Retour aux sources

Patricia Briggs Francis Tsai DavidLawrence Amelia Woo

Retour aux sources

Retour aux sources

  • Title: Retour aux sources
  • Author: Patricia Briggs Francis Tsai DavidLawrence Amelia Woo
  • ISBN: 9782811204921
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback

Le Retour aux Sources A l origine des ditions L e retour aux sources, il y a une conviction pour nous, la littrature doit parler de la vie et pas de la morale, sauf quand la morale sert la vie Nous refusons les visions dsincarnes, les idaux ne nous parlent que s ils parlent du rel. Retour aux Sources Retour_Sources Twitter Le shadow banning des pages conservatrices sur les plus grands rseaux sociaux est directement li la stratgie visant renverser Trump. Retour aux Sources YouTube Retour aux sources Tous les pisodes en streaming Au del de la qute gnalogique individuelle d une personnalit, Retour aux sources est plus largement l occasion de raffirmer le respect de la diversit de nos origines, qu elles soient nationales, culturelles, ethniques ou religieuses La France est, par essence, un pays de mixit. DEMI PORTION RETOUR AUX SOURCES YouTube May , Nouvel album Super Hros maintenant disponible S abonner la chane Produit NeirDa Retour aux Sources Retour aux sources Les marinades, confitures et geles Retour aux sources sont fabriques partir de lgumes et de fruits frais Nous y ajoutons quelques ingrdients afin d en rehausser les saveurs.

Les loups garous peuvent tre dangereux si vous vous mettez en travers de leur chemin Ils ont un talent extraordinaire pour dissimuler leur v ritable nature aux yeux des humains Mais moi, je ne suis pas tout fait humaine.

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Hmm, I seem to be in the minority on this one. I love the Mercy Thompson series, so when I found out a prequel graphic novel existed I was jumping for joy.Unfortunately, I didn't like:-the story-80% of the art (which is a must for me, I can't read GR's if I don't like the art)-many characters were nothing like I'd picturedd there's the added issue of I got bored.I don't mean to be mean or cruel, but I think I'll be sticking to the books.

3.5 starsI'm a huge fan of the Mercy Thompson world, its one of the few series that I read on pretty much an annual basis and I just started my 4th reread so I'll be ready for when the latest book, Silence Fallen, releases in March. I realised recently that even though I keep rereading the full length books and the short stories I'd never actually picked up the graphic novels so I thought it was about time I finally gave them a try.Homecoming is actually a prequel story to the main books in the [...]

love the story, nice to get a little more background but the artwork was disappointing. this series deserves better

The visual medium has a distinctive way of conveying a story to a reader. Unlike movies, graphic novels encourage a reader to use their imagination based on the visual images presented (we see the artist rendering, but our minds process those pictures into a three-dimensional finished product in our minds). Honestly, I wasn't quite sold on the concept of popular, already published books translated into the graphic novel medium. Now I am! It’s just an additional way to gain exposure to one’s [...]

I think it's safe to say that I'm a huge Mercy fan. I've read all 8 books multiple times and am anxiously waiting for books 9, 10 and 11 as well as the rest of Alpha and Omega series. BUT for some stupid reason, I never picked up the #0.5 till now and I'm slapping myself for having missed out on these issues for so long! In quality, the art is fairly mediocre but I think they followed the description from the books pretty well. I love that the artists made Zee, (who is probably my favorite fae i [...]

First offIf you have yet to read the Mercy Thompson series, I HIGHLY recommend it. It's an amazing addition to the Urban Fantasy genre and each book is better than the last. I'm highly anticipating the Fifth book in the series "Silver Borne". It's going to be amazing!This however is a Graphic novel, which made me very excited when I first heard that Mercy was moving to comics. The artwork in the book is awesome and portrays Mercy awesome. It's pretty close to what I originally pictured her as we [...]

Mercy Thompson arrives in the Tri-Cities and finds herself smack dab in the middle of a werewolf war. Mercy Thompson: Homecoming is entertaining fluff. Yeah I enjoyed it, the story was OK the art was OK.everything was OK. Nothing was great. I'll forget it by tomorrow. Honestly it's derivative. The greatest comic book artists and writers are subversive. They play with moral ambiguity. They push boundaries. They offend. This graphic novel could never be accused of any of that. Stylistically the ar [...]

I was not particularly fond of the drawing style of the volume (apart from the cover), but I enjoyed finding out how Mercy came to call the Tri-Cities home. It was fun seeing how she first met Stefan and Adam among other recurring characters and her impressions and frame of mind at the time. I might check the rest of the graphic novels in the series sometime, if only for the extra tidbits they give us, or to make the wait for the next book in the series less frustrating.

