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  • Title: Neverfall
  • Author: Brodi Ashton
  • ISBN: 9780062236418
  • Page: 145
  • Format: ebook

A thrilling new novella from the author of the Everneath series Jack is trapped for eternity in the Tunnels while Nikki has managed to evade Cole s grasp for now But Cole is desperate than ever to find answers about Nikki, his best chance for taking over the throne of the underworld How did she survive the Feed Can Cole find another Forfeit like her who can sA thrilling new novella from the author of the Everneath series Jack is trapped for eternity in the Tunnels while Nikki has managed to evade Cole s grasp for now But Cole is desperate than ever to find answers about Nikki, his best chance for taking over the throne of the underworld How did she survive the Feed Can Cole find another Forfeit like her who can survive it too Cole s quest leads him to the other side of the world, to a mysterious, dangerous society known as the Delphinians, whose price for information might be higher than Cole can pay a price that could destroy Nikki But when Cole attempts to steal the answers instead, his mission ends in disaster Faced with centuries in a Delphinian dungeon, Cole is confronted with questions he s been too scared to ask himself Is he really obsessed with the throne or is he obsessed with Nikki And can she really give him a new beginning as the Everneath s king or will she instead bring about his tragic end

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This book is similar to Tahereh Mafi's Destroy Me. Because both are in the "bad guys'" POV, and they pick up right where the previous books end. Not that I'm complaining.

Had a book hangover from finishing Everbound - found this. This was the best novella I have ever read. Can I give it 10 stars?Brodi Ashton is an amazing writer. This is written from Cole's perspective, and his voice is so different than Nikki's! He's really funny. Cole (whose real name is Coleson Stockflet, by the way, who knew?) is my favorite character in this series. If you wondered what was going on in his head in Everneath (and to better understand how he acted in Everbound), just read this [...]

This review is also available over at my blog.______________________I like the cover, but I wish it had Cole in it instead of the same picture used in the Everbound cover. Wouldn't that be way cooler? :DAnyways, my thing with Cole is that, I'm aware that he's immortal, yeah. But for some reason I'm just not reallynvinced about it. I was excited when I heard this was going to be from his POV, and maybe I'll get a chance to finally get to know his past, since he's lived since like the beginning of [...]

Novellas that take place between sequels in the YA verse have become increasingly popular. I remain a skeptic because I haven't seen many novellas that have added anything to the story. But every once in a while, I get surprised and impressed. Neverfall did both.Neverfall is probably the best novella I've read, and is a must read for a reader of the Everneath series. Why? The novella adds essential information, changes the perspective to Cole's so we get to understand this enigmatic character be [...]

I suppose that, when compared to other YA Novellas, Neverfall is kind of amazing. Yet, taking into account that the novellas I usually read are either written by Australian Authors (Melina Marchetta's Ferragost) or Adult Urban Fantasy Authors (Ilona Andrews), Neverfall fell short of the exemplary novella-writing I've come to expect when I crack open these short stories. While it was entertaining and kept me engaged (for the most part), I struggle to find the real purpose in it. Is there a point, [...]

WHY DO I HAVE TO LOVE BOTH BOYS?? I always thought my undeniable obsession with Jack Caputo was enough, but of course Brodi Ashton has to make me fall for Cole too. The way this was told from his perspective was GENIUS, and I loved -- as I always do with make POVs -- seeing Cole's adorable perception of Nikki. He's such a damn softie Ben though he pretends to play the tough rocker guy. And he loves her too much not to make me gush AWWWWWW (': Also, that excerpt from Everbound at the end?? KIND O [...]

Absolutely heartbreaking.(view spoiler)["I don’t want to find another Forfeit. I don’t want anyone else. I only want you.""Nikki couldn’t keep Jack alive forever. And when he was gone, I would still be here. Waiting. I crouched down beside her bed and lightly touched her forehead. 'Don’t worry, Nik. I’ll never let you go. Never.'" (hide spoiler)]This reminded me of when I read Destroy Me, except that Im pretty sure Cole has zero oportunnity to be the one Nikki chooses. Jack is so fucki [...]

