On Mount Hood: A Biography of Oregon's Perilous Peak

Jon Bell

On Mount Hood: A Biography of Oregon's Perilous Peak

On Mount Hood: A Biography of Oregon's Perilous Peak

  • Title: On Mount Hood: A Biography of Oregon's Perilous Peak
  • Author: Jon Bell
  • ISBN: 9781570616921
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover

Mount Hood Mount Hood, called Wy east by the Multnomah tribe, is a potentially active stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc of northern Oregon.It was formed by a subduction zone on the Pacific coast and rests in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.It is located about miles km east southeast of Portland, on the border between Clackamas and Hood River counties. Mt Hood Information Center Home Page News National Forests Festivals Travel Planner Brochures Mt Hood Magazine About us USS Mount Hood AE USS Mount Hood AE was the lead ship of her class of ammunition ships for the United States Navy in World War II.She was the first ship named after Mount Hood, a volcano in the Cascade Range in Oregon.On November , shortly after men had departed for shore leave, the rest of the crew were killed when the ship exploded in Seeadler Harbor at Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. Mount Hood Hopslist Released in , Mount Hood is an American bred cultivar stemming from Hallertau Mittelfrher Popular among American craft brewers, it makes a good aroma hop, with characteristics similar to a Hallertau or Hersbrucker and is also half sister to Crystal, Ultra and Liberty It features a pleasant noble hop aroma and has been noted to impart somewhat of a flavor punch when Mount Hood Der Stratovulkan Mount Hood liegt etwa km stlich von Portland im US Bundesstaat Oregon.Mit m ist er der hchste Berg in Oregon und der vierthchste der Kaskadenkette.Er liegt an der Grenze zwischen den Countys Clackamas und Hood River.Mount Hood ist das Zentrum des Mount Hood National Forest, groe Teile des Berges sind unter dem Namen Mount Hood Wilderness als Mt Hood The Columbia River Gorge Things to See Do Two iconic features dominate the mythical landscape of this region the soaring basalt cliffs forming the tremendous river gorge and the snow capped peak of the state s highest volcano. Mt Hood Community College Whether you want to start a hobby, learn a new skill or just stay active, the Community Education program at MHCC has a wide range of fun and informative pay as you go courses available in Mount Hood Real Time Images FSVISIMAGES The Real Time Images section features air quality conditions from FS monitoring locations throughout the U.S Digital images are updated every fifteen minutes Where provided, air quality data and meteorological data are updated hourly. Mount Hood Pacific Northwest Seismic Network Mount Hood is a potentially active volcano, and the highest peak in Oregon State It is located approximately km ESE of Portland, OR In the last , years, Mount Hood has had two major eruptive periods that produced lava domes, pyroclastic flows and mud flows, and minor ash fallout. Oregon s Mt Hood Territory Your Travel Tourism Resource From hiking to wineries to skiing the slopes, Oregon s Mt Hood Territory is a region that s rich in natural beauty, culture, history Discover today

On Mount Hood is a contemporary, first person narrative biography of Oregon s greatest mountain, featuring stories full of adventure and tragedy, history and geology, people and places, trivia and lore The mountain itself helps create the notorious Oregon rains and deep alpine snows, and paved the way for snowboarding in the mid 1980s Its forests provide some of the pureOn Mount Hood is a contemporary, first person narrative biography of Oregon s greatest mountain, featuring stories full of adventure and tragedy, history and geology, people and places, trivia and lore The mountain itself helps create the notorious Oregon rains and deep alpine snows, and paved the way for snowboarding in the mid 1980s Its forests provide some of the purest drinking water in the world, and its snowy peak captures the attention of the nation almost every time it wreaks fatal havoc on climbers seeking the summit On Mount Hood builds a compelling story of a legendary mountain and its impact on the people who live in its shadow, and includes interviews with a forest activist, a volcanologist, and a para rescue jumper Jon Bell has been writing from his home base in Oregon since the late 1990s His work has appeared in Backpacker, The Oregonian, The Rowing News, Oregon Coast, and many other publications He lives in Lake Oswego, OR.

Recent Comments "On Mount Hood: A Biography of Oregon's Perilous Peak"

some fifty miles east southeast of portland lies the highest peak in the state of oregon: mount hood, a 700,000 year old stratovolcano. the fourth tallest in the cascade range (some 11,240 feet high), mt. hood is currently rated fourth by the us geological survey (usgs) in terms of "size and potential damage of an eruption." there is, of course, far more to hood than its latent explosive power, as jon bell's intriguing book on mount hood: a biography of oregon's perilous peak makes abundantly cl [...]

This is a quick, informative read. It explores Mount Hood from a variety of angles: its geological history, recreational opportunities (hiking, skiing, climbing), regional significance (e.g water), and need for protection and conservation. I read the book in two evenings, and I appreciated the variety of Hood-related information it provided.Although the subtitle refers to Mount Hood as "perilous," in my mind it's a friendly mountain. It pops out from behind the clouds to say hello when you're on [...]