Mercy’s arrival in the Tri-Cities is just as eventful as you’d hope. **3.5**This GN covers Mercy’s initial meetings with Adam and Stefan, as well as how she came to work for Zee. It’s fun to see the set-up for these relationships. However, I wasn’t a major fan of the artwork. Zee is spot-on, as is Darryl. Stefan looks a mite more frightening than I’ve ever pictured him, with his hollow cheeks and zombie-ish pallor--looking as he does, no one could ever mistake him for a member of the [...]

Wow, I just read my first graphic novel. And I liked it.So have I been converted to a new book format? Unfortunately, I think the answer to that will be no. I've tried reading some of my husband's graphic novels before today and I've come to the conclusion that my brain just doesn't work in the right way to pick up the entire story in the combination of the images, words and layout. I hadn't realised how important page layout could be in a graphic novel until I tried reading one of Dave's and co [...]

5 Stars: The story is good and informs readers how Mercy and Stefan became friends. As well as how the tantalizing not so much a relationship ignites a flare when Adam thrusts his way into Mercy life. We also discover the reason the cat like wolves and why the cat will never be eaten by Adam no matter how grumpy he may seem.This was my first graphic novel experience and I was somewhat disappointed. In this prequel to The Mercy Thompson Series, it introduces us to the tri-city area Mercy calls ho [...]

This "origin story" for Mercy Thompson, et was sort of weird. I enjoyed it, but none of the characters looked like how I envisioned them. And Mercy seemed more confrontational in these comics than she is in the books. But Patricia Briggs wrote it (actually, according to the post-story interview, she wrote a short story and David Lawrence wrote the "script") and she had input into the art (or she agreed with it, at least, per the interview). So is this how Mercy, et look?I think I'll stick with m [...]

Totally forgot I didn't review this! Also got so busy I didn't keep going with the rest of the series *ugh* Anyhow, I really liked reading this and it was interesting to actually see the characters drawn out-- not exactly what I thought in my head, but I liked it. I can't remember now what I didn't like. ugh I'll have to re-read it later. A very interesting and good prologue to the story. Hopefully I can get back to this series soon!!

Re-read.This is the graphic novel for Mercy Thompson Series. and the story is prequel from . There are 4 chapter in this graphic novel. The art for each chapter is different, depent who the artist that done the art.But my favorite is chapter 3 and 4,that in my opinion, have a better art from chapter 1 and 2.The story is about Mercy Thompson, a coyote shapeshifter that try to get a newjob, after she got fired. And get a new place, some place she can call home. In the other side, she got visit fro [...]

I love graphic novels but I'm also really picky about the artwork. I wasn't too excited about how Mercy looked, which was also reeeally inconsistent throughout. She would look too masculine and then suddenly oversexualized on the next page, and her face/hair/everything look completely different from the drawings of her inside the book, not to mention nothing like how she looked on the original book covers. And I loved her on the book covers, especially on Iron-kissed. But the story was ok, as it [...]

Sexy, Spellbounding, Fascinating & Excellent Illustrations! An Awesome Read! I Loved It!

‘Homecoming’ is a graphic novel short story set in the Mercy Thompson universe. The story is by Patricia Briggs and David Lawrence with illustrations by Francis Tsai and Amelia Woo, and cover art by Daniel Dos Santos.‘Homecoming’ is a prelude to the events in Mercy Thompson’s first book, ‘Moon Called’. Bran has just kicked Mercy out of his pack and she’s moved to the Tri-Cities to put her teaching degree to good use. But in the span of 24 hours Mercy is attacked by one werewolf p [...]

Reviewed for bookchickcity (5 out of 10 on the blog)I've never read a graphic novel before, I picked up this book because I'm a huge fan of the Mercy Thompson series and couldn't resist. If you haven't read this series yet I would highly recommend that you do so. It's one of my favourite urban fantasy series, about mechanic Mercy, a walker who has the ability to shift into a coyote.The book is a prequel and tells the story of when Mercy arrives in the Tri-Cities. How she ended up working for Fey [...]

I wasn't really a fan of the art style here I know that's totally subjective, but still - I like my comic book art just a little less stylized. I don't know if it was artistic choice or not, but proportions were off, faces looked badly drawn, textures didn't always mesh, and the flow from one panel to the next sometimes left me confused by and large, I got the impression of an untrained artist trying to swim in the deep end, and that really didn't help me as I read the story. (I'll also say that [...]