I kind of was looking forward to maybe a Jack POV, but Cole's will be interesting.This is all so similar to Destroy Me by Taherah Mafi, though

I'll admit that the one and only reason I picked up Neverfall was that I found Cole to be the one and only character to be interesting and multi-dimensional in Everneath, drifting helplessly in a sea of bland and boring characters, and I was incredibly intrigued by the concept of being stuck in his head for nearly one hundred pages. I'll also admit that being stuck in his head for one hundred pages felt more like I was being trapped in there - more often than not, I wanted to get out, and wanted [...]

Η οπτική του "κακού" παιδιού που όλοι λατρεύουμε να μισούμε και ν' αγαπάμε, μ' έναν τρόπο που η διπολικότητά μας εκτοξεύεται στα ύψη. Μπορεί να μην προσφέρει τρομακτικά πολλά στη δομή της ιστορίας, φωτίζει, ωστόσο, κάποιες ενδιαφέρουσες πτυχές ενός ακόμα πιο ενδιαφέρων χαρακ [...]

Wow. Just wowww! Where to start? I always liked Cole's character but just as equal as I liked Jack's! But now, reading everything he went through and his point view I definitely am starting to favor Cole more.From Nikki's point of view, of course, Cole is seen in a harsher light and you can't get the real feel for Cole's love because Nikki only wants to love Jack, therefor you really only see Jack as the good guy perfect hero/boyfriend. Which is Nikki's point of view. But seeing the whole story [...]

I think its possible that I liked this novella more than I liked the first book, I love seeing things from the POV of Cole. My favorite scenes were the flashbacks between him and Nikki, I wish there had been more of them. In Everneath the flashbacks were also my favorite scenes to read. In this novella I think the flashback I wish we would have seen more from Cole's POV is the dance, I wish we could have seen first hand how he felt when he saw Jack and Nikki together. I love how Cole is coming [...]

First of all, I think a 100-paged novella is too short for a book to switch back and forth from past to present because the transitions were really choppy, and it kind of made it confusing.While it gave us a glimpse (very short look) of what happened with Cole and Nikki first met, I think I preferred to think of Cole as some mysterious guy, rather than the mentality all-over-the-place guy we learn more about in this book.And in the present tense, he spends so much time trying to figure out how N [...]

İlk başlarda sıkıcıama ardından açılan bir kitap. Yerkara'ya dair çok az şey hatırlıyorum ve bu çok nadir olur. Nedenini düşünmek gerek. Yunan mitolojisini olduğu gibi aldığı yerler olsa da, yeni bir soluk katıyor ve bunu seviyorum. Karakteri hatırlamasam da, Max'e bayıldım. Max ♥ Ben.Sonraki kitabı okuyacağım sanırım, hikayede geçen 'emanet'in ileriki kitaplarda kullanılacağını tahmin ediyorum. Bu merak bile bana okutur, tabiii sağlam bir spoiler bulmazsam.

hmmmmm I think I have a crush on Cole! SHES A TWAT I love him I pick him always 5 be still my ever living heart cole stars this is totally in coles POV and yes I need it and I hope we get more of just coles POV you stop thinking of him as evil and actually romantic the book makes you question what would you do for love and we all pray there is a COLE out there that would make the same decisions for us

Awwwwww Cole, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH Absolutely loved it Only 4 days until Everbound

So this a companion novel to Everneath. This follows our Antagonist-ish guy Cole.Cole is bad but good. You would get it if you read the series.This follows Cole during the setting of the events that happen during the first and second book of the series.If you have read Everneath, you should read this book like you get to understand Cole more and it's just amazing!If you have read Destroy me which follows Warner from the shatter me series, I would recommend you pick up the series because they are [...]

2.5 Stars rounding up.Cole's PoV was very good. I loved seeing how he looked at Nikki, and I loved how he saw how much of toxic douche bag that Jack was. But otherwise this novella kind of sucked. Like all the parts that were just Cole were boring and I honestly skimmed a lot of it.

So, pretty much the only reason I've been putting off reading my ARC of Everbound is because I was waiting to read this novella from Cole's point-of-view.  Well, that and my reading buddy Em will kill me if I start it without her.  =)  I knew it probably wouldn't add that much to the story, but doesn't every girl want to get inside of the guy's head and find out what he's really thinking?  I know I was curious!This short story mostly focuses on Cole's unwillingness to admit to himself th [...]

