Zulu Heart

Steven Barnes

Zulu Heart

Zulu Heart

  • Title: Zulu Heart
  • Author: Steven Barnes
  • ISBN: 9780446611954
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback

Barnes delivers the explosive follow up to his groundbreaking alternate history novel Lion s Blood in which African nationals colonized the New World in this tale of a reimagined America circa 1860.

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We return to an alternative history of North America and the lives of Kai ibn Rashid and Aidan O'Dere. It is four years on from the events of Lion's Blood and the dominant world powers, Abyssinia and Egypt are on the brink of war. Their colonies in the New World are about to be drawn into the conflict. Kai, a member of the privileged ruling class and this friend, Aidan, the freed ex-slave, must work together to establish a future for themselves and their people. Zulu Heart is a well written nove [...]

Same great character development, a rich and though provoking world, a story to sink into. The plot line did seem a little strained, not altogether convincing, rather it seemed a necessary play-out to allow the character's to achieve their destinies. And the end seemed a bit rushed which is a shame after so much development throughout the two books to just try to wrap everything up in the last couple of very short chapters. Not all was tied in the bow though, with room for another novel. I do ho [...]

This is just a fine book. It is the sequel, of course, to Lion's Blood, but I have to hand it to Mr. Barnes in that the story and the characters have advanced.We still have Kai and Aiden, brothers beneath the skin in a nation on the North American continent where things are delightfully awry compared to today--somehow in the distant past it was the African nations, and not the Europeans, who conquered the world with learning and art and culture and military prowess. Kai is now functioning as the [...]

I found the first book in this series, Lion's Blood, to be well-written but too heartbreaking to want to re-read. Zulu Heart, on the other hand, I loved unconditionally.I loved the solidity of Kai and Aidan's friendship, the way that over the course of the two books they grew both individually and together. I loved the nuance of understanding throughout, such as Kai's acknowledgment of the economic practicalities of slavery. I like the balance of exposition and mystery. I like how martial prowes [...]

The second book in the In'shalla series. We follow the freed slave Aiden as he tries to build a settlement of freed slaves, and his former Mastr Kai who is now lord of his lands, and being pulled by different powers as Ethopia and Egypt extend their wars into the colonies. Another look at what the world in the 1800's would look like if the Romans had not been able to build their empire and lands in Africa were the colonizers of the world instead of the Europeans.

This is the sequel to LION'S BLOOD, and also an amazing book!

This book was different from the first book and really depended on you having read the first book to understand everything that happened in the second book. Also, the motivation in the book seemed more abstract and convoluted, making it hard to root for the characters in the book. The characters in the story were missing the depth that was in the first book. It's almost like this book and the first book should have just been one book. It was a good story, but when comparing it to the first book, [...]

while i liked this book with the same fascination as "lion's blood," in that barns continues his exploration of african colonial superiority in the new american colonies, the characters have aged and their interests include romance. this, i don't find as interesting. although this does allow for some female characters, now teenagers and older, to take more significant roles as heroines in this sequel that is less male centered.

Have to read previous book, there are things I needed to understnd however it did't disrupt the flow of the story for me. I love Steven Barnes writing and in process of collecting as many of his books as I can get my hands on. His writings touch all of the "isms" in life in various ways yet not over done.

3 1/12 stars.On it's own, this is a really, really good book. However, it follows Lion's Blood, which is a truly exceptional book, and it simply does not stand up to that level. I expected more, and while I was not disappointed per se, I feel that this novel lacks the emotional punch, the heart, that made Lion's Blood such a great book.

A good follow up to Lion's Blood. The characters grow and develop in interesting ways. Steven Barnes shows one of his strengths well in this book, namely, his ability to write great hand to hand combat scenes.

A story set in an alternate America where Africa colonized the new world.Aidan has a chance to find his Sister and Kai is involved in the court intrigues of Egypt and AbyssiniaBetter than the first one.

Well written but not as in love as I was with some of his other books such as blood brothers and street lethal series WHooh

As alternative history this book was amazing. I do hope Barnes will eventually continue the series.

An exciting sequel to Lion's Blood.

Zulu heart was amazing, reverse rolls in slavery, and a warioirs journey. great read. it took me a few days to get into it, but once i got into it i couldnt stop. Amazing!

Great series. I loved Zulu heart more than lions blood


Great follow-up to Lion's Blood!! A must read!

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