Flaming London

Joe R. Lansdale Timothy Truman

Flaming London

Flaming London

  • Title: Flaming London
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale Timothy Truman
  • ISBN: 9781596060258
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Hardcover

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Ned Lives That s right Ned the Seal of Zeppelins West survived the shark attack from his last adventure, and he s back in a new escapade starring Jules Verne, Mark Twain, H G Wells and his Martian invaders, as well as a number of surprise guests you may or may not recognize.Yes, my friends, it s a story of Ned the Seal, adventurer, future dime novelist and fish lover, iNed Lives That s right Ned the Seal of Zeppelins West survived the shark attack from his last adventure, and he s back in a new escapade starring Jules Verne, Mark Twain, H G Wells and his Martian invaders, as well as a number of surprise guests you may or may not recognize.Yes, my friends, it s a story of Ned the Seal, adventurer, future dime novelist and fish lover, in a world not of his making Not of his choice In fact, no one knows for sure who made it or chose it And boy is it a mess.Besides our plucky seal, here too is Rikwalk, the forty foot tall ape Beadle and John Feather, the Masters of the giant metal steam man of the prairie, stoked up and ready to fight Martian war machines.Not since you stubbed your big toe on your way to the toilet in the middle of the night have there been so many surprises Flaming London is a pure fun romp you can ride without benefit of bridle or saddle and it won t hurt your toe.So kick back, turn on the fan, pull the covers up to your chin, prop up your back, and read this tale of seals unchained, Steam unharnessed, ruthless Martian invaders, and heroes.And don t forget the fish.

Recent Comments "Flaming London"

Joe R. Lansdale is one of America’s most underrated novelists, probably because he writes in many different genres, never stopping in one place long enough to build a large following. I call this the Whimsical Lansdale genre, and it goes alongside many of his shorter works like Drive-In: The Bus Tour and “Dread Island”. This is a lighthearted "mash-up" ode to all the classic pulp adventure and science fiction tales that Lansdale grew up with. Flaming London is a direct sequel to Zeppelins [...]

Excellent! Almost as good as Zeppelins West. Recommended to those who don't mind graphic violence and seal sex scenes.

This was fun. I really enjoyed it. Give it a go.

Odd, creative, and very entertaining. Ned the Seal is funny and you can't help but to root for him. This copy is an attractive signed limited edition.

Londra tra le fiamme è il più orribile, raffazzonato, imbarazzante, confusionario, pasticciato, stupido, insensato e noioso romanzo di Lansdale.Una sarabanda di personaggi, e uno spunto narrativo di fondo, da cui sarebbe logico attendersi non certo il Grande Romanzo Americano, ma almeno una storiella spumeggiante, coinvolgente e divertente quali Lansdale non sarebbe certo nuovo a scrivere. Invece incredibilmente la cifra che più di tutte caratterizza la storia è la noia. Una noia resa ancora [...]

Difficile riassumere in poche parole Londra tra le fiamme. In poco più di 180 pagine ci sono: scrittori famosi, foche parlanti a cui piace tanto il pesce, marziani, voli in mongolfiera, naufragi, pirati, personaggi del libro precedente, pterodattili, marziani di una dimensione parallela, robot di stagno alti dodici metri (ma che guadagnano altri tre metri con il cappello), sesso tra foche, viaggi in mare, battaglie interplanetarie e viaggi nel tempo. Insomma, un gran casino.Divertente è divert [...]

Seguito di "Fuoco nella polvere" questa strampalata storia viene narrata in parte da Ned, la foca scrivente. In questo libro appaiono Mark Twain, Jules Verne e H.G. Welles, più una scimmia che assomiglia vagamente a King Kong e i marziani della guerra dei mondi, anche qui il tutto è abbastanza folle e sembra non concludersi neanche stavolta, quando i nostri eroi decidono di mettersi sulle orme del "cavaliere oscuro" [che potrebbe, come non potrebbe essere Batman] e colmare tutti i buchi spazio [...]

This is such a "guy" book My first impression was "Oops, this is not for me!" but it was a fairly slim book and figured I'd press on and just stick it out through all the fart and ass references. Actually toward the end I was reading passages out loud to my son and husband because they were so damn funny and my guys definitely appreciate the humour! Maybe Lansdale isn't for me, or maybe just this Lansdale isn't for me but it did get quite a few laughs out of me so it wasn't a complete waste of m [...]

Non avrei mai pensato di dirlo, ma questa volta Joe ha esagerato. Fuoco nella polvere era già il prototipo perfetto del dime-novel, non ho capito la necessità di calcare ulteriormente la mano. Tanto più che la storia e i personaggi questa volta sono anche meno interessanti (Ned escluso, ovviamente). Una stella per la storia, una di bonus perché leggere Lansdale è come farsi un giro su un ottovolante.

I have to say that was a fun story. Although meant to be a continuation of Zeppelins West, I enjoyed this one more. Don't get me wrong - with Jules Verne and Mark Twain traveling with Ned The Seal to save a burning London from terrorizing Martian invaders it was plenty weird. But the story had a little more direction I guess.

I honestly don't know what to make of this book. It was like a bad literary acid trip gone horribly, HORRIBLY wrong. I mean, don't get me wrong here, I like it when folks write outside the box, but this was such a meandering mish-mash of different things that made you go, "HUH?" I'd read it if I had (literally) nothing else to do.Otherwise, skip it.

Lansdale is as profane/insane as ever. The shine is slightly off here, as it largely recycles/remixes most of the techiniques of Zeppelins West without adding much that's really new, but it was still tremendously fun to read.

Fucking brilliant fun quick light reading. If you enjoy dick, fart, and seal jokes as much as I do you'll love this here book. I love that the man who wrote "the Bottoms" (which if you haven't read I highly recommend) wrote this piece of insanity. Excellent author, excellent book.

Read this while on Vicodin. (Dental work.) That added a whole 'nother dimension to it. A must read for Mark Twain fans and people who like fezzes. :)

Fun. Wish I could read the rest of the series.

Flaming London by Joe R. Lansdale (2006)

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    267 Joe R. Lansdale Timothy Truman
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