The Clockwork Girl

Sean Patrick O’Reilly Kevin Hanna

The Clockwork Girl

The Clockwork Girl

  • Title: The Clockwork Girl
  • Author: Sean Patrick O’Reilly Kevin Hanna
  • ISBN: 9780062080394
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover

Mad scientists, supernatural dangers, and a series of all too human challenges will confront two unlikely heroes in The Clockwork Girl, an unforgettable journey into the farthest reaches of the imagination Tesla, a mechanical girl brought to life by her Victor Frankenstein like creator, faces a wall of fear, intolerance, and superstition in her steam shrouded castle but wMad scientists, supernatural dangers, and a series of all too human challenges will confront two unlikely heroes in The Clockwork Girl, an unforgettable journey into the farthest reaches of the imagination Tesla, a mechanical girl brought to life by her Victor Frankenstein like creator, faces a wall of fear, intolerance, and superstition in her steam shrouded castle but when she discovers a friend in Huxley, a mutant boy from the circus sideshow, then the pair of outcasts will finally learn what it is to be human The award winning Clockwork Girl comic books, now in an enthralling graphic novel compendium perfect for fans of Scott Pilgrim, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Marvel Comics The Wizard of Oz, is a one of a kind paranormal tale of steampunk science, breathless suspense, and riveting adventure.

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3.5 stars - This is a graphic novel, loosely based on Romeo and Juliet. In a faraway land, two rivals compete at the annual fair. Dendrus the Grafter creates a mutant boy called Huxley who is regarded by many as a monster. Meanwhile, Wilhelm the Tinkerer creates a clockwork girl called Tesla with her own thoughts and voice. Huxley falls in love with Tesla, but it seems their love is doomed due to the feud between their 'fathers'. Are they destined to go the same way as the Shakespearean Romeo an [...]

The clockwork girl is a story of star crossed lovers from two different houses. Sounds familiar? One of the two fantastic castles is built by the grafter as a monument to the science of nature and the other is built by the tinker as a tribute to the science of technology and machines. The tinker creates a clockwork girl named Tesla. You will even find two quotes of Nikola Tesla within the story. “I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inven [...]

Very sweet story done in a romeo/juliet style. It is about 2 warring scientists who wish to be greater than the other. With that, they have a dislike with each other and whatever that one invents. When one creates a wereboy and the other a clockwork girl, we see the heart is bigger than hate.

I don't have a whole lot to say about this one. It was cute, the art was nice. The story just wasn't anything really new or exciting and it was very short. It'd be a good one for kids I think but it just wasn't for me.

Simple us vs. them child-like story. The ending is pretty adorable. I can't say enough good about Hanna's art. The way the clockwork girl is drawn is just perfect.

A serviceable steampunk take on Romeo and Juliet. It entertains.

Sweet meeting between two creatures created by rivals.

I got it cheap and it was okay for a short read.

I enjoyed the art but was disappointed with the overly simple story.

This was a cute graphic novel. The artwork was nicely done, and I enjoyed the character designs. I'd be interested to see another addition to this story.

I bought a copy of this book from Half Price Books. This was a very cute graphic novel retelling of Romeo and Juliet that is done in stunning full color and is appropriate for all ages.The Tinker is a mad scientist who makes a Clockwork Girl out of bits and pieces of mechanical items. The Grafter is a mad scientist who makes a Amazing Mutant Boy out of bits and pieces of limbs and other pieces from dead things. each scientist believe that their way is the only way, and there is definitely some b [...]

Reason for Reading: I've enjoyed other books by Sean O'Reilly and this one sounded wonderful, plus I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie (which doesn't have a release date as of yet).First of all, an absolutely beautiful book. Illustrations are gorgeous and the book is just pleasure for the eyes to read. It's book like this I'd never trade for an ereader. The story centres around two scientists who live next door to each other, one who is a technical scientist building robots and aut [...]

In a land far away, two castles sit on hills separated by a plain. One castle belongs to Dendrus the Grafter, a scientist who crafted his castle as a monument to the power of nature. The other belongs to Wilhelm the Tinker, his castle a tribute to technology. The two men, yearly competitors in the Haraway science fair, have become bitter rivals after an unfortunate incident involving Dendrus's monster boy--Huxley--and Wilhelm's automaton, a mechanical man. This year, however, Wilhelm finds vindi [...]

This a juvenile graphic novel, great for grades 4+ (although the story itself would be fine for even younger kids). I am not a graphic novel fan. The cover of this one, though, grabbed me right away, with its illustration of the clockwork girl and the monster boy sitting in the forest at night with Wilhelm the Tinkerer's mountaintop techno-castle in the background. Then I read the two-page introduction, in which the illustrator, Sean O'Reilley, describes the birth of this fantastic graphic novel [...]

