Moon Music

Faye Kellerman

Moon Music

Moon Music

  • Title: Moon Music
  • Author: Faye Kellerman
  • ISBN: 9780380726264
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback

Fascinating.Fast paced and dynamic Dallas Morning News Kellerman is taking a big risk here, and I think she pulls it off in fine style Washington PostWith Moon Music, New York Times bestseller Faye Kellerman leaves Los Angeles and heads to stranger territories Sin City Las Vegas, Nevada Taking a brief hiatus from her mystery series featuring LAPD Homicide Dete Fascinating.Fast paced and dynamic Dallas Morning News Kellerman is taking a big risk here, and I think she pulls it off in fine style Washington PostWith Moon Music, New York Times bestseller Faye Kellerman leaves Los Angeles and heads to stranger territories Sin City Las Vegas, Nevada Taking a brief hiatus from her mystery series featuring LAPD Homicide Detective Peter Decker and his Orthodox Jewish wife, Rina Lazarus, Kellerman delivers a masterful stand alone crime novel that crackles with suspense and tantalizes with a touch of the paranormal The horribly savaged body of a once beautiful Vegas showgirl is discovered in the desert not far from the world famous Strip, plunging Detective Sergeant Romulus Poe into the heart of a bizarre, full moon soaked mystery that could cost him everything he holds dear in life, including his sanity.

Recent Comments "Moon Music"

I usually enjoy this author but this book was quite ridiculous at the end. If I had known from the start it was a fantasy I probably wouldn't have bothered reading it.

I know this isn't part of Kellerman's "canon," but I was charmed by its quirky weirdness. I think I saw someone's comment saying this book reads as if written by a man, and I'm inclined to agree. This book was an appealing (if gory) flight of fancy, deftly plotted and executedbody's taking home a Pulitzer or a NBA here, but does this book go into my beach bag every year? You bet.The tiredest of tired cliches is "Don't judge a book by its cover," but close behind is "Don't judge a book by its bad [...]

This is one of the author's stand-alone novels. Really didn't enjoy it all - in fact, I didn't finish it.Back Cover Blurb:Las Vegas. The Babylon of twentieth century America. A city on the edge of a desert, its inhabitants living on the edge of their nerves. Amongst them is Detective Sergeant Romulus Poe, assigned to the murder of a showgirl whose horrifically mauled body, Poe realises, has echoes of a twenty five year old unsolved case.But the half-forgotten past is soon swamped by present anxi [...]

An interesting plot combining the suspense of a crime novel, a little science fiction, and the ever popular werewolf. I enjoyed "Moon Music" although not as much as Ms Kellerman's Dekker and Lazarus books.

This book follows the lives and loves of police detectives, casino bosses, hookers, and medical examiners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Toss in some mystery, murder, and mayhem with some cannibalism and shape-shifting, and Faye Kellerman’s “Moon Music” is a compelling read.I definitely welcomed the opportunity to check out this book of Kellerman’s that I had missed along the way.One of the most intriguing aspects of the ending—which I will not divulge for fear of creating a “spoiler”—was [...]

This was a great mystery and has an interesting love triangle. Romulus Poe and Steven Jensen were children together though not friends. Now they work as as partners for the Las Vegas Police Department along with Patti Deluca. Steve is married to Allison who is in love with Romulus and Romulus is in love with her. The love triangle is interesting since Allison is totally nutso and manipulative. At the same time as this family situation is going on, they are investigating a brutal serial killer wh [...]

I put down Faye Kellerman's MOON MUSIC in disappointment. I gave it a lot longer than I should have because I love her Peter Decker series, but this book was dismal. Well, not badly written, but all of the characters are weird, emotionally damaged, and too distant to take any real interest in. I miss the relationships and the character development in her other books. The story itself was also very strange, suspense more than mystery really. Not that I dislike suspense, but it just didn't work fo [...]

I want to state upfront that I received this novel as a free e-book from the publisher in exchange for completing a survey. I liked parts of it because most of it is a decent thriller but here are the reasons for giving it only 2 stars.1. It took a few chapters to get the characters straight as sometimes they were referred to by their first names and other times by their last names, but not by both. That caused some confusion until I finally figured out that Rom and Poe were the same person. Sam [...]

Disappointing. There is nothing to make this a thriller, and it the last quarter of the book is absolute fantasy with no depth or end. Of the characters, all of whom are damaged and egotistical, I only had empathy with one Emma - who actually is a distraction to the story and not a key player. I was not able to engage with the others. The author presented a Las Vegas that was unappealing - not just because she was showing a dark side but because none of the characters shone through.The detective [...]

I've read a lot of Faye Kellermans (believe it or leave it) and they tend to blur in my memory -- except for this book. I think this is her best. There is an unusual flavor with riveting characters not in other Faye Kellerman books -- including a set of Native American twins that apparently are mutants. It's too bad that this was not turned into a series.Also, my Mom thinks this is a five star book. Now why is that a recommendation? Because she suffers from several chronic pain conditions and cr [...]

