Yesterday's Hero


Yesterday's Hero

Yesterday's Hero

  • Title: Yesterday's Hero
  • Author: JonathanWood
  • ISBN: 9781597804011
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

Another day Another zombie T Rex to put down All part of the routine for Arthur Wallace and MI37 the government department devoted to defending Britain from threats magical, supernatural, extraterrestrial, and generally odd Except a zombie T Rex is only the first of the problems about to trample, slavering and roaring, through Arthur s life Before he can say, but didnAnother day Another zombie T Rex to put down All part of the routine for Arthur Wallace and MI37 the government department devoted to defending Britain from threats magical, supernatural, extraterrestrial, and generally odd Except a zombie T Rex is only the first of the problems about to trample, slavering and roaring, through Arthur s life Before he can say, but didn t I save the world yesterday a new co director at MI37 is threatening his job, middle aged Russian cyborg wizards are threatening his life, and his coworkers are threatening his sanity.As Arthur struggles to unravel a plot to re enact the Chernobyl disaster in England s capital, he must not only battle foreign occult science but also struggle to keep the trust of his team Events spiral out of control, friendships fray, and loyalties are tested to their breaking point.

Recent Comments "Yesterday's Hero"

Better than No Hero--all the strengths, but more of everything. The emotional punches are Whedon-esque, genuine, earned and not terribly manipulative. Good, good, good stuff. Sign me up for more.

You know how thriller movies have "Hollywood physics"?There's also what I can only call "Hollywood human biology". You know, where people get repeatedly flung through the air by massive explosions and smashed into concrete walls, or beaten up, or dragged along the ground, and each time they're in pain for about 30 seconds and then carry on? Instead of being hospitalized for six weeks with ruptured internal organs and multiple fractures, and then unable to use their limbs properly for a year?This [...]

I haven't read the first book in the series, and while I was aware once I began reading that this was part of a series it was fine as a stand alone book. The characters were well drawn and interesting, leaving some details for future novels. The antagonists were a fun return to cold war days when bad guys were properly bad. Arthur is a good guy but seems quite Arthur Dent (with weapons) at times, amiable, kind, misunderstood frequently and bumbling around to the right answers. An action packed, [...]

This book made me realize just how much I love sequels. The world-building has already taken place in the first book, all the major characters are generally clear, and the focus shifts to plot and character development. Though I enjoyed No Here, this sequel is even better. I preferred this book's Big Bad, so that helped, but I also liked the trajectory the plot took. Wood isn't afraid of a few casualties, which is another reason I enjoy this series.

A bit too much with the "band of misfits" shtick and rather violent, but fast-paced, difficult to put down, and entertaining.

I hope there's going to be another book I liked the Dry Humor

I'd like to see this as a movie.

Yesterday’s Hero picks up where No Hero has left off. After saving the Earth from the Lovecraftian horrors of the first book, Arthur Wallace & the team from MI37 must now stop time travelers from the Soviet Union who are attempting to change the time stream in order to achieve Soviet supremacy.If you haven’t yet read No Hero, that would be recommended before trying Yesterday’s Hero. Wood does very little to bring new readers up to speed. I think that you would probably be a bit lost.It [...]

Sarcastic, witty and definitely a laugh-out-loud kindof book. Contains an overdose of similes involving shit and piss, but I can appreciate those well enough. The plot was interesting, the characters were unique and realistic (personality-wise that is).Favourite character has got to be Winston. Or more specifically, Winston and Ogden together."I have to be going now," I say."Oh yeah, course you do," Winston yells at me. "That's it, abandon me. I never helped you out. I never trod on a Russian fo [...]

I'm in love.Mr. Wood isn't my type, of course, I'm probably not his either. Of course, I only love him for his fiction. It would only be a marriage of convenience. I'm up to my nose in hyperbole, but this is a very good book. I feel for the characters, their frustration, their anger and their sadness. I even feel their hatred for the new boss. It's rare to find a book like that; one that communicates those emotions so well.It's kind of cool to save the world. Of course, when this happens the tea [...]

This is the second in the series after "No Hero," published earlier in 2014. The third one, "Anti Hero," should be out later in 2015. Arthur Wallace works for a hidden department of the British government fighting supernatural crime and as always, the fate of the world is at stake. His department is a little dysfunctional, his boss is a little crazy even though she might be his new girlfriend. The Russians think it is still 1980 as they are stuck in a time loop and Arthur and his team have to sa [...]

Imagine David Tennant as a police officer with the confused mannerisms of Bilbo Baggins when the dwarves arrive at Bag End in the beginning of the hobbit. Now imagine he works for MI37, the British equivalent of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence, the Men in Black, and SHIELD. Finally, imagine his tactical experience and decision-making is based on what Kurt Russel would do in one of his 80's action movies.Now you have a basic idea of who agent Arthur Wallace, the protagonist of this [...]

