Save the Date

Jenny B. Jones

Save the Date

Save the Date

  • Title: Save the Date
  • Author: Jenny B. Jones
  • ISBN: 9781401685355
  • Page: 360
  • Format: ebook

You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year with the most unlikely bride and groom Save the date and say your prayers.When funding for Lucy s non profit job is pulled, she is determined to find out why Enter Alex Sinclair, former professional football star and heir to Sinclair Enterprises the primary donor to Lucy s non profit organization.Both Lucy and AYou are cordially invited to the wedding of the year with the most unlikely bride and groom Save the date and say your prayers.When funding for Lucy s non profit job is pulled, she is determined to find out why Enter Alex Sinclair, former professional football star and heir to Sinclair Enterprises the primary donor to Lucy s non profit organization.Both Lucy and Alex have something the other desperately wants.Alex has it all except for the votes he needs to win his bid for Congress Despite their mutual dislike, Alex makes Lucy a proposition pose as his fiancee in return for the money she desperately needs Bound to a man who isn t quite what he seems, Lucy finds her heart and her future on the line.Save the Date is a spunky romance that will have readers laughing out loud as this dubious pair try to save their careers, their dreams and maybe even a date.

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Totally awesome novel!!! Can't wait to read more of her books!!Official Review:I found my new favorite author! Wow, Jenny B. Jones is an awesome writer. Everything about her writing style is great. I didn’t ever want to put this book down. Lucy and Alex were the perfect couple. Both were great and I really, dare I say it, “connected” with them. And, no, I do not mean the whole weird connection. I just really understood them. Jenny made them like real life people. And, there was one really [...]

Lucy Whiltshire returned to Charleston determined to make a difference, founding Saving Grace, a home for girls who've graduated from the foster care system but are not yet equipped or unable to make the transition to adulthood and caring for themselves. She's determined to prove to the society blue-bloods that rejected and marginalized her during her own teenage years that she and the girls she's desperate to save are more than the sum of their antecedents. But when funding for her non-profit i [...]

Original post at One More PageI wasn't sure what to expect with Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones because if I were to judge this book by its cover, it didn't give me the chick lit vibe. It gave me a romance novel vibe, sure, but not really chick lit. Am I the only one getting that? I want chick lit, but I'm not entirely sure if I wanted a romance novel -- if you get what I mean. Nevertheless, I requested this from NetGalley because the blurb seemed interesting despite its familiarity, and I heard [...]

My all time favorite! ♥ ♥

Ok I’ll admit it, I’m not someone who is easily amused. I truly wish I was the person that laughed at the drop of a hat, but I’m not. With that being said, I want to share that I laughed out loud numerous times when reading this book. Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones at first glance looks like a classic, cute, chick- lit kind of book. I’m thinking, it will be sweet, charming, and a nice read. There is nothing wrong with that, but as I got into the book, I discovered much, much, more- funn [...]

Blast you, Jenny Jones! Don't you know I have stuff to do? How am I supposed to get anything done when you write books like this? I woke up worried about Lucy last night and have been reading every spare minute today. My laundry is piled up around me. The dishes are fermenting in the sink. The coffee pot is drained. Sigh.Thanks a lot.By the way, where's book two?

Looking for fun, faith, football and some knock-off designer pumps? look no further than Jenny B. Jones's Save the Date. I absolutely loved every word of it. From the first zinger dished out by sassy Lucy to the tender moments with her "Han Solo" I was hooked. Lucy's a bit insecure, she's clumsy, she's a Trekkie and she's a size twelve (a ten if anybody asks). I challenge you to find a real girl who isn't at least one of these thingsah doubtful. Lucy is a great heroine in a world where so much e [...]

I expected big things from this book.Every single one was fulfilled to the utmost! The hero is hunky, the heroine, a bit clutzy, but how she sees the world, gives it a skewed, humorous tint. The plot is perfectly laid out and when I thought the author had used her bag of tricks right away to make it worse, something happened to put Lucy and Alex more at odds.I love marriage of convenience stories, but this was an engagement of convenience. Great angle! You just about can’t get a better contemp [...]

