Love: A History

Simon May

Love: A History

Love: A History

  • Title: Love: A History
  • Author: Simon May
  • ISBN: 9780300118308
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover

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Love unconditional, selfless, unchanging, sincere, and totally accepting is worshipped today as the West s only universal religion To challenge it is one of our few remaining taboos In this pathbreaking and superbly written book, philosopher Simon May does just that, dissecting our resilient ruling ideas of love and showing how they are the product of a long and powerfulLove unconditional, selfless, unchanging, sincere, and totally accepting is worshipped today as the West s only universal religion To challenge it is one of our few remaining taboos In this pathbreaking and superbly written book, philosopher Simon May does just that, dissecting our resilient ruling ideas of love and showing how they are the product of a long and powerful cultural heritage.Tracing over 2,500 years of human thought and history, May shows how our ideal of love developed from its Hebraic and Greek origins alongside Christianity until, during the last two centuries, God is love became love is God so hubristic, so escapist, so untruthful to the real nature of love, that it has booby trapped relationships everywhere with deluded expectations Brilliantly, May explores the very different philosophers and writers, both skeptics and believers, who dared to think differently from Aristotle s perfect friendship and Ovid s celebration of sex and the chase, to Rousseau s personal authenticity, Nietzsche s affirmation, Freud s concepts of loss and mourning, and boredom in Proust Against our belief that love is an all powerful solution to finding meaning, security, and happiness in life, May reveals with great clarity what love actually is the intense desire for someone whom we believe can ground and affirm our very existence The feeling that makes the world go round turns out to be a harbinger of home and in that sense, of the sacred.

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Without a history of love and lovers, would we know how to love? Simon May suggests an interesting and new approach in describing love within a historical-discursive framework.The novelty comes from defining love as “ontological rootedness”, “the rapture we feel for people and things that inspire in us the hope of an indestructible grounding for our life. It is a rapture that sets us off on – and sustains – the long search for a secure relationship between our being and theirs”. Love [...]

Farklı kişilerden farklı bakış açıları ele alınmış. Dili yer yer ağır ve yavaş bir okuma gerektiriyor. Aşkın dinler, filozoflar, düşünür ve edebiyatçılar için ifade ettiği şeyleri merak edenler okusun derim :)

This was a slow burn, but it was worth it.

In LOVE: A HISTORY, Simon May chronicles the evolution of Love through the ages, from the Hebrew scriptures to the works of well-known philosophers that have influenced and permeated pop culture. He shows the complex tapestry of Love with all its contradictions as the work of many minds over several thousand years and that in the end it's always up to us to come up with our own definitons. His core idea is that Love has developed from a devine power to a God in its own right. With the rise of at [...]

I first heard of Simon May after listening to Philosophy Bites, a british podcast. I have listened to that episode about 30 times, and each time I listen I gain new perspectives on how and why we love. This book is an expanded version of that podcast, delving deeper into how love grounds us in the world.

There is one point made in this book ; Love (following the death of God) has replaced religion as the source of meaning for human life, and this places an intolerable burden on the very fallible nature of individual human beings. It's an obvious, but profound point, and one that has been made by several existentialist philosophers in the past. The author drops this thesis in the first couple of chapters, but then goes on a historical survey of the different ways love has been regarded by differe [...]

The main premise for this book is that the spread of atheism has led to love becoming the supreme virtue, replacing God. However, humans, being human, are incapable of unconditional love and May finds the attempt creating expectations that are impossible to fill. I found myself agreeing and disagreeing throughout his journey through the history of the philosophy of love. I intend to rework through this book as a reference.

Very informative. A tad wordy for my taste. Over all I enjoyed the historical content. I also enjoyed the connections made between religious, philosophical, literary figures, and how their work influenced the way people thought about love. It really made it clear that our ideas about love influences our personal lives, our culture, and the way societies interacts with one another.

While the book's subject matter is of infinite interest to me, its presentation didn't fulfill my expectations. I appreciate research, but not without a point of view or some kind of synthesis. I expected to be changed or at least challenged, but I feel I would have done better to just read the work of the authors cited in it.

"My suggestion is that we will love only those (very rare) people or things or ideas or disciplines or landscapes that can inspire in us a promise of ontological rootedness." Very interesting take on the historical development of Western ideas of love. Made me question some of the things I take for granted about it.

An examination of how the notion of love has changed since antiquity, and what some of the great thinkers had to say on the subject. Not the easiest to read in places, but highly recommended for those of a philosophical bent.

Thought provoking.

Cartea cuprinde aspecte profund cercetate din istorie şi filosofie. Recomand a se citi în doze mici.

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