Twenty-One Locks

Laura Barton

Twenty-One Locks

Twenty-One Locks

  • Title: Twenty-One Locks
  • Author: Laura Barton
  • ISBN: 9780857381217
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback

Jeannie is twenty years old and she s Lancashire s worst perfume girl She works in her small town s department store, where all the other girls have perfect make up if a little too orange, and a mite too thick and hair in buoyant ponytails Jeannie, with wet hair and pale skin, doesn t fit the bill And she doesn t really care she arrived as a temp two years ago and hJeannie is twenty years old and she s Lancashire s worst perfume girl She works in her small town s department store, where all the other girls have perfect make up if a little too orange, and a mite too thick and hair in buoyant ponytails Jeannie, with wet hair and pale skin, doesn t fit the bill And she doesn t really care she arrived as a temp two years ago and has never got round to leaving Being bored by work gives her plenty of time to think about her impending nuptials to Jimmy, her teenage sweetheart who s now a mechanic He s a local lad and like everyone in the town, he lives for Saturday nights beer, brawls and bare flesh Jeannie is happier at home on the sofa, or better still, day dreaming about leaving the town behind Just as her feet are at their most cold, she stumbles upon Danny at the train station He s a well read, well travelled, sophisticated ladies man and represents everything her life is not Or at least that s how it seems And before long, it all becomes complicated.

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Laura Barton's beautifully observed debut novel is the story of Jeannie, a young woman who works behind the perfume counter of a department store in a small town in the North of England, and is soon to be married to Jimmy, an inarticulate mechanic. Jeannie's dilemma is that as the juggernaut of wedding preparations rolls relentlessly towards her, she cannot escape an awareness that she is already sick to death of Jimmy. Everything about him irritates her, particularly his eating habits:'She watc [...]

I found this a wonderfully interesting read.Barton's way with words was lovely, she was so descriptive, cleverly laying out the world that Jeannie inhabits so I really felt I was there without resorting to the stock standard boring blow by blow account of surroundings - something sorely missing in many of the recent reads I've suffered through (again looking at you 50 shades of shit).Twenty-one locks is bleak in many ways, with times of lightness interspersed. The storyline is not a particularly [...]

I felt so sadly disappointed by this book. I had seen it around and thought the idea sounded interesting - a girl, torn between a fiance and a new stranger, on the eve of her upcoming wedding. Bound to be dramatic, right?Unfortunately, wrong. This book was just too quiet. The protagonist, Jeannie, is a pale, shadow of a character who I was never quite fully drawn to. She is unhappy where she is, but even her attempts to explore another path her life could take feel unfulfilled. In the end, it fe [...]

This book read to me as if it didn't know what it was. Is it a comedy? It's set up like one, but it's not funny. Is it a romance? I've never read anything more depressing if it is. Even if it's just a novel under the heading "general fiction", it's not a very good one. The characters were so self-obsessed, so morbidly depressed by their own existence, so self-pitying; that I just couldn't bring myself to believe in them. Who talks like they do? Nobody does, that's who. They were so depressing as [...]

Such a disappointing book. Especially the ending : what does Danny do after discovering Jeannie is getting married? Does he go to the church and stops the wedding? does jeannie says "no" instead of "i do"? maybe Jimmy does?i know it's supposed to end like this so that everyone can interpret the ending as hey wish, but i like my books with a real/definite ending. so this one was very frustratingso : way too much describing. it does help set the tone etc, but it was just too much.+ Jeannie really [...]

Well, the story line was nice and I liked so much the idea. But the author didn't take an advantage from this! It was boring with so many descriptions -we learnt more about the locals and their lives than Jeannie's live and thoughts and feelings!Two stars for the story! And I so much didn't like the enddisappointing!

It was ok, but nothing more - it didn't made me feel attracted, thrilled, looking forward to next step/event to happen (maybe only towards the end of the book), whatever I was hugely disappointed by the weak characters found in this book. In first place by Jeannie - who doesn't like her job, way of living, forthcoming marriage, yet didn't do anything to change the situation. Then, Jimmy who is getting married for a woman who is not making him thrilled, excited, and even though he thinks he found [...]

