Two Sides of the Same Coin

Jake Mactire

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Two Sides of the Same Coin

  • Title: Two Sides of the Same Coin
  • Author: Jake Mactire
  • ISBN: 9781615816842
  • Page: 287
  • Format: ebook

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Leaving his boyfriend behind in San Francisco, cowboy and struggling artist Jeff Connelly returns to the family ranch after his father s death and meets the man who will become a large part of his future ranch hand Mike Guidry Mike starts out cynical, bitter, and very unfriendly, but he warms to Jeff when he realizes Jeff just might be the friend he needs.Life on the ranLeaving his boyfriend behind in San Francisco, cowboy and struggling artist Jeff Connelly returns to the family ranch after his father s death and meets the man who will become a large part of his future ranch hand Mike Guidry Mike starts out cynical, bitter, and very unfriendly, but he warms to Jeff when he realizes Jeff just might be the friend he needs.Life on the ranch is as hard as Jeff remembers he has to deal with cattle rustling and the stress of hoping the business will break even while he weathers changes in attitude from the locals, harassment, prejudice, and betrayal Jeff and Mike will embark on a plan to secure the ranch s future, try to find a way to live and love together, and discover that they re alike than they d ever have dreamed.

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Jeff Connelly has run into a bit of a bad streak. His father died in a car accident - hit by a drunk driver. He has to leave his life in San Francisco to come back to the family ranch in Washington state to handle the funeral arrangements. See how things stand on the ranch. And Robert, his boyfriend, has no interest in helping. In fact, he is trying to change Jeff, wanting him to leave his cowboying and rodeo ways behind and use his accounting degree. Become "civilized".Mike Guidry is a cast off [...]

This was a waste of $$ and to top it off I couldn't finish this book 10 reasons why I disliked this so much(keep in mind I came up with this list after stopping reading at 25%)1. Long-winded descriptions of everything and anything2. Inane dialogue (lots and lots of it)3. Irrelevant scenes that did nothing to advance the story4. I think the author was hungry when they wrote this, there are some very detailed food descriptions that are completely unnecessary5. If I had to read one more time about [...]

“Buddy, We done used up this day…” Those must have been the most frequently used words in this somewhat unpolished but still enjoyable book. I bought the paperback version of this book on an impulse while browsing my local independent bookstore and generally, I’ve not regretted it.A couple of qualifications are in order: This book needs some editing, not a great amount, but some editing that would round out out some of the rough passages in the prose and heighten its colour and sparkle. [...]

There’s just no getting past it; first and foremost, this is a love story! One that will linger and replay on your mind, when you least expect it… I love that I related to Jeff and Mike. These two hot cowboys and the problems they faced were realistic. Those problems require solutions, there are compromises that have to be made, conflicts to face, plans that may need changing and on top of all that, a ranch to run. Their personal attitudes and ideals, past experiences and how it influences t [...]

Oh this book was amazing, it took me a while to read and I regret it now. I loved the characters, the story and the overall feel from the book. Mike and Jeff were such a cute couple and I loved how they interacted even before they got together. It was nice to see the contrast of Jeff the openly gay, and proud character, to Mike the closeted character. One thing I really admired about Mike was he came out because he loved Jeff and really wanted to be with him. I also loved that they were not only [...]

This well written cowboy story was a fun read. Mike and Jeff were perfect together and the large cast of characters brought the story home. Mr. Mactire went into explicit detail which at first annoyed me but as I read on I saw that it was necessary. The love and affection between the group of friends is the central theme of the story along with the fact that a gay or lesbian can do anything a straight can. The mystery behind the cattle rustlers is easily solved early on but it's a good side stor [...]

The story if this book is truly enjoyable. The romance between Jeff and Mike starts slow and builds steady into something real and strong, simple LOVE. So from this point of view the story is really awesome.But the plot even if I can say it's developed and action's with a lot of people interacting, you can see who is the bed guy. I don't know what that sheriff was doing but not his job in this story. Anyway the story is good and romantic with warmth and positive message.In my opinion this story [...]

2.5 stars.This needed to be much more tightly written and edited. Too much stuff that didn't advance the plot or add to characterisation and WAAAAY too much sex (and every sex scene read the same as the last). I almost gave it up several times but I wanted to see what the villain's motivation was (not who the villain was because that was clear within the first quarter or so of the story).

I really enjoyed all the characters in this book and I'm going to read the sequel. The reason I only gave it three stars is because I feel the whole book really needed a good editor to make it outstanding. The bones are there, but the book needs trimming and shaping.

Could Have Been Amazing, ButLet's get this out of the way first: Jeff and Mike are two of the best developed, deeply entwined, and masculine gay cowboys you will ever meet. The basic plotlines here--love story and the action--are very well handled and extremely authentic. The love scenes are absolutely amazing, absolutely riveting and creative. The first-person narration by Jeff is brilliantly played in what I can only expect is an authentic representation of Northeastern Washington State ranch [...]

1.5 starsJeff was a gay man lived in San Francisco with a boyfriend. He had to go back to his ranch in WA when his father died of car accident. There he met Mike, one of the helps. They were attracted to each other, which made Jeff wonder if his place was in the ranch where he grew up.This has strong opening, but it goes a bit too long unnecessarily. I liked the portrayal of their everyday life, but at one point that and the sex become boring. Everything is descriptive, and rather flat. (view sp [...]

Two Sides of the Same Coin is one of those books that I have a hard time shoehorning into a rating scale. There is so much that I liked about the book; how the characters stayed true to their personalities, in voice and deed, how everything that was said, done, or implied feed into the plot. There were no extraneous characters or unnecessary subplots that would take away from the story. The tone and voice of the narration was consistent and fit very well with a cowboy story. There's just a lot t [...]

I enjoyed this story of two cowboys involved in a mystery and a romance. Mike and Jeff are both dealing with some difficult times - losing a parent, getting out of a relationship, dealing with past abuse and lack of self-esteem, etc. However they find a friend and more with each other. While I'm not a huge fan of insta-love (which this is pretty darn fast), I can certainly see how someone like Mike who had been abused and thrown out of his house for being gay would definitely bond very quickly w [...]

I really liked this book. The main characters were easy to like and the supporting characters only enriched the story. I did know from early on who the "bad" guy was but that didn't detract from the story.The only reason this isn't a five star is the nicknames. Something about two guys having sex and one calling the other Jeffy and Jeffy calling his lover buddy was something I didn't like.It hasn't stopped me from buying the sequel as I did love the characters just the nicknames got old and hope [...]

At 196 page I'm unable finish this book. It's not very bad but boring too tears. I never though I'm gonna tell this but J&B are so sweetishly in love and behaving like teenage girls most of the time I barely could stand it. I have hard time to believe it's a man who wrote it - nothing wrong with sweet/long/predictable/touchy - just not for me, especially in one book.

I couldn't finish this. I was so bored while reading it. There was no sense of urgency trying to solve the crimes being committed on the Ranch. AND if I had to read "Buddy" one more time, I'd scream. The nickname came up at least 3 times a page.


Great Book.

It was painful trying to finish it.



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