The Red Baron

Nicholas Wright

The Red Baron

The Red Baron

  • Title: The Red Baron
  • Author: Nicholas Wright
  • ISBN: 9780070720404
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover

A biography of the World War I ace known as the Red Baron who shot down 80 Allied planes before he himself was killed, a month before his twenty sixth birthday.

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I would say that the author’s purpose for writing this book was to tell the life story of the greatest pilot of WW1. Also to tell what Manfred did before flying and before the military. He also wanted to tell that Manfred may have been a good pilot but that wasn’t the only thing that he ever did during the war, Manfred all over Germany rallying the troops and helping the war effort. The Theme of this book is that Manfred wasn’t a blood thirsty killer that scored the skies just to kill for [...]

This book is a biography about a german ace in World War I, and Nicholas Wright focuses on not only his war career but also his life. It was interesting to learn about WWI and the air battles instead of just the ground. It really informs you on how it happened and how he did it. It takes you through the life of a great pilot who shot down 80 ally planes before he was shot down right before his 26th birthday. The author wants to inform people on how good of a pilot he was so he will be remembere [...]

My book was about the red baron. It told of his life leading up to is time in the air-force. For me it seems like the author is trying to explain who an what made Manfred von baron Richthofen who he was and why.It also seemed pretty straight forward their wasn't really any hidden things. My book is written in essay for really it tells about his life has some quote's and tel by letters of his life as a Prussian. I strongly suggest that you read this book because it is overall well written and is [...]

This was an excellent biography of the Red Baron for kids, albeit one focused mostly (but not entirely) on his military career. It's long since out of print, of course, but I remember borrowing it from the library in third grade because I was a big fan of Peanuts and wanted to learn more about this person that Snoopy was always trying to shoot down, and I enjoyed it so much that I went back and borrowed it again to re-read a couple more times over the next few years.

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    135 Nicholas Wright
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