Plot: A romance based plot between a mutant and a clockwork girl is definitely something I wanted to read in graphic novel format. I just loved the unfolding of the story. Tesla is the clockwork girl and created by one scientist. Huxley is the mutant boy who was created by the scientist's rival. It's definitely a parallel to Romeo and Juliet a bit, without all the tragedy.Characters: The over the topic ridiculous mad scientists and of course the cute mutant boy who is a bit of an outcast made fo [...]

This was the story of the Clockwork Girl and the Monster boyey are both so sweet and different and yet so much alike.I loved the simple story and the illustration. Supposedly according to the introduction there will be a film in the future. There is a short two minute film out there somewhere also. I'm going on the hunt to find it.It is a very short comic though to have been made into a hardback. I don't think you get enough pages for the amount you pay but I am still glad to have it. Only took [...]

I read this for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge 2015. An extra challenge I added for fun: Read a book I "discovered" That means a book that was not recommended to me/non buzzy. I never heard of this before and it does not have a lot of ratings here.(At least at the time I read it.)*3 or more is good for comics, manga or graphic novels. I never really know how to rate some of these. There are some where I'm totally in love, know automatically it is a 5 star, but then some I am just not sure a [...]

Uma história simples, destinada a um público infanto-juvenil, variação steampunk da estrutura narrativa de romeu e julieta (ou piramo e thisbe, para os mais clacissistas). Dois cientistas rivais e as suas criações, um rapaz selvagem e uma rapariga animatrónica, que descobrem a força da união e da amizade através do amor comum pela ciência. Um comic simples acompanhado por ilustrações elegantes e emudecidas.

kevin hanna used to be an art director for disney and it shows. this is about a mad scientist who creates a machine, clockwork girl. she falls in love with this other scientist's creation, a wolf boy. their forbidden love is the running theme. simple story, but i like it. the only thing that hurts it is the pacing. there's certian emotional beats hanna tries to hit, but just doesn't make it sometimes. he needed more pages or something. still pretty good tho.

The artwork here all look like cels from an animated film, which was probably intentional - the produces of the book had every intention of making a film of it also, though if that actually occurred it must not have been widely distributed. Anyway, here's another case in which the artwork is the best part of the book - the story is a fairly typical star-crossed lovers tale and won't win any awards for novelty.

I received this as a gift a year or so ago and I just never picked it up and finished it. I'm not sure why i delayed reading it so long, because it was a really enjoyable read, I especially liked the steampunk undertones and the art was simply amazing. This is going on my list of favorite graphic novels for sure.

Wasn't completely terrible, but there really wasn't any substance to the plot. I get that it was mimicking Romeo and Juliet, but holy shit this was incredibly corny. Maybe because I'm a cynical bastard, but the insta-love was almost too much to handle.The art was nice, but all and all, this wasn't my cuppa.

The story is good, there's some humor to it and it would be appropriate for most kids. The problem I have is with the artwork--it is good for the most part, but wildly inconsistent. The main character, The Clockwork Girl herself, changes appearance constantly. In most panels, she is cute, granted, but she looks different so often that I found it rather disconcerting and unpleasant.

Huxley and Tesla have a lot in common though they look nothing alike. However, both of their lives are thrown into chaos when they meet and fall in love. It takes a near catastrophe for their "parents" to realize how special the other one is. Essentially this is a Mutant Romeo and Juliet love story. The story is fun, but the illustrations are gorgeous!

Tesla, a clockwork girl, and Huxley, a monster boy, overcome all of their differences, including how their creators are enemies, to become friends. When their friendship is discovered, their very existence is threatened. A fabulous graphic novel that will appeal to many. Beautiful artwork and story combined! B rating.

The art in this story was beautiful. I found myself being inspired by some of the drawings in the novel. There was one conversation within the novel that really stuck with me Dendrus says to Huxley "you can't just give her your heart" in which Huxley replies, "It's hers already". It was such a simple line but it made me melt. It was adorable.

A quick and easy read with excellent drawing with depth to the coloring that makes the characters breathe (as much as a children's graphic novel will do, anyways). A fun romp with a happy ending that goes off of Romeo and Juliet (kiddie version's way better).

This quick read is a fantasy take on Romeo & Juliet. The mad robot scientist and the mad organic scientist both make creations that fall in love. It's sweet and kid-friendly (I'm giving it to my daughter to read), and ultimately forgettable. But a nice short adventure.

This was fun, loved the art, the characters, and the story. Only complaint is that the story was too fast. I wish it could have been drawn out a bit. Very interested to see what they did for the movie.

A girl made of clockwork and a monster made of parts bring two old scientists back together. Very adorable. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and the cuteness of the story can get me past the fact that I really wanted to know more about each of the characters.

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