5 STARS.I thought this novella was a great and much needed addition to Everneath. For one, I love Cole. Though I love Nikki and think she is a great main character, it was nice to get out of her head and into Cole's.This novella answers a lot of a questions that Everneath didn't. One big instance being that it shows Cole leaving a note from Nikki to her family before she goes to the Feed. It also answers a some more questions having to do with world building and the Everneath but it also creates [...]

Loved this little POV from Cole.Cole is one of those characters you love to hate. You know there is good in him, at least somewhere, but he's got a really hard time showing it, or wanting to show it for that matter. So this is where Neverfall helps me understand him a little better. It's great to see things from his POV. To see his reaction to Nikki when he first meets her. To see how he reacts when he is around her. It's like watching him lay before you what makes him tick. And this novella als [...]

Neverfall takes place right after Everneath's ending, which is good considering Everbound will be due for release in around a month's time. What I did like about this novella is that it gave us a look into the Everneath through Cole's POV and there was a new group of people being introduced (Delphinians) which would be a good prelude into Everneath's history, assuming that it will be delved into in the second book (more action and world building please!). It also allows us to see things from Col [...]

strangely my experiences and brush with reading all my favourite young adult novels re written and narrated through the eyes of male penned by of course female authors and their "wishful thinking" (a word coined and developed by my friend and book soul mate, swati) have made me notice that every male point of view versions start with the male waking up after a heavy alcohol and passed out session as if that is what is needed to define the male speciesoh waitbut then it is actually true yeahwhate [...]

OH GOD SO TORN! Cole. Jack. Cole. Jack. Cole? I'm a sucker for the victims of unrequited love :(. This book made me fall a little more in love with Cole. He's not the big bad I thought he was. His motivations for using Nikki are, well while not justified or reasonable, definitely understandable.Jack though :( I both loved and loathed the retelling of several scenes from Everneath. Not only did I get to relive all my favourite moments and experience a second time the epic love between Nikki and J [...]

Neverfall isn't exactly as the summary describes, it's half flashback scenes from when Cole first convinced Nikki to be his Forfeit and half present day scenes of Cole trying to figure out why Nikki survived in the Everneath. The flashbacks put the story of Everneath in a new light, particularly with Jack, because the scenes are brand new, but don't really give away any new information I hadn't seen before. The present day scenes introduce a new group, the Delphinians, and expand the mythology o [...]

I'm not really sure how I feel about this.I don't think I know Cole any better and if possible I like him even less. He is so selfish but maybe this is the author staging the scene for him to become a better person or some shit. I don't know.But I am glad I read it & I liked the little bit we saw of Jack outside Nikki's house after the "incident" at camp.I also liked the insight into the rest of the band. We didn't really get to know them up to now.I will still continue on with this series & [...]

OMG THERE IS THE SYNOPSIS!!! OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!!!!After readingG!!!!!!!!!! I love COLE. I love this novella Thank you ashton brodi Bye bye reader's block I have suffered you the whole week But now I am so in love. . So reading everbound today But seriously I love both guys whom do I choose. . :/

So excited about this, especially now that we have the cover! I love Cole!Update: Now that I read this, I must say it wasn't quite like I expected. Still not sure what I think.

I added this as a to-read a little while ago, but that was before I was fully Bangtan Trash, and now that I look at it I want to read it even more. EITHER MAKE IT FREE, GIVE ME MONEY TO BUY IT WITH, OR NAME IT SOMETHING ELSE THAT DOESN'T HAVE A BTS REFERENCE IN IT. Anywho, I found some gifs:                                   

Also appears on At the End of the Story.______________________________________"I marked the passage of time, and the erosion of my hope, in weeks."that's when I find a kindred spirit in douchecanoe extraordinaire, Cole. For I also mark the passage of time and the erosion of hope(of turning out to be a wizard, then demigod and all the rest) in weeks. No, actually in years. Ah, well.Neverfall was my first 2013 read. Not really a great start, but not a bad one either. It's a short story from Cole's [...]

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