A Dog's Heart

Mikhail Bulgakov Andrew Bromfield James Meek

A Dog's Heart

A Dog's Heart

  • Title: A Dog's Heart
  • Author: Mikhail Bulgakov Andrew Bromfield James Meek
  • ISBN: 9780140455151
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback

Mikhail Bulgakov s absurdist parable of the Russian Revolution.A world famous Moscow professor rich, successful, and violently envied by his neighbors befriends a stray dog and resolves to achieve a daring scientific first by transplanting into it the testicles and pituitary gland of a dead man But the results are wholly unexpected a distinctly and worryingly humanMikhail Bulgakov s absurdist parable of the Russian Revolution.A world famous Moscow professor rich, successful, and violently envied by his neighbors befriends a stray dog and resolves to achieve a daring scientific first by transplanting into it the testicles and pituitary gland of a dead man But the results are wholly unexpected a distinctly and worryingly human animal is on the loose, and the professor s hitherto respectable life becomes a nightmare beyond endurance.As in The Master and Margarita, the masterpiece he completed shortly before his death, Mikhail Bulgakov s early novel, written in 1925, combines outrageously grotesque ideas with a narrative of deadpan naturalism The Heart of a Dog can be read as an absurd and wonderfully comic story it can also be read as a fierce parable of the Russian Revolution.

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"The whole horror of the situation is that he now has a human heart, not a dog's heart. And about the rottenest heart in all creation!"The recipe for success a la Bulgakov:# Take a street dog, hungry and flea-ridden and wickedly smart (yes, he can even read - you gotta do that to survive on the cruel winter Moscow streets!). # Take a brilliant and renown professor with a knack for brain surgery/transplants and desire to advance science. # Add to the mix a dead good-for-nothing delinquent alcohol [...]

My favourite kind of satire is not laugh-out-loud funny; it's unsettling, and disturbing, and beautifully weird. Bulgakov brings it, with this short and vicious fable about a dog who is implanted with the genitals and pituitary gland of a deceased convict, transforming him into a bestial hybrid. It's like reading an early-Soviet Chris Morris script – in fact, what this book made me think of more than anything was this creepy sketch from Blue Jam. Bulgakov seems to offer a similarly discomfitin [...]

Собачье сердце = Sobach'e serdtse = The Heart of a Dog, Mikhail Afanasevich‬ Bulgakov Heart of a Dog (Russian: Собачье сердце, Sobach'e serdtse) is a novel by Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز اول ماه فوریه سال 1990 میلادیعنوان: دل سگ؛ نویسنده: م‍ی‍خ‍ای‍ی‍ل‌ آف‍ان‍اس‍ی‍وی‍چ‌ بولگاکوف؛ مترجم: مهدی غبرایی؛ مشخصات نشر: [...]

Rating: 4*of fiveThe Publisher Says: A new edition of Bulgakov’s fantastical precursor to The Master and Margarita, part of Melville House’s reissue of the Bulgakov backlist in Michael Glenny’s celebrated translations.A key work of early modernism, this is the superbly comic story of a Soviet scientist and a scroungy Moscow mongrel named Sharik. Attempting a medical first, the scientist transplants the glands of a petty criminal into the dog and, with that, turns a distinctly worryingly hu [...]

Cómo me gusta leer a Mijaíl Bulgákov. Me divierte, me atrae, me entretiene y acrecienta la admiración que siento por él. Es el tercer libro que leo de este gran autor ruso, luego de "El Maestro y Margarita" que sigue siendo el mejor libro que leí en lo que va del año y de "Los Huevos Fatales", que se asemeja en ciertas características a la historia narrada en éste libro.Nuevamente es un experimento científico, un descubrimiento de la ciencia, el que Bulgákov utiliza para disfrazar su [...]

اولین خوانش من از میخاییل بولگاکوف که هم روان بود و هم جذاب در عین حال قابل تامل. قلب سگی که سالهای سال پس از مرگ نویسنده اش به چاپ رسيده با صراحت لهجه از انسان جدیدی که به دست کمونیست ها در شوروی بوجود آمده و دارای خصوصیات منزجر کننده و رفتارهای ناهنجاری میباشد سخن میراند. نویس [...]

What does it mean to be human? To be an individual? How unfortunate we must be, us, merely to be human beings. We can never escape what we truly are. We can nip and tuck our way around our flaws, but humans inevitably are always their own disastrous downfalls and worst nightmares.Heart of a Dog is, before anything else, FUN. It's just really damn entertaining. We start with a sort of Woody Allen neurotic type stream of concsiousness narrative from a stray dog, Sharik, who is swooped up by doctor [...]

Ronald Reagan used to alarm his Soviet counterparts by saying that surely they'd both unite against an invasion from Mars. -- Christopher HitchensIn Soviet Russia, dog's testicles lick you.What happens when a Russian stray dog meets a early Soviet doctor? Testicles and pituitary glands get involved and a New Soviet man is made. Part Kafkaesque transformation story, part mockery of eugenics and early Soviet attempts at creating the ideal Russian man, Bulgakov's novella is not quite as brilliant a [...]

