Doctor Dan: The Bandage Man

Helen Gaspard Corinne Malvern

Doctor Dan: The Bandage Man

Doctor Dan: The Bandage Man

  • Title: Doctor Dan: The Bandage Man
  • Author: Helen Gaspard Corinne Malvern
  • ISBN: 9780375828805
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover

After watching his mother clean and bandage his scratch, Dan knows just what to do when his sister, her doll, their dog, and even his father have wounds that need tending, and earns himself a new nickname.

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What a time capsule! Little boys dressed up as cowboys playing in the back yarda cut on the fingerm to the rescueDan helps his little sister put a bandage on her doll - a time and place long gone.

As if Nina wasn't already obsessed with band-aids, now I have to read this to her three times a day. THANKS GOLDEN BOOKS

This book wins and extra star for the charming 1950s illustrations and the fact that I probably would have loved it as a kid. It makes Band-Aids seem cool and fun. I appreciated the mother's sensitivity to her little cowboy's feelings, and I thought the story captured so well how when one kids gets excited about something, younger siblings are bound to become enthusiastic about it, too. (Loved the part where the little sister purposely looks for a scratch so that *she* can have a Band-Aid, too.) [...]

This picture book, originally published in 1950, was still in print more than sixty years later by the Little Golden Books company. I like that even though the illustrations and story are old-fashioned, the book continued to be published, making an impact as it first did so many years ago. I'm sure the author, Helen Gaspard, would be pleased. The two band-aids enclosed with the book is an awesome idea. :-)

"I liked when his dad got a bandage."

This is one Little Golden Book that I definitely did not remember

My copy came with two vintage bandaids-nifty!

I loved this book! It came with a free band-aid!

A childhood favorite, that is highly under-appreciated. The amount of people who hate this book for the sole reason that there is a gun on the first page, makes me wonder how nerf became such a popular franchise. This a cute little book about a little boy who decides he wants to be a healer (either that or he simply has an intense fascination with band-aids, like most young children,) and it is one I will be giving to my little brother for Christmas. He is just learning to read, and I hope this [...]

This is one of those books that I have a guilty nostalgia for. Doctor Dan and Nurse Nancy-- how sexist they were. But who could resist Doctor Dan and the band-aids, even if this was clearly an advertising piece? *sigh*

I learned how to treat a boo-boo with the help of this book!

Golden Classic-copyright 1950. How kids' literature has changed over time.

Our golden book copy still has the two original bangages in the front of the book.

Very cute book for children. Perfect book to teach kids about cuts and how to clean it and put a bandage. Images really bring you back to the 1950's how simple life was.

My daughter absolutely loved this book. I loved the vintage illustrations.

I don't know why but I feel like I should buy some band-aid brand adhesive bandages.

Fun story kids will enjoy, who hasn't wanted to fix up their toys by healing them with some special doctor skills?

One of the classic Golden Books I inherited from my mother filled with toy gun fights, gender stereotypes, and the de-emphasis of the intelligence of Dan's mother in order to champion him. And, of course, my daughter loves it.

I love how the illustrations of the book are 1950s-inspired. I'm a die-hard fan of 50s pin-up posters and I've always loved how artsy and pretty they are. And I agree that Band-Aids can lessen the pain every time we're all wounded-up because they're too cute!

One of my very favorite books as a kid :)

I don't remember how old I was when I read this, but I do remember thinking it was a cool story. It's a good starter for young kids.

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