Tiger's Eye

Karen Robards

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

  • Title: Tiger's Eye
  • Author: Karen Robards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The Man With the Golden EyesHe was the tawny golden eyed king of London s underworld She was an aristocratic heiress, born to the satin sheets of an ancient family Their two proud hearts struck a flame that would consume them both in the blaze of a love that no society could allow and a passion that neither could deny.

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My review copied here.The copy I have, I noticed was published in 1989. This is the first book that I've read by this author. I wish I had a frame of reference to either other books published at this time or other books by this author to give a better rating. I mostly read recently published works so this rating might not be the best, but how I feel this book worked for me. Now onto the book.**********MAY BE SPOILERS BELOW. READ AT YOUR WILL********The beginning was great. The setting was uniqu [...]

What a deliciously fun romp! I had no idea what to expect when I started this book, in fact I have no idea still why I added it to my TBR pile since it was so long ago that I did.The story opens with Lady Isabella being kidnapped and later victim of a murder attempt at the orders of her husband. Isabella is a sort of innocent and naïve heroine, one of those girls who are usually very annoying but that here I think worked rather well. She and Alex are soon attracted to each other, besides her be [...]

precioso, me ha encantado!!!

You know the drill, "upper-class woman falls for the wrong man." Except, in this case her husband is trying to kill her. Awesome! Of course he teaches her what true love (in all of its glorious physicality) really is.She could refuse him, and he would stop. He had said he did not force unwilling women, and she believed him.But she was not unwilling. And he was not Bernard. (dun-dun DUNNNNNN)

La historia es preciosa, sus protagonistas distintos y decididos. En algún momento del libro me ha parecido que sobraban algunos detalles, pero luego al finalizar con su lectura la sensación que me ha dejado es de gusto, una lectura muy entretenida, un buen relato, bastante suspenso y una historia de amor que te hace suspirar la mayor parte del libro.

Como decía por ahí otra reseña: He amado libros de esta autora, pero este, en concreto, no es uno de ellos. Y coincido plenamente también, en que el problema es ella, Isabella. Y es que no hay manera alguna de que pueda pensar en ella como alguien seria, respetable y de principios sólidos, si a la primera oportunidad, se lanza al adulterio con el héroe. Independientemente de si su esposo es el villano o no al final, falta a sus votos mucho antes de que esto se aclare. Lo cual, suena luego [...]

Karen Robards tiene novelas que he amado, pero esta desde luego no es una de ellas. Y el gran problema es su protagonista Isabella. Una adultera, que se las da de dama sensata y respetable, y al héroe no le lleva mucho tiempo tenerla en su cama. Se la pasa justificando que si mantenía relaciones conyugales con el marido, es porque él estaba en su derecho dando a entender que por cumplir las reglas y hacer lo que se supone haría una dama casada, está dispuesta a sacrificarse. Ese discurso qu [...]

This was my favorite type of typical historical romance. 'Innocent' heroine is seduced and falls for the very male Hero after some dire circumstances throw them together. It was well written and the love scenes were appropriately steamy. I enjoyed the hell out of it and was reminded of a simpler time in my book tastes when historical romance was all I read.

Un romanzo idolatrato da più parti, che mi ha parecchio deluso. Prima di tutto il paragone con Sognando te della Kleypas e Derek Craven l'ho trovato irriverente e fuori luogo: la caratterizzazione di Derek, in tutte le sue sfaccettature, è profonda, graduale e coinvolgente; mentre Alec è un personaggio che mi ha dato la sensazione di essere quasi un incompiuto, non è del tutto approfondito come avrebbe meritato, pur risultando sexy e affascinante. La storia, pur ricca di avvenimenti, non dec [...]

One of favorites.

I don't like books where the heroine has to choose between her abusive husband and her lover but the final scene between the H/h almost made it worthwhile for me.

Cute. I love that he was the ruffian "bad" guy (and mostly believable!!) and she was the good one.

So I read this book years and years back, when I was still new to the genre of romance. I loved it then. Having grown up a bit since, I'm not so sure about it anymore. What a kaffaffel these two lovebird create around them. Him making out with one girl first, then forgetting her in the next room and making out with the next. Later on proposing to run away, being turned down (and wondering why she did?), but still hanging around the lady in question. And what a ridiculous situations the author is [...]

El primer erótico que me leí, y en un momento que me vino muy bien evadirme. Ahora ya ese tipo de literatura erótica no la leo tanto, pero este me encantó. De los eróticos de antes en los que el protagonista secuestra a la chica y ella termina enamorándose perdidamente de él.

Libro de aventuras con un toque de misterio que me encantó y he leido muchas veces8/10

I read Karen Robard's "Irresistible" a while ago and barely managed to read it through. However, I dared to give her second opportunity based on suggestion from a friend by reading another book of hers - "Tiger's Eye". Well, it was better, but I don't think I read any other book of hers.After the first pages I stared to the book with disbelief - lady, wed by her father to a cold man, is getting kidnapped because her husband wants her dead? AGAIN? What is it with Robards and this storyline? To my [...]