Save the Date was a fun, light romance. I think with some of my other reviews, I’ve said that many times those types of books are the ones that ends up on my favorites list. I enjoyed every moment of reading this book! I loved how quirky Lucy is. She’s very clumsy and loves any and all science fiction. She even has a group of friends called “The Hobbits.” I think my favorite characters ended up being Clare and Julian. I found myself laughing out loud at many of their scenes. And of cours [...]

This book was stinking hilarious. There were so many things I loved about it, the snarky banter between the leads, the quirky supporting cast, the romance- oh my stars the romance!But one thing really stood out after I put the book down. I found Lucy's come to Jesus moment to be fresh and original. It was powerful without being heavy handed and some of the most organic writing I've seen in Christian fiction.

I love the cuteness of this story. I love the humor, and the emotion, and the beauty, and the love. So sweet and light. This adorable story had me laughing and crying. This was a classic chick book.This is the second book I've read by Jenny B. Jones and I loved it, just as I did the other one (There You'll Find Me , which is actually supposed to come after this one). I immensely enjoyed the humor. Lucy and Alex's sarcastic quips and teases were unbelievably adorable. That was too cool how they a [...]

Once again Jenny B. Jones had me in tears- either because I was laughing so hard or because one of her messages really spoke to me. How does she do it?! Loved this book so much!

Lucy is trying to save her home for troubled girls and the answer falls into her lap when a guy from her past, Alex, who is a former pro football player and is now running for Congress, comes up with a deal--he'll give her the money if she'll pretend to be his fiancee. Little did she know, this deal would soon become more than she bargained for.Lucy's mother died and she never knew her father and she really relied on her sci-fi group of friend, The Hobbits--they are quirky and fun. The supportin [...]

This wasn't my thing. I wasn't in the mood for a rom-com. Those seem to often be misses for me anyway so don't let the fact this book wasn't for me keep you from trying it. The writing was good if you enjoy these types of books.Do be aware that this book has heavy religious themes and tone alongside the rom-com for those that don't enjoy that. That was likely part of the disconnect. Though I don't usually mind religious undertones, it seemed a weird hybrid to me and just wasn't for me One reason [...]

I loved this book! I've never read anything by Jones before, so wasn't sure what to expect. At first, I thought it was going to be the same ole Christian chick lit. But it soon developed into more, and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the characters and their growth throughout the story. The wit and humor was perfect. And the love story was sweet and real. I'm excited to read more by this author!

When I first started reading this book I was unaware that it was a Christian Romance, but after reading it I'm glad I didn't know ahead of time. If I had known this it might have turned me off from reading the book, because I am not over-religious and didn't want a book to be solely about Christian beliefs and have me trying to believe them too. While this book did mention Christian beliefs a lot and almost all of the characters are extremely religious there was no forcing of the beliefs. Lucy i [...]

In general, I have a bit of a problem with Christian fiction of the romance/chick-lit variety. I get tired of the wooden, stereotypical characters, the unrealistic holiness, and the too-good-to-be-true heartthrob. (And let’s not even get started on that other creature, Amish fiction. Ugh.) So I’ve vowed a hundred times that I’ll never read Christian romance/chick-lit again. Well, let’s just say I’m very glad I broke my own rule with this one.I puffy cartoon hearts adored this book. I k [...]

Alex and Lucy Lucy and Alex Two people who appear to have nothing in common. Except they each can give the other what they want the most.Lucy Wiltshire runs Saving Grace - a home for young adult women who have aged out of the foster system and have nowhere else to go. Except now Sinclair Hotels has informed her they are cutting funding by 40% which will mean she will have to shut down Saving Grace, and the 13 young women who live there will have nowhere to go. Lucy is desperate for funding to ke [...]

Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones gets 5 stars and goes on the keeper shelf! Lucy Wiltshire is a social worker with a barely funded home for young girls who age-out of the foster care system and have nowhere else to go. Her girls are her passion, her life, her reason for living. So when funding for her home, Saving Grace, gets pulled by the main donor, Lucy does the only thing she knows to do, she heads to a charity ball with a plan to talk to all the board members and change their minds. Alex Sin [...]