Basic plot: Mercy Thompson arrives in the Tri-cities to get a job as a teacher, but stuff happens. It's the Mercy Thompson origin story in graphic novel format!I squeeed with glee when I found this in the 50% off bin at my local gaming/comic store, and immediately grabbed it. Seeing a 33-year-old woman squee in a gaming/comic store is an admittedly unusual sight, but that did not stop the reaction.Mercy Thompson has been a favorite character since I found the first book, and Briggs has been a fa [...]

I love the Mercy Thompson book series, and would appreciate this story in novel form. I like some graphic novels, i.e The Color of Earth series of 3 books. However, I don't like this graphic version. I probably would not like the other graphic novels in this series either.The graphics are interesting, especially to adolescent boys. One thing I hate is the bimbo-ization of Mercy Thompson by the cover artists of the book series and the graphic artists here. In the books, I don't picture Mercy as t [...]

Wow. I've been a die-hard Briggs fan from the first Mercy Thompson book and I was a little hesitant to risk the dissonance that sometimes occurs when a beloved book character is transformed into a graphic representation.However, this version of Mercy, Stefan and (yowza) Adam Hauptman totally added to the book experience.Granted, the gratuitous nakedness of Mercy as well as the sometimes awkward depiction of her face was a little jarring sometimes, but I felt the artist got Zee perfect, [...]

Keşke seriye başlamadan ilk bunu okusaydım çizgi roman olmasına rağmen çok güzeldi :D Burda kitaplardan önce Mercy'nin kişilerle tanışma, iş bulması falan var merak edenler için özetleyeyim ;))Mercy kurtadamlar arasında büyümüş bir çakaldır. Bilindiği kadarıyla türünün sonuncusu ve kurtların lideri Marrock onu sahiplenir büyütür. Maceramız ise Mercy'nin kendine hayat kurmaya çalışmasıyla başlıyor. Tarih öğretmenliği başvurusu için şehre gelen Mercy ç [...]

Mercy has arrived in the Tri-Cities to get a teaching job but an encounter with a pack of rogue werewolves leads her to a run down garage being run by a grieving fae and his young boy. A second werewolf pack pack led by Adam has been sent in to the area to destroy the rogues but Mercy just can't help getting in the wayThis story is the prequel to the series, showing how Mercy came to work for Zee, how she befriended Stefan, met Uncle Mike, and met Adam's werewolf pack. It was great to get the ba [...]

This is a graphic novel. I didn't know that when I asked the library to buy it, but did before they called me to tell me it was here.Obviously a very fast read. It is a prequel to everything else in the series. All about how Mercy came to the Tri-Cities, who she met and dealt with during the first few days, what she was trying to put behind herself, and why she stayed.There are multiple artists so Mercy looks different in each chapter. The artist that did the cover probably didn't do any of the [...]

Beautiful art work from both artists, a nice prequel story from Briggs and a very nice idea of what these characters look like. Adam, Mercy and Stefan are pretty much what I imagined. Mercy may look a little less gorgeous in my mind (and in the books as she describes herself as attractive but not gorgeous)but still striking.These comics set up the relationship between Adam and Mercy perfectly and it makes perfect sense why they are the way they are in the first book. Sigh. I love them.Wish I cou [...]

I am not a big comic book, graphic novel person, but I liked this book. I liked learning more about Mercy and her history of how she came to the Tri-Cities area. Seeing her first interactions with people that are firmly part of her life was interesting. One thing that confused me was in part of it, it was flash back and it took me a little bit to figure it out and I was lost. I thought the drawings to go with the story were good. Some people were just like I pictured them others not, so that thr [...]

Couldn't decide between 3-4 stars on this one. Read it b/c I'm a MAJOR Mercy fan. I have to admit that I'm not usually into comics, but had to read this one for more of Mercy. The art was cool and the stories were decent. It was great to get some back story and see the characters portrayed by someone else. Just made me wish we were closer to the release of Silver Borne (Mercedes Thompson, #5)!

This is a Prequel to the Mercy series. I have yet to read any of the Mercy Thompson books, so the highest praise I can give this graphic-novel is that it makes me want to read the series sooner than planned! Enjoyed meeting the characters, and enjoyed Ms. Briggs writing style. The artwork was okay. There was a different artist for each chapter, which for me, was weird.

I thought this was a nice prequel to my Mercy Thompson novels. This was also my first graphic novel. I really liked the format but I must say that Mercy was much more naked than I ever imagined her. LOL, I guess it’s a good way to build up a fan base. ;) I think I may try to continue with the rest of the graphic novels at some point since I had a good time with this.

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