از نظر بولگاکوف در قلب سگ، صرف انقلاب برای سعادت یک جامعه رنج کشیده کافی نیست و انقلاب بدون ایجاد ساختار های اجتماعی منظم، جامعه را به بستر تباهی هدایت می کند. از این نظر شاید بتوان قلب سگ را یک رمان ضد انقلاب معرفی کرد یک مسخ کافکایی منتها از نوع روسی

Bulgakov'u okuduğum her kitabıyla daha çok seviyorum. Üstelik başlangıcı en beğenilen ve başyapıtı olarak nitelenen kitabı 'Usta ile Margarita' ile yaptığım halde. 'Köpek Kalbi' benim için zevkle, eğlenerek okunan ama derinliğini asla kaybetmeyen bir roman oldu.Bana göre hiciv, alegori ve kara mizah dozu kolayca kaçabilen anlatım türleri. Sembolleri bire bir oturtmaya çalışırken inandırıcılığı kaybedip zorlama ve yapay bir his vermek; eleştirirken parmak sallaya [...]

That of a stray dog is one of the hardest lives of all. Always suffering from hunger and being forced to live under open sky come rain or winds. And they are always afraid of people around them - a fear probably born of some violent experience.Our protagonist is one such dog. The first-person narrative of dog in first few chapter will put a knowing smile on face of anyone who has observed dogs closely.What follows is a cruel experiement in which some of dog's body parts are replaced with that of [...]

If your only acquaintance with Bulgakov is Master and Margarita then Heart of a Dog will come as a surprise. It is one of several science out of control, possibly influenced by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells stories.However what is not to like about this mad scientist story about how things go horribly wrong when the pituitary gland and testicles of a dead man are transplanted into a stray dog? Behold the Soviet new man constructed from death and a dog. No wonder that the opera going, traditionally [...]

Mikhail Bulgakov is one of the most overlooked Russian satirists/geniuses of the 20th century.I’ve read two works of his now, and both have floored me with the scathing cleverness of their satire, the sheer originality of their ideas, and the fact that both these Russian texts – written during Stalin’s reign – are instantly accessible to the modern reader.The Heart of a Dog (1925) is a short blast against the ‘New Soviet Man’ – a comment on the declining power of Communism and the [...]

Είναι το δεύτερο βιβλίο του Μπουλγκάκοφ που διαβάζω, μετά τον μαιτρ, που δεν μου άφησε καλές εντυπώσεις, ίσως λόγω της κακής ποιότητας της έκδοσης, ίσως της μετάφρασης. Η καρδιά σκύλου όμως ήταν ένα πολύ ευχάριστο ανάγνωσμα, με την εγγυημένη μετάφραση της Ελένης Μπακοπούλου [...]

I'm not even sure where to beginere is so much going on in this little novella (particularly concerning the Russian government and its sociopolitical policies in the 1920's and beyond), that I'm be afraid that discussing it in detail would only serve to highlight my ignorance on the subject. So here it is! Me highlighting my ignorance on the subjectI decided to read this story simultaneously with The Master and Margarita with the hope of completing The Heart of a Dog first. I did this namely bec [...]

How not to train your dogThere are many breeds of dogs, and humans –Each come with certain qualities, each serve a certain purpose. Bulgakov, the doctor, examines the Frankenstein theme, laying bare the nature of the revolutionary, what is imbedded in his heart, what lives in his brain. You can take a man out of the streets but you can’t take the streets out of the man.This is the conclusion, after a ground-breaking organ transplantation, that leave us with a talking, swearing, boozing and g [...]

It ain't easy being a dog. No, it ain't easy. Especially when you have to rummage the streets of Moscow, avoiding the bitter proletariat who will kick you and curse you and throw boiling water on your hide, just because you want a bite to eat. And you want to be a good doggie, make no mistake. Everyone wants a friend, even dogs. So you take kindness from whatever hand that offers; and how could anyone expect a good dog like you to do otherwise? Who cares if the pampered hand you have to lick is [...]

Ah Bulgakov Günü güzelleştiren bir okuma oldu. Film gibi başladı, öyle de bitti. Malum, taşlama konusunda Bulgakov'un eline kolay kolay su dökülemeyeceğini biliyoruz. Burada da maharetini konuşturan yazar, ortaya eğlenceli, zekice örülmüş, düşündüren çok iyi bir kara mizah örneği koymuş. Başında yazarı yazmasa da, okuduğumda bu Bulgakov'un eseri diyebilirdim. Bulgakov'un verdiği bu hissi seviyorum. Bana kalırsa yazarı okumaya başlamaya çok uygun bir eser. Keşke [...]

One of the great tragedies of life is that so few people outside Russia have read this, and that I can't imagine any translation could even come close to capturing the setting and language of the original.Professor Preobrazhensky is searching for a way to restore youth. In his research process, he experiments with replacing a dog's hypothalamus with that of a man, but instead of making the dog younger, the procedure gradually turns the dog into a man, with horrifying results. The book is an expl [...]