Oh goodness! I LOVED this book. Jenny B. Jones is a master of comedic dialogue. There were parts in the book that had me laughing so hard that I had to calm myself before moving on. Lucy could possibly be my kindred spirit. We are totally on the same page. I just absolutely love that she's a Trekkie. She would be my friend in the real world and we would watch Star Trek and Star Wars and just be cool and nerdy together. Jenny B. Jones has portrayed a female character that didn't annoy or frustrat [...]

At first I wasn't sure what to think of this pairing of opposites, but I could see where it would make for some fun times that are totally Jenny B. Jones signature humor. This story started to grow on me, and while their relationship was based on a lie, the "fake" relationship humor was hilarious and I ended up hooked. As is typical with Miss Jones, there is always a much deeper level that she delves into beyond the light-hearted humor. And those kisses were amazing!I loved how the author used t [...]

Save the Date is my first Jenny B Jones chicklit. I don't usually dig this subgenre of romance so my 5 star rating shows you this book is worth reading whether you like chicklit OR NOT!Our heroine is the brave underdog Lucy Wiltshire. Though the daughter of a single unmarried mom, Lucy endured a high society high school. In her adult life, she runs a non-profit in Charleston, SC, Saving Grace, for girls who have aged out of the foster system but haven't finished high school. The plot revolves ar [...]

First reviewed here: overweight-bookshelf.I dreaded writing this book review. I literally sat at the keyboard and stared at the screen trying to find the words. There are two kinds of book reviews that I hate to write: 1) books I really didn't enjoy and can't think of a polite way of saying so, and 2) books that were so amazing that I don't think anything I write will do it justice. This book falls into the latter category. So I have opted to forgo a review and be bossy instead.Stop what you are [...]

This book was so funny. Chic lit is not usually my favorite, but this was so fun. A little unbelievableybe. But a fun read!

So cute, so witty. I LOVED the banter inbetween the two main characters. Lots of lol. I'm going to look for more of her books. Moral Note: Quite a few mild innuendos

Jenny is on top of her game in this one! Filled with quips and one-liners to make you smile, yet contains a powerful redemptive message too. A great balance from an uber talented author!

This book was so much fun—full of witty banter and droll humour from fabulous one liners through to extended exchanges, not to mention some very colourful characters (yes, I’m looking at you, Julian aka Tijuana Daddy!) I don’t always enjoy the fake boyfriend/fiancé plot, but this is one of the best ones I’ve read because there’s so much more going on underneath—things that really matter to Lucy and Alex on a heart level. Like Lucy’s ‘girls’ from Saving Grace, a home she runs f [...]

Blurb: You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year with the most unlikely bride and groom.Save the dated say your prayers.When the funding for Lucy's non-profit job is pulled, she is determined to find out why. Enter Alex Sinclair, former professional football star and heir to Sinclair Enterprises -- the primary donor to Lucy's non-profit organization.Both Lucy and Alex have something the other desperately wants.Alex has it allexcept for the votes he needs to win his bid for Congress. D [...]

Book Review: Save the Date by Jenny B. JonesReviewed by Serena ChaseWhen it was announced that Jenny B. Jones would be releasing a new novel during one of the gloomiest months of the year I began to salivate like Pavlov’s dog outside the Vatican on Easter Sunday. Nothing cures the mid-winter blues like a romantic giggle fest, and Jenny B. Jones has provided just that in her latest novel, Save the DateE SITCHLucy Wiltshire is a determined young woman with a penchant for vintage clothes and scie [...]

I LOVED this book! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this sweet, entertaining story takes readers on yet another romantic comedy adventure as only Jenny B. Jones can write it. I really appreciate that while Jenny’s books are funny and full of whimsy, they also convey a deep, meaningful message. Lucy Wiltshire finds herself on the edge of despair when funding is cut for her beloved girls home, Saving Grace. Their main donor, Sinclair Enterprises, informs Lucy of the change the day before Savi [...]

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