Jeannie and Jimmy- Teenage sweethearts about to get married.Both are questioning the path in life that they have found themselves on , and not sure if it is what they really want. In the book they meet two people both of these people hope to keep them for them selves in the run up to the weddingDanny, the book reading, ladies man, tea server in the train station has his eye on Jeannie, while the glamourous Terri from down the pub wants to claim Jimmy for herself , and cannot understand why he is [...]

I bought this book from the 24 hours of deals on The Book Depository, I liked the sound of it and with it being such a bargain I couldn’t resist.To be quite honest I’m not sure how I feel about this book, it had a certain charm to it but I never fully got caught up in the storyline.The descriptions of everything were very thorough and made it easy to visualise it all BUT there were times when I felt that there was too much describing, almost to the point of rambling. Sometimes it even went c [...]

I've got some mixed feelings about this bookThe writing style was gorgeous: beautiful descriptions of feelings, towns/cities, people, and scenery. There were some really amazing metaphors, which kept me reading on. Everything was explained well, and you could easily imagine the place, because the descriptions were visual (and did I say gorgeous?). But to me, the story wasn't that interesting. I couldn't connect to the characters, at all. The main character, Jeannie, is just a plain girl with qui [...]

I adored this book for its tenderness and pith. It's not without humour - there's a delicious account of femme fatale Terri trying to flirt with Dannie when he just isn't interested - but it's more the wisdom that humour brings than any rollicking laughter. Laura Barton's portrayal of poor Jeannie, a puzzled girl approaching her wedding to Jimmy who is able, but utterly unimaginative, stayed in my memory long after I'd put the book down. For a melancholy tale, it's got a lot of gusto. Laura Bart [...]

Very descriptive . To the pint where I found myself skimming some parts of the book .The characters were shallow . They could have had more depth which would have made the plot more interesting . I thought Danny was going to be someone fabulous . Then I thought he was going to be someone wonderful . Instead he was just as boring as Jeannie & Jimmy .All the elements were there for a great novel as the plot is an interesting one , but it was generally quite boring with minimal depth . The end [...]

I really did not enjoy this book. It was depressing in every respect. Why did it have to be set up north in 1994? I had never heard the term "perfume girl" even back then in less politically correct times. It felt derogatory and patronising. No doubt that was all intentional and I am not smart enough to appreciate this style of writing. The story is told well enough but it was just too gritty for enjoyment.

I couldn't put this book down. It's not often that I read a book when I'm supposed to be working or doing my chores. Amazing descriptions although sometimes a little too detailed for me. The author paints incredible pictures with the five senses. I loved the real characters and how much I wanted them to get what they longed for. Not your typical starry-eyed romance, but lots of truth to be gleaned. All in all though, a literary treat!

A great Sunday read.Read this book over the course of a few hours, and was transported back to my home county of Lancashire in North England.The ability to relate to the tale of this story was so uncomfortably easy.Not a great book, but was glad to have zoned out temporarily and allow it to remind me of so many things from 'home'.

I approached this positively as Barton is one of my favourite writers. It's not quite as chicklitty as i feared! The romance is more in the canal towpaths and railway stations of northern England than in the love triangles of the characters. A fine debut that kept me guessing to the final few pages. After which i had a big urge to listen to Pulp's "Happy Endings"!

A wonderfully observed debut, Laura Barton's Twenty-One Locks deserves to be widely read. It is hard in a debut to avoid the literary novel cliches, and just occassionally she slips close to them. But ultimately this is a rewarding honest and likeable debut.

My First Thought! Very Descriptive, the person's feelings, surrounding, smells etc, it gives the reader a unique sense of the characters and what they are thinking at any given time, the story was as simple as it can be, but the way it was presented was unique and extremely amazing! 2 Thumbs Up!


A gentle story but heartfelt. Story of everyday life in the north

A fictional account about love, real life relationships and the uncertainty within them. It's a good read however not excapism and I did wonder how the characters would fare long after the end.

This book is very badly served y the blurb, which makes it sound like a cheap romance novel. In fact the writing is sublime, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Poignant and beautiful, it hurt to read this, but not in a negative way but in the sense of enjoying a book that speaks to lost loves and hopes.

Loved the imagery and vivid descriptions of the railway scenes. Serves the right balance between chicklit and proper literature. Sad but moving tale with funny moments.

I enjoyed this book. It was bleak and miserable in parts, but The characters well well described so I felt I could understand who they where about. Beautifully written in parts also.

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