This is one of my top favorite books of all-time. I first read it around 1995/96 after buying it at K-Mart. I’d only been reading novels for two or three years at that point. In fact, most of my favorites were read around that time.Isabella is very likeable. A little too meek and passive though. She should have gone back to England with Alec the first time, not hung around France for no reason. I’m a little surprised she cheated on her husband. She seems a little too straight and narrow to h [...]

Did not finish about halfway through. This book is written okay and it's an alright story. The plot and characters aren't overly cliche which i always appreciate. It did start to drag a bit though. But then there was a great scene in which the lead female Isabella and the lead male Alec finally start a getting to know you conversation that turns into him teaching her a card game and they both let loose and start flirting and laughing and I thought oh good finally the book is taking a good turnin [...]

Ah. That was satisfying.I first read this book around the time it was originally published in the late 80's. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it today, since I no longer enjoy some of the romances I used to like from that era. This book held up over time for me. There are some old school elements, such as strong alpha hero who teeters on the edge of "forced seduction". There are several "no, no, no, YES" encounters, but the heroine always consents. I am a sucker for a charming, thuggish hero [...]

I don't know, I was bored and in a pinch and this book was cheap.The book starts off pretty action packed and interesting, and then fizzles out about halfway through. Not sure how "sensible" Countess Isabella could see herself with a murderous criminal after she herself was almost murdered by criminals not too much different from Alec, just because he bought her a few dresses and was good in bed. Pearl should have been thrown off a cliff for sending Isabella back to her husband who tried to have [...]

"Isabella non riusciva a togliersi dalla mente l'idea che qualcosa fosse accaduto tra lei e Alec, qualcosa che andava al di là di ogni sua esperienza precedente. Qualcosa di ardente e segreto che aveva fatto irradiare il calore provato alle guancea tutto il corpo, fino alla punta dei piedi." "Sì, maledizione! Ti sposerò domani se sarà possibile e il giorno dopo se la cosa non si dovesse concretizzare! E che il resto del mondo si impicchi!" Una giusta conclusione vista l'enorme differenza soc [...]

Más de 400 páginas sin acción apenas y sin conocer a los protagonistas a fondo. Decepción tremenda, la autora se afana en describir situaciones una y otra vez, y en cambio no se para en otros aspectos como conocer por dentro a los personajes. Los capítulos son demasiados cortos (algunos apenas de 3 páginas) y eso hace que la lectura sea lenta porque no te enganchas nada y quieres dejar la toalla cada vez que pasas de página. Resumiendo: no me gusta Karen Robards en este género de románt [...]

I enjoyed this book very muchwhat a fun read! The heroine, Isabela,is about weak and timid for my personal taste but it seemed to fit the book so it was fine and it matched the hero, Tiger,just fine. I thought this book had about the right mix of romance and plotI don't care for it when the romance part of the book overwhelms and takes over. The plot and characters kept my interest and I even had a few good laughs. Great job Koren!

Lady Isabela is kidnapped and at the time she tries to escape she runs to into Alec Tyrone (The Tiger) king of the underworld and he rescues. they discover someone hire the guys to kidnapped her then when ransom was paid to killed her only she escape first. Isabel la knows only Alec is save her from her husband. Their love should not be with her being a Lady on the ton and him a lowlife criminal but their love proves the world wrong.

Uhhhhh no thanks. I'm kinda tired of the trope where the lady protests and the man persists because she obviously WANTS to be kissed. Over it. The female protagonist has no agency, the only other significant female characters are heinously jealous of her for various reasons and completely f her over in various circumstances, and the love declarations come out of literally nowhere. If I hadn't been trapped on a plane I would never have bothered finishing this book.

Good story. Disappointing ending. Just a self-sacrificing load of tripe wrapped up as a happy ending. OK, the heroine has moments you want to smack her, but they are surprisingly few, until that ending, when you want to go WWE and whack her with a folding chair. I might be on a rant, but the ending requires a rant from anyone with ovaries!!

This was my favorite romance as a kid. I read it so many times that to my dying day I'll probably still remember the plot. I'd never read it again because the reality could never live up to a 13 or 14 year old's memory of it and I'd probably find it silly and poorly written, but still. Alec and Isabella, I loved you once!

I would really give this book 2.5 stars. I liked it okay. The story was different, but I didn't necessarily like either of the characters. The story could have been a lot cooler with the hero being the "lord of London's underworld." But once again, I was sadly disappointed. There was no coolness. I did finish the book, which has to mean it was okay.

Kidnapped for ransom, Lady Isabella St. Just initially cooperates with her captors - until she realizes they mean to kill her. Then she escapes them and runs right into the arms of the Tiger, lord of the London underworld. It seems they both have something in common - someone in their lives wants to kill them. A pretty good read, but not a keeper.

A good start but fails to stay realistic. Lady Isabella is believable at first but then becomes more fickle female and adulteress as the story progresses. Alec as King of London's outlaws stays more true to his character.

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