions alter the course of our lives. Jax and Jade I love them!If you have not read first two books unhave to read them first,

Done.lly done Jade is a drama queen! Jax is a drama King so i guess that makes them perfect for eachother. That doesn't make them a great couple to read about. the story progresse fine but I felt like I was reading abou two horny spoiled brats together. I definetly liked the first book the best.

Ok this whole series had me all over the place but I so totally loved it!!! Jax really stole my heart in the end & I loved how strong Jade was through it all & thank you Bec for the happy ending!!! You made me a happy girl!!!

I was sad to see the series end, but was definitely satisfied where everything lead. The characters are amazing and their story played out well. I am very happy with this series and the author. Look forward to reading more from you!

Well finally. much can one couple actually go through and survive!! Even though Jade was a spoiled brat she was also strong if you can get over her having to be the center of EVERY ONES universe lol

I'm so glad this series is over. It had some moments, but I really did not like any of the characters. I will read more by Ms. Botefuhr, but I will not finish a book with such awful people in it again.

Just read the Pirate series. hotter than modern day Pirates Jax and Jacklove any book By this author If you haven't read any Bec Botefuhr books you are really missing out on great reading!!!!!!

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