Romulus must discover who is brutally killing prostitutes and leaving them in the Las Vegas desert.This was the first book I read by Faye Kellerman and I have to admit I was disappointed. Almost from the beginning I had reservations - when I learned the main character was Romulus who had a twin brother Remus. I thought, "you have got to be kidding me." But in the end it was the bizarre nature of the plot that turned me off. To avoid giving away any spoilers, I'll leave it at that.

It wasokay. Kind of hard to get through at points and I wasn't really happy with the way that it wrapped up. Like, not really at all. Maybe it'll come together better if I reread it, but I'm not really driven to do so. The characters were interesting but there was no one particularly engaging and, for me at least, the mystery wasn't much of one. Anyway, I'd say it was worth one read through at least.

I usually enjoy this author, but if I didn't know better, I'd say this was written by an amateur. Many POV issues, and at one point a character changed from Pete to Joe and back again in the space of three pages. Time lines were often off. The writing was repetitive and it beats me why the reader needs a description of what every character is wearing when it adds nothing to the story.

As one of the reviews put it - it was a "departure" from her Decker/Lazarus books. Too far, just as I couldn't read Patterson's Angel-series. A good detective work doesn't need the supernatural to be mysterious. I know the reader is supposed to suspend their imagination, but this was beyond the breaking point for me. Too bad, I did relish the backdrop of Vegas and the test site.

I like all of the books Faye Kellerman has written with the characters Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus but this one not so much. I really didn't like the people in the book and even though I couldn't have imagined the bizarre ending, I had figured out who the killers were way before I got there. Not my favorite.

I wouldn't have started reading if this if I knew what was coming at the end of the story. The characters were off-putting and just plain weird, for the most part. Plus, having lived in Las Vegas my entire adult life and growing up in the Mormon church, I couldn't help but notice several errors made by the author. I don't recommend this book.

I don't like leaving negative reviews, but I really did not enjoy this. It started out OK but veered off in a bizarre direction that I was not prepared for. And in my opinion, Kellerman really didn't sell the material. Unlikable characters. Awkward writing. Poor pacing. I'm sorry, but I really wouldn't recommend this to anyone, not even Faye Kellerman fans. This is not her best work.

I really hated this book is set in las Vegas and has a lot of mormon references. She obviously did NO research on Mormons or culture or beliefs when she wrote this.An interesting story, interesting plot, but all in all a terrible book. her very worst. Thank goodness I have read enough of her books to realize she was having a bad writing day. I do not recommend this book.

It was horrible. Mostly mediocre throughout, then the supernatural could-see-it-coming-a-mile-away "twist" at the end was just AWFUL. Horrendous. Why do I keep reading this woman? (Because I'm compulsive, once I read a couple of an author's books I read them all. Shame on me.)

Interesting book, well written, with many twists. However, the premise in the final 1/4 of the book is so far-fetched, she kind of lost me. Don't want to say more as I don't want to spoil this book for anyone, but if you aren't into a heavy dose of fantasy, you might feel the same.

Police investigating Call girls getting killed in Las Vegas. The book was okay 3/4 of the way through, then got far-fetched and absurd. Faye Kellerman is Jonathan Kellerman's wife.

A real change of pace for Faye Kellerman. The plot is rather morbid and a bit on the depressing side.


WTF? If you like Kellerman's Lazarus/Decker mysteries, stick to them. This is something completely different, poorly written, and nonsensical.

I was captivated by this book and the story it told, the characters were so unusual and I just couldn't put it down, I hope one day she will have sequel, I want to know more about Romulus.

hmm, too weird.

Moon Music - A murder mystery turns bizarre--radiation altered shape-shifters. The author uses the story to denigrate the USA & the nuke tests of the 1950's & 60's and promote licentiousness.Detective Sergeant Romulus Poe is on the case. Las Vegas show girl found dead--Britney. The serial killer is detective Poe's half sister, Allison. She's married to Poe's fellow cop & adulterer Steven. Stephen even slept with the victim and many other hoes. Allison and her mom grew up as "down win [...]

This book introduced me to a totally different Faye Kellerman than the one who wrote the wonderful Peter Decker/Rita Lazarus novels! Quite frankly, I much prefer those books over "Moon Music." I am not a science fiction fan, nor do I appreciate serious, gory violence. The story line starts with Remus and Steve, two Las Vegas policemen investigating the brutal death of a young prostitute. Remus was a childhood pal of Alison, the wife of Steve. The story follows a crooked path of infidelity, distr [...]

Didn't finish - didn't like at all. Only writing here to make sure I don't try to read again.

A weird hybrid bit of detective/crime/fantasy. The end wasrange, but I found the book enjoyable for the most part.

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