Running Black

Patrick Todoroff

Running Black

Running Black

  • Title: Running Black
  • Author: Patrick Todoroff
  • ISBN: 9780578070711
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback

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It s 2059 and the North Korean mercenary Tam Song heads up Eshu International a private security team that will take any job for the right price, no questions asked Based in the Belfast Metro Zone, they re the best black contract outfit on the planet Stable nano technology the melding of man and machine on a microscopic level It s a break through worth billions no oneIt s 2059 and the North Korean mercenary Tam Song heads up Eshu International a private security team that will take any job for the right price, no questions asked Based in the Belfast Metro Zone, they re the best black contract outfit on the planet Stable nano technology the melding of man and machine on a microscopic level It s a break through worth billions no one s been able to achieve Until now The Dawson Hull Conglomerate has finally developed a viable Nanotech Neural Network an interface system that exponentially increases a person s cyber capabilities They re days away from unveiling the prototype to the world And Eshu International just got hired to steal it.

Recent Comments "Running Black"

Good, if standard cyberpunk novel. Eshu International, a small "black" mercenary force, is contracted to steal some hot nanoware. Unfortunately it's more than that: the nanoware is part of a boy named Gibson, and everything goes all to hell as multiple players try to get him back.The story is a little too-straight forwards for it's own good. It's essentially a chase novel, and while it's nicely written, you want a bit more than it provides. Especially with Gibson. Having to include all the viewp [...]

Running Black was a non stop action adventure at its finest. You will be hooked from page one to page "the end". This will keep you in the story and spit you out the other side feeling used and abused. I recommend this as a good read. Click Click Click the buy now.

Well, I wrote it. Technically, as it is my first book, it's also my worst. But you have to write your first before you can start your second. Enjoy.

Same as the other review.

20 pages into the book I wasn't sure I was going to finish it. By the time I was done with the book, I wanted more.

I have to first mention the thing which originally attracted me to Running Black was the gorgeous cover art by artist Alejandro Martinez, whose other work you'll find HERE.I'm always excited when I see a cool new sci-fi novel online or on the bookstore shelf and I'll be the first to admit I sometimes jump at buying a book simply because the cover looks impressive. Thankfully, the book's cover wasn't the only thing amazing about Running Black.On his blog, author Patrick Todoroff said “Two impul [...]

Running Black by Patrick Todoroff tells the story of a group of mercenaries from the Eshu International security company. The year is 2059 and corporations pretty much run the world. They are divided into various geographical zones and have treaties with what governments remain that can actually let them have military control over entire zones.When Eshu International is contracted to steal the latest breakthrough in a stable nanotechnology implant for human use they know something is off. The mo [...]

Do you want a extremely good cyberpunk tale, with likable characters that act like real people?All this in a not so distant future, where Mankind still struggles with its nature and where people still turn to God, searching for what means to be Human.And what about some corporate espionage and intense action?If you want to read all of this in one place, look no further than this book!After reading some chapters, I couldn't fathom how it was the author's first book - he writes like a professional [...]

The story started promisingly. I liked chapter one quite a lot. But it turns out that it's not representative of the rest of the story. In fact, It's more of a prologue. Which is unfortunate.While I liked the story, and the idea of clones - if not the names of the first three - I found that the narrative was extremely difficult to read. And I'm not really sure why, if I'm honest. There is one thing that contributed I'll discuss in a moment, but other than that I don't know. Maybe it was too jarg [...]

A slow first half that wrapped up fairly well at the end, Running Black was the story of a mercenary group who did a job and then became numero uno on Dark Helmet's hit list. I bought this book when searching for Shadowrun books and made the mistake that it was somehow associated with that universe. I was wrong, which is sometimes a nice mistake to make. A story of a group on the run from powers far beyond their capacity to beat, it was a decent read. The character development was predictable an [...]

This was a ripping yarn that I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys Cyberpunk. It's sort of A-Team meets Neal Stephenson & William Gibson. Fyi, i wrote a much longer review on my blog and on . By the time i got here i was tired so my review was shorter. Regrettably i failed to note on the review that there is Christian content. I think it waswell done as far as things like that are, but if you prefer to stay away from religious themes in fiction, you may want to note that. It isnt heavy handed [...]

Running Black held my interest from page one. It is filled with action, intrigue, and corporate espionage. Despite the illegal nature of business being ran, I grew to care for the characters and rooted for them the whole way through.See the in-depth review at Sift: siftreviews/2011/08/ruReview by: Kevin of Sift Book ReviewsSift Book Reviews received a free copy for review from the author. This has, in no way, affected the reviewer's opinion.

Running Black is an exceptionally well-written debut novel filled with lots of action, intrigue and the firepower to go with it. Todoroff’s writing style is reminiscent of Neal Asher’s work, but without the grand space opera scope. There’s huge potential here and it will be interesting to see where Todoroff takes the Enshu International team next. Read the full review

Overall, I was pleased with this book. I got engrossed in the action scenes and thought the author did a great job of making the battles seem exciting and entertaining. I did want a little more character development, but perhaps with the basis established in this book, character development will be an easier task in the sequel.

I love this book.The characters are very real & easy to get into. This book is very suspense, you never know what the next plot twist will be. couple that with dynamite action sequences & you have an AWESOME book!

Lot of funGood quick captivating read. Enjoyable theme. Excellent pacing and more character development than usual for this genre. I plan to read the next book

Grabbed from a ad. Has good reviews!

I really love the action in this book, and how the author has drawn me into his world. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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