Συνοπτικά ήταν έξυπνο, σατιρικό και ανάλαφρο. Ωστόσο, αν δεν ξέρει κάποιος την κατάσταση που επικρατούσε στη σοβιετική Ρωσία δεν θα το εκτιμήσει όπως του αρμόζει. Σπεύδω να ψάξω την ταινία για την οποία έχω ακούσει τα καλύτερα.

وقال الكلب: "علينا أن نعويجوزيه ساراماجو - كتاب الأصواتعااو عاااو فرررررشارِكرواية قصيرة للأديب الروسي بولجاكوف، ويظهر، كما يبدو في ثنيات الكتاب، أن بولجاكوف ليس بالخفة التي قد تبدو للقارئقصة رمزية عن كلب ضال - جائع وشريد - يلتقطه أحد الأطباء من إحدى الشوارع، مصابًا وجريحًا [...]

Pelas ruas de Moscovo, um "escãozelado", esfomeado e maltratado canídeo arrasta-se penosamente ganindo e lamentando a sua miserável vida. E eis que surge no seu caminho uma criatura generosa que, com pedacinhos de chouriço, conquista a sua confiança. Esta boa alma é um conceituado cientista que, na primeira oportunidade, efectua o transplante da hipófise e dos testículos de um indivíduo falecido de fresco (ainda quente, portanto) e transforma o pobrezinho do cão num homem bêbedo, conf [...]

The witty and satirical mood of the book is tangible. Whilst similar to the themes of Frankenstein, The heart of a dog not only deals with eugenics, but is a satire in its purest form. Bulgakov's work criticizes the communist creation of the new Soviet man and highlights the inconsistencies of the system through the eyes of a dog.

مادر ساده دل من بعد خوندن این کتاب میگفت : "یعنی میشه ؟" منم فقط نگاش کردم :)

Bulgakov'un öyküsü, karakterleri ve tarzı çok etkileyici.Frankenstein-vari deneylerle ilgilenen saygın bir bilim adamını ve üzerinde deney yaptığı sokak köpeği Şarik'i anlatan kitap, gerçekten eğlenceli bir tarza ve akıcı bir anlatıma sahip. Rus devrimi ve karşı-devrimi düşüncelerinin çarpıştığı ve Rus toplumunun dönüşüm yaşadığı karmaşık bir zaman hikayenin fonuna yer alıyor. Şarik ürkek ve yaralı bir sokak köpeğinden, Şarikov'a eğlenceli ve dü [...]

رواية تفيض صفحاتها بسخرية لاذعة من الثورة الروسية و من رموزها دون إغفال المشاكل الإجتماعية في الحقبة الستالينية من قبيل أزمة السكن عندما يكتب بولغاكوف فإنه يخط الجنون على الورق و يطوعه لكلمات تبث روح أعماله الإنتقادية دوما خلف ستار من الرمزيةهل يمكن تحويل كلب إلى إنسان؟ أم [...]

« Ho forse chiesto io di essere operato? Bella roba! Si piglia una povera bestia, le si spacca la testa e poi si fa gli schizzinosi. »Di questo romanzetto (nel senso più vezzeggiativo del termine) si potrebbe scrivere per dì e dì. Tuttavia non ho abbastanza dì a disposizione per imbastire qualcosa che sia degno di vezzeggiarlo. Questi dì estivi mi sono crudelmente sottratti e consumati dallo stage che sto svolgendo alla redazione di un (più o meno noto) quotidiano, che per comodità chia [...]

Una novela desopilante. En búsqueda de un método de rejuvenecimiento, un médico experimentalista logra que un perro callejero se transforme en humanoide mediante el transplante de algunos órganos humanos, en particular, la hipófisis. Entre la Isla del Doctor Moreau y el mismísimo Frankenstein, Bulgakov explora con ánimo surrealista las desventuras de tal empresa delirante. El perro-humanoide resulta ser un patán, como si la moral estuviera situada en la hipófisis. Esta ficción soviéti [...]

قلب كلب في هذه الرواية كمية سخرية مذهلة، وهي سخرية مركزة على ما آل إليه الرجل السوفييتي، أو كما يسميه بطل الرواية الدكتور بريوبراجنسكي البروليتاري، صدرت الرواية بعد (بيوض القدر) في سنة 1925 م، ومنعت تماماً في الاتحاد السوفييتي ولم يفسح لها إلا في 1987 م، وحولت إلى فيلم في سنة 1988 م [...]

مهربانی. تنها روش ممکن هنگام برخورد با موجود زنده. مهم نیست که سطح تکامل جانوران تا چه حد باشد، اما مطمئن باشید که از راه ارعاب آنها به جایی نمی رسید. همیشه به این نکته معتقد بودم و هستم و خواهم بود. آنها که تصور می کنند با ارعاب می توان موفق شد، سخت در اشتباهند. نه. ارعاب، رنگش هر [...]

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