Good overview of the most dominant mountain in Oregon. I picked up at the book at Powell's in Portland while on a trip to climb Mt. Hood. Read about half of it in the hotel room while waiting for a break in the weather to make the attempt. The book is a good blend of the author's personal experiences and the history of human interaction with the mountain - including first climbers, the historic Timberline Lodge, development of recreational opportunities through the years and the modern high-prof [...]

This was an interesting read because I have spent a fair amount of time hiking on Mount Hood and visiting Timberline Lodge. The book reads more like a series of feature articles about the mountain, and the writing style sounds like newspaper journalism (which makes sense, since the author is a former Oregonian reporter). However, I learned new things from the book and have added some trails and destinations to my lists of places to see.

Enjoyable flyover of Mount Hood. There was a little too much focus on climbers lost, disasters and the never-omitted-when-it-could-be-mentioned tragic OES trip. Stil, I liked the parts about the Timberline Trail, and I dug the bits and pieces of history that Bell wove in. His voice is warm and engaging, and I learned some things. Now I have to look for the book I somehow expected (though, given the title of this one, I have no idea why), which is a guide to all the hikes on Hood.

Such an interesting read! For those of us who have lived near Mt. Hood for a while, this book emphasizes how important "the mountain" is to various parts of our lives - from being a visual icon in the distance (when it is "out") to providing our pristine water supply. Written with fun and reverence.

I love Mt. Hood and anyone who comes to visit me in Oregon is getting a tour of this astounding place. The author of this book did some cool researcha lot of his chapters were about things I already knew or just common sense stuff, but other parts of the history and geological science is pretty cool.

Makes me want to climb it Well, until I got to the section about all the accidents. Maybe not.

Great local history on an Oregon natural icon.

Great quick read on the history of Mt. Hood and surrounding areas and what makes it so special to Portlanders and Oregon natives

I've been wanting to learn more about Mt. Hood's geography, history, and reputation. This book satisfied my need very well.

A wonderful collection of the history of Oregon's highest mountain and the author's own experiences with the mountain.

Great reading for anyone with an interest in Mt Hood.

I learned a few interesting things in this book and it was a nice, easy read. The format was way too chaotic though. Each chapter has a focus, which was fine and makes sense when you're telling the history of a landmark or area. But the interspersed anecdotes were often presented without preface or context, so I wasn't sure when the story took place or who was involved, etc. So the sloppy organization of the book wasn't ideal, but it was still a good little read about a beautiful place in the wo [...]

For those of us lucky enough to call Oregon home, Mt. Hood shapes our lives both to the good and the bad. On the plus side, Mt. Hood helps feed us, provides us with the best drinking water in the country, and provides more accessible hiking, camping, skiing, fishing, and climbing opportunities than anyone could expect. To the bad, Mt. Hood keeps us under clouds and rain (on the west side) and bone-dry (to the east) and, on occasion, kills one of us.And so we love Mt. Hood for reasons far more co [...]

I moved a few years to Oregon/ I fell in love with it when first entering the eastern side of the State on a very long road tour. I was escaping from Hurricane Ivan that hit my home in Navarre, FLorida and a relationship that was falling apart. Ah Oregon, it just got better and better.I had grown up in a totally industrialized steel city in the Midwest. And lived many years in the South's most bustling city. And the Gulf of Mexico where I was living was plagued during that time with hurricane's. [...]

This book by Jon Bell gives us the perspective of a journalist and one who appreciates the outdoors. Like so many people who have settled in the area around Portland (Oregon), Bell has an affinity for this mountain that dominates the landscape and the dreams of the people in the region. It has that attraction for those who want to climb it and an awe for those who know they can't. Bell brings that sense of attraction and awe, as well as a solid (if brief) history of the mountain and its role in [...]

"But seeing a snowy Mount Hood on the horizon for the first time was truly entrancing - a sight that brands your perception, marks your memory, nearly sends you careening off the road."Since I grew up in the shadow of Mount Hood, I was curious about the history and was interested in this book. While I liked that the author took a personal approach in sharing their climb of the mountain, I actually found that to be the least interesting part of the book. I was hoping for more history of the mount [...]

This non-fictional story of everything about Mt Hood was a quick read. Bell writes in an easy to digest journalistic style and presents a history of nearly every aspect of mankind's interaction with the mountain. From saving the Eagle Creek forest in the Bull Run watershed from destruction to the political deals cut to preserve the natural landscape of Mt Hood's Cooper Spur area, every Portlander could learn a little something from reading On Mount Hood.

Interesting information about Mt. Hood's history and challenges. My only hike was into Paradise Park through Zig Zag Canyon - and the memory of an incredible lenticular cloud over Mt. Hood.

Credible writing, though I was truly there for the subject matter; it was fun to read anecdotes and history of a volcanic peak I see so often (though not at all with these winter skies).

Does not hold up well enough for people who are not already in love with the mountain.

adds to McNeil and Grauer's books about Mt. Hood with some newer info

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