I am deeply surprised and impressed by Wood’s writing. Prequel No Hero was good, very enjoyable and original; but Yesterday’s Hero is a work of near genius. I was consistently knocked on my ass by his use of language, stuff I’d normally expect in a Man Booker winner but find sorely lacking in genre fiction. There are sentences that are still go through my head, and I am richer for them. And the best part was that it’s not a heavy work by any means—it’s an actioner! How great is that? [...]

This book took me six months to read and I'm kind of sorry I bothered. I thought the beginning was boring and I'm surprised I didn't give up multiple times. It did get better near the end though and I might have given it three stars if our protagonist hadn't been written as if he was immortal. No one should be able to take the beatings he took and still make it to the end of the book being able to walk and wield a sword.

This was an ejoyable follow up to No Hero- Arthur saved the world yesterday but he's about to find out it's not as appreciated as he might have thought. I have to admit there were a few bits to the plot that made me go "that doesn't seem right" but our heros are growing and not staying static and I'll still be picking up the next book in this series when it is out.

Fun, fast-paced, and light-hearted neo-pulp romp in an England with magic. Think of this as if Helen Mirren's Prime Suspect series got shuffled together with Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere and other odder magical touches. Loads of fun to read and the character growth from the first book (No Hero) is organic and sensible. Looking forward to Mr. Wood's next novel in this series!

No Hero was a fun romp. Yesterdays Hero takes the romp and runs with it. When it starts with a zombie T-Rex and works its way through Chernobyl? I do feel sorry for poor Arthur. If people listened to the new guy, there could have been so many pains avoided. On the other hand that might not have been as much of a fun story.Onward to Anti Hero.

Yesterday's Hero, the second Arthur Wallace novel is a hilarious action romp. It's Big Trouble on Little China mixed with the Dresden Files and British comedies. I just love this series and can't wait for number three.

Very fun read. Somehow the evil Russian wizards made for a better plot than the other-reality, world-eating alien invaders of the first book. Great new characters in the Weekenders and loved the new developments in all the old group too. Going to move right onto Anti-Hero.

Published 2014. Again I start with #2 in the series. Not bad. Quirky, action packed - and really into Kurt Russell.

fun and entertaining read. Read this over about 3 sittings. Action packed of course and a good amount of humor. liking this series and looking forward to the next couple!

Excellent book! A lot of fun!

I love this series. Lots of action, humor and Kurt Russel!

So I have to thank Jonathan Wood for this book. Earlier this year for one week he gave out digital copies of his previous book No Hero and this brand new book "Yesterday's Hero" before it was even available in stores asking folks to read it and post reviews to help spread the word. I think this is a great idea in this digital age to help authors promote their work. I'm only sorry that it took me so long to get around to reading this because I was in the middle of reading How to Live Safely in a [...]

I don't know if this is a trend or not, but a number of UK authors have done novels that strike me as the Office meets urban fantasy - first and foremost is, of course, Charles Stross' Laundry novels. Mr. Wood's "Hero" novels fits perfectly within this trend. Hero's hero (say that 10 times fast) is a very competent police officer with a minor inferiority complex (I place the blame on too many Hollywood movies a la Kurt Russell) who has been drafted into M137 (Wood's Laundry) to do battle with th [...]

Of the three books I read this is easily the highlight. It is also what convinced me not to continue the series.Following closely after the first book, our hero still works for the government to combat strange threats to the UK. This time it is extremely weird Russians.Basically the problems I had with the first book were confirmed and reinforced:Characters develop not even between books due to the frantic pace. The second book starts about twelve hours after the first, there is simply no time f [...]

Another day, another threat to thwart. Agent Arthur Wallace is back in Jonathan Wood's follow-up to "No Hero", and this time, s#it gets real. If "No Hero" was an adventurous romp, "Yesterday's Hero" grounds things somewhat, when things go really rather wrong; and not everyone is guaranteed to get out of it alive. New friends become allies, old friends become adversaries, and Agent Wallace has to sort out relationship dynamics whilst keeping an eye on the latest threat to the world. While the hum [...]

I went in to his book immediately after the first and found myself thinking after the first few chapters, wow, this is different. But in no way a bad thing. It's just a testament to Jonathan Woods writing skill, commitment to building his characters and relationships, and consistently interesting and unique creatures, enemies and twists making each book in the series unique in their own right.*two thumbs up*

Didn't enjoy the beginning as much, but the rest of it was just wham bam awesome. The battered anti-hero struggles to save the world while the rest of the world thinks him wrong. Lurid fast-paced action with chunks of dour humour inserted surreptiously, recommended read.

Another great book in this series. If you liked the first, you'll like this one too.Again, the author had me chuckling through out, as I kept turning the pages Comments like, "But we saved the world yesterday!" "Yeah, but that was yesterday" lol. Snarky and I liked it.

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